Prospect Of Whitby - St Katharine's \\u0026 Wapping, London

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57 Wapping Wall, St Katharine's \\u0026 Wapping, London, E1W 3SH

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I came here with my family for lunch on Easter Sunday; we were looking for Sunday roast and on arrival there was a sign for potential patrons that the prospect of Whitby served up 'Roast - what your mum used to make', who isn't attracted by that prospect on a Sunday afternoon.

The pub was busy however we found it easy to get a table for 5, they have seating upstairs with some areas over looking the river, it was lively with locals and adventurous tourists alike, the walls of the prospect of Whitby are adorn with remnants of time past and it gives you a sense of history and longevity, established in 1520 you can instantly feel how important it is to the community and the east end of London.

Along to our experience; order was not varied and not difficult as we settled on 4 roasts and 1 mushroom soup, side of chips, steamed vegetable and onion rings, on ordering we where informed of a 30 min wait time which was more than fine. Our wait turned into just over one hour, unfortunately the waitress described one roast order as beef when it was actually lamb which resulted in a little game of merry go round when all the food came along. The food was served with no cutlery so we had to ask twice; I'm not sure but it's part of the novelty or it's the aura of the place but our experience came with a moody waitress, along with that two of the roast orders where cold with only the gravy to disguise the chill of the food. On reporting this to the manager Chris, his investigation concluded with our food being given to another table whom had arrived earlier then us with two of their roast orders given to us. The manager ask us what we would like and he did give us that flexibility to request a refund of atleast the two dishes.

Overall it was not a good experience, I would not go to the prospect of Whitby again, I would however recommend that if you are looking to visit then be wary of my experience.

Thank you for reading.

Love through food.

2 by . . Review source

Attended last night. Pub has improved as a pub (not food) over the last few years and now has a cosy feel this time of year. 5 of us ordered food spending over £70. Took nearly one hour to come out. Pub was busy but no where near packed. Food came out barely warm. Chips with the burger were like rubber. Foolishly we eat it as we were so hungry. When plates were collected I pointed out the food was barely warm and would have been better to get food out quicker. I was just sneered and stared at by waitress and a shrug of the shouders. The meekest of apologies or acknowledgement would have been nice. Not surprised at response because when I initially asked for a table to two members of staff talking with each other I was not helped or assisted at all with timings or availability and they just went back to their conversation. There was always spare staff and they were not rushed off if their feet. Food not as good or fresh as Town of Ramsgate 5 minutes away nor was the service anywhere near as good. A pub like the Prospect of Whitby always has tourists and will be popular by its location but I can't help feel that because of this they don't try as hard with some aspects such as the food. It should or could be a premier pub in London because of its history and location. Shame. Won't be eating there again.

3 by Paul Mihill Review source

A beautiful location and a historic interior, but food is incredibly slow to arrive and the staff had very poor awareness of allergies. The menu doesn't have allergy information, it says to look online but didn't give a web address and so I couldn't find it although I did find allergy information about drinks. The menu also suggests to ask staff so I queued up in the very slow moving queue, for 10 minutes, and when I asked what was gluten free they said they didn't know.

They did have a folder full of nutritional information and gave that to me, telling me to go and read it and come back when I knew what I wanted. So I did, then had to queue for another 10 mins to order then wait 1hr 10 mins for my food (they did not tell me when I ordered that there was such a long wait). The food was lovely after all that but when I asked what the wait for pudding would be and was told 1hr 45 mins (for ice cream!!) I decided to opt out.

A real shame because it has great potential but they just need more staff, slightly better customer services training so that people know in advance if they're in for a long wait, and when you have such a busy pub why not put allergy information on the menu rather than making people use staff time to find out?

3 by Tanya Taylor Review source

The pub itself is lovely with great views of the river. However the food service was pretty abysmal. We were told that there would be a an hour wait for food when we ordered, which isn't great to begin with but we accepted.

One of the orders came through just over an hour later but three other orders of food hadn't arrived an hour and a half later. When we asked what was going on they said the order hadn't even gone through to the kitchen. 15 minutes later and those orders arrive. One person had to wait another 15 minutes after further prompting to the waiting staff, explaining that they had been waiting now TWO HOURS for their food.

This obviously put a damper on our meal, and whilst the food itself was fine and the pub lovely, I don't think I'll be going back again. Surely if you're telling people to wait an hour for food on a Sunday afternoon when it didn't seem particularly busy you should have more staff? The reason there seemed to be a mistake made with the order to begin with, was because there were only two people frantically serving drinks and also taking food orders behind the bar.

2 by Emma Wakeling Review source

Gorgeous old pub that’s brimming with history but also a great beer selection and staple bar fayre. At lunchtimes, and straight after work, it can be busy but in-between it’s a marvellous place to wander around, absorb and enjoy. When the weather is good the terrace is open to views on the Thames and at times, surrounded by wood, the view of the water and the fresh breeze blowing through the timbers it can make you feel like you’re on an old galleon. Great pub to combine with a mini-crawl incorporating The Grapes, The Captain Kidd, the Town of Ramsgate and then hopping on the tube under the Brunel Tunnel one stop to the Mayflower – four phenomenal historical pubs in a short walk.

5 by Rob Scott Review source

Love it! You can't help loving it! A truly historical place, special, outstanding! Good beer selection, ok pub food, but you go there mostly for the historical atmosphere and views with your beer. The pub ownership has been shifting from hands to hands in recent years (privately run, taylor walker pub, some other pub running company) but anyway I love it. So much that we had our wedding anniversary which actually was a UK wedding celebration for me and my husband there in 2015, even that we were still living in SW back then and had to drag ourselves and guests to the SE))))) Now being much closer to the Prospect, we continue loving it with all our hearts!

5 by Catherine Romanenko Review source

The staff were really nice at the bar, a bottle of wine was reasonable price. Food was very disappointing though. I ordered a veggie burrito (the Louisiana) which was meant to be a grilled veggie burrito with a bit of rice but it turned out to be a rice burrito with barely any veggies. I spoke to waitress who was very understanding and she delivered my complain to the kitchen but unfortunately they reply was 'that's that way we do it'. She did offer me another side portion of nachos that turned out to be my dinner, cause I couldn't bring myself to have a rice burrito. I would return there for drink, but not for food.

2 by Thais Fairbanks Review source

Sadly this lovely pub only gets two stars from me :( the pies came out with cold mash, so we asked for them to be warmed, and then by the time it came back out the pie was cold and the mushy peas were cold when the fish and chips came out. We decided not to say anything because didn't want keep sending food back as we were trying have a nice lunch with the in laws but it was kind of embarrassing:( they also had no baby seats or anything for a baby which I think is really silly, since this is a pub in wapping which has LOADS of families and people who I'm sure come with the family for a Sunday roast. Shame on you!

2 by Caroline Hilson Review source

This is the first complaint i have ever made but I have to get it off my chest. Went for the trio chicken burger. After an hours wait it came and there was no peri peri pulled chicken inside. They had used one of the chicken stripes pulled it apart and put it in instead. I'm actually disgusted how they can treat a customer like that. The food that we had was well below average. We had just come from brick lane and didn't try any of the gorgeous looking street food because we had decided to eat at the prospect of Whitby. We shall never make that mistake again. Shame on you for treating paying customers that way.

1 by Garry Treadwell Review source

Along with The Mayflower, one of the very best riverside pubs in London. Dating back to 1520, King Henry VIII was on the throne when The Prospect of Whitby opened (known then as The Pelican and later The Devil’s Tavern).

There are a myriad of rooms, including a riverside terrace. Your drinking companions over the ages have included Turner, Whistler (who both sketched the Thames), not to mention Charles Dickens and Samuel Pepys. That, for me at least, is quite enough to make this a special place.

If my review was helpful to you, please give me a thumbs up Thanks!

5 by Sam Saltwell Review source

Very poor bar service, took about 25 min to place drink and food order on a Friday night and the staff weren’t friendly, quick, or helpful. Food took about 40 min to arrive to which one of the pies was terribly burnt on top that it was crumbling to pieces. Staff then said if we wanted to change the order we had to go back to the bar. After complaining we then received a new pie which again was horribly burnt. Only reason this place gets more than one star is because of the location and nice decor inside. I won’t be going back.

2 by Nicola Geldart Review source

Beautiful historic pub with great outdoor space overlooking the Thames. It used to be my favourite local pub. They have recently changed management and changed the menu. The food quality has decreased greatly and it has been a huge disappointment ordering food here. Avoid the camembert, and the vegan fish and chips. The vegan fish and chips it's an undefined tasteless blob, nothing to do with the veggie fish and chips they used to do under the previous management which was battered halloumi with chips and was amazing.

2 by 0 Review source

Lovely place. However, the food was the worst I've ever had. The steak was not even well done. It was CHEWY and OVERCOOKED. Tasted like CARDBOARD (asked for medium). To compensate, they offered free dessert. The Eaton mess came in shortcrust pastry so hard I could not eat it. Whipped cream was from the bottle, instead of meringue ice cream scoop and ENTIRE 1 strawberry (wow!). A friend had an apple crumble - worse than supermarket ready meal. No excuse of busy- we were first to arrive before lunch mid week.

1 by Kapitannos Review source

My favourite pub in London, by far!
A lovely old place that has the feel of a big creaky ship inside. Just the kind of pub you want after a walk along the Thames.
There are a few different floors you can take your pick of, and a really nice outside area.
It has everything really - good atmosphere, extensive menu, friendly staff, interesting decor, and importantly for us, child friendly.
We always look forward to going to the Prospect when we're in the area!

5 by empanzee Review source

Horrible service - 1.5h to receive half of our food, one of had to go grab her own dish from the kitchen as the waitress couldn't figure out what her food was supposed to look like. Food was of course cold, no excuse from the waitress and waiter. Onky 2 people in kitchen when the place is huge... I understand you want to make a profit but you need to hire enough people to serve your customers properly. You also need to hire staff who knows how to wait a table.

1 by Stéphanie Costa Review source

This used to be one of our favourite pubs in London. It's cosy, lovely beer garden with a view at the Thames. It's child friendly. Food used to be excellent now it's just average. The waiting staff could learn a bit more about customer service. If you come in a group ( more than 2) and order food don't expect the food to arrive at the same time. The bar staff is very friendly but the beer quality is not consistent.

3 by Katka jedlickova Review source

Today I visited the old historical pub and found to be a unique place. Good pub serving beer, ale, wine and British pub food. It is on bank Thames river. On side of pub you can find stair touching river Thames . Good old photos to see. The pub belongs to 1520. Separate party room, function room and garden bar. You can drink in street table and smoke. Seat reservation allowed. You can pay back debit and credit card as well in cash.

4 by Mohnesh Kohli Review source

Have watched new tricks tv program for years and this pub came up on the one of the episodes. Always wanted to go. So today was in wapping and we poped in. Really interesting pub to visit. Has a lot of history good views and tons of carricter. Staff are relly friendly. if you are not up for drink then I recommend the food. Thay have a large collection of ales and beers. There food is excellent with good sized porshens

5 by David Thomson Review source

A great venue for location, great views of the Thames, atmospheric dining room. But we went for a Christmas dinner and it was disappointing. Two roast potatoes each and one of mine was a 'half potato'. Asked for a few more, but nothing happened. Two is not good! We had to ask for sauces, cranberry for the turkey, horseradish for the beef. The staff just didn't really get it!! Poor.

2 by John Boran Review source

I don't write reviews but felt compelled as the beer was cloudy and the food was the worst I've ever had in a pub. The ultimate fish and chips was as ultimately bad as it gets. Greasy, curry sauce clearly microwaved in the ramekin, a pickled onion the size of a marble, stale bread and over cooked fish, and about half a dozen chips. Such a great location and let down by everything else

1 by chris mclaughlin Review source

If you want to get a brief experience on how London shady past might’ve looked like, look no further. I didn’t try the food but hell, they know how to serve a beer. Selection is rather modest when comparing to other multi tap pubs, but hop soups on tap are top class. Remember to read all plaques with historical trivia displayed all over the place. Some of them are jaw dropping.

5 by Lukasz Pojezierski Review source

One of my favourite pubs on the river, full of character and history. Good selection of beers and ciders, food is not bad either. The best part of the pub is definitely their garden with lovely fairy lights between the trees and a nice river view. The terrace as well is very inviting and spacious for big groups as well as the rooms upstairs where they also show rugby matches.

5 by Mariachiara Gallian Review source

This is, quite possibly, my favourite pub in London. The history and atmosphere are palpable and the views are brilliant. Looking up, at the pub, from the foreshore is a must, providing the tide is out (obviously).

There is a fair selection of beverages to choose from and the food is top notch.

Polite and friendly staff just add to the place.

5 by Daryl Gerard Morrissey Review source

Really like this pub. Large and with a courtyard at the rear, overlooking the river. Sadly, in the evenings, it doesn't get the sun, so most people pile out into the road at the front, which is actually pleasant. At low tide, worth going down the steps in the tiny alley at the side to walk onto the shore of the Thames for the view of Canary wharf and beyond.

5 by Alastair Hilton Review source

Very lovely place for a drink on a sunny afternoon/evening. The weeping willow out back is a lovely canopy over all of the outdoor seating, and the view of the Thames is the icing on the cake. Usually very busy though, so you'd be lucky to find a space to sit (and it you're outdoors, your table is likely to be the same diameter as a bouncy ball!)

4 by Danielle Lloyd Review source

Great pub, every 4 in 5 visits real ale good. Never bought food except for crisps but always packed with diners. Crisps crispy. Pub on many levels not spiritual, physical and after all you are in a historic pub on the Thames. Downsides rude and aggressive squirrel and bar staff can occasionally be more occupied with each other rather than serving.

4 by Odd City Review source

Great pub but poor quality of food, service and very expensive. Very poor value for money.
Pies were undercooked and soggy and sides were cold, when asked to replace, wanted to take whole meal away 'keep it warm' before replacing anything and we had waited 45 minutes to be served. Will be going back to the grapes as so much better!

2 by Tina Jeary Review source

Walk on flagstones trod by pirates and privateers in this iconic little boozer in London's East end. Of note is the stunning pewter bartop: one of the few remaining on the island. Food and beer won't impress, but also won't disappoint. Great staff combined with excellent views of the Thames make the Prospect a perfect local pub.

4 by Adam Beck Review source

Nice pub, real sense of history with some great views, just doesn't seem to be looked after very well, lots of old or not being used furniture hidden in plain sight also I went with my 9 month old and there were no high chairs and the 'baby changing facilities ' consisted of a baby mat on the floor of a unclean disabled toilet.

3 by Chris Dyson Review source

Greene King run chain pub. So it goes without saying drinks are vastly overpriced targeting the captive audience.

It mentions the pub was frequented by smugglers and thieves in the past. I would question if they've even left. I felt robbed at the bar after buying a few drinks. Central London prices here. Worth a look though.

3 by Blindly Going Review source

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