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I have been to Jimmy spices Wimbledon and it's an amazing place to sit and eat the staff are very polite amazing helpful and very very welcoming and amazing amazing food never ever been ill or sick from eating here great great atmosphere in and great choices of food and I love Jimmy spices I never ever eat out anywhere else Jimmy spices will always have my full loyalty as a customer. And I love it here its warm friendly and calm chilled out and staff are amazing and it has to be said and food is worth more than 5 stars and u can see the chefs making the food in front of u which is lovely to see and it's just amazing what more can I say other than wow wow wow and coming back to Jimmy spices on the 28th April 2018 food is just amazing amazing and out of this world staff are also amazing very polite very welcoming very very professional and love eating here it's so warm and friendly and just love the atmosphere and love the staff very very nice people and very very helpful and service is just amazing amazing and they are always smiling and the have time for there customers. And just chefs are so lovely and kind and very helpful and whatever you want they will make it if you request it. Great great value for money and just love coming to this place to eat happy with everything never had any complaints thanks guys at Jimmy spices Wimbledon see you on the 28th of April

5 by Lisa goldsmith Review source

The food wasn't great especially the sushi. The sushi 's rice was gluey and stuck to your mouth and the filling such as cucumber or crabstick was practically non existent. The desserts were also quite questionable. For example the passion fruit cheese cake which didn't really seem like a cheese cake as it felt too gelatinous to be cheese cake. The spring rolls were OK but they were a bit flat and would have been better with more filling. In addition the stir fry vegetables was just a lot of soggy brocoli and cauliflower. The tiramasu was also not very agreeable with me. This is because the cake part was too soggy and felt absolutely drenched in coffee and fell apart when I was picking it up from the plate. Honestly the food was quite a big let down as it used to be quite good a couple of years ago.

But the design of the restaurant was nice and gave off quite a family feel to it. And the staff were very polite and nice. But I did find the music played a bit questionable. As multiple song were played in a row all giving off different moods which made me feel a bit put off as the music did not really suit the setting of this family restaurant.

In conclusion the food was not great but the layout and stag were very good

1 by dumpling__ lover Review source

Went there Wednesday afternoon 2nd May and wasn’t pleased at all. As someone who has a weakness for Chinese food looking for a Chinese buffet to enjoy my afternoon lunch, whatever they were serving was an insult to actual Chinese food and the beautiful Chinese people. The audacity of these people to claim they have a Chinese buffet when there’s no spare ribs, no noodles, no Chinese chicken balls or chicken chow mein. My favourite dish, sweet and sour chicken was an absolute disgrace. The best way I could describe it is like the sweet and sour Uncle Ben’s make that comes in a jar but watery. The “Chef” who appeared to be responsible for preparing this “Chinese buffet” was a South Asian gentleman. I looked at the other sections and it didn’t look any better. Their pizza was horrific. At the end when it was time to collect the bill and pay, I almost broke down in tears. One of their female waitress had a moody face and looked like she didn’t want to be there. I’ll give it 2 stars because the restaurant itself looked clean, spacious and they had decent desserts. Would I return? Never! If you have a love for Chinese food as I do, I’d advise you to avoid at all cost. I wouldn’t eat there again if they paid me.

2 by Southwesttwo Review source

Went there yesterday for a family treat. Good hygiene and this is weird to say this but a very nice spacious women's bathroom. We got our table in seconds and everything was ready for us.

The selection of foods were Chinese, Indian and American.

You had to pay for drinks , I recommend getting a refiller. The desserts were delicious though. You could have pancakes or waffles and choose some toppings (optional). And you could make ice cream with the automatic machine with makes your ice cream perfect and swirly. They have a range of dessert sauces to , like maple syrup , strawberry sauce , chocolate sauce , bubble gum sauce ect.... . If your not interested in that try the marshmallow kebab dribbled in chocolate fondant from the fountain. Or try the mini cakes , and if your looking for something cultural, try the Indian rice puddings . If you are looking for a more healthy dessert , try the fruit selection or fruit flavoured jelly.

Rated 4 stars because I thought that there would be more main food like Mexican, Italian, French. Little disappointed that you had to pay for drinks but overall everything was good and the staff were very friendly and talkative.

4 by Just Fun For you Review source

Friendly staff always a warm welcome here, every courtesy paid when I arrive, but then I have been coming here on and off since it opened in 2008
At £6.99 for a Monday to Friday lunch for us over 60's I have yet to find better, drinks are extra so a bill round £10 is average for us
Their bottomless soft drinks offer is now back on having been absent for a while.
The Sunday Buffet has added dishes .. eg the salmon and roast beef
Check prices.
Desserts in all the time I have dined here are limited and have hardly changed on what is on offer.
It would be nice to have a change after all these years
Also some soup would be welcomed
Not once has this been offered
Music can be loud over the Tannoy system,
This branch of Jimmy's is ok for birthdays and office party's
Can get very busy over holidays
All dishes are halal apart from the Mexican deli.
There is a Pet hate

3 by Justin Foster - Barham Review source

I WISH I could give this place minus 1 star. The food is of terrible standard, just a bit below school dinners. They ran out of plates, I had to wait 10 minutes for one. The water machine didn’t work and it was being propped up by some perculiar pieces of wood.

The chefs don’t speak a word of English, the whole restaurant is run by Pakistanis or Indians, I can’t tel, but their culture is infused within this establishment. Not what I expected,
Reminded me more of an Indian takeaway.

We was hounded by a little man to hurry up and leave as we have gone over their grace of a 2 hour stay.

The place is tiny, you are basically sitting with everyone else, the bins get changed right next to you, the floor is slippery and sticky.

I would not send my worst enemy here!!

Avoid at all cost’s, the foods bad, the service is worst and the environment is horrible.

1 by Mon Sultan Review source

Buffet restaurant with a selection of CHINESE, INDIAN, MEXICAN AND ROAST DINNERS.

Great for intimate get togethers or Large group outings. ALWAYS pre-Book your table or it can be a bit of a wait.
Throughout the course of December we have been here Three times. Each time it was very busy and the staff seemed to handle it well.
On one of the occasions we had a bit of a wait even though we pre BOOKED our table.
The food has a quick turnaround (it gets so busy you don't need to worry about how long it's sitting there)
And a large selection of Desserts
The staff were friendly and helpful.
My only grumble is apart from the disabled toilet downstairs, the other toilets are up two or three flights of stairs which is OK if you're party consists of just adults but when you have nine kids among your group it turns into a bit of a challenge

4 by Sid Stevens Review source

Absolutely no understanding whatsoever when it comes to children with disabilities. Myself & a friend both have daughter's with autism & we took our daughter's out for lunch. My friend's daughter wished to be changed. The disabled toilet was occupied & is petrified of hand dryers so wouldn't use the regular toilet because of that fact, & we waited 15 minutes for the disabled toilet & couldn't wait any longer, so my friend discretely changed her daughter's pull-up paints. No-one could see a thing but somehow a female customer made an complaint against my friend. The manager had no empathy at all even when we tried to explain. We were simply told 'you can't do that here, you must use the toilet'. The food is ridiculously overpriced & a roast with no gravy, c'mon! That'll be the last time we dine there!

1 by Shaan Sweets Review source

Use to be one of my favourite places but has really gone downhill.

Firstly, the food has massively gone dropped in quality and they have removed many dishes that they use to do. They have refined everything to ensure that only the most cost effective dishes are made.

Secondly, the last time I went, they included free bottomless drinks. Now you have to have pay.

Thirdly, I had a Jimmy's reward card and had saved enough points for two buffets. On my last visit I was told that Jimmy's got rid of this card without notice which meant that all my saved points were gone.

Overall, poorer standards, less choice, higher charge for drinks and scrapping reward cards with no notice. This place has massively gone downhill.

I wouldn't waste your time here anymore!

1 by Simon Stephani Review source

I have visited Wimbledon branch for lunch with my family. I have bean seated by the manager there was 3 servers non of them came over to ask us for drinks. The restaurant was quite when I saw the waitress I asked her for some water she brought the water over and then no one came again to check on us or clear our plates. When we finish with food ready for dessert waited while no one came to clear the table so I had to do it my self I took the empty plates to the empty plates section.
I feel really bad and that was the worse experience I have ever had everyday is going downhill. As i work in the industry I would recommend you to train your staff properly they need to be more then cleaners.
At the end I would like you to do something about it and make it up for my ruined lunch.
Kind regards

1 by Lamia bendou Review source

Complete focus on quantity rather than quality. For the price paid, I expect at least decent quality 'normal' food. However it seems Jimmy's Restaurant either doesn't care or doesn't understand 'repeat business', as their food is extremely 'generic' flavoured. I don't know quite how to describe it; chicken tastes almost like bland salami, sweet & sour chicken actually tasted reheated & 'old', veggies are extremely cheap and flavourless. You get the drift. All profit, no quality.

Would definitely not recommend at all.

A much better buffet in a different area is 'Aroma Buffet' which is in 'West 12 shopping centre' right beside Shepherd's Bush tube station.

1 by Shahid Malik Review source

Jimmy's Wimbledon is really a good restaurant but they don't do a la carte. It's just the buffet system. Food was really tasty and a lot of cuisines from North Indian to South Indian dishes, from Chinese delicacies to Japanese Sushi and what not. Ample of options for desserts too. Which includes ice cream and waffle too! This was on a Saturday. On weekdays I believe , the menu is a little different and not so many options are available but so does the price. It differs from weekend to weekday. They do a range of drinks as well which are not included in the buffet. The interior needs a facelift as the sofas were visibly torn. Overall a nice experience.

4 by G Singh Review source

CHECK YOUR CHANGE. this establishment is knowingly ripping off all its customers by short changing them. prices are clearly labelled £9.99 or £6.99 for senior citizen but good luck if your waiter brings you your penny change. Multiply this by the amount of people that visit here each year and they are profiting thousands of £'s through theft. You have to ask where is my outstanding change and they make no apologies obviously they have become so accustomed to doing it. Onto the food, only really worth going when they open up at 12 to guarantee its fresh and hot, even then it's not outstanding just good value for money to fill you up.

2 by r r Review source

We visited here for on last Saturday night for dinner. This place serves a buffet if food food from different countries: Indian, US other Asian foods. Some of the food includes curries, kebabs, burgers, Nachos and sushi.Great choice, good value and pretty good quality for a buffet. Can be a bit busy and noisy unless you sit by the entrance which is quieter. Could have better table service for drinks.Overall Loved the choice of food available, and most of it was very tasty. Some of the food was cold and would of expected better quality for the money paid, but General it was a nice, visit staff were friendly.

3 by Tinton Abraham Review source

EXTREMELY poor customer service from 'management'. Treated like a thief from entry. Followed around persistently told I hadn't paid for unlimited buffet when I was told upon entry that there was a pay first policy which I obliged to. Was refused service of drinks after waiting 20 minutes at bar. Was told the police was being called after being accused of not paying even after showing receipt of payment. Very very disappointed with the experience today and would NEVER in a million years recommend this restaurant to ANYBODY. And that's without discussing the POOR quality food served.

1 by Fox Sho Review source

Food quality is poor, although options are many but you have many option in a supermarket for a frozen food to take away and microwave. This is no different to them. I went there for lunch and found not a single item was either authentic or special they were just average. Whether it Indian, Mexican or Chinese you will find better quality food else where. They don't fill up and you just end up in eating luke warm food.
Deserts are shocker. Looks like pudding, sweet and all that are coming from Cheap super market stuff and were never made there

1 by Sohail Thobani Review source

I would say this place is basically 60% Indian restaurant (and v good Indian food at that), also has Chinese, British, Italian etc, a poor attempt at fajitas, 2 choices of not freshly made sushi, otherwise good choice of desserts including Mr Whippy machine (although don't touch the smarties they're for display only) but help yourself to sauces, a chocolate fountain/marshmallows and pancakes to order. Could be so much better. If you're into this kind of thing go to Cosmos in Croydon for a better and fresher food selection.

3 by Hannah Price Review source

The manager gladly got us a new table half way through our lunch on a busy weekend upon our request to change our seating. Chicken tikka and fresh naan bread are five star hotel standard IMO. Parking is a nightmare if you cannot find space in the open public car park opposite the restaurant. Street parking is restricted mostly Sat 9am-11 *pm*! PM, that's right! And you have to be very careful which bays are permit holders only, easy to confuse. Don't park in them otherwise your day out will be £60 more.

5 by Rashed Karim Review source

Was a short wait to be seated as its very busy on mother's day. Good selection of food though this time the sushi section was a bit lacking.

Definitely a family friendly environment though this also means its quite noisy. Bottomless drink option is a must if you have kids and with frequent table bus service you can use fresh plates for each dish.

Pros - price, selection of food, family atmosphere
Cos- queues, noise, can be very busy at times.

4 by Catian Gaming Review source

Bad experience I don't know what they done to there lamb Rojan josh but it made me violently sick all night (29/12/2017) the waitress didnt have a clue what a high chair was for our child had to ask them to get us drinks instead of them asking you I asked for a jug of water 3 glasses and she brought me over a glass of water the selection is mainly Indian compared to other all you can eat places this is shocking.

I will not be going back in a hurry.

1 by Matthew Rickard Review source

Just Amazing! The choice of food is brilliant, ranging from american to Thai and while definitely not compromising of taste or quality, for the amount of food you could eat at this all you can eat world buffet, It is worth what you pay and more. For pudding you also have many things to choose from and if you can't decide then have all of them. If you are thinking of going on your own or in a group, stop thinking and just go already, it's just Amazing!

5 by Frankie Ennis Review source

Food is disgusting, it is no way fresh. Pizza tastes like a cheap one you would buy in a shop but really bad quality. Pudding is a bit better than the main food but still waste of money. Staff are hard to understand what they are saying-they need to have a interpreter as it sounds like they are speaking another language. Place is quite dirty. Hardly any choice of food. Stay clear of this place, plenty of nicer places to eat in this area.

2 by Oliver Damonte Review source

An amazing food experience with the best selection of the finest and tastiest international dishes. An unexpected pleasantly surprise offered by a restaurant which I considered it too big to have nice food. The staff is more than friendly, very careful and pay so much attention to every detail, just to make sure I have everything I need. Music is nice and entertaining, the perfect place for an unforgettable evening. Thank you!

5 by Simona Irimia Review source

Great place to celebrate for all occasions even with large groups, friendly staff are very accommodating. Very good food and variety for all, Chef at hand to serve up. Would have given 5 Stars but for lack of variety on fresh fruit section.
There is a car park nearby but with limited spaces, nearby street parking on meter, be aware of the section for residents as it's regulated till 11pm on all days.

4 by Clinton Peters Review source

Probably should be 3 star's by I have given an extra one purely for the value for money factor. The food is absolutely fine in particular the seekh kebabs which were beautifully tender and moist. Just the fact that you can choose from so many varieties of food is fantastic and the place is clean and spacious with a full cocktail bar too! Highly recommend the place especially if you are a large group.

4 by MS Ajmal Review source

A disappointment for this review. I expected world spanning cuizine but instead got the great British takeaway, five times over. The deserts were pitiful. The fruit something from a tin. The Smarties were for decoration. The thing I enjoyed most? The chicken nuggets as they were the only thing I ate that were as I expected. Bland food, depressed looking staff. at £20 a head it was not good enough.

1 by pete stringer Review source

Week day visit b4 Christmas; full of customers. More food stations open than usual. Feels like a weekend with so many people.When paying by credit card was asked for a tip to be added to the bill. Would prefer not to have to tip this way. Harder to decline to pay this way when asked directly for extra-money. I would feel better paying first and leaving my own tips. That way no pressure...

4 by Qin Shi Huang Review source

Grim. Waited 5 minutes at entrance to be seated. No one around. All pushed to one side of the huge premises with screaming children and parties. Obese English working class types shovelling it in. It's all a bit much. Then I was never served after 15 minutes waiting. Dunno why this is so poor as restaurant service in India in my experience is excellent.

1 by Janonymous Manonymous Review source

If I'm honest I still love Jimmy's I just can not give it 5* anymore. They no longer do the Veg. Lasagne and its always super busy these days. Like it feels overly packed... So when I attempted to go for dinner with a mate we couldn't even talk / hear each others response, and they was sat across the table ...a small two seaters table

4 by Concept Ki Review source

Came here with my friend for lunch and can say the food was really awful and disgusting. Wasn't freshly made and was too cold. The service isn't too bad but they don't come and check on you regularly. I personally wouldn't recommend this place to eat. Such a waste of money also considering there's no places to park for free.

1 by Suhan Ravendran Review source

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