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Going out for a 3 course meal with my wife for her birthday I had high hopes (excuse the pun) dining at Galvin at Windows with a view over the Capital whilst enjoying great service and Michelin starred food.

First a word of warning if you drive a reasonable sized car DO NOT park in the Hilton underground carpark. It was clearly not designed for today’s modern cars and consequently the carpark entry ramps are very narrow and are desperate to ruin your alloys on the razor sharp high kerbs which extend a full 360 degree drop down to the first level. The victims the kerbs have claimed are extensive and the marks are all the way down to prove it. Whilst skipping to the end of the story it’s worth mentioning that the pay machine on the first underground-level is broken and the sign sends you upstairs to a machine that doesn’t exist unless you are Poirot.
We arrive at the reception to be met by a night club bouncer putting his had in our faces. “Where are you going?” he asks...blocking the entrance..”we’ve got a reservation” I reply... “Coat in there first” he retorts pointing to a cupboard which turns out is a pokey cloakroom...
We are back at the bouncer. “Where are you going”...we go through the same charade again but this time no coat and we are past him.
Start the clock it’s 7pm
The female host is warm and welcoming and we are shown to our table, not by the window but one layer back sideways to the view facing up Park’s a gloomy evening but you can see a long way into the distance. You wouldn’t want to sit another row inwards despite it being raised as you wouldn’t see a thing...that would be annoying.
The menus are dumped down by one of three waiters we are served by during our time. Let’s call them.
Waiter 1: Mr Rush - always at a pace offering the empty questions which he is clearly told to ask as small talk and never listening to a reply.
Waiter 2: Mr Sommelier - the wine expert who is indignant that we are not indulging in his area of expertise but has never heard of a Dry Martini and lemonade.
Waiter 3: Little Miss Supervisor - the only one with a eye for detail but is keen to move you along.
We’ve been sitting for less than five minutes, the drinks orders are in with Mr Sommelier after a 3 minute challenge over a Dry Martini - explaining its a Vermouth, even naming a French brand of Noilly Prat to help, the starters are about to arrive when amuse-bouche of thinly sliced octopus on toasted brioche. It’s delightful and delicate, not to everyone’s taste - I passed, my wife loved it.

The starters were lovely I had the salmon with Devon crab, - well presented, slightly peppery but fresh and enjoyable.

The plates are swiftly cleared by Mr Rush, he asks how we liked it, but he’s gone as quickly as he arrived not bothering to listen as I’m half way through my first sentence to answer his scripted question.

Minutes later the main arrives, I ordered the Lobster tail risotto - it is delicious and full of flavour 10/10 for taste. My wife had the Red Mullet which was nice and had a good flavour.

Little Miss Supervisor clears and I glance at my watch it 7.25pm - we have been in just 25 minutes and they are clearly keen to turn the table. The place is busy and not in a great vibe way. I feel like we are being processed - quickly.

Mr Rush is back and pours my water so quickly it’s glugging out of the bottle. Full marks to him for containing it all in the glass - that must be the Michelin training? He asks another empty question, he’s off again before I attempt to answer

It’s now 7.50pm!!!! We have had 3 courses - my goodness me, 3 courses, no service levels but good food. I decide to go to the gents to slow things down, I’m back the bill arrives and we’s 8.05pm and we are in the lift.

Fred - you need to visit, your name is all over the table and your photo hangs proudly on the wall by the bouncer, I wanted to turn your picture over - you’d be ashame

1 by James Reacher Review source

We visited Galvin at Windows a few months ago, via a deal we found and booked on Groupon. Both me and my partner are big fans of well presented, high quality, delicious food.

We regularly go out toresjtaraunts and wanted to try Galvin at windows, after viewing previous reviews which showed that Galvin was well recommended.

However, upon our visit to Galvin at Windows we were surprised to find out that all we had previously believed was not true.

When we arrived, we were greeted well and looked after and blessed with a great view overlooking the lovely Hyde Park. But, when we informed our waiter (middle-aged male with gelled-slick hair) that we had a Groupon deal his persona and character completely changed. He treat us as if we were worse-off because we had a Groupon deal.

I myself have worked in a restaurant as a waiter and I totally understand that sometimes ‘some’ customers can be slightly difficult. However, just by informing him that we had a Groupon deal and that we needed a set menu, does not warrant him to treat us any different, than the customers beside us who were ordering from a higher priced menu.

From that point onwards, he completely looked down on us and didn’t make us feel comfortable during our time at Galvin Windows. This was a particular shame as it was a treat for my partner and we’ve made it a tradition to come down from Leicester at least twice a year to visit London and go out for an enjoyable meal at one of London’s best restaurants and in our opinion Galvin were one of those restaurants.

Aside from the poor treatment, the food was amazing and it was disappointing that the service of our waiter put a damper on the afternoon and ruined the experience, because Galvin is definitely a restaurant where I would have visited again and again, with my partner, family and relatives to enjoy the great food and wonderful scenery.

Once again, I must reiterate that the food was not a problem at all and that our compliments should be passed on to the chef and the kitchen team for their great work.

2 by Review source

Me and couple of my friends were really excited to visit this restaurant especially reading so many positiv reviews and even watching a short youtube clip of it. We booked a table for the 10 year anniversary tasting menu.

The positiv:
- The view of the restaurant is really stunning.
- The service is prompt and friendly and certainly at a michelin star level ( altough one waiter told one of my friends that she can change a dish because she doesn't eat pork but she received a different dish he was initially telling her )
- £50 for a 5 course tasting menu is actually a very good value for a michelin star restaurant
- food presentation was very good

so why only 3 stars?

Well... Altough the food looked good it just tasted very ordinary... Nothing was outstanding unfortunately. I mean I do had high hopes every time a waiter brought a dish and said: this is our amazing ..... well but it wasn't. Now I am not a restaurant critic and for sure my tongue is probably not as fine as a restaurant critic but certainly I can tell if there is at least one dish or one flavour outstanding and out of all 5 courses nothing was impressive.

Well but the whole ambience and location and view and good value for money does balance it out.

The cocktail bar had some very interesting cocktails inspired by asian flavours and was pretty interesting again not outstanding but interesting and nice presentation.

3 stars from me this time.


3 by Review source

My husband and myself are very used to gastronomic places as well as french food. Unfortunately, the food was not gastronomic at all, only the portions were. It is so tiny and ridiculous it really made us laugh ! The bread was not home made (french restaurant not making bread, really? We took the Menu du Jour with wine and coffee. Our wine was only served half way through the first course and we even had to ask to Sommelier when we would actually get it - which means we only drank one glass out of the all bottle - the main was very tiny as well, my husband ordered duck and literally it looked like he has been given a third of a normal portion. I am vegetarian and I did really appreciate that our waiter kindly remembered that I don’t eat meat, he made some suggestions and made sure every ingredients such as eggs and milk were ok for me to eat. The dessert was not very good neither, unfortunately the vanilla clafoutis was bland and boring and the chocolate president cake was very heavy and clearly looked like it could have been purchased in a supermarket.

The view is amazing and the service is quite good, waiters are really trying to up sell and it’s quite obvious but they are also kind and very professional.

We waited quite a long time between each dish and had to wait about 10 minutes to get our coffee.

I would unfortunately not go back even if I was very excited about this experience, I have to say it was nothing special and I feel like I have thrown my money out the window.

2 by Lin M Review source

Booked with open table offer £85, but decided on the day to enjoy my little time off that I had before very busy start of the year for me and my businesses, and chose to go for the tasting menu with champagne and caviar. They did a huge massive mistake for such a good establiahment that referenced from people that I know. Champagne was served and then I waited long for the next course, which was the beetroot, and was told to finish my champagne first. OK I thought that maybe there will be a suprise, but the beetroot was served and no trace of the caviar that I expected to combine with the champagne. Instead the lady moved on like nothing happened and the pork was next. I kindly pointed out the caviar and champagne written on the menu, and she said 'oops maybe I did a mistake, we are still on fish so I will organise it for you' when the pork was next. I do not know who missed that out, but looked funny, unprofessional, intentional and seemed to be like she expected to move on and hoping that I will never notice. I asked for a manager and stopped the tasting as I said I don't know what to expect.

1 by ss 8569c Review source

Lovely restaurant located on the 28th floor within Hilton London hotel. Seems to be a restaurant where people bring their business partners for lunch, there were a few tables of men in suits, ties and brief cases

Staffs: Professionally dressed and very friendly, attentive and service was fast. Offered me a postcard (With a picture of the view from your seat), they will send it anywhere it the world if you fill it in, complimentary :) I thought it was a really nice gesture!

The view was ok. If you are seated next the to window (depending where) you'd probably get to have an overview of the city. But there's also a seating section where the view faces a large field.

I enjoyed the food mains the most. The pork cheeks were soft and juicy, nicely paired with polenta. The portions were ok, not too big but definitely not a tasting menu's size either. I thought the orange cake could have done slightly better.

Seems like an OK place to take my parents here for tea or lunch. They would probably appreciate the classic interior and the peaceful scenery.

4 by Alicia ysl Review source

It was WOW! I and my boyfriend came to this place for our anniversary. The one of the reasons I’ve been longing to visit this place is a floor rotation. Unfortunately you will not feel it but I’m pretty sure the view from our table looked different in the end of the meal. It’s very slight.
We chose a tasting menu which is different wines will be served on each meal. The professional waiter will tell you the story of the history of each wines which was fun to listen and the harmony of the wine and food was just amazing. The appearance of each meal was full of colours with the taste, venison’s pie was my favourite.. also the pre dessert. It was ‘ Tarragon and dill sorbet, yogurt form Parmesan chiffon cake’. Sweet and savoury combination worked so well! So the main dessert...banoffee ice cream with chantilly cream and toasted pecan. Mmm. The homemade marshmallow came but it was a bit too much for the end of the meal. The room was a little chilly however it was fantastic experience over all. I could be there for a whole day to check the floor rotates....!

5 by SAYAKO TOMIYOSHI Review source

Upon meeting the unenthusiastic waiters, lacking enough charisma to ask me anything past my name, my food had already arrived within 3 hours, after forcing myself to eat the entire spoonful they put on my plate (on a brighter note, I now know what semen tastes like), and the cross-contamination ridded main courses, the torture was finally over, and we could safely discuss the suicidal feelings now possesed by both us and the 'people' serving us. 0/10, not only could I tell that the waiters, wanted to kill themselves, but it made me want to as well, other than the good views, this lame excuse for 'gourmet' dining has nothing going for it. I literally cannot think of any other way that it's superior to any other place I have ever eaten, unless you're currently learning to speak english, and want to learn large numbers, in which case the bill will give you an erection.
Note: do not ask what velouté is, the waiters do not posess the necessary linguistical skills to convey what it actually is; it's just a soup.

1 by bruno edwards Review source

Located on the 18th floor of the Hilton, the floor to ceiling windows offer great views. The bar area is a particularly impressive place to watch sunset. Timing your meal with drinks beforehand at the moment of sunset is recommended.

Food is exactly what you would expect: Difficult to find fault of. The tasting menu offers a wide range of dishes and is reasonably priced, too. The scallop was memorable for its proportions being twice the size of the largest queen scallop. It's shell could likely be reused as a chair by a mermaid.

There is an exceptional level of service above that of any other Michelin one star restaurant in the UK. Multiple members of waiting staff spring immediately into action when required within fractions of a second. Once no longer needed, staff dissolve quietly into the background. That said, it never feels oppressive or like you are being watched. There are not large groups of staff visible. It almost qualifies as a magic act.

5 by Jon Wright Review source

I've had superb dining experiences at the Bistro De Luxe and was hopeful for a similar experience at this venue.

Perhaps the fact that, on this occasion, I used a discount voucher explains why it was so disappointing. However, I imagined that the reason a place like this offers a discount is that they want to introduce people to their food in a bargain way, hoping they'll be impressed enough to sample the whole a la carte menu. Why give out discounts if it's for a second-rate dining experience, not comparable to the full-cost one?

In any case, the discounted menu was quite short and unimaginative. Three starters, three mains and three puddings. The starters included a salad, mackerel in teriyaki and steak tartare; the mains included cod, a vegetable tart and a chicken breast (served with a teriyaki sauce!). Ho-hum all around.

Handsome waiters with spotless manicures and fully professional demeanour.

3 by Review source

Lasting Impressions: Classy, elegant, food-tastic, expensive

Our experience: Three of us went for dinner and drinks in the bar beforehand. The cocktails were £23 each and if you are wearing a coat, you are forced to check it in the cloakroom. However, once we got through to the restaurant, it was lovely. The service was attentive and friendly without being intrusive. The food was delicious. The view was lovely. I had the terrine, sea bream and crème brulee, followed by mint tea and had no cause for complaint throughout. The sea bream was cooked to perfection - it was succulent and tasty but the crème brulee was absolutely perfect - full of vanilla, creamy and off set by tart rhubarb! The mint tea was just right and the freshly made marshmallows literally melted in the mouth.

The verdict: It's expensive but worth it. We would definitely go back.

5 by Trudie Lee Review source

Well, let 's just start with the bouncer telling you no coats allowed rudely in your face without greeting, then wait for 10 minutes in a cloakroom where disgusting people insult each others. Then wait 25 min at the bar to get a drink while your table is getting ready. Then go to the toilets just to see kids throwing up. The food was impeccable but got tasteless due to the environment. I am quiet fortunate, I get to try most of fine restaurants in London through work. I am always open to new experiences and different set ups but this time paying more than 500 pounds for two and being disturbed by drunk people, served by worn out staff, this is unacceptable. I had to apologise to my girlfriend for my poor choice of restaurant for her birthday.
Special kudos to the waitresses who are just dealing with this hell everyday.
Maybe it was the wrong day...

2 by Review source

Unsurprisingly, everything about Galvin at Windows is elegant. The food on the three course menu (actually, pretty good value) was very lovely, but doesn't have the creative edge you'd expect in a restaurant as special as this. The starter of scallops ceviche with grapefruit was delicious, and generous with the scallops, as was the main course of venison loin wrapped in pancetta. The peanut butter parfait was pretty great too. Weirdly, the highlight of the meal for me was the side of kale with garlic cream - simple, but so addictive. Maybe I'm easily impressed, but I really liked the extra touches like the huge jar of handmade lime marshmallows that accompanied our bill. The dimly lit restaurant doesn't distract from the view, and I imagine with the right company, this could be one of London's more romantic restaurants.

5 by Alexandra Sheppard Review source

I am going to be brief- the food was amazing, and for the pricepoint was absolutely worth it! I was going to give 'Galvin at Windows' a full on 5* review, the food was truly Michelin star quality. However- They made a mistake...I had repeatedly made sure of a nut free meal, and was told that my desert (cake, it was a birthday meal) was 100% nut free, so naturally after the spectactular meal, I devoured it. It was only after that the realisation was made by mu friend that this cake tasted... nutty... I soon realised that I was mistakenly given a walnut cake. Luckily my reaction was not so severe, however this did somewhat ruin the birthday experience... The staff were very helpful after, and I would still reccomend the restaurant- I am just sharing my hopefully one off, quite disastrous experience.

2 by Santiago Schmitt Review source

I got a voucher for lunch in this restaurant. It was expiring in September. I called top book in September and I was told , the offer is extended to the end of December. When i called in December first, I was told that i can only book for 27th-31 December, at the time i didn't , I called back next day, and I was told the offer is expired in 7th of December!!, What an appalling way of treating ones customers, If you have a Voucher from Groupon , you are not wanted in this restaurant. Galb\\u003dvin might have Michelin starts but it lacks business ethics and courtesy ! , I would not set a food in this place again. I wasted my 40 pounds on them, I warned the others not to get in to the same trap!.

Visited December 2016

1 by Review source

We visited the restaurant on Thursday 20th March to celebrate my mother and father -in laws 49th wedding anniversary. We had a little hiccup when we first arrived, our fault not the restaurants, and the manager Mr Andrew Sicklin could not have been more helpful. All the staff from waitresses, bar staff, reception and the lovely doorman were friendly and even posed for a photo with my mother-in law.
Now to the food, it was out of this world, absolutely delicious, the chef Joo Won is a wonder. We even got given postcards to fill out and they would send them anywhere in the world for us, a lovely touch.
If you ever get the chance to visit this beautiful restaurant, I fully recommend the whole experience.

5 by Review source

My boyfriend and I came here earlier this year for our anniversary dinner, and I'd highly recommend this place to anyone else looking for a special place to dine. The views are stunning and you'll be able to get a view no matter where you sit. The waiters and hosts are very friendly and helpful, and will definitely make you feel at-ease if you're not used to this type of dining. (Jeff and I certainly weren't, but they answered all of our questions without making us feel silly!) The food was incredible (as you'd expect) and, despite the price, we felt we got a good value for our money. I can't afford to eat here every week, but I've been looking for excuses to come back ever since!

5 by Katherine Poole Review source

Serving french cuisine on the 28th floor of the Hilton on Park Lane, the michelin starred restaurant boasts quite the view over Mayfair, not short of iconic sights such as The Shard and Hyde Park. What more, to ensure a dining experience to be remembered, our table of 8 were given 3 postcards of the panorama view which they would even help you mail off to anywhere in the world. The staff were most attentive and paid immaculate attention to detail. The room is contemporary and elegant but nothing outstanding. The portions were just nice and the food was spectacular in the sense that it tasted like the finest quality but view aside, I found it a bit forgettable.

3 by I Yune Hoe Review source

Michelin starred restaurant at Park Lane Hilton. We had the restaurant's '10th birthday' 5 course tasting menu. Salmon, cod, pork, polenta all cooked to perfection. The chocolate fondant and orange ice cream were simply amazing. The environment feels slightly corporate, a little bit bland even. It lacks a strong personality. However, the food and friendly service makes up for this slight defect. Good views even if you're not seated by a window as the middle section has a raised platform. Perhaps the only restaurant 'with a view' in London that is worth paying for. It certainly beats anything on offer at the Shard.

4 by Joe Collison Review source

We had a enjoyable 3 course dinner at Galvin at Windows. We used the Menu du chef - 3-course dinner and bellini deal on OpenTable for £37 per person. The complimentary drink was tasty but was only half a Champaign flute. All the courses were tasty and fairly well presented. The starters and main didn’t really wow or scream Michelin Star restaurant though. The dessert was exceptionally tasty on the other hand. I’d go back for that alone.

Staff were very friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable. The complimentary postcard they gave each of us that they then sent anywhere in the world was a nice touch.

4 by Joel Edwards Review source

I can’t belive that I haven’t taken time to review this place. The day I started to frequent this marvellous restaurant and lounge, the staff made it a mission to get to know me and make me welcome all the time. I can see that they care about there customers very well.

The views the ambience is just amazing. The drinks the cocktails are just fantastic. When you visit the Michelin Star restaurant the food and service is amazing. Lovely wines as well. They will help to choose one for your taste and food.

It’s a evening out so don’t rush and just enjoy.

Sum up: Fantastic

5 by Manni Madhani Review source

Yes the views are great, but there's a lot more to this place than just a good location.
To begin our night, the bar was smart and comfortable with a nice atmosphere, and of course the great view.
In the restaurant we chose the tasting menu as it was a birthday celebration. All seven courses were delicious but particular favourites were those where the chef has added a little of his Korean influence. The service was excellent and we were very well looked after, especially as they went the extra mile for the birthday celebration.
Overall a very enjoyable and memorable evening.

5 by Steve Long Review source

An amazing experience. The service was very professional, the food was so exquisite! The starter I had was a velvety mushroom sauce with a poached egg, and I can't believe how tasty that was even though the ingredients were so simple. After asking the waiter if I could switch one of the main meals between two set menus, he said it probably won't be possible, but the chef decided to prepare me a small taster portion of the other main I wanted! Plus of course the actual main I ordered from my set menu. I totally recommend this restaurant for special occasions!

5 by Alexandra Tofful Review source

This was our last dinner during our honeymoon. Thoroughly enjoyable other than an episode where a member of staff suggested we were not used to pay a high bill such as theirs when the credit card payment failed. So unprofessional. It then resulted Galvin on Windows were passing a transaction in offline mode, typically because of a dropped connection. VISA international were not able to pass the transaction code to Galvin, so the transaction was cancelled twice.

Still, an experience one has to witness. Recommended. P.S. Get the cheese board!

4 by Conrad Aquilina Review source

Stunning views of London from the 28th floor of the Hilton, with an excellent menu to match, Galvin at Windows is the place to go if you want a bit of the wow experience without being too over the top. Head chef Joo Won's kitchen turns out consistently good food, and the steamed cod is a must-try.

With a number of offers available on Open Table, a meal there isn't too expensive either. Opted for the £29 for three courses and two glasses of wine, which was great value for money.

5 by Abigail Eats Review source

I ate here a while ago, my first experience for a fine dining restaurant. Not only that but the first time I've eaten 28 or so floors up, thank god for the elevator! A very professional welcome was soon extended to the leading into the grand dining hall, large ceilings in cream and whites with a spacious restaurant catering for many tables encompassed within a wall of windows overlooking the whole of london. A treat for evening diners who like to look at the cities sights and its pretty lights.

4 by Review source

With views as breathtaking as those from our table it would be easy to forget about the food, but every dish we tried was a subtle triumph.
The staff are attentive and refreshingly friendly, and even arranged a spectacular pollution-enhanced sunset over London.
The only downside is the dreadfully bland music in the bar, presumably designed to lure the usual crowd of abrasive Russian businessmen and their 'lady friends'.
Overall: fantastic!

5 by Stephen Hall Review source

The service was excellent and attentive. The food was OK. Maybe it's because I was expecting a little more from a Michelin starred restaurant. The dessert was basically a lemon sponge cake with some strawberries and cream on top and the cake at the bottom was a bit dry. I ordered from their fixed menu, but still, the quality of the food should not decline because of that. The main fish was good though, crispy on the top and juicy underneath.

4 by Kayan C Review source

Perfect place to bring your special one to, spend a romantic occasion or a family dinner. The service is immaculate! So attentive, galant, yet not invasive - we were really taken care of. The sommelier is French and knows his job brilliantly. A real gentleman, too. The views are amazing - obviously, the restaurant is cozy and welcoming. Food was fantastic. We have only the warmest feelings from it, and will definitely consider coming back.

5 by Review source

Not sure what the fuss is about. I have eaten at many top restaurants but this one didn't do it for me. The meat was far too blue and had gone cold. It felt like biting into a cow. The views are apparently very good, but alas, we were too far away to see. They fixed the problem with the main course and gave us a complimentary glass of bubbly which was very much appreciated. However, overall, not a brilliant evening.

2 by RS S Review source

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