The Lord Northbrook - Lee, London

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116 Burnt Ash Rd, Lee, London, SE12 8PU

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The Lord Northbrook is a pub that I've visited both before and after it was acquired by Fuller's. On each occasion I didn't try the food but from the decor it looked like a place that took its food seriously. My partner and I visited today for a roast. The first thing that you'll notice from the menu is that it's a little more expensive than you would expect for a pleasant enough area like Lee. There are two thoughts that enter my mind when I see such high prices. Firstly, am I going to get the best Sunday roast I've ever had or, secondly, is this going to be second-rate food that sells because there is inadequate competition in the area and the manager bleeds the locals for all he/she can. On this occasion, it was clearly the latter. We both had the lamb roast with trimmings. The lamb was overcooked, the roast potatoes soggy as a damp sponge and the Yorkshire pudding would make a Yorkshireman weep -although it could have been toad-in-the-hole without the toad for all I know. The cabbage was slightly over peppered but the carrots and parsnip were adequate, but not great. What is also frustrating was that the London Pride was the worst I've had in years and at £4.30/pint is a disgrace. Fuller's really ought to do more quality control on their tied pubs. Don't be fooled by the pleasant surroundings, this isn't the gastropub that it likes people to think it is.

2 by Matt LeMesmer Review source

Unfortunately had a pretty poor food experience. Service was excellent, food was well below average. Fish and chips were terrible, batter was under cooked, mushy peas were gritty, chips tasted like frozen chips. My wife had the roast veggie ciabatta which was pretty good although they burnt the top of it but the great waitress noticed my wife scrapping off the burnt ciabatta and immediately came over and replaced it.
We followed with the creme brûlée which was undercooked and more like custard with a hard sugarey top. It was far from a creme brûlée. The beer was great. Pub atmosphere nice just 2 bad dishes out of 3 is a poor effort on the food.

2 by Cameron Jones Review source

We were a party of 6 and three of us were really disappointed with the food. Fish and chips - batter crisp outside, soggy inside -an unpleasant experience. Camembert quiche seemed to be a circle of puff pastry topped with a slice of cheese so not really a Quiche. Hot smoked salmon caesar salad- beans undercooked and the whole a disappointing experience. Not a good experience and such a shame as this is our nearest pub and we would go there often if it was any good. We will not be returning..Before Fullers took over this was a dining experience to look forward to !!

1 by Review source

Its was such a brilliant experience. Me and my girlfriend have tried so many places for a perfect roast dinner! I visited the Northbrook and was very impressed. The portions were generous, texture and taste was to die for! Topped off by brilliant customer service. Everyone was attentive and had good knowledge of their menu and wines. Lindsey is friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure you have a wonderful experience. Also like to thank the Bruno Minucelli, the Chef who by far makes the best roast ever! Northbrook is a definite must go!

5 by Review source

Visited the pub with three other real ale drinkers full of enthusiasm to try a new pub on our list. The experience was disappointing to say the least.Between us we tried three different ales. All were relatively flat. The cost per pint is the highest that we have experienced anywhere in London at £4.30 per pint!
We did not finish the beer and left, visiting other pubs nearby selling their ales for at least 60 pence a pint less and with far better quality.
Sadly, we will not be returning.

2 by Review source

I go there lots. Mostly excellent, occasionally not so, but always apologetic if they get it wrong. I don't understand the comments about the prices. Its no more expensive than Pizza Express and a lot nicer. Pub quiz and live music nights make it a real community pub, you can almost guarantee bumping into someone you know when you go in. Was discussing with the friends we were eating in there with on Saturday night what a huge improvement and boon it has been over its predecessor!

5 by Review source

Drinks sent back,replaced. After onion bread starter, no olive bread left ,this is at 6 pm.Waited an hour for roast beef dinner.This meal was awful and left by all, the worst meal that has ever been presented to us. Complained; ur 4 drinks and starters were removed from the bill ! This didn't make us feel any better. The girl who served us and the bar staff were pleasant.Take note .......
Never complained about a meal before. Jan Pridmore

1 by Review source

Went to the Lord Northbrook yesterday for Sunday roast - a little out of our way but we had heard good things from friends who had been. It did not disappoint! Best roast we've had in a long time. Meats were tender and veg was super tasty with the potatoes a particular highlight. Although it's a touch more expensive than your usual roast we'll definitely be going back. Very attentive service also from the staff, would definitely recommend!

5 by Review source

Nice place to go for a drink but food is disappointing!
The place is big, with the garden, the staff if very friendly and helpful, but the food is really below the expectations especially for the prices. I've been there a few times now, and was always disappointed
Particularly last time I ordered a burger which was very dry, we had to add ketchup inside! And all toppings were tiny. Basically, it was a very dry burger with bread.

2 by Kateryna Lepiavko Review source

Good food, interesting beer and lots of live music and other events. Staff are all very friendly - a nice, sophisticated pub that is not taking itself too seriously.

Edit - there's been a change of ownership with the disappointing result of the beer becoming sourced from a single brewery and the food now far more 'standard' pub fare. Still an OK atmosphere, but not the must go that it used to be.

3 by Matthew Preston Review source

Went for Sunday lunch. Was accommodated easily. Pork was belly but only a very thin sliver of actual meat, the rest was fat. The beef was lovely, tender and came medium. Unfortunately the roast potatoes were chewy as if they had been sitting, similar with the Yorkshire pudding, chewy not fresh tasting. The fish was tasty and the chips looked amazing. Was underwhelmed by the potatoes/Yorkshire, but meat and veg were great.

3 by Review source

Lovely pub, lovely staff, lovely food and a good range of traditional and craft beers and lagers but.... full of yummy mummies and screaming kids who took over the area to the extent that in order to have a quiet conversation in a calm environment, we had to move to the other end of the pub. Shame on this occasion, but it won't stop me going back there again.

4 by Brian Lloyd Review source

A rather lovely place with a garden outdoor. A caring service. Great for an afternoon pint. This time we enjoyed the shared cheese platter with wine and a Guinness. However, the music (as with soo and tooo many pubs) is played with no sense of wanting to create any great ambience. So, no meal this Saturday evening, a snack and a drink and then walk home.

3 by Henrik Brandin Review source

This pub is great, good beer, really nicely furnished, and the food is brilliant. This would be a great venue for a party as well as just going for dinner with the other half. Staff are good and always helpful. The only thing worth noting is its quite loud so not a place to go and have a quiet chat over dinner.

5 by Peter Bennett Review source


5 by Jan MacAlpine Review source

Great SE London pub with a recent refresh of decour and menu. Always busy. Tasty food (not usual pub grub) at average prices and a good selection at the bar. Nice conservatory restaurant and garden. Bar staff attentive and smiley. Right by Lee station so too tempting after work! Definitely recommend.

5 by Mark Harper Review source

Most tables had to be booked.
Kids sliding around floor and jumping around the furniture and throwing paper aeroplanes which landed in someone's food at one of the tables.asked to move tables three times as thay had been reserved. There was no reserve label on two of the tables.

2 by John Lyel Review source

Took my wife and three small children along for a Sunday lunch. Staff were excellent and went out of their way to make sure we were looked after. Food was tasty and filling and we left already making plans to come back sans kids for some board games with friends in the near future.

4 by Gareth Newton-Williams Review source

We reserved an area at The Lord Northbrook for my Husband's 40th Birthday - what a lovely pub! The staff were friendly and helpful and offered us a table service while the tab was running. The platters were delish, the atmosphere was great and everyone had a fantastic evening.

5 by Review source

Really trying to love this pub, but let down by little things. Today, being charged £1.05 precisely for some parmesan for a kids pasta dish! Maybe it's Fullers policy, but it feels entirely unecessary. Certainly puts me off, even if the pub is nearly at the end of our garden.

2 by Review source

Best pub in the area. Nice relaxed atmosphere and mix of clientele. Ideal for catching up with friends over s drink or some food. Good quality food is on offer at a decent price, while there is a good selection of drinks/beers which are perhaps a bit expensive for the area.

5 by Brendan Lee Review source

Lee Green has gone from strength to strength since the Lord Northbrook's refit. Its popular - simple and high quality.

Basically just give me one of their scotch eggs and a pint and I'm a happy man!
Book for sunday lunch as it gets busy.

5 by Mac Morrison Review source

Fantastic pub. A selection of award-winning local beers. The food is excellent and reasonably priced, especially the one-off menus they put on for special occasions. The atmosphere is lively, with a range of events, from live music to an excellent quiz.

5 by Review source

Good service, good beer and good food (modern British). Prices are reasonable for the quality of what they deliver. Only real downside is that you will struggle to get a table unless you have a reservation or come for lunch midweek.

5 by brendan paddy Review source

A bit pricey, in fact more expensive than the city......but if you have a great and polite staff like this place has then it is worth paying the extra ....especially Clare who was always running about helping others

5 by Review source

Nice pub with delicious food. Came for a roast dinner with friends. The waitress was really helpful and nice. I tried The Works which is a combination of their roast chicken, beef and pork meat and it was amazing.

4 by Iria Nieto Review source

Great little beer garden and bar area was good as well. Went at a quiet time but the food we had came promptly and was really tasty. Very willing to come back here when in the area again and try more of the food.

4 by Tom Farrelly Review source

Just had the best roast dinner for ages - and my lovely auntie Edna got a pot plant and prosecco for mother's day presented to her by a very charming and smiley server.Thank you Northbrook! You made our day!

5 by Review source

Probably the best in the area but that's not saying much. Sunday roast was very ordinary (gristly meat, stale potatoes, dry Yorkshire pudding). Bangers and mash were OK. Quite pricey for what it was.

2 by Alex Huth Review source

Without a doubt the best place in the area, love the atmosphere etc just wish they sold snacky food such as nachos. That said the food here is great. Always take family and friends if they come to stay.

4 by Phil Moran Review source

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