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Don’t go here. The service is appalling. We went there early evening, so it wasn’t that busy. Yet it took forever to order, since none of the waiters bothered to acknowledge us. When we finally got someone of the staff to figure out that we were there to order food and actually pay for that too (something you’d think they want as a business), we managed to place an order. My friends’ food arrived fairly quick, served by a waiter who was rude and disinterested - the common denominator for staff here. After 45 mins I tried to ask why my food still hadn’t arrive, but the waiter ignored me completely when taking the empty plates from our table. My friend went to get a drink at the bar so took my receipt to ask what was going on. There they told him that they couldn’t help him unless he could point out who had taken the order (he couldn’t because I ordered, he just went to ask about it). That was it, no further actions as taken! Showing a receipt should be enough! I went to the bar (again) myself and managed to get across the message I was still waiting for food. Again they told me I had to point out the staff member that took my order before they could do anything for me. It seemed that person had already left by now though. They agreed to bring my food and acted as it that was a gesture of generosity! I had a receipt that showed exactly when I ordered and I paid! The food arrived 20 minutes later. I had now been waiting for about 1.5 hours. Of course, they managed to get me the wrong burger, and it was rare, while I ordered medium. They literally did not get anything right at this place and I have never encountered such rude staff (and I’ve lived in London for a while). We also had to sit near the door, which was constantly open. This meant we had to sit with our coats on, because it was freezing cold outside. Nobody bothered to apologise to us, which I suppose isn’t surprising. This place could be nice if they’d replace their entire staff and get different management. I won’t go back until that has happened.

1 by A Google User Review source

Totally disappointed.

I came out to experience Hoxton following feedback from my husband and was totally disappointed by this venue so much so that I had to write this review straight away when I got home.

It was myself, my husband and a close friend who came into this bar/restaurant at about 9.30pm. It was not at all crowded and we positioned ourselves at the bar nearest the door. I saw three bar staff at one point, with a female staff member serving at our end of the bar. I stress that the bar was not crowded because we were not acknowledged and for some reason people who arrived after us who also stood at the bar, practically next to us, were served before us. We did not make a fuss, we just watched and waited. It got to the point where for me it felt personal and that we were being ignored. After nearly 15 minutes I was now angry and so with that poor customer service, as consumers, we chose to vote with our feet and decided to leave.

Before going, I walked over to one of the servers at the other end of the bar and asked him how many staff members were serving and he responded that there were only two. I then told him our experience and why we were now leaving and he just said ‘sorry’. When our friend relayed our experience to the female bar person at the end where we were standing, she seemed indifferent and not at all bothered as she just looked and shrugged her shoulders. For a bar that was not busy, 3 dissatisfied customers walked out!

Fortunately my experience of Hoxton ended better than it started as we went to the bar restaurant only a few doors down which was heaving. We weaved or way through the crowd, was immediately acknowledge at the bar and served straight away.

I certainly know which bar I will be recommending to friends.

1 by Joan Sargeant Review source

I hate writing poor reviews, but here goes...

The service was so bad I couldn't even stay to eat - literally. My friend and I waited 10 minutes to be acknowledged while the restaurant section was not busy while staff pushed my friend and me about to serve drinks. (They didn't even say excuse me!) When a man finally did tell us there was a 5-10 minute wait to sit (they just had to clear a table) we were told to sit at the bar near the restaurant section, so we did. Two minutes later another couple walked up and was seated immediately. When we approached the waiter about what happened he said there was 'Nothing he could do' and that it was 'Not his fault' - even though he had told us to wait originally. When we asked to talk with a manager he told us that wouldn't be possible.

I've been here before for drinks and always found the bar staff quite rude/slow, but this was so bad we had to take our service elsewhere.

2 by Katherine Poole Review source

Went to watch a band in the event space. One member of bar staff serving at a packed bar. Three to four staff at the main bar which was no where near as packed.
We waited ages to get served and when we did, I was given my change in old pound coins. I didn't want to stress the poor barmaid out any more so I let it go but clearly her till was stocked with no longer legal tender as she handed me four old round pounds.
Sparse selection of spirits on the bar back but more under the bar where patrons can't see them leading to shouted conversations with the long suffering barmaid during a loud gig trying to list the other drinks she had available.
Shame as it could be a lovely venue if they staffed it correctly.

3 by Natalie Hurst Review source

I was at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on a Saturday evening in June 2014 with friends. On queuing to enter the male security guard on the door was extremely aggressive & overly intrusive. I understand that security is of utmost importance, however the security guard was heavy handed, rude & over zealous with his search & demands of my male friend. I didn't expect any member of my party to be treated in such a way & was understandably shocked & offended myself & on my friend's behalf. The negative experience definitely put me off attending Hoxton Square Bar & kitchen again- I don't think I would recommend this venue either.

2 by Natalie O Review source

Hoxton Square is famous for chicken and craft beer. With some of the hottest wings you will ever eat that come complete with a disclaimer and gloves. The craft beer is in plentiful supply along with traditional pub classic Ales and Largers. The happy hour runs from 5 until 7 with two for one cocktails that are made to a high standard using quality spirits. The atmosphere is relaxed yet vibrant with a small amount of outdoor seating and plenty of space inside. The one criticism would be the cleanliness of the lavatories which is sometimes lacking in soap and toilet paper but this is generally due to the high volume of customers and bar staff tied up making cocktails.

4 by Paul M Review source

Overall quite bad service experience and the food was mediocre at best. Arrival was smooth and we were served a table outside as it was still light early evening. After ordering nothing really worked. The starters arrived with the mains after waiting for a good 30-40min. Meat in the burger was ordered medium and it was overdone. guacamole and salsa had rather 'industrial' taste in them. Getting the bill took 10-15min. And finally the waiter asked whether we could pay the service charge separately with cash and the bill itself with card. C'mon..how unprofessional is this!?

Nice location though by the Hoxton Square.

2 by Jaakko Iso-Järvenpää Review source

I have been going to the Bar and Grill for about a decade and it's always been a lot of fun. Sometimes unpredictable. Once I got turned away because I was with a gay friend and a bouncer told me it's 'not for our kind.' But other times I had wonderful experiences whether in the afternoon with my dog and a paper or in the evening for a fun DJ set. It changed hands a few months ago. A new lady owner -- which can only be a good thing, it was crying out for a feminine touch. I went in with my pug the other day and she was very nice to us and told her staff to welcome us warmly too.

3 by Shari Solo Review source

Thumbs up for live music. I went to see the Glitches here and would recommend the venue for live music.

The bar, outside the music venue is large and well stocked. The bar inside the stage area is less well stocked, so if you're drinking anything apart from the standard beers I'd recommend stocking up before going in as it's a pain to have to leave and miss some of the music just to get a Guinness!

The stage is a good height, so you get a good view of the band from the front or the back.

4 by Robert Wallis Review source

Located between Shoreditch and Liverpool st, Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen is a lively bar that definitely is a good reflection of the East London trendy culture. Ping Pong tables, a cosy bar and a rooftop that's great on a sunny day. The place isn't very big so it does tend to get crowded very easily. Access to the rooftop is via stairs so you definitely have to deserve the drink waiting for you at the top. I would definitely go back there in the summer for a rooftop drink under the sun.

3 by jennyfer sellem Review source

I've been to a gig here and I must say that in terms of concerts, the venue is about as bad as it gets. The sound quality was poor, much more of echoing noise completely dominated by basses. Apart from that, it suffered from extreme overcrowding - there was barely any air left in the room, which was most certainly overbooked. Luckily, they had a Czech lager on the tap, which was a nice accent, but that might have been an accident as the barman had no idea how to properly pour this one.

2 by Jacek Koziński Review source

Great venue. Great bands play here - saw White Lies play there (picture attached) and it was great to see them in such a small, intimate venue. The only thing that lets this place down is the bar service. They seem to take forever to serve you when it gets busy. Been there several times where it gets frustrating having to wait and they don't seem to attempt to serve people in the order they started waiting. More staff at the bar when it gets packed would be an awesome improvement.

3 by Matt Sevenoaks Review source

Although a bar and grill the food is nothing special, your typical average burger fare. Where it comes into its own is as a drinking establishment, open spacious at least in the early evenings it has a nice ambience. A good place for early drinks and a sit down, it does however get very busy on the weekend to the point of cramped, with queues outside so maybe not the best place for a longer stay. It has a seperate dance area which is opened later which helps open some space.

3 by Maceo Darby Review source

Nice venue but the people who man the bar and door are beyond unprofessional. Takes forever to get served and the security are aggressive as I have seen but for no apparent reason. A male in my party was told by a guard that he would 'be murdered' if he did not rush out the door at close yet there was still at least 100 people casually ambling towards the exit. Skip it. Service is paramount these days vote with your feet.

2 by Thomas Picone Review source

Definitely go to this place if you're looking for a cheap, fun Hoxton hang out! The music is really fun and the vibe is good. Just make sure you get there before 10pm, otherwise you have to queue. The food is ok, but I recommend it more as a bar and club. Don't leave your stuff lying around though - my sisters had their coats stolen there! Overall good fun and pretty chilled, not pretentious...

3 by Anna-Julia McVeigh Review source

I only have been here on past NYE. They had a good lineup of dj's and it was nice to have to different rooms (so you can dance or just chill and talk).

The drinks are a bit expensive, but it'a the same all around Hoxton Square.
The cloakroom stopped accepting jackets too soon... that was the worst part but probably wouldn't have been a problem in a night different than NYE

4 by Juan Martin Review source

I've been coming to this place for years, and I used to like the atmosphere and the gorgeous window at the back overlooking the backstreet. After this past weekend, I'm never going there again. Staff are simply terrible and the guy on the front door, is disrespectful and arrogant. If you enjoy poor service this is your place. it was good while it lasted Hoxton Sq Bar & Kitchen.

1 by javier ifran Review source

Rally horrible experience with the bouncer making racist joke on us. He arbitrarily decide to not let us in because we didn't laugh at his idiotic jokes and then he flashed his penis on one of the girls who was wit us. Picture of the gentleman coming soon. Look at how many people had bad experience with door stuff here and make your kind if it's a venue you should go or not.

1 by Marcello Mari Review source

delicious burgers! the Hoxton was very generous with the bacon and cheese and the chicken is a reasonably spicy one! my favourite thing about this place was that we were able to order chips to share instead of having a serving each - which is usually a bit much. They have an awesome food deal when bands are playing - look forward to checking out the bandroom soon - recommended!

4 by Lisa Karpinski Review source

Very long and thin main area was difficult to both navigate through a heavy crowd and find a place where bartenders were serving. Outside area is limited to a small courtyard outside the front door which places you with smokers, frustrating if you just wanted to escape the noise or both the bar and the back stage area. Despite limited space, event catering was very good.

3 by Jon Bennett Review source

A wonderful atmosphere, this restaurant offers a friendly and relaxed dining experience. The staff are friendly and professional and the menu selection is great. They cook a lovely piece of steak that's recommended to try. The nacho's on the starter menu is delicious and will keep your taste bud's tantalized until the main course.

5 by Christopher Haines Review source

I haven't been to Hoxton Sq in ages but was there last Friday and really surprised, in a good way. It looks so much cooler inside and was a really fun crowd. popped in for an after work drink but ended up staying. Not many good places left in Shoreditch but this is a gem. Cannot wait to try the new Smokey Tails restaurant too....mmmmm meat!

4 by Sarah Peters Review source

So i went to the little wings van near brick lane and had their amazing woof woof wings. Been following their instagram so came the bar and restaurant version to try their delicious burgers! Wow! Wow! Wow! Bang on! Went for the double meat Sgt. Slawter! Very tasty and fill you over the brim!
They could do with a bit of table cleaning!

5 by Manish Patel Review source

Food is great, if a little expensive. Dont underestimate how many ribs you get. It's definitely enough for 2 people (with some sides). Beer is good too, but knocked off 1 star because the sound system for the club is atrocious. I've never been to a club where my ears actually hurt from the sound. So, great food, not so great club.

4 by Rollo Jarvis Review source

Great multi-tasker of a venue.

Lovely for a catch up drink with mates and great for seeing up and coming bands at decent prices. The venue is pretty small, so you're guaranteed to get a good view and through past experience I've noticed the crowds at shows here seem to be a lot more chilled out than at bigger venues.

3 by Elle Judge Review source

A great daytime bolt hole, and rammed in the evenings. Recently changed hands and the beers have gone very mainstream, no more camden etc. otherwise its the same.

Really needs to get its 'quirk' back though.
But theres always some interesting bands playing.

4 by Mac Morrison Review source

Like so many of the bars in Hoxton Square, it's really average here. I've eaten here once, and remember feeling distinctly unsatisfied with the food. The crowd tend to be very young, so it isn't quite right for post-work drinks. Not to my tastes, but perfect for students.

3 by Sophie Draper Review source

Stopped in for quiet Saturday afternoon drinks. Cheeky happy hour good value from 6-7pm. Even on a weekend!

Staff were friendly and reasonably efficient. Food was OK.

Lots of booths and seats so good for groups. Full of trendy types but fuss and attitude free.

3 by Jason C Review source

The food is ok and its a good bar but you are paying extra for the privilege of being in Hoxton Square - though it is a great setting. The club sandwich and Caesar salad get our thumbs up and they had a couple if interesting imported beers you don't get in many other places.

3 by William Harris Review source

halloween night truly had barstaff from hell. waited 45 minutes for a drink, Only two bar staff for about 250 people in dance bar. One of which only served you if you happened to walk up to the bar and be a pretty female. When I complained, was told to F Off. Nice place!

1 by Daniel Frank Review source

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