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Arndale Centre, Manchester, M4 3AQ

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Prompt lunch on a goegraphy field trip :

Great selection on the menu as long as you like chicken.

Varying levels of spice so that we can all cope, even Gabe!

Temperature was slightly colder than we expected, Gabe started shivering, serves him right for going for extra mild wimp spice level.

Food came very quickly in our tight situation with getting back to the tram.

Food however was nice and hot, except for Gabe's spice, moist chicken and very flavoursome Peri Peri chips.

Gabe utilised refillable drinks to wash down his wimpy level of spice.

Overall a pleasant eating experience, thanks Nandos!

4 by Blueray Evans Review source

First visit to this particular Nandos and took 3 of my grandchildren. The front of house staff were excellent! The atmosphere is chilled and relaxed and staff are very attentive. The food was very good and we all left feeling full and content. I'd like to mention a certain member of staff...Olivia who gave 5* service , she was very friendly, helpful and kind without being intrusive. We all really enjoyed our visit and will be returning soon. Excellent value for money as everything was eaten and enjoyed by all !

5 by Sue Castile Review source

Ok I usually love Nando's. I love the chicken pitta's, I love the chili jam, I love that you can combine chili jam, pineapple, cheese, spice and chicken on in one meal (cause I'm a bit weird like that) I love all the sauces. But on this day! There were flies everywhere and it wasn't a hot day and there were no windows around as this was the middle of the Arndale. There was empty plates left for too long and the flies kept landing on my food. Wasn't the best this time.

2 by Michelle Lingard Review source

I know Nandos is popular now and very fashionable but I really dislike it, you pay £15 for a piece of chicken with a bit of spice on, that is literally all there is to it, you have to pay extra for average sides and you even have to go and order the food yourself at the till. You are paying restaurants prices for what is nothing more than average fast food. My friend also got undercooked chicken for this location and had to send it back and wait another 10 minutes for his food.

2 by Stephen McCance Review source

Do Nandos ever get bad reviews?? highly doubt it.
I have to say the Arndale restaurant never ceases to deliver on quality. The meals are always hot (heat, but spice too if that's what you're after) and the staff definitely don't scrimp when it comes to portion size.

I don't think we've ever had to wait longer than 10 minutes for a table either which is rather wonderful.

5 by Hanan Blogs Review source

Great relaxing atmosphere. Staff helpful, and jovial not only with customers but between themselves to. I lost my hat and weren't sure if it was here. I asked for help and got it. My hat did turn up and was in the office. Nothing too much trouble and keen to please. Food was excellent and would have again. Didn't have long to wait

5 by Review source

My worst ever experience going to Nandos, The chicken was full of water and very tough when I complained to the manager he said it was because the chicken is fresh because usually it has to settle for 2 hours. For the price you pay it was worse than buying ready made chicken from Tesco won't be going to this branch again.

1 by Review source

Service was really great despite being very busy when we went last. Food is the always decent at Nando's, it doesn't vary much but it's a reasonably healthy meal out if you choose carefully.

Avoid it when it's not as busy, the wait times seem to be inversely linked to the number of customers.

4 by Tom Burgin Review source

Great Nando's to quickly go an have a meal for if you have parked in the built in NCP with hours left on your early bird 12 hour parking. I did have an issue with a bottled drink being warm but they exchanged that for a colder one with no issues.

5 by Raj Chevli Review source

The food and service was great yet I was disgusted when I found out that my ID was not acceptable since only drivers licenses and passports are accepted there. Definitely ruined my first visit there.

3 by Review source

Excellent restaurant for chicken lovers with its own style. The spicy flavor is unique and worth tasting and enjoyment. The half and whole chicken orders to share to me is the best.

5 by Review source

Maybe the best nando's restaurant in manchester in terms of space. Has two floors fully equipped with the necessary cutlery and soft drinks. Not the fastest service though.

4 by Vasilis Nicolaou Review source

Don't get me wrong, I think the concept is great. I just don't believe that the food is that awesome. I would said it's okay

3 by Khrystanne George Review source

Good location and food. Only issue was that it gets very busy in the que up. Overall very good place.

4 by Review source

It's iyte, Media overrates it a bit too much though. My wife can make better food at home.

4 by Rafiqul Javed Review source

The chicken and sauce is really great. I always choose adding 2 reg sides - joyful every time.

5 by Sunny Cao Review source

A great place to have a family get together, chicken and chips are the favourite ! lol

4 by Bosun Sanusi Review source

Staff were friendly, sauce selection was great. Chicken was tender and juicy

5 by Jeremy Lee Review source

Friendly staff, love the peri peri chips. Good quality food

5 by Review source

Great tasting chicken. And the staff are quite quick.

4 by Yvy Review source

Its a Nandos not much more to say! Few veggie options

3 by Karen Harrison Review source

Good place for Africa taste of fire roasted chicken

4 by Sola Jegede Review source

Amazing restaurant. Cheep and excellent food!!

5 by Blanca Gomez Review source

It was not enjoyable the service was terrible

1 by Lucy Naughton Review source

It's a pretty average Nando's.

3 by Matt Smith Review source

Very good chicken, nice guys and cheap!

5 by andrea zanchi Review source

Tasty scrumptious staff are friendly

5 by fahd2k10 Review source

Who doesn't love nando's?

5 by Liam Dixon Review source

Great quality food, helpful staff

4 by Dan G Review source

Quality good. Good seating area.

5 by Review source

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