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79B Waterloo Rd, Lambeth, London, SE1 8UD

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Terrible place. I'm a vegetarian and I ordered veggie delite .First the guy didnt change his gloves after just making a chicken sandwich for the person right in front of me and then when packing the sandwich cut it with the red knife for the meat sandwiches. I confronted him saying why didn't he use the green knife which is intended for he said it doesn't matter they use both knives for any sandwich. I explained how I couldn't eat that and to make a new one. He called someone over I believe to be the supervisor. He said he was happy to make another sandwich. As he was making it he told me you know there is no point as when making the meat sandwiches their hands go into the salads so it is all mixed. He then told me and I quote ' even if I ordered a salad it would have pork flavour to it'. It was then implied that I should pay for the sandwich as it was made twice. I paid and left it on the floor next to the bin on the way out. I walked across the road to Wasabi and the young lady kindly explained to me that it is common restaurant principles to use separate utensils for vegetarian food. FYI I study locally and when studying would eat there 3times a week atleast. NEVER going again and will let my friends know the salad is pork flavoured.

1 by niraj halai Review source

Literal trash-tier Subway - the guy on the till is one of the rudest most dismissive cashiers I have ever come across. I go to Subway every week so you know ya boi loves his sandwiches, and in all my time I've never had anyone get 'lettuce, green pepper and tomato' wrong yet here they've got it wrong twice. Really it's all about the main man on the cash register who fails to even look at you half the time, let alone thank you and hand you your footlong. Whatever your name is mate, you're a disgrace. Avoid.

1 by Robert Warnock Review source

Very small and cramped place with only couple of seats. The guy preparing my bread somehow managed to make it 1/3 shorter than usual by overlapping the flatbread pieces, I've never seen that in a Subway store before! Understaffed with no resources to clean up the place while serving the customers. Also, incredibly slow service for a 'fast food' restaurant.

Other than that, it's Subway and the location is pretty good.

2 by Ari Sovijärvi Review source

Typical London subway. Small, messy, bad service by foreign staff who speak their own language in customer areas. Drink dispenser doesn't dispense Pepsi (as in, not an option) staff significantly underportion the subs and Subcard sometimes doesn't work. About the only good thing is the coffee machine is on the customer side so you can grab a free coffee refill before you leave.

1 by Lewis Kelly Review source

The staff are excellent; The reason why I'm giving this place a 2 star is because I often find this place understaffed. This is a serious problem and there is often just one person serving at the till, while the place is busy and dirty. Please don't be offended by my review, it's all in good thought.

2 by Nolan Trinidade Review source

subway should be standardised. the owner wants make as much money as possible by saving on the content of your sandwich. 2 tomato slice not 3. 3 olive slice not 8 and so on.. and he will argue with you and get angry fast if you ask for the usual amounts common to subway. waste of money.

1 by Peter pumpkineater Review source

Staff seem unable to listen to instructions. The drinks machine was out of Pepsi max flavour. We still got charged extra for the bottle version. Paltry salad amounts in my salad. Not up to the usual Subway standard.

2 by Paul Moylan Review source

Stood 5minutes at the order point. the two employees were chatting while preparing a Uber eat order and not caring about me.
Went out and bought a snack somewhere else.

1 by Diego Martini Review source

Subway is small but doesn't tend to get that busy so is not issue. Seating is very limited however most of the time I use it for takeaway. Alot cheaper then the other subway in Waterloo.

4 by Joshua Blackman Review source

The Worst branch of subway in the whole world. The meat was raw ! They were out of most of the sauces. The only sauce I used was old and stinky. I threw the sandwich out after one bite.

1 by sara sakamuri Review source

Probably the worst subway in the country. The staff don't listen or care about what you are saying. I have been here 3 times and each visit is the same confusion after confusion.

1 by Candis Costello Review source

There was one lady working. They had no options in the breads (only one was available) which was not even cut properly. The store should hire more people. Really disappointed!!

1 by Gopi S Ahluwalia Review source

Can be a bit tight with the filling some times and the eating area could do with closer attention regarding cleaning but staff almost always busy serving. (only two).

3 by Robert Hunt Review source

They only provide 2/3 of food compared to usual subways, unhygienic, no seats and staff don't understand what people are saying. GO to another one if possible

2 by Zhengze Xu Review source

It's a quick subway store. Do not expect more than your sandwich there. The food quality and the staff are very good, but it's too narrow inside

4 by Yannick Olivier Orounla Review source

Very interesting how the staff makes up rules such as only 5 toppings allowed from the salad selections and no drink or snack included in a meal

1 by Gavin Yip Review source

Not too bad but the girl working there could be more generous with the ingredients and sauces as they are at other shops, just saying :-)

3 by Bel Asnva Review source

It's a subway. This particular location does not have bathrooms. If you are looking for a subway, this is a normal one to go to.

3 by Stewart White Review source

A small place and the way it stinks, there's nowhere to sit.
You'll save yourself the walk here!

2 by daniel klerman Review source

Quite a small shop, so can be awkward to navigate, but the staff are friendly and they still produce great food

4 by Craig Knott Review source

Sandwich shop offering lots of choice and good value - footlong sandwich & drink for a fiver, all good!

4 by Ernesto Aginal Review source

Please remove your restaurant from Uber Eats. You are wasting people's time and rarely fulfill orders.

2 by Trevor Storey Review source

Cold sandwich old bread, peperoni pizza bread without cheese. Love subway but this place never again.

1 by Grzegorz Szymanski Review source

Just what you expect from a subway, a little understaffed but normally the case in a subway

4 by Xavier Foster Review source

Small n crowded, staff slow n they give u the minimum filling when u order anything.

2 by Delal Miah Review source

Really good food as always, but shop is smallish, recommend sweet onion sauce

3 by Jelly Review source

Yummy tuna sub with cheese, salad, tomato, red unions and honey mustard. ❤️

5 by Øyvind Høgmo Review source

Roof is dripping with water and took over 10 minutes to prepare a sandwich

1 by David Stanley-Tate Review source

A really nice place to eat delicious sandwiches I recommend going there

4 by Melo trovato Review source

Sub of the day, great! Had one of my favourite choices today too.

4 by Craig Beddow Review source

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