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Poor for business meetings. Mediocre venue made worse by appalling attitude to service. Have run many events and trained event organisers globally (and written a book on the subject!) and this is the advice I normally give when evaluating venues: a venue without the service is merely a 'space'. This is merely a ‘space’ (with steam).

The zero communication before my meeting meant that 1/3 was added to my bill due to lack of clarification on the booking form. I explained the misunderstanding and was simply ignored. The attitude seemed to be – ‘pay up or lose the booking’. As an event organiser of many years’ standing, I have never been treated with such off-handed arrogance from a venue contact before an event.

I requested a U-shaped layout but this was ignored. There were no health and safety instructions nor notice of test fire alarms or evacuation routes and procedure (illegal?).

The room itself was okay, but close to tramway, so very noisy. The floor of the room was badly stained with black marks – no, it wasn’t ‘art’. My delegates had to trudge through an open-plan office to get to the meeting room: a bit embarrassing with low threshold appeal. No cellphone reception.

The TV monitor buzzed as if there was something loose inside. As a presenter / trainer, I need water while presenting and, because I had been left to my devices, I had to hunt around for a glass of water. In the end, I wandered into an office where a kind man called Andrew showed me the employee kitchen, where I finally found a clean glass. The fresh-water dispenser had empty bottles strewn around so I had to get water from the tap (tasted a little tinny – stomach okay though, hopefully). No water made available for the delegates.

Overall - I wondered if the non-existent attitude to service was a poor attempt at ‘performance art’, and was left angry and powerless at what felt like a ‘pay-up and shut-up’ attitude.

I amused myself by feeling that the place should’ve been called: “Nottingham Contemptuously - The venue that puts the ‘con’ into conferences”.

Maybe okay for ‘art’ … but for business? Don’t go.

(1 Star awarded, simply because ‘minus stars’ would not register.)

1 by Review source

I have seen several exhibitions at Nottingham Contemporary, including the Haitian artworks some years ago and most recently 'The Place is Here' - a survey exhibition of artists and collectives whose creative work and political activism during the 1980s coalesced to establish the British 'Black Art Movement.' I liked the way that works by c. 30 artists from the African, Asian and Caribbean diasporas were presented in the four large galleries - esp. the pieces by Claudette Johnson, Donald Rodney and Zarina Bhimji. The archival content, poster art and documentary film footage interspersed throughout the exhibition also added vital context about the social justice issues and political conflicts being exposed and challenged through these works.

4 by Carol Ann Dixon Review source

The Contemporary is a fabulous space where world-class art is displayed at no charge to visitors. Nottingham is fortunate to have such a magnificent gallery showing such interesting works. Well worth browsing.
There is also a smashing bar/restaurant on the ground floor with great views over the suburbs.
The Contemporary puts on brilliant creative events for children during school holidays, again at no cost. Here the children 'doing something' creative in clay, or crayon or paper. You can almost hear their brains whirring.
For the adults, there are various evening events including jazz artists and talks.
As I say, we're lucky to have such a vibrant quality art venue. Love it!

5 by Dave Perkins Review source

Nottingham Contemporary have regularly changing exhibitions of modern art. The works vary enormously giving regular incentives to return. If you've never been it's worth a visit for the architecture which is fantastic.

If you have children there are regular weekend workshops in the creative space. The workshops echo the themes of the exhibitions and children are encouraged to take part and design their own work.

There is also a lovely cafe nestling at the bottom of the building with fab drinks and things to eat with a great menu.

5 by Ben Draper Review source

Was here for an event, was not impressed that they decided to turn the single disabled toilet on the last level into the males changing room. That was not good. The women's changing room was a corner of the hall the even was being held in. Using up the disabled room was ridiculous.

Also in this building, a lot of people seem to use a live that goes down 1 level. Leaving wheelchair users to wait several trips to actually use it.

Was good, there was just very little regard for disabled people.

3 by Philly Sidhe Review source

Lovely little venue but the drinks are so insanely overpriced. Ordered a Double Pimms Lemonade most concert venues that’s at maximum £6, Here: £9.50 You can buy a bottle of Pimms for that.

I’m writing this review from Revolution in Nottingham and currently drinking a Long Island Iced Tea which is usually quite an expensive cocktail given the amount of ingredients in it. But it only cost me £8.50.

Seriously Improve you’re drinks prices, it’s what’s dragging your review scores down.

3 by Skye Lana Elizabeth Cook Review source

Always changing and always interesting. Great for families too as most weekends they have child friendly activities and usually throughout the school holidays. Also includes a great front of house shop selling unique and quirky goods as well as plenty of art reference materials.

A cultural must if you are visiting or live in Nottingham and not the least bit pretentious.

Also has a cafe, but gave not sampled its delights yet.

5 by Frank Morgan Review source

Fantastic art space with interesting exhibitions... First time I have taken my daughter and she loved the exhibition and the experience.... Easy to find and to get around... Can see that it is completely wheelchair friendly... Well worth a visit.... Exhibitions are free... Which is why the cafe is slightly over priced, but this the normal for places like this, but I prefer to choose whether or not to stop at the cafe and go to free exhibitions

5 by Moon Willow Review source

Exhibitions change fairly frequently so this isn't a rating of what's on. It's free to enter and donations can be make to support the contemporary exhibitions. Good presentation spaces. Can be fun to explore and then enjoy the cafe and bar downstairs. There are workshops for young kids which will relate to something in the exhibition. Fun for adults as well. Not far from the station and worth a visit.

4 by Aidan Holmes Review source

Great art gallery with a range of free exhibitions and some really interesting events including bands, DJs, workshops, talks and film screenings. A great way to spend an hour if you have some spare time in Nottingham. The shop offers a range of options and lots of quirky ideas for gifts. There's also a cafe / bar. I haven't eaten there so can't comment. The bar seemed to be priced reasonably.

5 by Collective Unconscious Review source

If you gave an hour or so to spare in Nottingham then have a look at the contemporary art museum, they have a good exhibition with Wu Tsang and Lara Favaretto. The videos are very good and Lara has some great pieces. Nottingham contemporary is located at Lace market and is well served by public transport and it is about a 10 minute walk from the station. They also have a nice cafe in the basement.

3 by Rick J Review source

its okay. Have convenient and spacious lockers to put your bags for £1. perfect if you're travelling and want to stop for some modern art. The giftshop is all kinds of interesting, albiet a tad bit pricey, but that is always the case with all giftshops. Do budget a little bit of time to slowly enjoy the galleries and if you're peckish there's a cafe down in the lowest floor.

4 by Karu Choo Review source

It's a shame I don't get to come to Nottingham more often because I love visiting the Contemporary. The variety of shows on is great; sometimes simultaneously. Beautiful building and usually curated brilliantly. Great location too, although I would prefer to go next door for a drink afterwards (the church is magnificent inside).

4 by Joseph Myers Review source

The Contemporary hold an amazing Christmas Craft Fair on the first weekend of December every year, it's a fabulous event. I'm giving 5 stars for the gallery space, and craft fair, the service from the staff in the cafe has, regrettably, always let the place down for me. Don't go there if you're starving or in a hurry!

5 by Claire Senior Review source

I don't hate this place, having only awarded it one star, but I have only been to one interesting exhibition after about 15 visits. That was Star City, the very first of my visits.
Since then the exhibitions have been pretentious, somewhat 'emperors clothes' like, the guidance notes unintelligible nonsense.

1 by Duncan Craig Review source

Contemporary art for free in a smart modern building. Exhibitions vary throughout the year. Sometimes I don't really understand what they are about but that makes things a bit more interesting. Saw a Screaming Pope by Francis Bacon there last year, not to be confused with a screaming Pope Francis and bacon.

4 by Review source

Exhibition was on art from the Arab world. The very first and the major piece was anti-Semitic smears falsely dressed up as an official investigation and using 'art' as the excuse. Given the large number of communist books on sale, one can fairly suspect the gallery endorses this propaganda.

1 by Tristan Downing Review source

A great art space in the heart of Nottingham city centre. A funky building too never sure why it gets hate. Designed in a modem style with a tilt to the lace history of the area. There's room for all architecture and I love the embossed curtain design that runs along the tramlines. Cool place.

4 by Darren Cowley Review source

Beautiful Saturday afternoon spent at this art gallery. Saw a lovely Italian film which was free and checked out the delightful shop which has an excellent selection of well curated stuff. Art exhibitions on display were nice too. Great time spent. Will definitely go back here.

4 by Akhil Kapadia Review source

Depends on the exhibitions but this is a great place to get your art fix. It doesn't take all day to go around but it's very central and we'll linked so slots into a day out in Nottingham well. There are also good pubs and walks on the river close by.

4 by Rebecca Wood Review source

It's an OK place, although, the art on display is so detached I would maybe rename the place to 'Mysterious Contemporary'.
I have to give them credit for the tubular bell instrument they put out for Light Night - that was quite a lot of fun.

4 by János Holányi-Papp Review source

A wonderful place at no expense. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a moment of silence to immerse themselves into some really intriguing pieces of contemporary art. The staff were also helpful and friendly which was a nice touch.

5 by James Taggar Review source

Maybe I'm a luddite, but this place looks like a skip exploded !
At least it's free, which made my 15 minute stay a little more palatable, but it's all 'the emporers new clothes' to me !

2 by Paulie paul Review source

Amazing experience, there loads of events hosted every week and the type of art displayed is constantly changing, there is a café and a gift shop and best of all almost everything is free except some special events.

5 by Thomas Menghini Review source

What an asset! Free entry and the store is pretty nice too. I can easily spend a few hours here when I visit. They often have craft fairs which are not the usual knitting and felted hats but really talented artists

5 by Greg Daines Review source

Good building. Very generic contemporary exhibition which I saw, poorly conceived, poorly executed and I’ve seen work like this a thousand times. When are galleries going to realise they need to raise the bar?

3 by simonscmp . Review source

Visited for a evening performance. Great organisation, fantastic concert space, good facilities and bar. Would like to come back during the day to see what else is going on at Nottingham Contemporary.

4 by Sarah Henderson Review source

Two rooms with minuscule exhibitions and a shop, but the building itself is interesting. It's all free so if you're a fan of brutalism and in the area you might want to give it a go

3 by Agnieszka Osiadacz Review source

I think this place is marvellous. It is not an art gallery in the conventional sense; more a place that opens your eyes and makes you think, plus it is free. Donations welcome but optional

5 by Stella Lane Review source

Offers a really rich programme of (free) exhibitions all year round. The current show (The Place is Here) is well worth a visit. Oh, and the bar and gift shop are quite nice too...

5 by Chrissie Van Mierlo Review source

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