Nando's Camberwell - Camberwell, London

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88 Denmark Hill, Camberwell, London, SE5 8RX

+44 20 7738 3808




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Worst customer experience I have ever had at this Nando’s. We walk in and it just seems to be chaos with no host to greet us and let us know what’s going on. There seems to be one queue for people ordering Takeaway and the same queue for people waiting to be seated.

I was standing in the queue for 5 minutes before someone came over and asked if we wanted a table. I needed a table for 3 people and was told it would be a five minute wait, 2 minutes later the host took the person behind me which was a party of three and seated them before us which makes no sense because my party was three people also. When I quested the host as to why they have been seated before us, he didn’t know what to say and then made up some lame excuse saying they were here before me which again makes no sense because they were behind me in the queue.

In all the Nando’s have been to the service have been uniformed in a sense that there has been a host to greet you as you walk in the store, and at the very least notify how long it will take for a table to be available to be seated.

If everything I wrote above isn’t enough I had to wait 30 minutes for my food to arrive, people on other table who arrived after my party got their food.

Never again will I go to this branch!

1 by Ben Armstrong Review source

Very good music, good to hear a variety of Cultural music playlist. some of the some and waitresses were really good, friendly and bubbly. One of them looked like a hench robot that was being punished. The corn on the cob tasted like it had been half cooked, stored in a cupboard for 5 years then grilled and sugar sprinkled on it. I had the Prego steak roll (thought to try something new), i can officially announce that this is the worlds hardest jaw breaker, jaw strainer, jaw crusher. the bun was practically pointless, the steak was dry inside and full of pointless grease so they must have left that steak on the side for years along with the cob. I made a complaint and it took 10 minutes for the manager to attend to me, he looked like depression slapped him ten times. He gave me some 1 lousy chicken leg as compensation like that doesnt cost less than £4 whilst the pego steak roll cost me also £9. I threw the chicken away because i didnt trust it, whilst walking out of the shop, he was watching me with some friends and smirking like his gay or lonely at home. The manager just needs to be changed and food need to be restocked with fresh stuff.

2 by Review source

I worked at this nandos for a couple of years and it's always been a pretty decent shout for a meal in Camberwell. The staff are usually friendly, and the food is usually good: if you turn up at half 11 on a Saturday you might encounter bedraggled and exhausted staff.

The decor inside is decent, although it hasn't been renovated recently so it's not as bright and airy as the newer restaurants. It does have a courtyard which is absolutely brilliant to sit in in the summer. The music is standard nandos fair, a mix of Portuguese, Brazilian and South African music.

If you're after something a bit up from fast food, nandos is always a good option

4 by Ade Review source

Great food.
I love the chicken burger with pineapple and cheese. I love that they have a whole counter just for sauces and will give you as many pots as you ask for and let you have free range on how much sauce you would like.
Can eat in or take out.
They also have outdoor seating.
Usually abit of a wait but good food so it can be quite busy. Best thing to do if you want to take away is look up number and call up for your order then go collect it.
Best of all i love their frozen yogurt!!
Especially when they do have strawberry

4 by Jade Miera Review source

Nice place to dine but the chips we were served had few burnt one's. A member of staff was informed and agreed do something about it. Guess what happened? He counted them and replaced with the exact pieces of chips. Is this the best customer service? I was expecting an apology from him when my friend told him off but he couldn't do so. Shame on to you that member of staff because I think your colleagues could have offered better services than yourself My friend has your name so I will definitely update this very post in future .

3 by Adelaide Hagan Review source

Listen if you don't ❤ a cheeky Nando's then you are clearly deranged. The only thing that could go wrong is a cack restaurant space (e.g. elephant) or poor service/cooking (e.g. elephant) and neither does here as far as I can tell. Top marks for both in fact. Actually now I think about I swear I filled in a positive feedback form for a member of staff at this Nando's for being an absolute legend on New Year's day (he was stacked AF and had black curly hair) so just bumped from 4 stars to 5. Get yer scran on la!

5 by Nick Moore Review source

Went tonight with the family. Had to wait for 1& 1/2 hrs for food, with just a sorry, all while they continuously take new orders. There were several tables waiting a long time with no reason to why. Since the renovation it has completely gone down hill management wise. They cannot use the excuse for it being a busy Saturday night, they have always been. I don't fault Nando's in general just the management at the Denmark Hill, Camberwell branch. Definitely stay away from this branch.

1 by Review source

Always a queue in Nandos but well worth the wait.
I love the chicken burger here with pineapple and cheese.
I also love the bottomless frozen yogurt...more so when the do have strawberry.
Cosy and clean to eat in.
Wide range of food to choose from.
Also have dessert.
Love the fact that they have a load of sauces to choose from and help yourself to if you take out

4 by Cereza Bayonetta Review source

Great for meeting with friends and family maybe not both at the same time! Great member of staff very friendly introduce d himself and was very attentive. And resolved any problems quickly and efficiently.. he definitely an assist.. also the refurbishment is super cool.. much better.. and new menu gives u more choice.. and big salads with sweet potatoes and avacardo was yummy..

4 by Laura Light Review source

Placed an order over the phone, after the finally got the order correct I popped down 30mins later to collect the order to which they said they were going to start preparing it then and that I should queue up to pay. Terrible logic for preordering, - finally when I received the order it was 50% wrong so had to go through the whole drama again. Maybe they need better management.

1 by Review source

Spacious restaurant in the round. Can get very busy with a little wait. But if you hit the right time dinner is served promptly. Portion size can be hit and miss - never consistent. Some days a hefty chip portion, other days have to look for chips under chicken. Still the best served cokeslaw served in town. Staff are friendly and helpful.

5 by Pearl P Pienaar Review source

Nandos. Chicken pitta bread starters olives refillable drinks the list goes on. Every Nandos is amazing especially when they see I have kids and give me a table where I can leave my buggy near rather than having to close it.. this one isn't usually very busy so it's always nice every time I go. Always get a good spot

5 by Alexandra Ferreira Review source

Been 3 times since its refurbishment (nov 2016) some if the staff could do with some customer service training - a few with attitude and arrogance, but others are friendly and the foods been made well each time so far - although we get varying portions of chips each time! No big deal for us.. nice to have a nandos in the area

4 by F Rose Review source

Ordered half chicken and two sides as takeaway.... had to wait 30 minutes 4 food... only discovered at home the entire chicken burnt... Really burnt black.... I'm so disappointed WORST NANDOS EVER!!!! Never going back there... Always open & check 4 all takeaway orders u make from here.. ... or stay away entirely

1 by Review source

The food was great the service was a real let down no cappuccino after I had paid and queued for 15mins so had tea my 30p was refunded then my corn was stone cold so it was taken back but I finished my food and still didn't receive it and had to ask then I got my money back for the corn...very bad service I think

4 by Susan Robertson Review source

This was the worst nandos I have ever had the food was cold and the coffee tasted like water and was greasy. I then told the girl you came to ask me if everything was ok and all she said was sorry why did she not change my coffee , I will never eat there again....very bad service dont eat there.a wast of my money.

1 by lucy florant Review source

Went there for my birthday I we love the food. I spent a lot of money here on my guests. As some came later I spent more money but was unable to use my loyalty card again think it's unfair if you're spending loads of money in this place where's their loyalty cashier did explained but still not happy.

4 by Joan Planter Review source

It's a nice spacious nandos with a nice atmosphere. They seem to have a few birthday parties held here. They have a nice lay out of the sauces. They made an error with halloumi but offered another one for the mistake so great customer service. Overall a great space and vibe with easy enough location.

4 by Sarah lee Review source

The manager gave us a table number after standing in the queue for more than 5 minutes and told us to wait for the table to be cleaned. After cleaning the table we sat down and no one came to bring menu . Eventually the food was brought not as hot as it should be and there was no contact until we left.

3 by Alberta Charles Review source

Tried to call for nearly 1 hour. No one answered. When I got there no one to greet me for over 5 minutes. They lied and told me the phone wasn't working so I called the number in front of them and it rang. I will never come here again...oh and they forgot part of my order

1 by Beverley Applewhaite Review source

The good is the best out of all the Nabdos I've visted plus it has a lovely garden where you can eat your good outside on a hot day. The staff are pleasant and can't do enougn for you a great place to eat whether with famliy or friends .

5 by Review source

Very bad service ordered from deliveroo the food was burnt, mush potato extremelly hard and when I called the manager decided to put me on hold for almost 20 min when he realized it was a complain... So not gonna order again and very disappointed

1 by Review source

I am a big fan of the Nandos brand as it is fast food that tastes good. I enjoyed this place for its setting as much as for its delicious food.
Staff are friendly and helpful and there is a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

4 by Vanessa Inston Review source

The food was amazing, the staff was great. The only thing is, if you were going to nando's for the first time you you'll be lost as to what to do. No one explained that you had to pay for your food before you sit down.

5 by stacey Harrison Review source

Overpriced and overrun with police cashing in on their 50% discount. You're better off going down your local chicken shop (Shnando's to the initiated). Added bonus: screaming kids/teens/adults almost guaranteed.

2 by Super Dory Review source

Typical nandos. Food a bit spicier than other places, my daughter has to remove the skin to eat lemon and herb which is supposed to be no spice at all or very very mild. Disabled/baby changing room could be a lot cleaner

4 by Review source

Nandos i really love the Nandos chips they are the best chips ever i wish i could get a sale fRom £10 for 5 packets of chips tht how nice they are. And i like the chicken wrap it rates so good with chips. Keep it up

5 by Review source

This Nando's has always been fine, but it does NOT have air conditioning. There's a misleading review online, so just trying to save someone else from being disappointed. So just go when it's not hot.

4 by Review source

I really enjoy coming here and always receive very good service in a lovely atmosphere. They place is clean and the staff are always asking if they can help or if everything is okay, without being too intrusive.

5 by A J Review source

People rave on about Nandos. It's overrated go to your local Caribbean place and get chicken that genuinely tastes incredible. Their self service is a lazy excuse for there poor service. Go some where else.

2 by Sami Hilal Review source

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