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43 Frith St, Soho, London, W1V 5TE

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Have been going here regularly for years. It used to be tightly and well managed space.
But recently it's has gone down hill in a big way. Especially in the evenings this place is very busy, but its a small apace. Whilst queuing for coffee, the intimate details of the staffs social life is easily overheard, but the coffee is a long time coming.
Having got your coffee, a dubious relative to the real thing, you have to find a table. If you are lucky enough to find one, the first thing you have to do is clear away the debris from the last few customers; a task which seems not to appear in any staff job descriptions.
Whilst this location for a coffee shop is probably one of the best in the world, the experience is diametrically opposite.
If you are unfortunate to be in the place late at night (but hours before the closing time) you may well be ejected from half of the small space which is 'closed off'. The reasons for this in such an already restricted space are obscure, but it's is clear that the customers comfort is right at the bottom of the list. But you end up clutching your half cup of cappuccino standing in a crowded space, not unlike a tube train in the rush-hour.
I suppose this place can afford to be run down. Its position means that there is a steady stream of first time (if only time) visitors. But it is sad that this is what visitors are expected to put up with.

1 by RON H Review source

Poor attention to te costumer.
There were 5 people in the queue. The employees called everyone before me because I was in the wrong place, nobody was capable of telling me 'you're in the wrong queue please move to the right one'.

If there's a bad coffe and a good attention of the patient things might be politely solved. The opposit it's just unprofessionalism, as a fan of Nero this is the worst attendance I've ever had in Nero.

Left without having a coffe.

1 by Alexander Bisignano Review source

One of my favourite place.
The staff are very welcoming.
You find a sort of community in there as it is in the heart of Soho.
Friendly costumers and you have not only steady seats inside but also on the outeside aswell.
The only criticism is once it is 11pm night time the seats outside are taken and put to one side.
So the only option is to seat inside, which isn't that bad.
Especially around this time of the year, Autumn/Winter.

4 by Beloved Virgo Review source

A Kaffeete that makes what they want, namely to sell good coffee! The was in fact really quite good! A star deduction is for the uncomfortable chairs in front of the door. Although other guests sat relaxed on it, but I found it all very tight and uncomfortable. It may be due to something capable of yet. But one can very well watch the people walking by.
Cute little shop;)

4 by Review source

Not too crazy about this place. Atmosphere is of course great (being in Soho), but other than that the sandwiches and food in general is average at best.
Everything tastes like it was mass produced, packaged and distributed to all the branches. Nothing really tasted fresh , nor had any great flavours.
Come here for coffee and biscuits but not if you are hungry.

2 by Nicholas M Review source

Went in for a filter coffee I then went to the toilet there was a staff member down there signing of a piece of paper to say the toilets had been checked I asked the staff member why he had not filled the toilets rolls up he said we've no staff and we don't this most of the time don't worry the toilet will get get cleaned when the shop closes

1 by Dave Ross Review source

Standard Cafe Nero products but this is a great place for people watching.
You'll see plenty of eccentrics walk by, the odd celebrity and a fair few crack and meth heads asking for change. Vibrant area.
The cafe has out door seating under a canape which is fine for light rain.

4 by Ian Smith Review source

Very central but staff need to be friendly at least to all their customers. I waited for about five minute to be served and yet had about two queue jumpers, so I had to remind the lady at the till that I was also waiting to be served. This was not a pleasant experience for me.

3 by Mike B Review source

Great meeting place for friends and of course making new friends. I've been coming since it was a standalone coffee shop before the owner sold it to city investors to become a chain. In those days it was open 24 hours and was a great meeting place after clubbing.

5 by Rich Review source

Very friendly staff, good location, great for people watching, and a very handy landmark for meeting friends. The staff didn't even bat an eyelid one day when I got changed into drag in the toilet, then sat drinking coffee as I put my face on.

5 by Kenny Campbell Review source

Pleasant atmosphere with lovely attentive staff who don't keep you waiting. Can get really busy which is not surprising when you also take into account its location. Early morning visits for me are a great way to watch Soho wake up.

5 by Chris M Review source

Nice place in the heart of Soho. Tables outside make it an attractive coffee shop in the summer. Admittedly it is very crowded inside and tiny. The staff is nice and I love the fact that the opening hours are so broad.

4 by Jeremy Lambert Review source

Handy friendly little shop, can get busy but the staff are used to it. Great in the summer as they have outside seating so you can watch the weird and wonderful characters of Old Compton Street.

4 by Simon . Review source

Arrive around 11h20, order a coffe and a tea, leave without receiving anything at 11h50. Other tables had time to arrive after us, and receive food and more elaborate drinks.
0 star

1 by Léonard Hutter Review source

Great little place to grab a coffee or hot chocolate at 4 in the morning. Sitting by the window there is great entertainment from passers by, some drunk, some plain crazy.

5 by J Hill Review source

Cool to be there. It's always good to have a break here before you go back to your occupations. Coffee is good, people are very nice there and it is not expansive.

5 by Pacosys ENIDRON Review source

Extremely rude staffs. Got shouted at by their staff and snatched my drink out from my hand. Will never visit again, plenty of other great coffee shops around in soho.

1 by Ngltm Review source

A very buzy branch that stays open until the early hours.
The seating is not comfortable but the staff is friendly and helpful and I love the coffee.

5 by Astir Astir Review source

This location seemed a little dingy but alright. Espresso I had might've been a fluke - it wasn't as good as my other experience at a Caffe Nero.

3 by Chris Mack Review source

Atmosphere was good, great place to pickup a snack and work on laptops. Furniture is in need of repair. But was a good experience even with spilt drinks.

4 by Leslie Drewery Review source

The gayest cafe in London ever. The coffee is OK too. Old-fashioned 'meat market' outside on the street tables, makes me all nostalgic!

5 by Brian Butterworth Review source

Good place for good coffee. Usually very busy. Staff very friendly and helpful. One minus, toilets most of the times are out of order, or dirty

4 by Kurtis Andrew Review source

Got asked for money several times by beggars and homeless persons whilst sitting outside drinking coffee - felt intimidated by some of them

3 by Sue Kay Review source

very friendly place !!!! very nice staff excellent fruit juices are available and good cafes, a rare commodity in London (for coffee !!!)

5 by OLIVE BEN Review source

Just a great place. Good atmosphere. Really friendly staff. Just sit and watch the world go by with nice coffee and cake. Relaxing.

5 by John Stewart Review source

Excellent, a chain that I found in Paris and London.
Very accessible prices and the bakery is very rich.
A great option

5 by Ale Laz Review source

The busiest Nero I've come across. Perfect spot for people of Soho watching and the drinks are dispensed adequately.

4 by Samuel Soo Review source

Greatest baristas; greatest staff, especially Luca and Louie; great place to feel at home and have your morning coffee.

5 by Vincent Egizi Review source

Friendly and occasionally cheeky staff make great coffee's and the rest. Lovely terrace to watch the world go by.

5 by Hendrik de Vries Review source

If not for the obnoxious and unprofessional Italian manager there, the rest of the staff and the location are lovely!

3 by Review source

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