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2-3, Anchor House, 123 Mile End Rd, London E1 4UJ

+44 344 561 0000




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I try my best to avoid writing bad reviews but after numerous dreadful shopping experiences at this corporation(Curry’s @ Old Kent road and @ Mile End store), I have no option but to say that they offer the worst customer service I have ever came across in my entire life!

Just today, I went into the Mile End store to collect a product I had reserved online. Prior coming into the store, I rang the head office (spoke to Muhammed) to double check if they had the product in store and they confirmed they had few but refused to transfer to the store to double check.

When I went into the store, majority of staff were just standing around - not busy, bored.

I asked someone where I should go to collect my reserved item and he sent me to the front till. At the front till, there were many other customers waiting to receive their products and only one stressed/panicked member of staff on his own, doing his best. He served me and got my order up and then had to ask 3 different staff members to go and collect my order and none of them wanted to take the job. One staff girl even replied to the guy at the till saying “Don’t give me any work!’. She then continued to chat about irrelevant unprofessional things to her colleague nearby.

Once the till person finally got another member of staff to look for my order, I waited patiently with three other customers who seemed to be waiting for the same service as myself. After 30 minutes of waiting, curry’s staff told each one of us that they weren’t able to find our products. One lady was offered 2 units of 32GB SD cards instead of the 64GB she ordered online, the rest of us were told to go to another store and were offered a refund.

Telling me to go and travel to another store, really felt like the final straw!!! I will do almost anything to avoid curry’s from now on. This is a company with a high profit turnover!! Could they not install accurate stock control system in place? Can they not train staff members to be more helpful and ask them to do regular stock takes, so the customers don’t leave the store empty handed???

Anyway curry’s - thanks for nothing!

1 by Review source

It is 0 not even 1 star.

Just experienced the worst customer service experience even after being seen to my management. Or so he calls himself a manager. The inital advisor Aaron was great no issues.

I had a dpd collection where the staff members didn't really know much about. Pretty ridiculous for such a huge store to have such a low understanding about a service the provide.

Having shown them 3 evidences that dpd had delivered my parcel to them, they denied saying it had not been received.

No issue, logistical mistakes are made. The 'manager' came down to address the issue. His approach 'Yh what you want to see me?' I was disgusted by this. Not a power play of manager and consumer. But I felt like he felt superior to me. He kept being snappy and not addressing my issue.

I asked for his name he just said the managers are Matt and Ricky/Rickie. I asked for a surname, he offensively replied why why do you need that, I don't need to give that and walked off. No resolve to my issue.

I really hope Currys regional management see this review for a. To appraise Aaron the only advisor who was helpful and b. To start educating managers that they are leaders and their example is be the followed. This Matt or Ricky/Rickie was a joke and does not deserve to hold any level management. He has no clue how retail works or how to treat customers. Absolute joke of a guy. Had he been on my management team I would be embarrassed by his lack of skill and attention given to a customer

I don't want any compensation, just want this managers awful behaviour to be addressed and highlighted by his superiors. I will be back to that store and will see if his childish behaviour has improved.

1 by Mosrur Ahmed Review source

I had never given a single star to any other place in my life even to a restaurant when and where I was served the food I didn't like but today it wasn't hard to convince myself that I had to be less generous and incline myself more towards the negative side because what I went through today was the WORST customer service in my life so far.

I went to the store to collect my reserved item, the lady at the counter tells me to ask the staff from the item's specific department for guidance. I encountered this person called DWAYNE, I don't care if he is a manager or an employee, he was talking to someone else when I first saw him, I just waited for my turn and he was unnecessarily alarmed by my presence as if I am trying break his convo and perhaps do some eavesdropping and harshly turns back and says 'I am with the customer...', I was like, it's fine, I'll wait and honestly I wouldn't have written this negative review if he had returned to me with a good mood after his convo but no he didn't, in fact he made some excuse to avoid talking to me and really he wasn't doing anything much, he completely ignored me. You idiot, I was there to buy stuff not to waste my OWN time trying to chat with morons like you. Honestly, l was completely isolated in the shop despite the shop having reasonable number of employees. Then an other employee helped me through.

Seriously my first and worst experience with Currys. I am pretty sure not every showroom will be the same but honestly I would never ever return to this showroom again.

The truth is, I wasn't treated like a customer, I never had such experience in my life, way back in India or Australia.

1 by Shahruq Sarfaraz Review source

#WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND RUDE STAFF# I went on to this branch of Currys PC World yesterday (on the 1st January 2017) between 11-12am I wanted to buy a washing machine. Was having a look and was approached by two staff members simultaneously asked if I wanted help, so I told them what I was after then they showed me some washing machines then left me to it. Then I was aproached by another staff member named Zahida. Showed her the washing machine I was after and I wanted it priced match. So then she looked at the model number and so it was established that it was not the same machine as the one in store. So then the one 5 was after was on the Currys' website and so I was comparing the prices via google shopping. Zahida was very pushy,patronising and very rude in the manner that she spoke to me tutting at me and making me out to look like I'm stupid. She wrote down the model number so we know which one are looking at when price matching. When I was showing her the comparisons she was acting like I was confusing her when clearly I was showing her the correct one. I spent almost an hour to the point my husband had to tell her we need to go and we will come back later. Zahida then remarked she might not be here later. Well good I would rather not have her serve me again! Worst customer service ever. I then ordered my washing machine from another website when I got home.

1 by Fahmida Begum Review source

I cannot understand why the customer service person (middle aged guy with black ponytail and moustache) assumed I didn't have a full HD television hence the HD camcorder was not playing back in full HD. I told him to connect the camcorder to one of the many TVs in store, 'not allowed'. Then he was justifying the flaw saying it is because it is only 9MP. I informed him I own a sony DVD handycam from 2005 (0.9MP) and that produces better quality video and photo than the product in question (Sony HDR-PJ640 or PJ620). He went on saying I was the first person to return this product, yeh he must be keeping a tab on how many this store has been selling a product it has not stocked in my last 3-4 visits over a period of time.

Same misinformation as Marten, have to contact manufacturer.

Customer service on the phone is slightly better despite the wait to get thru.

Have noticed the change in attitude between sales staff (slightly friendly and approachable) and customer service staff (malfunctioning humanoids).

Thankfully I paid with credit card so if I was refused refund by store I could inform credit company and get my money back as there is a genuine fault with the product.

Sony FDR-AX53 better by light years, worth the extra £400.

1 by Review source

Pathetic service is an understatement for this store! They are literally a bunch of jokers. I would give zero stars for this store. I wanted to trade-in a Samsung tablet to buy an IPAD couple of days back as they were running an offer to trade-in ANY tablet for a MINIMUM of GBP 50 when you buy an IPAD in return. The lady at the till (Team Knowhow) didn't know about this offer whereas this was advertised in their website clearly with all Terms and conditions. Probably she was not informed, fair enough! She should atleast have checked with someone else in the store or their manager. She turned me away rudely when I offered to show the offer on my phone in their website, refused to listen what I was saying and literally kept on saying that there is no trade-in available for a Samsung tablet in return for an IPAD (According to her, only an old IPAD can be traded for a new one). Next day I went to a store in Central London and they didn't even ask me any questions, knew the offer very well and helped me out to trade-in and buy what I wanted to. All done in a matter of 15 minutes.
Please DO NOT go to this store if you really want to buy an item. They do not even care a bit. Worst ever service in any store I have experienced in London!

1 by Venkat Review source

Awful place. Each time it's been difficult.

1. Sold faulty HDMI cables I had to prove they didn't work to return them.

2. I tried to buy a fridge, they spent 30mins checking if it was in stock (checked on my phone, it was in stock). They tried to take payment before they knew they had it, and they refused to sell it to me unless I gave them my mobile number and did an 'energy assessment test'.

3. I tried to get my phone fixed under the Car Phone Warehouse warranty, I was told I didn't have a warranty despite having my contract with me which explained the warranty I had and an email saying to bring it in to get it fixed under warranty. I was told that none of that was relevant and it was 'incorrect information that was given to me by their subsidiaries'. I was then told that 'unfortunately there was nothing they could do', I called their subsidiaries '' straight after leaving, they fixed it, no problem.

I you want to inadvertently start working for Currys, shop here!

Avoid if you possibly can.

1 by Nick C Review source

Rude staff who need more training. I went to the till with a product and asked about their price promise and showed the person at the till that Amazon has this product cheaper.

The person at the till had no knowledge about the price promise so had to call another employee who I believe is at a higher level to her, probably a supervisor but definitely didn't act like it.

He came and said no we don't do price promise with Amazon so then I showed them their price promise description on the Currys website which confirms they do price promise with Amazon. He looked at me in an annoyed manner like I'm wasting his time, then he tells the person at the till 'it's only £2 off but anyways go for it'. What kind of rubbish is that, price promise means you'll lower the product price if it's cheaper else where no matter if it's £1 off or £100 off. So don't mock me if I request a service that you offer. I truly wonder how on earth do these people get hired at Currys.

2 by Taef Dewan Review source

Quite possibly some of the most consistently poor customer service in London. You will never be approached if you look lost. You will never be helped to find the item you need. You may be told that the sort of thing you're after doesn't exist, or if it does try Maplins. When you take the thing you wish to buy to the counter, you may be told that it's the wrong counter, or that you can't buy it from that particular person. You will be then waved in a general rather than specific direction. During payment once somebody has ascertained that they can sell the item to you, the person serving you may turn their back on you and make a personal phone call. The reasons why will never be clear. If I was the regional manager for this store, I would want to do something about the state of customer service here asap - other stores in this chain don't have the same lack of basic care or concern. Maybe this store remains open as a warning to all the others. Who knows?

1 by Ben Ellis Review source

Even after reading all the horrible reviews i decided to go to Currys mile end (anchor house) as no other Currys had the TV i wanted. So i reserved it online and just to make sure i called up the store and confirmed that they have the item reserved.

I had bad feeling since beginning, and i was so correct. the guy at the counter said its head office fault, they dont have that TV, they can show me something similar.then they told me to go to Currys in Barbican, where i can find the same product. Same story again, first they told me NO and then it took 3 people and 15 mins to find 50inch TV.

Very very bad service, many people hanging around but no one approaches the potential customer. No manager in sight. it was the worst experience. Worse customer service ever. if you really want to buy something go to other currys, they are much more helpful and nice. NO one here cares if you buy something or not.


1 by Review source

Absolutely horrendous, pathetic excuse for customer service, the manager actually outright refused to give me a refund on a product I had purchased 30 mins prior and had to return because the box had previously been opened and was missing items. Even after telling him the law he refused to refund me until I threatened to contact head office. All the staff seem to want to do is gossip with one another, they pay absolutely no attention to customers. Consistently state items are in stock for this branch on their website but not in stock at the actual store. They have a pre-setup option on laptops which I'm not sure is entirely legal, because they accept a bunch of terms and conditions on your behalf when setting up the laptop, not to mention they open the box and cant be quite bothered to put all the items back in.

1 by Review source

Fridge delivered was dented and oven did not come. Try to go to store to sort it out but the staff were really unhelpful and were literally laughing at my face at our problems. They made the mistake and yet they make you feel that it's all our fault. Annoyed with us because we came to the store and spoke to them. Very confusing as that's what we thought customer service was for. It's now been a month and they won't replace my fridge and my oven has still not been delivered. Tried to get some online help aswell but they don't reply to your request. I have now made 5 trips to the store, spoken to over 10 different staff and yet no one helped us. Recommend that you steer clear with this particular stor. Cannot speak about the other branches but the Mile End store is a joke.

1 by Hasna Begum Review source

Staff were not very productive in this store. Went in ready to spend my good earned cash and ended up having to ask numerous people for assistance before getting seen to. Gents that did end up serving me in the audio section then at the till were friendly enough but just didn't like how long it took to get service although it looked like everyone was doing nothing. On top of that my first few minutes in the store involved me and my friend being near deafened by one of the sound systems due to a member of staff (who was not serving anyone) continually turning one of the systems on and off at various loud levels making everyone in the section jump out our skins. All in all very happy with my products but think I will use a different store next time.

2 by Bri Henry Review source

Utterly awful store. The staff have no idea about products and are really disinterested in providing even basic customer service. The chap at the till was even on his mobile whilst serving us. There was one chap who I assumed to be a manager or supervisor, can't remember his name but it ended with 'day who was actually very helpful and helpful. But he was the only one. We will be purchasing our other product we wanted from a different store entirely as we don't wish to give Curry's PC World anymore of our money. This store should only be used to go in a buy the product you know about. Don't rely on staff giving any advice or help. Some serious customer service training is needed here

1 by Ancient Agora Review source

Ive given 1 star because i cant give no star or even minus stars.. The staff ive encountered when ive shopped there. theres maybe 2 to 3 staff what are good people. the rest of them are rude, obnoxious, and damed right arsholes and a bit racist if you ask me. who shouldnt be working with the public.. Because one day they are gonna piss someone off so bad they will be hospitalized the only reason it hasnt happened(well it might have already) is because theres cameras everywhere.. But they are gonna piss someone off who doesnt give a monkey about the cameras.. THEY NEED TO SEND THERE STAFF ON A 'KNOW HOW' TO TREAT PEOPLE COURSE. before something someone says or dont says gets them hurt.

1 by Wayne Swords Review source

The very worst of the worst. I would be embarrassed to work here. Out of approximately eight different TVs we looked at on the show floor, not one of them was in stock. The £2000 OLED TV I wanted to look at was switched off and couldn't be shown either. Everyone who works there stands around talking in circles and nobody asks if you would like assistance. Then when approaching them they all break off and the one who's left having to help looks at you as if you have just disturbed their staff chat. I thought I would go have a look despite the poor reviews. I wish I had not wasted my time. They are all 100% correct. It really is that bad!!!! Stay away from this place.

1 by Review source

Their return policy suck. We've just tried to return a telly, bought yesterday, plugged in just once... they wouldn't take it per policy, brand new telly, not even a single scratch. We weren't happy with the quality of product (crap sound being one of the features) so we have all legal right to return it or exchange it for something different. It's the consumer's law at it's poorest at that place. Honestly we'll never ever buy from Currys again. Avoid this place.

1 by Review source

One big joke!! online shows that item is in stock, so I went there and it wasn't. That didn't bother me as that much as staff which doesn't really bother to approach you , playing on the phone or having group chats ... I have been told to go to Stratford as they have 'plenty' of the laptops I was interested in. After waiting forever in Westfield branch, I was told that laptop is not in stock by guy who has apparently never heard about such a thing as a customer service.

1 by Review source

Traveled an hour to this store after checking on their website that it was open.

Store closed, with staff fending off customers at the front door saying they were closed for two weeks for refurbishment. Spoke to manager who said he had no ability to update the website.

Worst company in the history of worst companies. This is why Amazon succeeds and why I will never shop at PC World again. You might notice I am a little bit grumpy about the experience....

1 by Review source

Pathetic service. First time I use their “Click and collect” service and I arrive on the day it was supposed to be here and low and behold they have already sent it back. A mere day after I ordered and now they can’t check their own system to tell me when it will be delivered again. Best of all they have to phone their own phone service to even find out if the order will be cancelled or if I’ll get my money back or not!!! Eh?!?! Absolutely avoid this bunch of cowboys.

1 by Johann vR Review source

Went exclusively to buy £330 bose headphones, the manager was completely unprepared and didn't do anything to let me try them because they had no cable and the headphones was keep connecting to an iphone in the store.

The manager was also annoyed that I was asking for help.

Probably the worst store experience they could deliver.

Give this experience to 2 more customers and you just lose £1000. Suggest a proper supervisor.

1 by Andrea Riot Review source

The worst service ever. Even after complaining to the manager .....he wasn't even bothered. Workers are just hanging around doing nothing and when you ask for help they say that they are short of staff even though the shop is empty. I would give them no stars except that's the lowest you can give. I hope their head office is taking this into consideration and hope a new competitor comes out so i don't have to deal with such low class service.

1 by Shady Taha Review source

I went there today to purchase a microwave and kettle, the staff were oblivious of customers being around. It actually seemed like they were far away in their own world. A group of them were just standing there chatting away! First of all why do they have their phones on them? Let's say they didn't have lockers which is a bit odd, why are they using it on the shop floor?! Management really need to step up their game. Not purchasing again for sure.

1 by Review source

if you're thinking of buying anything, go somewhere else. reviews are rarely as accurate as all the ones for this understaffed and poorly managed store. even more worryingly was the incompetent 'customer service' manager who was completely unable to work out a simple discount, because 'the computer said its that'. a joke. an utter joke. go to anywhere else, even if it's more expensive, it'll be money very well spent.

1 by Review source

Pathetic!!!!!! I ordered a Cooker - Fridge and a Washing Machine on Boxing Day. First they delayed my delivery and then cancelled it without my permission. I was now upset, as I won't be able to get the discounted pricing for another year!

I visited LDA on Bethnal Green Road, the salesman matched all the Boxing Day Prices even as the prices had now increased, and had my items delivered the following day. zero stars for PC WORLD

1 by Review source

Worst customer service ever, went there to collect an order, they then said someone must have collected my order. It then took them 20 mn and the intervention of a manager to tell me it wasn't delivered even though it was meant to be delivered that day. I then found a product I was interested in in-store, waited 10 mns to get someone to show me the product who ended up telling me the product wasn't available.

1 by Review source

Been to this store.8times in last five weeks each time they haven't got the item in this store.also the assistants are rude and unhelpful poor poor poor poor stay clear of this store staff dont seem to care about the customer,s half the staff just stand there talking when I asked for something don't understand what I was saying so stay clear the store manager and the rest of the staff all need retraining

1 by Review source

The experience is pc curry's is very poor. After I went there and asked a staff where are they keyboards he showed me. I found that the keyboard that I was looking for wasn't there, so I asked if there was anywhere with more and he said no. After looking around 2 Min i found another place with more keyboards. The staff there does not help you. They just say something and leave. Awful place.

1 by Review source

Useless staff who don't have a clue about anything. They stand around chatting to the whole time. Considering the high amount of staff for the size of the shop you would expect more. I was getting served at the till and the employees friend came in and they just chatted away whilst I waited. Terrible customer service and they have no idea what is in stock and what isn't. Avoid this place.

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