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Been coming to Keswick for a great number of years and always found the staff helpful until this year. Never been so annoyed or dissatisfied with a shop and its service, or should I say lack of it. The present staff are so unwilling to help, grumpy, and have a couldn't care less attitude. Ask for anything and its a straight NO...not no, but I will go and look, or no, but it will be in tomorrow...etc. After waiting for over five minutes at the hot food counter when I finally found someone to ask if anyone was serving I was told they were short staffed, not my problem, I'm a customer who wants to spend money not be ignored....not great customer service. Keswick needs another big supermarket to open in the town and create real competition to give them a reality check. Stop this complacency.... Go back to how you used to be....PLEASE.

1 by Review source

Booths is an integral part of every stay in Keswick. It's a really classy place to shop The stock is full of quality items and great wirldwide variety with refreshing local bias. The only reason I have given it 4 stars is the ridiculous price difference between almost identical meals at Booths Ilkley. I know the other customer had a Booths card and was over 60 but needless to say the price difference was something like £5. This has stopped me visiting the Ilkley store again which is a great shame. That said I still love Booths Keswick Inc the free coffee available for Booth card holders every time you visit.

4 by Steve Coultish Review source

It's Booths, it's a supermarket. Where else are you going to do your food shopping in the area? It's not budgeet by any means and be prepared for several laps of the car park to get a space on busy days (read, holidays and Bank Holiday weekends). Still, you've get everything you need, of course, and I do like the cooked and the bread sections.

The cafe has plenty of room (and free Wi-Fi) and has the usual selection of food and drink to satisfy most if not all visitors.

4 by Nick Pearce Review source

The cafe was not a good experience. There was slow and indifferent service and quite a lot of things were not available. It was only two o clock. We sat next to a table with half eaten food the previous occupants had left. The ladies toilet had no toilet roll. Never going back to Booths café anywhere. I did like my sandwich but my partner's was mushy with cheap tomato and wet tasteless chicken.
A joyless experience.

1 by Review source

Love shooping in booths when I'm in the lakes. Plus you can sit and have a coffee and cake either before or after you shop. They have restrooms that are wheelchair/pushchair friendly. Staff are always around to help out if you can't find anything, which is good customer service in my view that some shops lack these days. Plus if you don't drive like myself then the buses stop right outside bonus

5 by Yvonne Tunstall Review source

This is average food presented like waitrose, honestly the food is really just standard supermarket food, look past the packaging and layout. The butcher said they dont normally cut the meat when i asked for a certain amount of top side beef. They just weigh it and hand it out. So why not just put it on the shelf in a packet then?? ahh yeah cos it looks better. ;)

3 by Review source

A well stocked store, great for finding that 'unusual' or different range of products you can't get elsewhere in addition to the usual supermarket named brands.
It may be a little more expensive than some stores, but I think the little extra is well worth it.
Plenty of pay & display parking. Staff are very friendly.

5 by Michael Graham Review source

A well stocked store in a central location. It has little competition and therefore an almost total monopoly in the town. The staff can at times be a little offhand but do try their best. Some staff are always friendly and helpful. My only complaint are the prices which in my opinion are expensive and refect the manopoly.

4 by George Davies Review source

Great place to pop into to grab your weekly shop, however can be a little pricy compared to other shops because they don't have much 'own brand' items, and I rarely see any kind of deals such as two for one..
It's bright and well laid out since their refurbishment with an average range of produce.

3 by jamstaa69 Review source

This Booths is right in the middle of town and the car park can get very busy at times but it's worth it! Their produce is always top quality and their bakery and deli counters always have a great selection of meats and cheeses. The staff are always very cheerful and will go out of their way to help you.

5 by Ian Hardy Review source

Booths Cafe, located within the Booths Supermarket, provided a great start to our day in the Lake District. The service was a little slow, but very friendly. This was the first time I had ever had crumpets, and they were very tasty! My friend said that their cappuccino was one of the best he had ever had!

4 by Thad B Review source

Lovely open plan supermarket. Very bright and friendly. The cafe is situated near the entrance and the deli & meat counters are great. Good selection of products including many non standard foods. Prices slightly higher than other high street supermarkets but still lots of bargains to be found.

5 by Russell Holden Review source

My favourite supermarket. Offering a wide range of local produce of excellent quality as well as the best the continent has to offer from small specialist producers. Plus the widest selection of beers and spirits of any supermarket or off-licence. Even the Ready Meals are gourmet.

5 by Joseph Wilkinson Review source

Worth the drive from Cockermouth to shop at this spacious and well stocked shop. They support local suppliers and their veg and fruit section is fresh and vibrant. Good prices too. Drinks selection and ready prepped meals excellent although I didn't buy any today.

5 by Review source

Visited booths cafe, keswik, for breakfast whilst on holiday. The service was poor, there was food on the table, the staff left the tables untidy and it took more than half an hour for the food to come. Once the food had came, it was burnt and unpleasing.

2 by Review source

Lovely shop nice food and goods but always seems to have loads of stuff I don't want and no stuff I do want. Don't visit very often but always struggled to find where things are stocked. Worth a visit and good luck finding what you want.

4 by Colin Brass Review source

A nice shopping experience. It's a supermarket but in a pleasant environment and lots of local produce on offer. More expensive than the big four but when you know your supporting local and British business I think that's justified.

4 by Mark Blay Review source

Visited once when self-catering in north of Lake District. Spacious store with great range of fresh produce. Delicious focaccia! Friendly staff. Quite expensive and has smaller own brand range compared to similar prized store e.g. Waitrose.

5 by Hannah Griffin Review source

Great choice and range of quality food at reasonable prices, there is a good range of free from too.

After a hard half an hour's shopping you can relax in the café, enjoying a decent cappuccino and an Angus Burger. Triffic.

5 by Rad Ainley Review source

Visited straight off the coach for coffee and pastries for breakfast; great cafe and supermarket stocking loads of lovely local produce.
Not cheap, but that's not the demographic that Booths aim for.
Well worth a visit!

5 by Christopher Walton Review source

Always a great range of local produce and helpful friendly staff. Conveniently located next to the train station for visitors to stock up before a long journey home, or for those who've just arrived to sample a bit of the lakes.

4 by Darryn James Review source

Supermarket in the very busy town of Keswick, very busy car park you need to pay but you get your money back if you spend £5 in store a good selection of goods can be found in store some items are expensive but value can be found

4 by Tony Hall Review source

Quirky supermarket suited to a tourist town with good quality and often regionally sourced produce but at much higher prices than the big 4 supermarkets. If Aldi opened in town it would be so much cheaper again. Has good cafe too.

4 by Ian Summerscales Review source

Really nice food served in the café, good portions and reasonably priced. You will get some money back on your parking ticket at the tills. The supermarket itself has good selection, but priced a little high on some items.

4 by Ketocarbs Review source

Probably one of the best supermarkets as far as produce is concerned and part of the Keswick holiday experience. Not cheap but worth it for the bakery, fish and general ambience ( if a supermarket ca have ambience )

4 by Ian Boyd Review source

It's abit expensive luv the pies tho waiting at the till for a while very slow.theh need to be abit faster wen I was stood there listening to people complaing how slow she was a few sed they won't be back

2 by Review source

A great place to shop whilst on holiday. Although some items can be pricey, there are always items to buy in another price range. As a family we wouldn't go past Booth's while camping in the lakes

5 by Review source

Not the cheapest place to shop, but more than makes up for it with a superb range of real ale. Worth visiting for the ale ailse alone, with a plentiful range of both local and ale from further afield.

5 by Mr A Golightly Review source

Spacious shop and cafe good paid parking (if bill totals more than around £5-) u get one hour parking fee refund. Also if u register for an account, your card will get u a free drink, and newspaper.

3 by Review source

I gave this four stars rather than five because it is a shopping centre. I mean, everyone was friendly and the stuff was nice, but still it's not the most amazing place I have been to all day.

4 by Review source

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