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I have eaten here about 7 times since the revamp. I'll rate the various dishes I've had and comment on them to justify my mark out of goes.
Rib-eye steak...asked for it arrived freezing and well done so I sent it back. It re-emerged luke warm and well done. So it appears they are incapable of cooking a steak. 1/5 as the restaurant was 80% full but that should not be an excuse for a poor effort for an £18.50 dish

Their Burger was decent enough but am not a fan of brioche as a bread bun substitute and I think their ridiculous serving it on a slate type of thing is just irritating. 3/5

Roast Beef on Sunday.....poor soggy roast potatoes, cold meat, warm vege. Poor effort 1/5. No excuse for a cold soggy roast - dreadful

Roast Chicken on Sunday....OK but average at best. Difficult to mess up roast chicken. 3/5

Monkfish with spagetti . Their best dish but it's now off the menu and could have come with more sauce. 4/5

Ballotine of Chicken....(it's mis-titled Ballantyne on the menu) OK but again it was almost cold when served. I have brought this to the attention of their staff many times and they just don't get it. They seem to congregate around the cash register instead of monitoring the chef's progress with their diner's dishes. Poor management, no training or customer focus.3/5

Pizza of the day...(chicken & sundried tomato). When it first arrived it was burned and had no chichen. I asked and received a replacement which was a substantial improvement. They also offered me a free glass of house red which was a good touch. First 0/5 Second 3/5 - Still serving pizza on a slate - irritating!!

All in all the Station has tremendous potential but they really need to sort their kitchen and restaurant staff out.The staff know nothing about the food or what the specials are, clearly no pride in their work or else they're just the cheapest they could find. I do appreciate the investment in the decor, clean toilets, great beer garden etc but it would be easy for a couple to spend £100 here for dinner and have a thoroughly miserable experience. This is important as 50% of the inside area is devoted to food and you will be judged on it.

The Station needs to raise it's game if it wants to be in the same league as the Lord Northbrook 7 minutes walk up the road. Better cooking and better staff training with more attention to detail will pay them dividends.

3 by Review source

I live nearby so I'm often in the pub and for a drink and a chat I like it very much. However, I have been a few times to eat and have to say for the price the service is not at all up to scratch.

One quiet lunchtime we waited half an hour to be grudgingly served two slices of quiche that tasted as though they had been taken out of the microwave twenty minutes earlier, having nearly returned to room temperature. The staff often seem bent on putting us off eating in there - in the last few months almost every time we have asked for a table we have prompted a long face and a sigh of 'theres quite a long wait tonight' or, standing in front of an empty dining area 'we are fully booked from 8 (this at 6), so you can't eat here now'.

Classically, today we popped in at lunchtime to book a table for tonight (because we are so fed up of being turned away for no reason) and the floor manager first ignored us and then said very dismissively that it wasn't a good idea as there were Christmas parties coming in this evening we may have to wait up to 20 minutes for our food. She said we had to understand that the parties were a priority and we would have to put up with whatever we got. If they were busy and apologetic it wouldn't matter at all, but I always leave with the distinct feeling that we annoyed them just by asking. Possibly living in America has given us the crazy expectation that in a service industry the staff might act as though they actually want your business.

The Station Hotel is close, and very nicely decorated since the revamp, but it will be a long time before I intrude on the private conversations of the staff to try and actually spend money there again.

3 by Review source

It all started well, with a nice pub and good looking rooms. However the mattress was so soft it wasn't fit for two people and we are t particularly big - but that feeling you are rolling constantly toward your partner is frustrating. Along with the constant pinging noises from over stretched springs throughout the night. We stayed in Thames room (4) and if you don't like soft beds, you'll detest this as mich as I did. It would have been helpful to notify us heating was electric as I expected to wake up not feeling hypothermia, but that's probably why the shower only has two settings which are very, very hot or first degree burn. It's f'ing lethal and should be condemned or fixed before someone loses their life. Overall I'm gutted as I've just spent a fair bit of money and I've had no sleep and now feel rather dirty as I couldn't shower either. I'd suggest if you run rooms at least be on top of the very basics as charging not far short of 100 quid means you ought to be entitled to. Wouldn't stay here again, even if it was free.

1 by Review source

i walked in asked for a table for two was told they were full, 5 minutes later my white boyfriend asked the same question and was given a table. We sat down a few minutes later another couple sat next to us their order was taken first. the waiter brought their drinks and spilled the drink in the woman's lap and accident i know but I was not impressed, all credit to her she took it very well. my boyfriend ordered fish and chips and i had a burger and chips. His fish was soggy and my burger was really dry to the point where it basically turned to powder in my mouth. I would like to think that as they are a gastro pub they are not so good at the basics but if you pay £10 for a burger you expect to be able to eat it at least. also even at wetherspoons half way through your meal a waiter will ask if everything is ok with your food nothing like that here. I was disappointed as I am new to the area and this is my local but really won't be going back there.

2 by Yve Bap Review source

From the onset, it seemed like a nice friendly looking pub that was nicely done up and with a lot of comfortable seating. The beer selection was nice and they had some great ale options. At first the staff seemed pretty helpful but later we saw another side that was pretty much rude when we asked if our group could sit in the restaurant side since there was no open seating in the pub side while the restaurant was two-thirds empty and most of us were planning to order some food anyway. The food was expensive for small portions which were also not that good. The menu had maybe two or three options for vegetarians most of which were default 'let's feed them cheese' variety. If you're going for a drink and don't mind putting up with sport on TV, you'll probably get on fine here. Otherwise, I'd suggest some better options are found in Catford and Ladywell.

4 by Amy Heinen Review source

Had Sunday lunch here last weekend with my parents. It was my first visit but had heard good things from our NCT group. Overall I was really impressed.

We all had roasts, and I had the rib of beef. A sign of a good pub roast, for me, is the potatoes. So often pubs overcook or reheat them so they are dry and cloying, but the potatoes here tasted home made and were great. Overall portion size was great, good gravy and I really appreciated the home made Horseradish sauce.

Desserts were pretty decent too.

This is a big pub, and on a Sunday is bustling. I liked the atmosphere and the selection of beers on is not too bad too. Definitely one of the best places for a Sunday lunch in the area.

Knocked off a star because the toilets could do with a refresh.

4 by martin stocks Review source

Reopened under new management in August 2012 after a major refurbishment. Huge improvement and this is now a very popular local gastro pub. TVs are present but with sound down. Good range of real ales. Wine list is short and serviceable - not bad but a bit ho hum. Food is generally ok although not spectacular, can be a little hit and miss at busy times. Dishes cover the range from sharing platters to poshed-up pub food mains such as fish and chips/pies and also some slightly smarter dishes such as, inevitability it seems, sea bass/risotto. Not a place you'd travel a long way to visit perhaps but certainly somewhere you'd be very glad to have as a local, particularly given the state of the place before. Food is slightly pricier and not as good as the Lord Northbrook.

4 by brendan paddy Review source

Favourite local place for the breakfast! Been here so many times and will definitely come back. Also tried some Italian pizza and it was quite good. However, their fish and chips is just delicious!! So fresh, one of the best in town. Prices could lower but the atmosphere (old furniture, spaced out so that you don't feel like you are eating in the crowd and can have that conversation just the two of you) pays off!

Update 3 month after - I changed my rating from 4 to 5 starts just because these guys are amazing. They recently redecorated the restaurant/pub and it looks great! Their food never disappoints you and o actually feel bad because I should actually be on a diet... It's too hard when they are so close!

5 by Rad Did Review source

My friend recommended that I visit the station hotel for their Wednesday evening steak night I had such a relaxing evening that I visited again this evening with a colleague, but just for a snack and drinks. What a fantastic time we had on both occasions . The atmosphere was out of this world with plenty of space inside and outside. Families brought along their children, couples romanced and the lads were lads, but in all that time everyone was respectful of each other. You were able to have a conversation and still be heard, now that is rare.

I would definitely check it out the Wednesday special is excellent with less than £30.00 for a meal and bottle of house wine.

5 by Review source

Recently renovated again, no idea why, they must have needed a cash write off.
Looks great, but the service is the worse I've seen it in the 8 years I've experienced as a local living less than 100 yards from it. All the money seems to have gone into appearance and nothing left for staff. Myself and 5 other patrons stood at a 30% empty bar while 1 of the 4 staff took turns polishing glasses , after 20 minutes waiting I left. I even cancelled my dinner order. It seems luck of the draw, the 1 beer I was able to get only took 5 minutes waiting. Many others reporting a similar experience.

1 by Review source

My least favorite pub in all of London. I used to live 200 yards from it so I would have loved to a good pub next door. The service is terrible. The food worse. Every few years I give the place another chance thinking things will be different but you know what every time a go it is a bad experience. Don't take kids here during the weekend because they likely to go unfed or worse fed a raw burger. Cannot understand why this place is so busy. Maybe we are unlucky but I would rather walk a couple of miles for any other place.

1 by Review source

Great hotel with very reasonable rates. The room was large, clean and airy. Is above/part of a pub so can be a little noisy - but I would happily stay there again.

There is a train station directly over the road, but we took taxis into Greenwich several times while we were there and that wasnt an expensive option - so getting around is easy.

In terms of the pub itself, it was lovely and friendly and the breakfast I had in the mornings (in the large dining area) was delicious and competitively priced.

5 by Jason Carpenter Review source

I've stayed here a few times now and will be returning throughout April for work. Ideal if you're in the city as it's just a 20 minute train journey into central stations for around £4 each way. Rooms are smartly decorated, clean and reasonably priced. Pub is always busy with a lively atmosphere. Restaurant serves the standard selection of food. Steaks are to die for, so is the pie oh and the pizzas. The seafood platter is also a favourite of mine. In fact all the food is good! Worth a visit.

5 by Review source

Amazing Hotel !! Stayed in Room Number 16 and it was amazing ! Clean, Modern, Tidy, !
Bed sheets where changed everyday and new towels also. The pub its self is very nice food was amazing alot to choose from and the staff are very helpful and very friendly towards you :) Would recommend it to anybody. The hotel is right next to the train station which is handy for going into London which takes around 20-25 mins to get to London Bridge. Will definitely be visiting again if i can 5****+.

5 by Review source

A meal on Fri 14th with friends - we were embarassed to have recommended the venue. Painfully slow service & disappointing food. Lack of staff & those who were there had no knowledge of the menu & would rather chat together than pay attention to customers. So sad, given that it promised so much when it first opened & has now sunk this low. We're a close community & word soon spreads. It's a short walk to the highly acclaimed Lord Northbrook..................

2 by Review source

Great hotel! Rooms are cozy and furnished nicely, the en suite bathroom was very nice. Clean and tidy plus the staff were obliging when I asked if I could check out later than advertised so I got a nice lie in! Only minor issue was the noise outside, I'm a light sleeper and could hear the planes overhead but that's an issue for the area in general. There are two very nice restaurants close by (Burnt Ash Hill) if you don't fancy the food here.

4 by Review source

I wish this place was better, it's the only place around and it's decidedly average.
The positives are it's big enough to get a seat and it's family friendly. But the staff are more interested in themselves than customers, the food isn't very good, pub food can be done well but this is very average.
My wife and I love pubs but we don't love the Station. It could be really good. But it isn't.

3 by Dan Smith Review source

Great hidden pub in the back streets of Hither Green. Good atmosphere, if you like to catch up on sport they have a huge screen and TVs. I visited on Sunday lunchtime just for a drink but I need you go back to eat their roasts as they looked amazing and the biggest Yorkshire pudding I've ever seen!
It's a big pub and it's got a good vibe about it, I can't wait to try their food and write another review.

5 by Sofia Dhuni Review source

Was tempted to reduce my rating to 3 stars after the recent unfortunate refurb (a very confused redesign that forgets this is a grand Victorian building and tries to make it into a Shoreditch bar) but the fact remains that this place is huge (so you pretty much always get a seat), serves reasonably good food, has a large sunny garden and is extremely convenient if you live in hither green.. Pretty good overall.

4 by Darren Jordan Review source

In summer 2012, the Station was made over under new ownership. It's now a fantastic, friendly corner local with great food and an incredible selection of ales - 12 handpumps, many often serving local beers from places like Brockley Brewery. Food can be on the pricey side for pub grub (£12-15 for mains), but the Sunday roast is a bargain and delicious. Also, the garden out back is huge and inviting.

5 by Review source

Great venue, decor, vibe, location. Didn't eat except a small bowel of yummy pick and mix roasted nuts for £2.50, which went down well with my Aspall cider. Only negative was poorly maintained toilets.. Strong smell of pee in dual foyer to both male and female loo which was exacerbated buy stronger smells in the ladies. This can be avoided by employing diligent staff and keeping standards high.

4 by Justine Koukoulis Review source

Cosy room stocked with teas hot chocolate and porridge. Bed was large and comfortable, nicely decorated, carpets well-vacuumed, bathroom extremely clean. I was initially escorted to a room which was judged not fit for occupation by the concierge and so was immediately ushered into another, I was impressed! Overall loved the feel of the place and the pub restaurant downstairs was very welcoming.

4 by Ms Minutiae Review source

Large renovated pub and hotel. Has a choice of 20 cases ales and lagers on tap at anytime. They also do a steak night for £24.99 for 2 people including a bottle of wine. Only given it 3 stars because they have piped music, it can get very noisy and they opt for safe cask ales like Timothy Taylor's instead of some of the 30+ breweries in Kent let alone the country.

3 by David Blower Review source

I used to live at HG back in 1998.... since then I've seen this pub transform from boarded windows to what now is for me the coolest local pub in London.
Friendly staff, very good community feeling at day and nice and relaxed atmosphere at dark... good sitting area, lavish restaurant takes space but worth it...

5 by Zeno Costa Review source

When I visited early last week I was impressed with the range of real ales and other pint measure drinks. A vast display of wines and spirits on 'old type' wooden shelving added to the ambiance. An extensive menu and pub garden were very inviting. The staff were very polite and helpful.
Well done, I will be back

4 by Review source

Recently renovated - even though it feels like only a few years ago it was last renovated - you're sure to receive a friendly welcome. Being about the only pub in Hither Green, the pub takes full advantage - so the prices won't be the cheapest. Nevertheless, a useful place to stop off on the way home from work!

4 by Jeremy Lee Review source

Very comfortable room. Clean and spacious, breakfast provided in the room. Only issue was that having been out all day and coming back to our room around 8pm we found the door unlocked. Anyone could have gone upstairs to the rooms, there is no one overseeing who goes upstairs.
Not Saturday Station Hotel people.

4 by JANET KEALEY Review source

Recently restored pub and hotel convenient for Hither Green Station.
The pub has a good vibe and serves a good range of draught beers and cider. The bar meals are also of good quality.
Rooms are well equipped and comfortable and breakfast is excellent.
The staff are welcoming and very efficient.

5 by Andy Bro Review source

The interior of the building has obviously been renovated in the not too distant past as everything looks clean and smart. This extends to the guest room which was most contemporary in design. Price is very reasonable by London standards. The menu choices in the restaurant weren't all to my liking however.

4 by James Bancroft Review source

Been twice. Great service, great food. Seriously, try the BBQ chicken wings and the pulled pork. Really something else. They have no problems going the extra mile for you and creating a custom meal to suit your dietary requirements, which I really appreciate, as I'm trying to stay away from carbs.

5 by Rafid Nassir Review source

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