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Trip on 21st October

12 out of 10 to Kamal the tour guide and the driver Mark.

Feedback: For some people this was a third trip. Standards and food quality dropped as well as your staff morale as they agree on low standard. Please charge £5.00 extra for a one and only meal for the day as popadums were softer than freshly made pitta bread. When told restaurant manager put his head down. Also you provide mainly vegetarian dinner so why not request potatoes naked beans and vege sausages for breakfast. 7.00am wake up 8.00pm breakfast 9.00pm depart to Disney Park and return at 11.30pm is too much for children as wake up next day is 7.00am. Should be 9.00am wake up and 11.00am depart.
Majority of your guests are professional Indians IT consultants and not unemployed from the inner city.

Hotel had no AC and fan out of order and temperature was 32*C. I would have not selected this hotel as per their claim. They do not give hotel option but you are told where you stay.

Several guests telephoned star tour in the presence of the tour guide. They were told they do not guarantee fan working in the hotel. One guest said do you guarantee basic comfort at 32*C. No response.

Fridge and safe not working but the claim denied by star tour office.

Restaurant would not give yougurt to a child, run out of deserts for the children and do not give ice or cold water in 32*C heat.


Dear Shreyan

Thank you for your response.

I did not select the hotel as you did not give selection option.

I would not have selected the hotel if you had informed me that there fan system to cool the room was out of order.

It was 32*C and many guests telephoned your office in the presence of the tour guide.

My safe did not work as it was the battery was down. I did report this but nothing was done. I had also informed the tour guide Amar and left my passports in the safe.

I was not charged €2.00 for the water. The man on reception  duty would not give me water. I had no problem with mini bar not stocked but the fridge was not working.

The email request at 8.00am to prepare bedding on a sofa bed was not an unreasonable one but you could not be bothered to e mail the hotel.

My profession does matter as you exploit IT consultants from India. You told me hotels charge extra for air conditioning.

If I do not get my full refund I will commence legal proceedings and I will do it with the other guests who were unsatisfied.

We will put this review on your website.

I was offered a refund of €40.00 ~ £32.00 which I felt was an insult but accepted as a matter of principle.

10 out of 10 to Amar the tour guide and Bruce the driver. They were both absolutely brilliant.


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Me and my wife Ranjan had taken 14 days Majestic Europe w/o Dysney .
Great experiance all along tour Tour. Manager Mr.Kersasp was fantastic.Great knowledge about each destinations and well oriented tour experiance. Each and every destination was explained in minute details.
Mr Kersasp was always live with Jokes,Gazals,songs,and on request movies.Tour with all good foods are always remembered and so is with us.Excellent menu selection and efficiently catered.
In fact every thing was such a nice organised.

But But.........................Hold it,
London to Calais and back ,this area is always be remembered for bad memories.
@ Star office we reached in morning 5.00 am on 9th July 2016,for 5.45 departure and there was not a single responsible person available till 6.30am.Than TM Atul take us all form there to another destination and put us in another bus which was 58 seater and hardly there was any Leg space. Due to all this we reach Brusells late by three hours and lost one site to be visited.
On returning there was a bigger chaos.
From Calais we were to return by Tunnel channel but while at the entrance we could come to know that previous Star tour bus used our code and entry was denied to us .TM Sachin organised the Ferry service and to add to disaster after ferry, bus driver denied to operate bus after 12 hours working.On the way we changed the bus with luggage and reach Wembley office in night 1.00am 23/07/16 instead 8.30 pm on 22/07/16 (late by almost 4.30 Hrs)

Made us to feel that we r still with Indian company Ha Ha....
At the end this was a great experiance of our life.Will always book next tour thru STAR TOURS ONLY.
Thanks to Karishma Kamat for coperation and Vinod Nate for Visa assistance @ Mumbai office.All time smiling Kersasp Tour Manager.

Thanks Startours

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Planning the trip by yourself would have been much better than going with star tours. The same amount of money can be used to travel at better locations than the ones where star tours took me… We(me and my family) went on a 5 days panoramic europe tour…

In my experience I guess the enjoyment of your tour depends on what kind of tour guide you get. Our tour guide didn't even looked like he was interested in his job. From the beginning to the end of the tour his announcements were very dull, he wasn't even trying. Most of the times was rude to the people....lot of attitude.
Talking about the places, Most of the times I didn't even felt like I was in a different country. All the places looked the same (country side areas). Switzerland and France were the only countries I felt I had visited because they took us to Geneva and Paris. Belgium also was ok...but Germany, honestly I didn't even knew when we were in Germany, it was just forest most of the time…In Paris(day 4), we weren’t able to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower because President Donald Trump was visiting Paris on that day so they closed it early…but most of the people in bus got angry because of this and blammed it on star tours that they should have planned this accordingly which was fair because the major attractions of this 5 days trip were Eiffel Tower and Mount Titlis and now one of them was cancelled. It was even said in their itinerary that if on day 4 the visiting on the top of Eiffel Tower wasnt possible then they would take us the next day which they didnt... the tour guide started behaving rudely to everyone after all this and then also the rest of the tour wasnt great.
I would give
2 out of 5 for Places
4 out of 5 for Food
0 out of 5 for Tour Guide
Overall trip : 2 out of 5

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Avoid this people if you can. Total waste of time and money. They have a misleading booking system to watch out for if you are living outside London and want a pick up / drop off outside London. We were told before booking that they would arrange pickup and drop off near where we live and asked to make online booking and contact them. Once done they said that they cannot arrant pickup and we will have to arrange one with taxi that cost us £200 extra. Yes, eye watering £200 in addition because all their pickup points does not have long term car parks. Tour started 2 hours late, old ladies 70+ who started at 5 from tooting and came to their pickup points for 6:30 Start was made to wait until 8:30 sitting outside in cold. As usual ferry was missed and nearly had to rush through all the first day itenerary. Because of this kids and toddler had to wait until 10:30 at night for dinner. Indian vegetarian dinner served on first night was ok. Was meant to continental breakfast buffet but nothing more than bread, butter and jam. Worst value for money. Second day itenerary was ok could be better compared to what other tour operators offer. Night dinner was the worst we ever had. If travelling with kids, this would be the last food you would want to give to your kids. Last day is nothing more than waste of time, except for madurodam. Was told trip to chocolate factory but it was nothing more than an outlet no demonstration. Same for the cheese factory on second day. All this just for snatching some commission from these outlets I guess. Missed the return ferry In spite of doing nothing on third day and had to wait for 2.5 hours. Worst tour you can give to your family and no value for money. Only good thing about the trip was th guide who was friendly and tried to help with the mess. Avoid these tours.

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To the Star of Star Tours Asif ( Fish) thank you:).I am extremely satisfied with all the arrangements made by Star Tours from the beginning.Took the best of Europe with Disney. From Visa premium Lounge arrangements to the entire trip with food was superb.Though there were few places where food was not excellent but was good and our feedback was accepted by the tour manager.
Our Tour Guide and Driving Guide Asif made our trip more enjoyable and amazing. I am going to write here more about the face of star tours Mr Asif who was very polite, professional, knowledgeable, courteous, Excellent in his profession with crisp and clear instructions. He used to explain us about the places, monuments and specialities, most importantly he made us aware of what kind of people we have to be cautious of. He guided us with the best places for food restaurants,souvenir shops, also used to guide us with the best neat and clean washrooms after every 2 hours. He used to explain us about the road signs even. He treated us with love and care a full coach with 56 people and I believe everyone was treated in a special way by him. Any question or request that we made were catered by him there and then. Thank you so much Star Tour for making our Anniversary trip so special. If I have to travel again I would want the same man to be our Guide Manager. We are planning again with star tours soon. Thank you :)
To Asif: you Rock and we enjoyed the ice breaking session as well and I know why you did it ;P but it worked for many I guess.

Best wishes to star tours and the star of star tours Asif from SaurabhSakshi

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We booked for a 4 day Swiss flight tour from UK for our family including our parents living in India. We made a booking in early June for this holiday in October as we needed a Visa letter for our parents living in India. At the time of booking we made it clear that we need a visa letter by 1st wk of July as our parents were going to join us here in UK from India during the summer holidays. We kept calling Star tours and were told that only when 35 passengers are booked, we will be issued a visa letter as they dont book flights or hotels until a certain no of people have booked. As things were getting late we asked to cancel and refund our money when we were told that we will loose the deposit if we cancel. This is appalling service by any standard never we have ever witnessed before. How can one accept the booking amount and not provide us the itinerary and still hold us for the cancellation charge when they themselves haven't made any bookings? The saddest part is we have been with Star before but as people say the true ethics of a company is revealed on how they handle things when things go wrong. Now we are at the verge of loosing over £1000.00 of our hard earned money for this unscrupulous travel operator who hold customers to cancellation charges when they themselves haven't made any flight or hotel bookings. Never expected that our holiday, we were so looking forward to, with our parents from India will have such an unhappy ending. Honestly AVOID..AVOID .. AVOID STARTOURS UK AT ALL COST!!!

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Deeply regret the decision to try Star tours. It was unbelievably frustrating. They made an error in their system which caused about 200 passengers great misery on 30/3/18. The worst part is they were dishonest to the passengers and were shifting the blame on the Ferry company. Instead of admitting their error and trying to arrange a decent place for the passengers (especially the children) to rest, they took us to a service centre. The passengers spent more than 8 hours trying to get answers from the tour managers and Star tours management, who were all trying to conceal their error and setting false expectations. We ended reaching the hotel around 4 AM early in the morning leaving us 3 – 4 hours for sleep in readiness for the next day.

On the remaining days as well, the quality of food i.e., breakfast in the hotels and a restaurant they took for dinner were way below the standards. The toilet in the coach was full most of the time.

They provided some compensation; however as expected that too was not to the level expected given the troubles that the passengers had to go through.

Overall - they are dishonest, pathetic processes & management, unprofessional and inhuman. They are happy to make money on holidays / weekends; however do not have the capacity, accountability or character to own and resolve an issue professionally. I have never come across an organisation of this type and wonder how they continue to operate. I would never recommend them to anyone.

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I do not have a zero star option. WORST HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE

beware of this company.
recent development in France forced us to be delayed by 13 hours; we requested star tour either to extend or cancel the trip but none was accommodated. Fair enough.
the exhausted bus drivers drove us to Switzerland with almost 36 hours of continuous driving ; how does EU or UK law permits that? we were so concern about our family safety and i could not take rest as was terrified and was praying drivers dont sleep or take a nap.
coach toilet was broken and star tour didnt bothered to repair it in the complete tour.
Food was horrible, provided late ; too spicy and chilly my kid could not eat it; we got sick too.
the tour guide Naynesh was rude, disrespectful and intimidating with very little help provided on top in interlaken they dropped us in wrong station (it wasnt even interlaken ) and we had to search and seek help from people around to get to interlaken(thanks to swiss citizens they were kind and helpful)
we took this tour to enjoy and experience the beauty of Switzerland, we did 'stuffs' but really could not enjoy ;
when we complaint they replied us its our prejudice as they can be never wrong; their arrogance and not taking responsibility of their wrong doing will not take them further;
Avoid this company if possible.

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Alright so we are back from treasure of Europe tour of nine days. Will try to write specific and to point review and will add more details somewhere else like travel blog. Tour was as expected and as committed. Which means they covered what they promised, but that made things hectic and some days were tiring due to long queues/bad traffic. As expected tour was uncomfortable for those on the last seats, would suggest them not to sell those seats or sell at lower price. Fortunately we had very good tour manager Khushru and great coach captain Junaid. Courteous, polite, patient and helpful which made our journey comfortable. Appreciate them from bottom of heart. Food was good, with variety and nicely served. Though they book decent hotels, wee couldn't enjoy hotels much as we use to check in late in night and were out by early mornings. For Eiffel tower if they book special access tickets to avoid queues it will help, our day was wasted due to that 2-3 hour wait. Our group was also good so we ended up making some friends and kids could have some fun.buses good but should have less seats to give comfort

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The overall experience was ok, the very limited time offered at each destination is a big constraint. If you are from India and a vegetarian and not familiar with western world this is a great opportunity for you to see western countries. If you are like me, living in a western country for more than a decade and eat non veg and is also curious about each place and would love to explore more this is not for you.

The tour manager was extremely rude when folks were a few minutes late thus spoiling the overall experience. The bus was stinking and AC was also not working. No room freshner was available to cover for the stink. The tour manager never took the initiative to address the concerns of the passenger or even apologise for the inconvenience caused.

So again, can't complain much, you get what you pay for, the price is competitive and the food arrangement was very good. Although, I was a bit tired of very similar menu for five days at a stretch. So again take this trip with a pinch of salt and keep your expectation low.

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Terrible and traumatic experience with star tours on a recent trip. Ferry got delayed by 6 hours with no information from the tour manager who instead lied that earlier ferry broke down. After a co passenger liaised with P&O cruise we finally left but the whole day got wasted.

Rest of the trip was squeezed to tick their items in itinerary . Almost all families had young kids and we had to run around along with the indecisive tour manager.

Tour manager was constantly changing the timings and plan throughout leaving us in confusion. No where the tickets were pre booked. Everywhere we were made to wait in the queue with young kids.

The absolute heights of the trip was leaving a family behind when they were late by 5 minutes. This was despite the fact that the family asked him to wait and that they are on their way.

I wish we can rate here negatively. The one star given above doesn't do any justice.

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I undertook 14 days Majestic Europe tour (without Disney) from 26 July to 08 August 2014 along with my family. I would like to place on record the immense satisfaction all four of us have derived from the tour. We had a fabulous group and yet more fabulous tour manager. Nanu really took very good care of all of us. He kept us enthralled with his comic sense. He was at the same time knowledgeable, articulate and expressive. His pieces of advice were really valuable. He always gave a feeling as if he had our best interests in mind and were offering advice putting himself in our shoes. I personally feel that without him around perhaps our tour might not have been so enjoyable. I especially remember his gesture of walking back to hotel (from restaurant) in Engelberg to bring back one of our tour members who was left behind. In short Nanu has been an excellent ambassador of Star Tours.
Thanks Star Tours for organizing a wonderful tour.

4 by Review source

Had a very bad experience on the four days tour we booked. Very poor management and lost quiet a lot of time waiting for the ferry and seeing the attractions. It was all rushed up. Information was not provided properly which left us confused many times. The reason why we chose star tours is for them to manage for us so that we can have a relaxing and enjoying time but it turned to be a disaster and torture for us.

Also felt very sad and concerned for leaving a family behind when they were 5 min late. And mentioned to all of the bus that ‘’they have to learn for being late’’. The family was not listened to, when they have mentioned of their daughter being unwell. They were informed that they have to manage by themselves in a country they went as a tourist.

Overall neverever would recommend to anybody. Also when reported back, they did not show any remorse which is very poor customer relationship.

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Had just been on a 4 day tour for Disney land Paris on Good Friday. Very bad organization. Overbooked and missed the ferry., tour manager lied that ferry was broken when instead it was overbooked by star tours. Reached 6 hours late and hence missed seeing the Attractions on day one. Left a passenger with their family and left at Disney studios as they were late by 5 mins when their daughter was having health problem. No remorse for the act by the tour manager and instead was keen on punishing them for being late(which was very disgraceful act the tour manager). Who would be responsible if the family left behind encountered any problems. Also was made to stand in wrong queue for Eiffel Tower for more than an hour. Very incompetent and worse management. I would have given half a star if possible for the tour. Would never ever recommend to even my foes to book with this tour travels.

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Beware of Star tours !

I booked a Swiss tour and was told 14 days before departure that the tour was cancelled, they gave me an alternate tour but the alternate tour was 25 days later and I didn't have a valid visa during that time.

So they booked me on a 4 country alternate tour which also got cancelled. With only 2 weeks notice - it was too late to make alternate arrangements as most of the flights/ hotels were already booked/ expensive

It appears that Star tours runs a tour only when they have 25 or more passenger - which means they seem to have habit of cancelling tours

They paid back the amount I paid in but received no compensation for the visa costs and the travel costs from India to UK

All in all - beware of Star tours. Your dream vacation might just get cancelled

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They tend to hide offers that are available and customer service folks are unhelpful and rude. I booked two tours for treasures of Europe and historic Scotland. At the time of booking no where on the tour page on the website there was any mention of offer for free stay in London if you book two tours. I spoke multiple times with the customer service representatives who also failed to mention the said offer.

It was only after we were given the brochure on the tour did we find out that there was an offer for London stay if two tours were booked.

Honestly, I am a little surprised at the lack of transparency from the folks handling this. When I called the office today, I was very curtly told that nothing can be done and they were sorry they missed giving me the information but now they can't do anything

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A big thank you to our Tour manager she was absolutely amazing and gave us a wonderful 5 days. The manner in which she took us around and gave us details of each place was fantastic - we highly salute the information you gave and are mesmerised how you know so much about each plae.

The food was fantastic everywhere we went, wish we ahd lunches also beause the dinners were a great treat in a foreign country.

Our dirver JJ was excellent - a truly excellent driver in all conditions - thank you taking us around safely and with a smile for the past 5 days, and bearing with us and our luggage every day :).

Thank you both for a wonderful experience and all the others who made it memorable. Highly recommended

5 by Review source

Terrible experience. Would never recommend anyone to travel with star tours especially if you have children and old relatives travelling with you . Left stranded in Dover for 6 hours. Day 1 completely wasted and tried to compensate by covering all places in rest of 3 days . Was just a tick box exercise that we have shown everything in itinerary. Left us in Disney and when informed that my 3 daughter was unwell tour manager said you have to make your own arrangements . With unknown place and language took 5. 5 hours to reach hotel. Tour manager was not bothered if we were alive or dead.

Once again be very careful before going with star tours and to add especially if you have our tour manager who is altered , confused, rude and arrogant , imbecile.

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We recently went on the Historic Scotland 4 day tour and were highly delighted with the whole experience. The hotel was very comfortable and in a nice location and the service was excellent.
Our tour guide was from Scotland, who new the history intimately and provided us clear and precise information about the places of interest that we visited. His customer service was second to none and he made sure every passenger's interest was looked after.
The itinerary was packed with places of interest around Glasgow and Edinburgh and were all interesting places to see.
We could have never packed so much in a short trip like this if we had arranged the same ourselves.
A group photo of the tour has also been posted on the website.

5 by Review source

This was my first time experience with star tours and it resulted out to be a memorable one. The tour was fully well orgainsed and functioned in a proper way. Our tour guide JAY bhai was too good and was the main reason behind an amazing experience. He become one among us and we all became like one family in the trip. The tour information he provided, the time managment and also co-ordination of passenger was well maintained by him. And also the food arrangements was way beyond expectations. The stay was made and arranged in an excellent manner. Would definetly recommend star tours and would love to travel again with them. And a big thanks to Mr. JAY PATEL bhai for making this tour a memorable one and being so friendly with us.

5 by Review source

We are living in London for last 30 years but I never wanted to go on package tours. I always thought you are rushed around in package tours. However, I decided to go on a 5 day Europe tour with my wife and friends from India. And my perception of package holidays changed overnight. I still can't believe we went through five countries in five days covering most of the major attractions. The food was always very good although we would have preferred few European meals. The highlight of the tour was JJ, our tour manager. He was always on top of things. He was like a walking encyclopedia and gave us more information than we could digest. I would recommend this tour to all Asians as you will not find better value than this.

5 by Review source

Food was disgustingly cold, greasy and heavy on a daily basis and was not given alternatives. Company was even worse. Never had to deal with a more inconsiderate group of people in my life and I'm a primary school teacher surrounded by children all the time. Don't come on this trip if you want to relax. The screeching of women throughout the coach journey when you try to catch up on sleep and judgement if you happen to want a decent meal completely ruins the atmosphere and holiday. Would not recommend this to anyone. There were a lot more issues than this with the trip but it would take too much time to cover. Learnt my lesson to never book on star tours again. What a waste.

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One of the worst Tour company. We booked 4 days Disney special this Easter holidays. They were Unbelievably unorganised. They left more than 200 people in Foxton service station without any explanation for 12 hours blaming the ferry company that they are over booked. Passengers found out that there was an operational error when one of them called up P&O ferry and confirmed . They booked the coach to board the ferry at 10 pm rather than 10 am .The entire holiday was ruined as two days were wasted. Very rude and unprofessional team from head office , call operator, driver and the Tour Managers.
Please do not travel with them .

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My first time experience with group tour with star tours for 5 days panoramic europe . From day one till last day it was so good & the indian food they provide in europe which i have never expected & it was so tasty and yummy. All the hotels we have stayed in it was clean and comfortable and very good. And what can i say about our tour manager because of him we had really good trip . He was so good with his knowledge and given all the necessary guidelines And did it fantastically well to cop-up with the time . It was exceptional. Overall everything was good . I will personally recommend my family and friends for STAR TOURS. :

5 by Review source

In recent long weekend we went for a three day holiday trip with this travels and I am sure this is not same star tours that we travelled before.they no longer tourist friendly.tour manager is arrogant and damn care about passengers. when my kid is unwell I ask for 5 min time in the morning before starting to Eiffel tower but the tour manager left us back asking to make our own arrangements. later we took a cab to reach Eiffel tower and the coach there. And when myself decided to see the tower tour manager not available to give me tickets as she is already in queue along with actual tourists to visit the tower as a tourist.

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This is minus waste of money.most time of your tour you spend in coach,hardly get enough sleep they treat you like get so tired exhausted.they drop us at hotel at 12 am and ask us to wake up at 6 am.and leave at 8 am.dinner was disquisting very was like 'dharmshala'.food was very bad.drop idea right now if you are thinking to go with was 39 degrees in paris and hotel had no fans or AC.out of 3 days of paris tour we spend almost 30 hrs in coach.and rest of time is including sighseeing sleeping etc.worse tour ever.would never recommand them at all.pls avoud star tours.

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Me & my mum went on 9 days Treasures of Europe .I had great experience.the tour was fantastic I enjoyed a lot.we visited many places and had really nice time .The manager of the tour was very nice and humble man organise everything perfectly .And best experience was MT titlis we were lucky and had a beautiful clear day . Our driver was good and with his excellent driving skills .Even he was helping my mum getting down from the bus and getting on board with his hands . I recommend this to everyone there provide best service with a reasonable price. Star tours once again thank you so much for making our trip memorable .

5 by Review source

Our first tour with star and it was a very good trip to Switzerland. Although the travel is a little long on a few days the time passed quickly with movies and games on the coach. the highlight of the trip has to be Mt titlis which was fun and amazing for the whole family.

the food was very good in Switzerland and Paris.

the Tm - JJ was fantastic and had a great deal of knowledge and trivial data on all the places we visited.

we found luzern to be a true gem of a city wish we cold spend more time here.

our greatest highlight was the top of eiffel tower along with mt titlis.

5 by Review source

booked 5 day Europe tour with them. They changed the itenary without our consent to take us to Luxembourg. They had so many other options to do incase the change is inevitable.

The travel agent/advisor on the phone was rude and was mentioning about the terms and conditions we have agreed when we booked the tour.

They decide where we have to go and offer no options in case of contingency/emergency.

They boast of their ratings and customer reviews with satisfaction.

Donot use them. They are rude!. Use any other tours it should be fine.

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Great experience! Perfect planning. Exactly what we needed. We were a family with 2 kids (age 10 and age 15) and went for European delight for 12 days. Time optimization was excellent. Sometimes one can find it a bit hectic with the travel, however I do not complaint because I understand that it is tough to manage all the promised locations within those 12 days. Food was great, mostly Indian food. Hotels were good. The one in Switzerland was really nice, 3 star hotel. Most excursions such as the gondola ride, mount Titlis, mount Jungfrou are included which is nice.

5 by Amar Puranik Review source

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