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Owner attitude and little discriminating.

It's a lovely place with very nice food but why the owner had this unhappy and just simply looking down at us then suddenly she is all happy and chatty with 2 other English customers arrived after.

I supposed she is thinking....oh Indian people customers spends less and they look for bargains or had few issues in the past.

It's hard to say what people like that are to be known as she is a Indian her self who happens to be judging in the wrong way...almost a little strange way of racism.

Well now look what she got her self 'a bad review' and I am definitely will not recommend but infect complaint of this to my friends and family and you know how much friends and family we have .

I will highlights faults and I am certain she will learn from it:

Wear shoes that won't make ridiculous noises when your whizzing around.
Take order with a writing pad as it's more professional.
Do not ever speak with customers with hands in your pocket.
Smile and easy attitude is a absolute must now days.
Do not carry on chatting with your staff colleague in the back while customers needs serving.

2 by Abu Choudhury Review source

We went with a couple of friends to Chit Chat Chai as we were visiting in the area and our friends fancied Indian. We were utterly disappionted. The place was not busy so good to be sat down quickly at our tables. However the experience from then was downhill. It took 15 minutes for someone to come attend to us despite being empty - seemed like they didn't have enough waiting staff. We were advised to order 2-3 dishes per person, we were glad we went for 3 dishes per person as the portion sizes would be well suited for a child at this place. On top of that the waitress forgot to bring our water that we ordered when we arrived. We decided to skip dessert and ordered the bill. To our shock horror, the total came to nearly £30 per person with a beer each and for a meal that just about filled us up. £10 for a curry and £5.50 for a kingfisher beer that sells for about £3-4 at other Indian restaurants, on top of which 12.5% service charge is levied for poor service - daytime robbery at its best!

1 by Review source

This is a friendly, casual place to drop in for food. The menu is composed of 'street food' or tapas-style portions, so ordering three per person and sharing means you will not go hungry. The selection also lean heavily towards vegetarian/vegan dishes (there were only a few meat/fish options), so great for a group with mixed requirements - but probably one to miss for inflexible carnivores! There's music, but it's tolerably loud, allowing for a fun atmosphere as well as good conversation - I'd recommend as a laid-back option for a first date (the food is, unsurprisingly, spicy though, so you'd need to be spice-lovers). Will visit again in the near future.

4 by Christopher Barrett Review source

We came to this restaurant and it looked nice to have a meal. It was over an hour between entering and ordering the food to receiving it.

The food was atrocious and service was rubbish and in my case the absolute worst I have ever tasted in my life. The food was definitely stale, seemed to have been prepared at least a few days back, and was just re-heated and served.

Understaffed and it gets annoying being promised 'twenty minutes, ten minutes, five minutes' after a while. Manager was rude and clue-less,

We will be lucky if we don't fall get sick or stomach bugs!

We certainly will never visit again.

1 by Review source

Can't agree with some of the bad reviews here at all - thought this place was a little gem.

Firstly, you can't compare this to your typical Indian from a cost/value for money. The dishes are much more sophisticated or inventive than your local curry house.

Given that, we still did think it was pretty inexpensive. £44 for two with two glasses of wine and 6 tapas-style dishes including service.

We loved every mouthful and the inventive way the chef had brought some together traditional Indian food with what, some might argue are 'hipster classics' (brioche, pomegranate).

5 by Review source

The prices they charge for their 'small plates' is what you'd pay for a normal size plate at your local Indian.

They are trying to be hip, and I suppose they are, with their graffiti-esque mural, but the food doesn't stand up.

Street food should be small but the price should match, allowing you to try everything.

This second time around the lamb mince resembled dog food and the chicken vindaloo special was bland. The waiter also didn't know what a papadom was (they don't serve them anyway). An Indian that doesn't serve papadoms?

2 by Tatiana Review source

Bite size food being offered at ridiculous prices. After ordering mains for all and many appetisers, still left the place hungry. We went there at 5 pm on a Sunday and there was one girl taking orders, serving water and cooking as well. What a joke!

Lamb curry takeout was given in an appetiser container. C'mon guys - this is taking the mickey. It's strange that they are so active on social media but don't feel the need to respond to their customers on this platform. Either they don't care or think they are too good and don't need our patronage.

1 by Review source

Chit Chaat Chai is how indian street food should be. The mocktails were amazing - I had a chilli one which had a great kick to it and the food itself was spot on. The okra fries were a personal favourite of mine. Every dish was packed with flavour and well presented too. The service was great, we had a really friendly waitress who met all the demands of our table of 8. Prices were well worth it considering the quality and taste of the food and the excellent service. Ambience and styling is great too. Has this great hipset vibe. I look forward to going again very shortly!

5 by Review source

Street food with 12.5% service charge, never seen this before! Poor/dull decor and ambiance. Okra fries gave me heartburn. Had stomach ache all night from harsh spices. Lamp patties full of potatoes, rather than lamb, how deceptive. Very small portions. Not authentic. Way overpriced for food that lacks flavor and taste. Mint sauce bitter with no taste. Staff not trained, no clue what is in the food. Better to eat in Hounslow - better taste, not expensive, and no one includes service charge in bill. Do not waste time and money. Will not go there again.

1 by Mike Review source

We tried this place for our regular date nite and we were not happy with our experience. We ordered chicken biryani, lamb curry, bread, and okra fries. The okra fries were soggy, the meat was under cooked and the rice tasted as if it was a couple of days old and reheated. No doubt my girlfriend had food poisoning and was throwing up all night. Definitely a must visit if you want to pay Michelin prices for stale food, watered down drinks and unapologetic service. The decor and lighting was not romantic at all and seemed confused. Toilets need to be cleaned.

1 by Chris Dickson Review source

Chit Chat Chai'.

First thing which caught me is the ambiance with a semi casual looks & Cozy feeling. Are you a bookworm ? Looking for a place for formal/informal discussion ? Planning for a private party or get together ? This can be one such place to choose. It has 5 separate sections, 2 ground floor and 3 at Level 1 which includes outdoor seating too.

Coming to food, it has a quite good variety of Chai and option to make your own one too along with quick munchies.

4 by mubashir quadri Review source

Loved it! The chai was to die for. Ordinarily, I only eat okra cooked by myself believing that others mess em up - bad. The okra here were amazing and different to how I cook them. So a real treat. No sliminess in sight! The service was amazing. Warm and attentive, but not intrusive. The Bombay Bhel was a little too spicy for me, but I am a true lightweight. So no criticism but it's the only reason I can't give 5 stars.
I will defo go back there again and again! Truly scrummy!

4 by Review source

We got here for 1:30pm on a Sunday. 90 minutes after its scheduled opening time. The sole person in the place had a drill in hand fixing the tables. Anyhow. Sat down. Only to be told that the chef couldn't do any breads as the tandoor hadn't been fired up and would be at least 20 minutes till it would be ready. Very disappointing. They shouldn't open if they can't service their menu. Poor show. They need to get their act together !

1 by Pankaj Jain Review source

By far the worst place I have eaten in the last 10 years! The food is horrendous reheated congeled mess with pomegranate sprinkled on top . The staff whilst being sweet are straight out of 6th form running around, chatting up each other like at a student union bar . The decor is trying too hard and essentially badly lit and uncomfortable. At the price of 80 pounds for 2, it is just plain wrong . We felt physically sick after . Really don’t go there !

1 by Review source

Disappointed in their offerings. Lukewarm masala tea which was still exactly the same after they'd apparently re-heated it for us. Very small portions of mediocre food in a hip, modern, minimalist setting. Not good value for money at all so won't be visiting again. Place was empty despite the other local eateries heaving at the same time. Chitchatandchai have got the idea but not executed it well. Shame really!!

1 by Rasputin dad Review source

Best food, best cocktails!

Friendly welcome from the start. Best cocktails I've had in a very long time, incredible flavour that even keeps up with and accompanies the delicious food. Great mixing / sharing selection of street food contained in a simple menu backed up by superb curry options.
Would eat here again soon! And recommend to anyone who enjoys food or drink!

5 by Nick Taylor Review source

My experience at Chit Chaat Chai was appalling. I am never going to return here or advertise this restaurant to others. The place is very unhygenic and the waitress are very rude. The food was average and it could have been much better, it was also warm(not hot or fresh). I dont recommend this restaurant to others, If you do want an Indian restaurant Raj of India is the place to go to.

1 by Review source

The quality of the food is excellent - flavours are incredibly authentic and the food is very fresh. The okra and the bhel puri were definitely the highlights though all the food was great. The chai is quite refreshing too. The proprietress is super friendly and constantly open to new ideas! Have been in dire need of a chaat place in SW London and this fits the bill perfectly.

5 by Ranjani Natarajan Review source

Good food however very stingy portions. For the prices charged, its disappointing to be hungry after eating a meal here. The vegetarian food is even more overpriced. If we have to eat quakers to fill our stomach after eating here, makes me think if I would go again. Its nice to be cool, funky and big on social media, but first you have to get your product and pricing right.

2 by Review source

Have eaten here a few times- I understand in regards to indian food you need to mellow down the spicey-ness of your dishes due to the clientele however Literally every dish has been sweetened which is shame as you have ruined the authenticity of all your dishes. The keema and bun and paneer dishes - i felt like i was eating a bowl of sweet chilli sauce? Such a shame!

2 by Meanie Moo Review source

So happy we have this place in Wandsworth! It can be challenge to get decent and authentic tasting Indian food in London. Love the selection of 'street food' - my faves are chilli paneer, chicken biryani, tarka daal and Kati rolls (although the roti could be a lot thinner). Flavours are on par with indian home cooking and foods I had in India. Yum!!

5 by Ellen Review source

The food is great, and the ambiance is decent...but the service is bad. Our orders were completely forgotten and we had to ask the staff repeatedly for water and even basic cutlery with absolutely no regard given despite repeated requests. Not happy! The staff did apologize and gave a discount on the bill, but the experience left a bitter after-taste.

2 by Arun Sagar Review source

Poor service. Workers are very uninformed on the dishes that they serve, waitresses took over 20 minutes to acknowledge my presence in the restaurant and food took a long time to come after reminding them that I was waiting for my food and even then the order was incorrect. Extremely over priced for the lack of food and small portions given.

1 by Review source

We only got a few starters to snack on and walk down the street, but we didn't make it very far. We ate everything in two seconds just outside the restaurant. The samosas were arguably the best we've ever had. Really good flavor and spice. The chai was equally creamy and delightful. Definitely want to go back for a full meal!

5 by Sorelle Levy Review source

I had dinner and dessert at Chit Chaat Chai this evening, and thoroughly enjoyed myself! The masala chicken wings were a hit, as was every one of the items that we ordered - and there were a lot. The chocolate chilli cake and pistachio ice cream finished the meal off perfectly. Highly recommend. A++++

5 by Review source

Authentic 'no fuss' Indian Street Food with spot on flavours. Bright red & yellow store front stands out on the street. Staff are friendly and attentive, decor is a showstopper with beautiful street art. Masala chai is the best I've had. Wish there was more of them across London!

5 by Review source

We've visited that place 4 times now. First time was the best – before opening. Last time was also fine, but it feels like there is no spark in the eyes of people who service you and the menu feels a bit overpriced.
I loved mango lassi, unfortunately it wasn't available last time.

3 by Oksana Novozilova Review source

It was good, but overpriced for what it is I'd rather have a traditional curry and plenty of other places close-by which offer better value for money. If you need a curry fix though imagine you will find something new to try that not had before (which friend I went with was looking for!)

3 by Benjamin Bastable Review source

I have been to Chit Chat Chai several times before and each time the food is great and this time, we decided on their Christmas menu which was fantastic value and more importantly, really good food. Staff always attentive without being intrusive so all in all, a really good local restaurant.

4 by Review source

Highly recommend Chit Chat Chai - friendly and relaxed atmosphere, flavoursome/vibrant food & amazing cocktails! Perfect for dinner with friends or a fun date night. Loved the mixture of small and large plates - great for sharing. The 'Sunset Over Goa' cocktail was THE ONE!

5 by Review source

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