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Ullswater Rd, Penrith, CA11 7EP

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Not to bad as with most McDonalds you get what you expect. However at Penrith do not use the drive thru lane. More often than not they get your order wrong. It does vary from a sauce or 2 missing too completly the wrong order. Dinning in is ok as long as you watch what gos on your tray. However there new table service needs improving dramaticly. As there is only a hand full of tables you often have to inform the staff that you are sat in a diffrent area as other customers take the table you were planning on sitting at before you manage to finish placeing your order at a touch screen. This spot needs massive improvments to get a higher rateing.

3 by Review source

Absolutely disgusting the staff are all polish and haven’t a clue what your saying then they get angry because they can’t understand you the place is dirty the customer service is terrible McDonald’s need to stop hiring the polish and give the jobs to some of our own kind rather than taking the whole of Cumbria polish society and giving them a job in McDonald’s to not do there job properly then for them just to send it back to there own country we don’t need them send them back to Poland our businesses are over run with foreigners with bad attitudes should be kissing our English asses with the support our stupid government give them

1 by Evans Boy Review source

Regular visitor here and usually no problems, this week I've had to take my order back 3 times due to it being wrong or missing items. It's very annoying when you use the drive thru and have to then go back in to complain. Then to have the same issue following 2 times i habe visited this week is terrible. It seems to be the same managers on most of the time and staff are struggling to understand orders through the machine. Not sure whats going on here.

1 by Grant Johnson Review source

Great but too small a building & carpark, make sure you ask for any extras when at the drive thru.. Got plain fries & plain mcnuggets. If I took sugar I'd be fuming about my coffee too.. I asked for a latte to guarantee milk... A smile from staff wouldn't go a miss either..

3 by Tracy Leith Review source

Omg stopped here mid journey for breakfast and toilet stop food was ok as was service but all the toilets in ladies were blocked and dirty when mentioned to staff the reaction was less than enthusiastic apparently they will sort it later, not the answer I was expecting from this food chain.

2 by Catherine Pickles Review source

Called in here for breakfast on a Saturday morning around 9.30am. Wasn't too busy. The food was all fresh and well cooked. Table service was a winner. All the staff I dealt with were very friendly.
I will be back to this particular McDonald's next time I'm in Penrith.

5 by Michael Graham Review source

Walking in, I immediately felt as though I was part of the family. Friendly smile and pats on the back and even cheering from both staff and customers alike..
Would recommend taking the family here for the weekend!
Food somewhat disappointing

4 by Tristan Sweet Review source

Ordered a Veggie Delux with no mayo for my vegan wife and was horrified to later discover not only mayo but a CHICKEN MEAT burger in the Veggie Delux box.

This chicken died only to be thrown in the bin by an upset human. What a shame.

1 by Andy Leppard Review source

Penrith's McDonald's is usually our first stop after arriving in the Lakes for our holiday. Keeps the kids quiet for a time anyway. It's a McDonald's like most others but never had a particularly bad experience here

4 by Nick Pearce Review source

Been here often over last four months but tonight was the last time, chips cold asked for no cheese on quarter pounder got three slices ( sickly ) got service with a smile but honestly food was terrible, kfc you got a new customer,

1 by Henry Kennedy Review source

Fairly close to motorway, ideal as kids prefer Mcdonalds to BK (which seem to ve favored choice on motorway). We were very quickly table served & food excellent. Self service ordered too, which was convenient after long drive.

5 by Dave C Review source

Not a bad McDonald's, my experience here was okay, nothing to complain about and nothing to be overly joyed about either. I guess that's the best you can hope for going to fast food places like this.

3 by G Sandhu Review source

It was poor and they clearly didn't speak English because they didn't give me all my food, they actually managed to miss 3 dishes even though we payed for them AND it was on the order!

1 by Review source

A blight on the landscape, barely a day goes by without a trail of litter around town. I realise it's not McDonald's fault personally but I do believe they could do things to help....

2 by Stephen Cooper Review source

really bad service. had to for sauce and napkins. cold food. rude at the drive through. i live in penrith and have herd alot of people say the same. other mds i have been to are far better.

1 by Review source

Chips were cold, monopoly stickers were missing off the drinks, mozzarella dips had been missed off the order and the wrong dip came with the chicken selects. Not great :(

2 by Review source

McD's, their all pretty much the same. Only been to this one a couple of times so cant reliably comment on the frequency of their icecream machine being operational.

4 by Andrew Smithson Review source

All staff are friendly and work to please their customers as best as they can. I had my order served to me within 3 minutes. Overbally I had a great experience here.

5 by Chloe Quinn Review source

Staff are very polite, just a shame I got home from the drive thru with a happy meal missing. I was even assured after asking that all the order was in the bag.

1 by Chris Hodgson Review source

Good service and generally quick service, just what you would expect from a macdonalds. Clean as well. I've been to some that are not but this is kept well

5 by Becky Northman Review source

On screen self service ordering, wide selection of good standard food, complimentary delivery of food to the table, tablets with good games for bored children.

5 by Review source

It was clean food ok we only go in there to wait for the train station to open and have breakfast and sometimes lunch but mainly we go in for breakfast Y xx

3 by Yvonne South Review source

Very friendly pleasant mcdonald's. Always a good stop on the road north to Scotland and just by the railway station. Table seduce and got food

4 by Andy Ward Review source

Clean, busy, reasonable seating area, handy for train station, access by car could be easier, limited car park but has drive thru. No complaints.

3 by Al Ragnarson Review source

Came here early one morning... Frozen to death & then i saw these welcoming golden arches that soothed my soul with its warm embrace

5 by Richard Paul Caird Review source

nice and quite compared to other McDonald's with are normally over crowded and noisy nice cappaccunio staff very polite and friendly

5 by Review source

Shame nothing done about the number of teens just sitting at tables. Half the place full of them. Staff just seem to watch them !

3 by Karen Newbold Review source

Very clean and tidy staff are very nice... maybe need another till on
not everybody like to use that smart order machine!!!

5 by Hakan Sokmen Review source

Fries were cold even though they were quite busy. Staff seemed uninterested and more concerned with talking omongst themselves.

2 by Karen syme Review source

Good McDonalds! There's all the time someone to clean tables and it is obviously very clean. The service is pretty fast.

4 by Désirée van den Berg Review source

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