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Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Ln, London E1 6QL




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The golf itself is fun I'll admit that, but its very expensive for 9 hole courses. A can of coke is £2 and they dont keep them in the fridge they just give you a plastic cup with ice. The whole venue is in a hot dirty basement.

There are too many members of staff doing nothing. When I got there, there was 1 person working the bar and 10 people waiting for drinks. At the same time there were 5 people at the font desk just chatting to each other.

We played the Bruce course which was fun but a couple of the holes didn't work. 2 out of 4 golf balls got lost in a pipe and there were no staff around to help out so we had to flush them out with other balls.

Afterwards we wanted to have a look at another course (one with cars) and even though we had given our clubs and balls back we were spoken to like we were trying to sneak another round without paying.

I like mini golf, and when it worked it was fun. But this place is talking the pee a bit just because it's in a trendy part of London. Maybe the prices are high because there are so many members of staff being paid to stand around doing nothing. Halve the staff and halve the cost of a round and this place would be on to a winner.

2 by Review source

Initially started very well when we arrived. We booked as a group of 9 but two of our friends couldn't make it so the front desk staff gave us some drink vouchers because they don't offer refunds.

So as a group of 7 we moved around the course, taking turns and enjoying ourselves. Conscious of the fact we were many, we let smaller couples jump ahead of us by sitting to the side where possible. Despite being a larger group though, we got through the turns in reasonable time.

Around halfway through one of the staff, presumably a manager of sorts, stood next to me and began to complain that we were 'fannying around' (her words!) and that we should 'get on with it' or she will have to 'remove us for the course'. I stood in disbelief because I have never experienced a member of staff treat a customer so rudely, with absolute no grounds! I tried to find the manager again to get her name to make a formal complaint but she refused to come out of her office and speak to me.

Given the variety on offer in London, I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. It's not cheap, it's not special and the staff are extremely rude!

2 by Review source

Very poor and rude staff.

Door staff made me tip out a bottle of water on the way in (you're a mini golf centre with bars, not Koko mate), cloak room bloke was rude and the woman behind the counter for the golf said 'I don't know and I don't care' when we asked which course of the four courses was best (Crazy, right? Asking a member of staff which course they'd recommend. Imagine a waiter saying that in a restaurant when asking which meal they'd suggest FFS).

The only reason I'm giving this place a 2 star review is because the bar staff were nice at least and the course we did (named Gary), despite being 9 small holes and taking 20 minutes tops to complete, was alright (despite a steep £11 per-head price tag but I expect to pay that for such things in London). 3 stars lost for how rude and useless the staff were though. If it hadn't have been for the fact the two women who served me and my girlfriend being friendly I'd have asked for a refund on the golf and walked out.

Wouldn't bother going again, wouldn't recommend to anyone. Better places to go and better things to see in London for the price.

2 by Daniel Callis Review source

Came here with my partner - we have played mini golf is some insanely cool venues around the world and this seemed to tick all our boxes on the website. The decor is cool and I enjoyed the junkyard feel, but it could do with some improvements. There are four courses and we only did the 'Bruce' course (we are movie buffs) so we expected to be done in an hour, but it actually only took half an hour to get round the whole thing, and that's with stopping to take photos of every bit! For £23 that's an expensive 30minutes. Also, we couldn't really see the course properly because it was too dark - the club atmosphere is a nice idea but not practical. The drinks were expensive but nothing special, and the bar staff didn't even crack a smile (guy on the front desk was much nicer and chattier). In terms of constructive feedback - would be great if there were deals on for doing multiple courses. Like 'book 2 courses to get 20% off the second course' or 'book all four courses and get 10% off the total!' I think people would like to feel like they're getting a deal and they would be more likely to stay and spend money on food and drinks.

3 by Olivia B Review source

Really fun place to go. The decor is great and they've got some brilliant touches, such as a glittery golf cart for photo ops! As other people have said it's more about the theme and the experience than the actual golf, as you only get 9 holes and they're not too difficult (although saying that one was impossible!!!)

We did the Bozo course with our six year old son, and he really enjoyed it. The staff were also really kind to him and gave him a sticker and a hat at the end. (He had just tripped over thin air and was crying, but the staff are a credit to the place)

The only reason I've given four (& I kind of wish there was a half) was that the toilets were minging when we went and we were at the start of the session. Only 1 was useable as one was leaking water everywhere and the other had toilet paper blocking it.

BUT if you take anything from my review it's this FUN, FUNKY, DIFFERENT golfing.... And we're definitely going back again!

4 by Hayley Rutherford Review source

Went here after hearing on the grapevine that it was a decent place for mini golf. In reality, however, it's an overpriced, boring experience that is far too overcrowded.

I chose the 'Bozo' course (clown themed) and was completely underwhelmed with the length and quality of the courses. There were 9 holes total, with some of them being no more than 4 ft long. The courses are just terrible, and throwing a mannequin next to it doesn't detract from how poor they are.

You're going to get stuck behind a group of people, so make sure to pile up on plenty of £5 pints whilst you wait. By time it's your turn, there's another queue behind you and you feel under pressure to not hold everyone up.

Poorly managed, poorly ran - save your money and go elsewhere.

2 by Review source

The course itself is fun enough. The overall experience was let down by the rude, arrogant bar staff and the awful hotdog stall. You'd think putting some boiled sausages in bread and squirting on some mustard would be straightforward, and fast. Apparently not. There were only about 6 people in the queue, yet we had to wait 40 minutes to get served. Then 10 minutes for the two hipsters serving us to put a sausage in a bun. After all that the hot dog itself was spectacularly mediocre.

We were given free drink vouchers after complaining. Then the obnoxious bar staff were rude to us and decided that the vouchers couldn't be used on for the drinks we wanted.

Don't go here if you're hungry. Or thirsty. Or sensitive to being spoken to like dirt.

2 by Review source

Slow, untested, and overpriced. A shame because the concept is really cool.

Couldn’t believe we’d need to leave 90 minutes to play 9 holes of crazy golf, but since we were a group of 6 (the maximum allowed), we let through a lot of faster groups, meaning it was closer to two hours. A lot of holes can’t have have two golfers playing at once, which added to the time.

Frequently the balls would fly off course, despite taking the intended route. Several times balls became stuck or lost where they shouldn’t have. We even had to fix holes to make them playable, especially on the Gary course.

The food and drinks offered were okay, but expect to pay prices similar to a bowling alley. Overall this was not good value for money, and we left disappointed.

1 by BlueChameleon01 Review source

- Okay for a couple but if you're in a group of 3+ then it's a nightmare. You won't enjoy it at all.
- £11.50 for 9 holes is a day light robbery given the quality of the course - it's *****.
- £2 to store my bag in the cloakroom...lol
- Bring night vision goggles if you have one. Will come in handy.
- Have asthma? The place is a death zone for you. More layers of dust than my nans china cabinet.
- Avoid during peak hours. Packed like sardines in a can.
- 'Bar' was alright. It's got alcohol, helps ease the experience you're about to have or just had.
- Despite the negatives it's 'okay'. Joke no it's not. Go to some place else or treat yourself to some some good food nearby.

2 by Review source

Sometimes, people work hard to create something that looks effortlessly thrown together. Sometimes they literally throw things together.

Junkyard Golf club is literally thrown together. Nothing appears attractive, or carefully considered. It is the dredges of charity shop rejects nailed to some plywood. Considering that they were going for novelty appearance, you would have thought it would be more aesthetic. The overall impression was one of a 12-year-old trying really hard to be edgy.

The golf itself was OK; a fun course with some tricky shots but it was hard not to feel underwhelmed at some points.

Overall impression; a swing and a miss below par effort.

2 by Clare Smith Review source

The idea of it is really cool and they've decorated the place really well. The problem is they've gone with style over substance, it's just far too expensive for what you actually get. I thought that as it was only 9 holes they would be long or harder but they were simply shoot up a pipe and out the other end which meant even though it was pretty busy, we were finished within about 15 minutes.

I'm sure it's more fun with a big group and after a few drinks but they need to actually work on the golf part (the main actual activity) to make it worthwhile the money.

2 by William Blackler Review source

Competitive and social, Junkyard golf is not an original concept, but the execution is unique. With a big venue for a London location, there is big variety between courses, all well designed with their own style and character. The pacing and length is a little quick and short for the price, but it's great fun especially with a large group. The service is friendly and fun, the drinks are good and the location is great - what lets them down is a sub par food offering that needs some work. I'd suggest popping to Brick Lane after for a good cheap curry!

4 by Zachary Decent Review source

You can tell they've done a lot of work to stick to the theme of junkyard golf. Seems like they use real props to decorate. The problem i have is the holes area really basic. Don't think they thought too much about making the holes complex and rather focused on the decoration. Most holes you are hitting into a hole which went down a ramp and out next to the hole.

I think it could be more fun if I had drank or pre gamed and went with a big group, but was just with one friend. They do have bars everywhere which was cool.

3 by Michael Carillo Review source

Great day/ night with friends/ date. Been here several times and it never disappoints.
There are various golf courses to try, all creative, adventurous and fun.
Never tried the food but the drinks are amazing! From alcoholic (and non alocoholic) ice slush drinks to cocktails... definitely worth a visit.
Online bookings are recommended on busy days (Thursday through to weekends/ holiday periods) but I have always managed to pay on the day/ at the time for available slots. Be sure to check the slot times online. Great fun.

5 by M Cartwell Review source

If you like queuing this is the place for you! There doesn't seem to be a maximum limit on the number of teams going around each course, which led to overcrowding when I was there. It was also really loud (like most bars in London) which made it difficult to have a conversation as we went around. After the golf we tried to get our complimentary hot dog but the queue was so long that most of our team decided it wasn't worth it and left. I liked the car theme but I won't be going again anytime soon.

2 by Review source

I wouldn't waste your money here. I played on the 'Bruce' course which did look like the worst one.
For your money you only get 9 holes which doesn't sound too bad apart from the fact that the holes on this course are really small and unimaginative and so it takes about 20 mins.
I feel like you're paying for the fact that it is just off Brick Lane.
I'd go to another crazy golf course and for the same amount of money you can get 18 holes and a much better experience.

1 by Review source

There are different golfing themes to choose from. Make sure you book in advance as this place gets really busy! I went on the movie golf set. Very fun day out with all my friends, it is very dark in there but the holes are lit up so you can see where to putt! There is a scary clown theme we walked past which looked crazy!
They sell beer and booze so you can drink as you go round. There is a cafe at the front so you can buy some food. There is also a bar upstairs while you wait to play.

5 by Sat Bat Review source

Ok if its raining but not really worth £9.50 pp. Place stinks and could really do with a dose of atmosphere & a clean!! Place just like the staff who wwte on that day pretty soleless.
Drinks very expensive! Toilets are nice and clean though.
Don't put your correct email into the ipad at the start as it's just a way to get information about you. My friends did it and were bombarded with junk I put a fake one in and my junk box is empty.. Go figure!

2 by Review source

My partner and I are staying just around the corner from here for a short visit. we decided to see what their was to do last minute in the evening when we arrived. We thought this place looked good and would be something fun to do. The staff where all fab, friendly, and very helpful. We ended up playing 2 of the courses (circus and jungle) and had a lovely time. Thank you to the guys and girls at junkyard golf. We hope to come back here again. Highly recommend :)

5 by Heather Louise Review source

Junkyard golf is a great place especially on a wet cold December evening. The 4 courses are heavily themed with a bar at mid Hole so how can you complain. Pricewise it's reasonable for London however a multi course price deal would be great as one did not take us long in a group of two. I imagine if it was later and in a group could take a lot longer than 30mins. The choice of drinks is good and very creative. I will definitely return for another round.

4 by Joe Lemmon Review source

Enjoyed the golf but for the price would assume you’d get all 4 courses (they are all themed and you get to pick one) We went there on an off peak time so was £18ish for two of us. Price of drinks were a bit ridiculous but food was priced well. Ended up getting a fruit juice as wasn’t paying £8 for a (super cheap) vodka and orange not really a proper bar just like someone ran down to Tesco’s. Enjoyed the golf though good for something different to do.

3 by Dani Essex Review source

Nice idea for a fun day, however, unfortunately the actual golf course is...... Shite.... Literally balls get stuck easily and the experience was solidly mediocre. Also, the music was too loud, and I know I sound like a grandfather saying that bit literally soooo loud. £2 to store my bad and £1 fory coat also made me feel robed. I'm afraid I have to say that I cannot in good conscious recommend this place. Sorry..

2 by Sebastian Taylor Review source

Good fun playing indoors so you don't have to worry about our good old dependable British weather. The holes are nicely varied with some being more challenging that others. There is a bar half way through the courses so if you run dry, you can top up if you wish. There's a limit of about six people per team as per the score card and it makes sense since you'd be on each hole forever in larger groups.

4 by Darren Taylor Review source

Fun idea but poorly executed. It's quite expensive but very little thought or money has been put into it. There's a very small choice of drinks which are pricey; £5 for a small can of beer, you have to pay for the cloakroom and the courses are quite literally junk glued down to the ground, some of them the ball just fires off across the room. They could have been really inventive with the idea.

2 by Adam Lawler Review source

Coolest mini golf place I’ve been to. The drinks are absolutely mad, loved the drinks, try the cocktail with bubblegum syrup in it! BOZO course was super cool and wished we could’ve tried the other ones. There’s two bars so you can make a pitstop, drink and take a break. The courses get super busy around 6/7pm so do pre-book in advance ✌ The staff were a little unfriendly at the bar and check in.

4 by Tessa Claire Review source

Recently went round the Bruce course with my sister. Was very expensive once you factor in the cloakroom as well considering all you get is a round on 9 small, unimaginative holes that need more than just a lick of paint (What's going on with tired and chipped Jabba the hut!?). We must have have made it round within 15 minutes and both felt that it offered no value for money. Disappointed.

2 by Review source

Losing a star on the value for money of the course and drinks. Apart from that the golf is fun and quirky. Unless you are going at peak times with a large group you can turn up and get tickets at the door for a reasonable time later on.
I have played Pablo and Bruce, Bruce definitely being the better one.
Nice venue for a date or some activity with friends before a night out.

4 by Jack Fawcett Review source

Most of the staff at Junkyard, lifeless and rude, the friendliest people were the security... the venue, horrible and smelly and the course we were on has gaps down the side of it, was basic as hell, not maintained and we had to wait about 10 minutes between goes because someone in front lost the ball. As did we! Never going again. There is nothing to make me want to come back at all.

2 by Daniel Spencer Review source

Loved it! It's all in the name.
We had a really fun time here.
The staff are relaxed and friendly. The frozen cocktail slushys are amazing!
The actual crazy golf bit has multiple courses. We did the Circus one. Really nicely put together, all playable and fun without any polish. We went early afternoon so it was quite and we could take our time. Highly recommend.

5 by Vic Pannett Review source

Great place for an after work social or with a group of friends. Absolutely bags of fun and a cut above your usual crazy golf. They have some inventive holes that are just the right balance between fun and frustrating. You'll probably get around the 8 holes in 30 mins depending on how many people are there. There are plenty of bars available, prices are regular London prices.

5 by Dom Graham Review source

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