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Warrington 1000m Part 1 of 7 of Team-Sport Trip!
Member Unlimited - 01/01/2017

First of all likes a Big thank you to Sara O pretty much help plan the whole week for us! Sara made it very easy and saved us a lot of time!

Me and Ami are from Eastleigh. We've been karting for over a year and a half now. We always wanted to try all the Team-Sports tracks up North. Warrington, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham and Birmingham. There's about 3-5hrs drive away from us, so we decided to do a week up north to do all the tracks. Which means we only had two long drives. Eastleigh to Warrington which only took 4hr. Birmingham back to Eastleigh 2hr 30mins. The tracks between each other only 30mins to an hour away from each other! This is the 1st time we try all of these tracks apart from Birmingham which we have been to once before. Five New track to try, we can't wait!

The track at Warrington is the largest track in the company. It was signposted well and pretty easy to find. We booked on a members unlimited. There is a maximum of five groups and guaranteed five session of 10mins. So 50mins of karting. We were happy to find out that there was only three groups that evening. We ended up having nine sessions of 10 minutes so we got a 90 minutes of karting, which was fantastic.

To get to the pit lane you have to go over a bridge which crosses the track, It is an amazing place to watch karting and you can see most of the track on the bridge. The track is very quick, a lot of the track is flat out and very enjoyable. The other half is technical which means it more interesting for a long track.

The staff here are very nice like all Team sport staff we meet. Mike and Jack booked us in, Jess was be-hide the bar, Tom and Kieran were in pits and marshalling, Dave and Ashleigh were marshalling and Dan the mechanic.

As it was an unlimited night all the staff were very busy keeping up with the groups, luckily we got to talk to them in between gaps. Really enjoyed our time here and the members here were very nice and helpful.

Our quickest lap time! (1st visited)
Ami - 69kg - 59.927
James - 107kg 61.239

The only bad thing about this place is the lighting, it was dark in certain areas in the evening. Me and Ami have started recording sessions and you can't see very much on the video. Apart from this I would highly recommend trying the track out it's a lot of fun. We can't wait to come back again.

Warrington 350m Part 2 of 7 of Team-Sport Trip!
OTSR x 2 - 02/01/2017

Last night we did the 1000m track and today we doing the 350m track!
Rhys J and Jason who work at Southampton said it a lot fun when you do go to Warrington make sure to try it out too!

We saw Jack again from last night, asked us if we enjoyed last night and show us the way to the 350m track, as it in a different building. We wasnt disappointed at all, the smaller track is a lot fun, very grippy and quick!
The staff at the little track Georgia, Dan B, Dan M, Graham, Morgan and Dan F were very pleasant and enjoyed talked about new members events at the tracks and Kartchamps.

Our quickest lap time! (1st visited)
Ami - 69kg - 16.231
James - 107kg 16.689

5 by James Taylor Review source

I was a little disappointed with the go karting booked for my son and his friend for his birthday after looking online seemed a great place ,on entry so welcoming kids signed up and were amazed seeing the track which to be fair was great we were then told to go through double doors to a separate building to the kids track and they were really excited still even though it wasnt the track they thought , we got to separate building and was taking to a room to watch a saftey video then suited up the track wasn't as big but they didnt care they couldn't wait , their turn came round my son , his friend and another 3x people one of which was a grown man , hang on they just told us its a kids track ,but it was all good , we stood watching they seemed to be enjoying it yet the grown man seemed to be a little to quick for the kids and crashed into my sons friend more than once but no one seemed to be bothered by it ,in a way it was a bit like he was bullying them and intimidating them to get past ( my son and his friend got frightened racing a grownman )anyhow I had my younger son who was unable to go on as he was too young my plan was get him some lunch in spectators area which had a cafe this was advertised at the time of booking on internet, I waited at the cafe area no staff there then a member of staff asked if I was ok , I asked for 2x cups of tea for me and my partner and was going to order food but was told' no sorry ive just washed all my machines out u can have a drink out the fridge but cant make any tea' my little one kept saying he was hungry so I had to buy crisp and a cold drink was very disappointed with that. why advertise it in the first place in my eyes it was quite rude I booked in for 3:30pm the place shuts at 6pm so machines were washed out 3hrs before closing when they knew they had bookings I felt like they couldn't be bothered not sure if I would come again as I paid £50 for 2 kids 2x 15 min slots and in the time I was there I just felt like I wanted to leave .the website advertised it in a totally different light

1 by Review source

Had a private session with 28 people, all were hugely disappointed. Paid over £1200. You would think paying this much you would get looked after but read on for the dreadful service we received.

1- paid for a session for which I didn't receive. team sport changed the format just so they could cram in more bookings on the day. Which meant we were cheated of our allocated time.

2- promised they weren't cram loads of drivers on the circuit at the same time. That was a lie and they did the complete opposite. With many drivers on the circuit, it causes much more delays and stoppages.

3- one of the karts on the final Grand Prix got a puncture, there were no collisions or anything to cause this. Was just faulty equipment. The race had a red flag for about 5 minutes which meant everyone was stopped. This stoppage time was taken out of our time allowance of 15 mins. Once again another sign of cheating us of our time.

4- every race, we were supposed to get a full 15 mins on track. As I was looking at the board, once the time hits 1 min 30 of time left, the time clock vanishes and every one is brought into the pit lane.

5- I complained to management, received a phone call 2 days later, a guy called Phil spoke to me. One of the rudest guys I have ever spoke to. Poor poor customer service skills. Practically called me a liar and that I had no evidence. Advised I had evidence then said it was illegal.

I will never attend ANY team sport track ever again. Scam artists!

Be wary and take note of my comments. You will not get what you paid for.

If I paid over £1200 and received this rubbish service, if your paying your £15, £30 or whatever it is, think about what you will receive

My friends who attended will be leaving many more reviews just like mine

1 by Review source

I booked an event 11/03/18 and still haven’t received my refund. I have been lied to again and again. 1 star is flattering! ButI have to add one to leave the review.

Do yourself a favour and use Daytona they won’t lie to you or try and rip you off. I booked a slot for me and 5 staff. When we arrived they wanted me to pay for another spot. Which I did, they then advised they would refund the money as it was their mistake. The staff couldn’t do it and I had to ring head office the following day. I spoke to head office and they said they would call me back after speaking to the facility. Later that day I got a call advising the payment would be back in my account in 3-5 days, so I waited. After 5 days no refund, I called head office and they apologised and told me it could take 14 days! I explained I wasn’t happy! Again, I waited. After 14 days I rang head office and explained I still had not received a refund, they explained to me that the refund needed to be authorised by a regional manager. And it would be in my account in 5 days,I explained I wasn’t happy and wanted to speak to a manager, none were available (despite the fact that during the call I was advised that she needed to put me on hold while the account was discussed with a manager). Again, I waited the 5 days and still had no refund. I called again, the excuse this time was that a regional manager had only just authorised the refund, and it would be in my account in 3 working days. Curiously though, despite the person advising that they had processed the refund in person at that time, they were unable to provide me with an authorisation code.

It’s £35 to have to wait a month for a refund is pathetic.

Avoid and use a reputable company that actually tells you the truth and has good customer service. I’ll post another review IF I get me refund.

1 by Review source

Very awful Experience. Not even a one STAR but that is the lowest you can give on here.

I paid for a session for which I didn't receive. team sport changed the format just so they could cram in more bookings on the day. Which meant we were cheated of our allocated time.

So I was promised they would not cram loads of drivers on the circuit at the same time,that was a lie and they did the complete opposite. With many drivers on the circuit, it causes much more delays and stoppages which results in a very bad race. Pointless.

This just shows how we got blatantly got cheated and stood on.

One of the karts on the final Grand Prix( the most important race of the day) got a puncture, there were no collisions or anything. Was just faulty kart . We all got red flagged for around 5 mins which meant we was at a complete stop Because of faulty karts which weren't looked after. This stoppage time was taken out of our time allowance of 15 mins. Once again another sign of cheating us of our time. So that was a 10 min race.

4- every race, we were supposed to get a full 15 mins on track. As I was looking at the board, once the time hits 1 min 30 of time left, the time clock vanishes and every one is brought into the pit lane.

5- I complained to management, received a phone call 2 days later, a guy called Phil spoke to me. One of the rudest guys I have ever spoke to. Poor poor customer service skills. Practically called me a liar and that I had no evidence. Advised I had evidence then said it was illegal.

Be wary and take note of my comments. You will not get what you paid for.

If I paid over £1200 and received this rubbish service, if your paying your £15, £30 or whatever it is, think about what you will receive. Money robbers.

1 by Review source

I've visited this track twice before, once with my University's Motorsport Society and the second time with a group of friends for my birthday.

The first time was a great experience with minimal interferences to the laps, however given the amount paid it really does seem like the '15 minute' sessions are too short. The staff were friendly enough, but seemed to stay out of the way for most of the sessions and let you enjoy the track.

The second time was a less than enjoyable experience, our sessions were cut short due to fumbling mistakes by the staff, who kept reallocating us to different karts without telling us what was going on. This took literally 10 minutes. I was apparently given a 'black flag' whilst out on the track, indicating for me to pull into the pits, and I was very rudely and almost threateningly spoken to by a female member of staff afterwards since I did not pull in. According to her there was an issue with my kart that needed sorting.

Now I had not seen any black flags whilst out on the track, and since I hadn't done anything to warrant being pulled into the pits why would I have done so? I reminded the staff member that it is not my responsibility to identify issues with the kart, and that I had already changed karts 7-8 times before our very short session begun. She did not respond well to the criticism, and I spoke to another member of staff after the incident who was very friendly and helpful.

Myself, my friends and the motoring society at my University will not be using the Warrington track for the foreseeable future, and the society have decided to look elsewhere for our events.

3 by Dan Carter Review source

Really good track its had everything you need with a good balance of top speed straights, slow tight bends and high speed bends. The karts were good and clearly lookes after and the staff were great with safety and fun being there main priority. The race we did was the 50 lap endurance race and i highly recommend it. The score/postion tracker was great, we had read outs of lap times and what positions your in at the end of each lap also there was a big board showing exactly what was happening in the race live for spectators.

Only one thing that took a little bit of the fun away which stopped my review from being a 5 star. There was no system in place for very slow drivers to have to move over for much faster drivers, like being shown a sign to move over (I'm talking about very slow drivers blocking the track, I'm NOT talking about slighty slower drivers that are difficult to over take as thats racing) instead i get a 'Calm down' sign pointed at me. It caused multiple karts to get cramped together wasting those fast laps you've just put in and you're all trying to get passed this one driver. In my opinion it became a safety hazard and for us competitive types it was frustrating, especially when it causes your sister to beat you and for you to never hear the end of it.

All in all it was still a very good time and money well spent. If you're reading the reviews your contemplating to go or not but trust me deffinetly worth it.

Thanks again.

4 by Review source

I've been to the 1000m track twice now, both on Unlimited Karting on a Sunday night. It's £35 and you're guaranteed 50 minutes of track time, split in to 10 minute races in rotation with 3 or 4 other groups. Depending on the number of people who turn up, and whether or not people leave before doing their 5 races, you may end up getting more track time. Yesterday, we ended up having 7 races, so well over an hour on track.

The staff are friendly, helpful and really approachable. There's a café near the spectator area which does some good grub and drinks, and at reasonable prices as well. All your laps are timed which encourages competitiveness on the track - if you're not racing against other people, you're racing against yourself to improve your time.

You get kitted out with overalls, gloves and a helmet and assigned a kart before you go on track. The only suggestion I can think of is having more lights - most people took note if there was a yellow or a red, but there are some sections of the track which don't have lights, and if the marshal is busy dragging someone out of the barrier, it's difficult for there to be a warning - but it's not too much of an issue to be honest.

As I say, I've only been twice but will definitely be going again. Fortunately for me, it's only 10 minutes down the road so I've got no excuses! If you're looking for a good laugh, get a couple of mates together and head down.

5 by Matt Ellis Review source

With a group of 18+ i was looking for a cost effective session that involved a lot of driving time. We chose the Unlimited karting on a sunday night which certainly gets you a lot of time but having arrived at 5:30pm it was a shame that we finally left about 11:30pm. At the end there were only 11 of us remaining as the rest were either too tired or had to get back home.

However.....the track is amazing, easily the best track ive ever raced on. Its long, wide enough to race on, challenging and has lots of different corner types.
It looks as though they have adjusted the corner by the pits to make it faster having seen some old videos and wow what a corner it is! so fast and scary when taken flat!

A few of us got a bit of motion sickness which kicks in when you are alone and bombing through the weaving upstairs section at speed.

Crashes were cleared relatively quickly but we did have to wave a few marshals from the sides when they missed stuff.

The booking process is easy but beware that they don't do refunds - this was annoying as there are always those who cry off in a group of our size. Thankfully we found 11th hour replacements.

Overall the track is great, the staff at the venue are very helpful but i think they need to reduce it down to 4 groups max rather than 5 because the waiting time was far too long.

4 by Andy Jones Review source

We had a great time, the facilities are well kept and everything is fresh and clean inside.
The karts are fantastic and well maintained, we got there early enough to watch the staff test and ensure the karts were in working order which was nice to see. The track is a little bumpy, luckily enough I had a small enough width for a foam insert which stopped me getting thrown around in my seat. Which will become painful and arduous after even half an hour of Karting, come prepared to have a few sore spots or bruises the next day (if you've karted before, this should not be new)
It was a thrilling experience and even as an avid fan the track does provide plenty of intense and focused movement. The staff at the venue are incredible and were all enthusiastic about Karting and in good spirits. We used their 25 year anniversary discount and had a really good time, booking over the phone via their centralized booking office a few hours in advance. Which was simple and equally politely staffed.
Lockers are a refundable £1 deposit and the suits fit well, they were clean and in good condition.
Having attended TeamSport Karting venues elsewhere in the UK these guys have a rep and they know how to keep it. All in all a pretty faultless experience.

5 by Review source

the worst experience ever, this was for my birthday and they ruined it. In the briefing to start with they came in saying we talked too much which we didnt so restarted it and wasted time. On the first lap we admitted we were driving fairly fast however no one was at risk at all, constant yellow flags and one of the racers car broke down in the first lap, and no one bothered to help him, when everyone got 3/4 laps, he got half of one. They took us off 5 minutes early. Second race, we did nothing wrong, using a pathetic health and safety excuse, half of us completed 1 lap whilst others didnt even stay on the track for 30 seconds, they took us off again, it was beyond a joke. They could not handle 20 people to save their lives, and when i went to complain, paying 400£ for 30 mins of racing, and getting only 12mins, a partial refund would be the least they should have done, and how do they expect us to come again? But oh no being the joke they were they decide to make us want to spend again and offer half price next time we come, trying to fish more money out of us. It was the worst customer service ever, no one felt endangered, we weren't driving dangerously, if you cant handle 20 people on a track please change the limit. Pathetic.

1 by HAnaan Qamar Review source

If your looking for a kiddies birthday party' then go ahead but if your a group of lads looking to race each other, DON'T BOTHER, get used to 'calm down' warning boards, yellow / red lights and Black flags.
18 of us Booked for 2 x 15 min racers and spent only 25% under green light. Staff took far too long to return the race to green after clearing the spun carts, Excuse, they needed to allow the crashed carts to get back up to speed,(walking speed).
Can't imagine they get many returning parties because we wasn't the only disgruntled booking.
I had 4 black flags 2 for not slowing down enough on yellow. 1 for driving too aggressive & 1 Was a mistake by staff.
The 5 star reviews are mostly from team building events & kiddies parties.
If you do book, only the 50 LAP event is value for money. You can spend all day on red without missing out on racing time.

1 by Review source

By far the best indoor karting I have seen so far! Great, up-to-date website and just as slickly run once you arrive. Good balance between efficient turn around of driver groups on track and relaxed atmosphere off the track. I have only driven the 1000m track 3 times now - it is so good that I haven't even bothered looking at their smaller track. Took part in the 'Nuclear Industry Karting Cup 2013' last weekend. 18 teams of 6 drivers with the main event being a 3 hour endurance race - including a minimum of 11 pit stops and driver changes. Was a huge amount of fun and our company placed 2nd - my best lap being 1:04.87. I don't think I used the brakes unless somebody was in my way but keeping your right foot to the floor entering the dark, covered section of track took a while to get used to! I'm dragging friends and family there again this weekend to battle it out again - it's so much fun I think I'll become a member. Definitely recommended to anybody who takes the slightest joy in driving or adrenaline seeking...

5 by Michael Finlayson Review source

Was the worse karting experience i have ever had, with in the half an hour on track i was able to drive 19 laps and only 4 clean laps, due to 19 karts on track at once and yellow flags constantly up as well as the 4 and a half minutes spent under the red flag which was not explained to us why it happened, at the pace i was driving i should have gotten very nearly 30 laps but couldn't, this could be the best karting track in the area if they limited number of karts to 8/10 got rid of the horrific lights system and went to for 2 man marshall posts, and had sessions for experienced drivers and ones for unexperienced drivers. these were only a few problems me and my friend had, and would like to discuss with a manager or somone, some sort of offer because both me and my friend thought it was appalling the way the session was conducted, for £35 it was defiantly not worth it.

*The karts and track are great i'm glad they kept the original track roughly the same and the karts are much better under team sport but the rest was sub par.

1 by Mail Syram Review source

Would not even give this place/company 1 star

I have Been going here years, But this place has gone down the drain

*Prices have gone up two fold

*the track is overpacked (almost 20people on the track at the time)
Didn't not have one complete lap with out yellow or red flag been out all the time...

*Run by children (the he/she person there has a shocking attitude and caused much trouble when there and also acted very immature all night)

*Attitutudes of the staff is shocking (uneducated in the sport and no comunication skills)

*The food is undercooked and extortionate prices for the equivalent of a 99p asda pizza (and a 45minute wait)

*Karts are in very poor condition with bent steering racks and loose parts

*toilets had human waste all over the place and the smell was unbareable

* constantly swarming with police outside, that will hassle you if your taking a smoking break

If I could upload my GOPRO footage to this I would

1 by Luke jones Review source

Terrible to say the least. I was completely mis-sold where do I start???
1. Booked 2 hours got about 1:20 on the track, if that.
2. Damaged kart resulted in me missing a full race apparently all karts are tested before we go on track but this was a punctured tyre, PUNCTURED TYRE REALLY!
3 . I have been go karting for over 6 years I know how to drive slight contact resuilts in you going into the pits therefore we where constantly thrown into pits and we barely got to do one full lap.
4. If your racing really close you get a yellow light to separate you, how the hell are you meant to over take.This is just scraping the surface.

I will never be back again! If anyone's looking for a good go karting session go to the track in Rochdale.

Ohh yeah make sure you bring your own snacks and drinks the workers are never in the cafe.

If you win the race don't celebrate you have to keep the noise down

1 by Review source

Hello I booked this morning for a race for my grandson - who is also a member. Hannah asked what time I would like - I said about 3pm - she offered 3.45 and to be at the track for 3.15. We arrived at 3.05 and paid the balance for the race.
At the track for children we was told the booking was for 5pm ! I definitely would not have agreed to this time and could not stay for another 2 hours ! My grandson was deeply disappointed and I was very annoyed indeed.
I was offered a credit for a race- which I had no choice about.
The person on the till who took the balance of payment surely could have mentioned that we were 2 hours early and not just taken the payment.
So after my grandson's disappointment and all the money we have spent so far at team sport - I am extremely unhappy with the service today and would like this message to be filed as an official complaint .
Glenys young

1 by Review source

Fast, furious and fun.
I've had almost 20 years of karting experience and I've got to say this place is one if the best indoor karting tracks I've ever been to. Friendly staff at reception and very professional staff trackside.
It was my wife's first time on the track and her inexperience was apparent. As ever there was a lot of young lads trying to set a top time on every lap and my wife, along with a few others, were bumped out of the way. The staff made it very clear to all during the post race briefing that this sort of behaviour would not be tolerated, and they stood by their warning. During the next race a young driver banged into both my wife and myself and was immediately called off the track.
Despite this we had a great time and I would highly recommend this place.

5 by Review source

We visit this track quite a lot, and for the most part it's brilliant.

I second the other posters comments about the inconsistencies in the performance of Karts. It almost makes competition a mute point. Once you get to a reasonable level, then it's just pure luck in terms of what car you get. You can really tell the difference session to session.

Also, when we were there on Saturday, or second session was cut short with no explanation from staff. We should have had 15 minutes, but we got just less than 9 mins. I later found out a kart had damaged the barrier on the top section. But once it was repaired, we just led back to pits. No more racing for us so we felt a little shortchanged.

Great track and lovely staff.

4 by Lee Martin Review source

By far one of the best indoor tracks in the UK, Perfect Karts for the type of track, reaching speeds of 40mph, which feel even quicker when you are out on circuit. I would highly recommend it, some of the reviews are from people saying they are shown the 'calm down' board, which you are only shown if you are driving erratically, but the staff are very approachable and extremely friendly, always there to give you advice about how to get better lap times. Would recommend this place to anyone, easy to find, free parking, well maintained with Karts which are a month old, perfect day out for families, Stag dogs or just friends who want to find out who the better driver is!

5 by Review source

Great track, inconsistent Karts. It wasn't just me who thought so, we had a few experienced go-karters in our group who all had experiences with good and bad karts during our race. We had three 15mins sessions, different karts each time. Aside from this, the facilities are excellent. Staff are great. And the track is fun, and very testing, even for experienced racers. Just wish that the karts were more consistent. It's expensive, but karting always is. Also, it is physically exhausting, not something you'd want to do before a big night out. Wicked fun though. :)

4 by Colin Gaskarth Review source

Attended with a large group, 28 of us in total, and it was for a private session.

We did not receive what we paid for, when we complained it was shrugged off and they said it's all done now. Many issues on the day and it felt like our session was rushed so they could get more people on the track after us. Our track time was hugely reduced. IF I COULD GIVE 0 STARS I WOULD!

Poor staff all round including customer service managers who phoned our organiser 2 days after who was just all out RUDE. Very bad company, I advise no one to visit this company.

1 by Review source

Good Course but tight in places. Staff Plesant good induction. One bad thing was that at one stage there was a crash involving me and the tyres lifted up a friend of mine hit the wall and smashed his head off the steering wheel. This wasnt intentional and but I was disqualified for dangerous driving. Very confused because we were all informed that we had 3 warnings. So 100 mile round trip and after 1 lap I was not able to continue . You can now make a decision on whether you would take that risk to lose your money for one mistake on a tight course.

2 by Marcus Howard Review source

Took my 12 yr old daughter and her friend for her Birthday.
Wasn't advised at booking point that the cadet track was in a different building, was only a short walk but could have done with knowing beforehand really.
My daughter was placed in an adult kart for the 1st session which she struggled to steer. 2nd time out in a cadet kart was much better for her.
Had a word with reception over the kart choice. They apologised for the error and gave me a voucher for another free session which was fair enough.

3 by Focused Man Review source

Day ruined by terrible drivers. Staff should have do more to remove drivers a danger to others off the track. I was hit a full speed from behind on a slow corner. My race was stop start as others in my session kept crashing. I think I managed 2 back to back laps without a yellow light. Could have been a lot of fun as both course and karts are in good quality. In depth safety breif, but Marshalls should have done more to protect from irresponsible drivers. This has greatly effected the number of stars given.

2 by Ben Review source

Terrible service. We arrived at 1730 for our 1830 booking. Signed in and waited for the induction (even though we have been before). We then waited until 1930 for the first session. When I asked a member of staff why the delay she said there wasn't one. I told her about the booking time and she said she had no idea I must go to reception. Sadly, reception had been closed since 1830. It's now 10pm and the drivers have just had there 3rd session of 5. I wonder if we will be done before it closes?

1 by Lee Harrison Review source

My son has raced mainly at Nottingham for the last two years but has also been to Birmingham and Sheffield track's. Had a weekend break in Chester so could not miss the opportunity to visit Warrington track. Must say a big thanks to Tom and the track side marshals for their encouragement advise and tips for this track resulting in 59.642 for his 1st time visit. We are planning another visit were he can compete on a Sunday unlimited to challenge the top guys.

5 by Review source

The track is the best indoor track I’ve ever been on and seen... There’s plenty of turns and a 2 long straights and going up and down levels to make it more enjoyable... I’ve now been there 3 times and I live 50 mins away... it’s a great set up and all staff are really helpful... And surprisingly, the food is excellent, not what i was expecting from a Go Karting event... Will be going again soon... Grid starts are the way to make your experience even better!

5 by Shaun Budnarowski Review source

We did the international circuit unlimited laps on a Sunday we we're their from 16.30 till 22.00 and managed to get 50 laps in in 5 10 min sessions, it's I very hard circuit after each session we all felt like we had been beaten up, it's a very physical and technical circuit, it's brilliant, my only concern was as it was getting late and obv loosing natural light from our side the lighting inside is just about good enough to race safely.

5 by carl stocksborough Review source

Terrible experience . One of the members of staff with a bold head, fat, looks a bit gay is very racist towards the coloured people so be careful. He also has a very bad temper . Yr not allowed to overtake on track . Too many drivers In 1 session a lot of red lights and amber hardly get a full lap out would not recommend . If u like to drive slow however it is perfect for you . DAYTONA for sure is number one .

1 by Review source

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