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We were so excited about the reopening of this pub last year as it is right at the top of our road, so perfect for drinks and weekend lunches, we hoped. Without going into lots of lots of detail, after our third visit, by which time we had established that the staff were in need of some training and experience, the drinks were massively over priced (think West End prices) and the food, was good, not great or amazing but also expensive we, despite all this, booked to go for dinner. Long story short, they were to able to serve us due to numerous issues in the restaurant which they did not manage well. I complained and we were offered a return to the restaurant for them to 'make good'. Again the food was good ... not amazing (chocolate pudding aside), but then came the bill, with no mention from the Manger who was by now standing outside smoking of the offer to comp the meal by way of apology for the previous issues. We have not been back since, and today (not for the first time) walked past the pub to go to the other gastro pub down by Lee Station. What has prompted this review after so long was seeing only one table busy in the restaurant at half one this afternoon (Sunday) and a very quiet bar tells us that we are not the only ones to now give this pub a miss. i really wanted this to be our local. We eat out most weekends and have not once, considered a return to the Crown, going further afield to Greenwich or Blackheath. Lower your prices, sort out the staff and then try to get the locals back in! Our daughter goes to a local school and I know from talking to other parents that we are not the only ones to feel that is over priced and that the staff are in need of some development.

2 by Christine Davison Review source

A fast track to disappointing sundays.

Sadly, The Crown is our closest pub. Which means if you fancy a recover roast or a bloody mary to take the edge of a sunday afternoon... the crown would be our first point of call.

At £15 for a roast... to then be told there were no yorkshire puddings but ‘they could add some extra veg’ was a bit lame. i’m no chef but i know the ingredients of a yorkie and it’s value to a roast dinner is sacrosanct. if they don’t value the yorkie, then i can’t value them.

Then apparently yesterday... they ‘didn’t do bloody mary’s.’ at first, the bar staff said they didn’t know how to make one so she had to ask ‘the cocktail guy’ who responded ‘we don’t have all the ingredients’. understandable if you didn’t want to compromise our pallets experience with substandard bloody mary’s... but when we politely responded, ‘oh that’s ok. what don’t you have... we’re happy to just have vodka, tomato juice (which was literally in the fridge behind her) and salt:pepper... the cocktail guy replied. ‘we don’t have any of the ingredients’ . a cold lie straight to our faces.

Maybe we’re not their type of custom.
Or maybe they’re just terrible at customer service... either way, the lord northbrook is a fantastic pub just down the road with better roasts, delicious bloody mary’s and friendlier / happier staff.

1 by Kostie Kontorravdis Review source

First Class Restaurant - Myself and my two Sisters met for lunch at this newly refurbished Restaurant on Saturday 26 September . On arrival at the restaurant we were greeted by an extremely friendly Gentleman who gave us a choice of were we would like to sit (we later realised this gentleman was the Owner)

The shabby Chic decor makes the restaurant look fresh and really cosy.

Our first impressions when we first saw the menu was 'It's different' we chose the following, and we were each blown away

Duo of Devon lamb,
(pan seared rump & a slow roasted lamb shoulder shepherd’s pie, charred courgettes, minted baby leeks)

Young’s Ale battered cod,

triple cooked chips, mushy peas, tartar sauce and charred lemon

The food was Exquisite and sensibly priced.........The Staff were also very friendly. We will definitely be returning and would highly recommend this restaurant to everyone

5 by Eddie Amani Review source

Visited the Crown today for lunch. My daughter had arrived before me and had commented that the staff were quite rude. I decided to observe.

Upon using the loo there was only one soap dispenser with any hand wash in it. Toilet did not flush. The staff all seemed completely unenthusiastic and less than helpful, aside from one chap who I assumed is the manager (he has 2 children, one of which is 6 weeks old).

The food was of a good standard, for what we had.

There was one family that wanted to order food, it took a further 15 mins for them to be given the children's menu, which once again seemed to be an inconvenience to the staff.

I would not choose to return for the simple fact of the miserable faces I had to see around me. The Crown has always been a lovely pub to have a quick pint or a nice meal. There is no personality anymore so it's no wonder they are quite and locals no longer drink there...

1 by Lynette Farthing Review source

Came here to meet friends - I've never been to the area before, and was pleasantly surprised by this new pub. Me and my friends decided to pop in for a beer, they had a good range and the ales were on point. We decided we would stay for some food, we moved from the garden to the dining area and all ordered roasts.

We decided to have a chicken, beef, pork and vegetarian. All the meats looked and tasted great, I had the beef and it was lean and tender and was perfectly rare (as requested). The vegetables were cooked well (not too hard, not too soft). That ale gravy as well, delicious. My veggie friend agreed that the potatoes were delicious (ours were done in goose fat so we couldn't really tell). All in all it was a great experience which was enhanced by the lovely decor and attentive staff.

We paid and then went back to the garden and drank wine till the sunset. We shall be making the journey south again!

5 by Paul Archer Review source

Waiters have no idea what proper serving is. One waitress, a school girl actually, was insisting to take away from the table the empty plates. I had 2 bites to finish meal and showed clearly we don't need her attention at our table but she didn't care and took the empty plates from the far end of the table exactly under my nose. And all this after we needed waiter's attention just after they brought our meal but no staff member appeared. I had to go myself to the bar. For all this absence of staff I pay service charge!
Serving is not a philosophy. Just simple rules. At this place they don't have a clue what's that.
Overpriced too! This is just Lee, hello!
I live just across the street. For 6 months I've been once in there. See you in another 6 months. Don't think that place deserves frequent visits

2 by Dimi Petrov Review source

Just refurbished and first impressions of the place were very good.

We ordered 2 Roast Porks, Roast Beef and a child's Roast Chicken.

2.5 wafer thin slices of pork so dry, it was inedible. Came with a hairy piece of crackling about the size of a postage stamp.

My partner got the beef, which was exactly the same. Bone dry and a tiny portion. Daughter's chicken was also incredibly overcooked.

Everything, including the potatoes looked like it was cooked yesterday then warmed up.

In their favour, the manager was very apologetic, the staff seem lovely and we never paid (we never ate anything!). Back home to eat yesterday's leftovers!

Hopefully just teething problems, as it's a lovely place, but I'd avoid until they get their act together.

1 by Don McVey Review source

I like this place, very family environment.
I wouldn't recommend to have any food here, as it is over price, the food has no flavour and it is tiny portions special the roast diners you pretty much pay for a plate of kale and potatoes which taste nothing.
My partner asked for the roast Lamb £17, honestly the food portion was bad, there was about 4 potatoes and the rest was just kale, I had fish and chips £14, there were about 8 chips on my plate, the fish had no taste. Super over priced. Come one management team you are in south Lewisham and not Cityof London
But as I said it is a lovely place to have a drink a catch up with friends and you can bring your dog , plenty of space available and the staffs are always great
If the food was better and cheaper I would defenitly come more regularly

3 by Luis Jesus Review source

I remember when this pub used to be full, when I was a lot younger. The pub is a beautiful building and the garden is nice, the decor on the inside is good. however, I cant say I have ever been in the place and seen more than 6 patrons in six or seven visits. The main problem here is that there are no bar stools, there is a sterile empty looking strip of black lino in front of the long bar, but it looks completely uniniviting for those who prefer to stand next to the bar, and the fact there are no stools is a complete put off. It doesn't have a pub atmosphere, and does not seem to be the kind of place where people go to meet up or meet people. How this place makes money beats me....there is so much they could do as far as events etc. to fill the place up again. My advice, get some stools in....

3 by Julian Keogh Review source

Well what can i say! Great pub in a great location.. the refurbishments the owner has done on this place are amazing. The setting and decor provides a great social environment. The service and staff were exceptional! very reasonable prices! Delicious cold beer and tasty cocktails! The owner is a true gentleman! I have since visited this establishment quite a few times! Great vibe at this place makes meeting new people easy!! the food was also amazing! I had the roast pork, tender and succelent the crackling was to die for!!! I highly reccomend the crown to all! You will see me there most afternoons! 5 stars!

5 by Lee Abraham Review source

The only reason this pub gets any rating is because it is a beautiful venue and the drinks aren't poisonous. Other than that the food is tastless. I was so disappointed yesterday I ordered three meals, and each and every one of them were so disappointing, such a shame for a beautiful pub.
Staff are unattentive, beer battered cod - how can you get that wrong...
I don't usually write bad reviews but honestly I was so disappointed, especially for the amount of money I spent on not even a half decent meal. Will not be eating again. Much better pubs in the area.

2 by nicky ____ Review source

had sunday lunch here today . lovely pub. ordered the lamb but was very disappointed as it was mainly fat and bone, I really struggled to find any meat. The manager came over after my complaint and to be honest he made me feel like i was complaining about nothing. £17 for a yorkshire pudding, 3 roast potatoes some cabbage and turnip, really?! overpriced is an understatement.! A good manager would have offered more than a dessert i didn't want. What i wanted was to not pay for something i didnt get.

2 by Christina ONeill Review source

Its a good building and scenery. I only went for someone else's birthday buffet. I overheard that the organiser had paid £500 for the spread, i was expecting either something amazing or lots of food! We had neither, the food wasnt even home made! all bought in. Maybe the quiche was homemade. but paying £500 for someone to pop down to the supermarket to cut up some buns and stick cocktail sausages in is a joke. Sorry to put down the place, but as a chef, it goes against everything i beleive in.

1 by stuff i did Review source

I booked an area for my birthday recently and it was FANTASTIC!!

We were so looked after and I was made to feel very special on my birthday! The staff were always on hand to help especially Alix, Alana, Ben and Mark. The food was great, arrived quickly and was delicious! It was our first visit to the newly refurbished pub and we were very satisfied customers! Me and my friends have all decided to return again and again.

Couldn't recommend enough! Go and try it out!

5 by Jess Sharp Review source

Attended a wake held here and food was a totally disgraceful as value for money and quantity. The manager was extremely arrogant. When a concern arose with the booking he went to sit next to the widower to talk about the problem and had to be asked to go outside to talk privately. He also kept asking how much had been spent over the bar! Not enough food to feed the amount of people asked to be catered for. Shame as such a lovely accommodating pub in previous years before the refurb.

1 by Brad Corley Review source

The last couple of times we've been up here the food has been lovely. We've just had a Sunday roast for the first time and it was really good, the chicken, pork and nut roast were all delicious! The atmosphere is usually cosy despite being a pretty spacious pub, and we haven't seen it too busy at all yet. There's also a nice big garden out the front for the summer. We live just around the corner and will be coming back more and more I'm sure.

4 by Sam Smith Review source

One of the best pubs in the area. It is a Fullers, but offers other guest ales (I had an excellent All Day IPA by founders).

Very nicely decorated, modern but cosy. Spacious with booths by the window, a large enclosed garden and big separate dining area. Staff v friendly, pub is also child and dog friendly. Also has a carpark.

My only issue is that whilst food is great, it is on the pricey side.

4 by Matt Day Review source

Service really slow, and 3 young children in our party so made our lunch stressful . 2 extras missed off of the main course order and we had to ask twice for more tap water and 3 times for the bill . I appreciate the pub was busy as it is Mothers Day but the staffing levels should have reflected this . Previous trips here have been good which is why we returned with extended family but I doubt we'll visit again.

3 by Gillian Watson Review source

Fantastic food and service from a great team.
Initially when the pub opened the food was average for a high price. Since then there is a new head chef who provides amazing food at reasonable prices. I can not speak highly enough of them. The surroundings, decor and eating area are very smart and we'll thought out and makes for a nice place to have a chilled drink and bite to eat. Well worth a visit.

5 by Matthew Parr Review source

Good choice of beers and Aspall cider on tap. Food is very popular. Includes a dog station (biscuits and water). V clean pub, friendly staff and pleasantly decorated. The beer garden is also popular with tables for eating. They do outdoor BBQs too. The night we went they had a great band doing covers which was going down well. A lovely local for the whole family!

5 by Clare Shobbrook Review source

Visited for Sunday lunch. Service was relaxed and attentive. Food was very good (decent sized portions, served fresh and hot). Our table was in the conservatory at the rear of the pub, which lacks a little atmosphere, but the tables are well spaced and the place was not crowded like some of the other pubs on a Sunday. I would happily recommend.

4 by Paul Howarth Review source

Really nice place and clean. I did think the food was pricey. Had fish and chips £14 with a small amount of chips probably about 10! Had the same at a pub up town and it was £12 so yes the prices need to come down! Apart from that it a nice place. More staff needed as well waited ages to be served.

3 by Gilly Mccormack Review source

Relaxed and cosy atmosphere. Staff were very friendly. We arrived just a minute or so after they stopped taking orders for lunch, therefore we ordered from the bar snacks menu. The food was very greasy and the portions small. Not something I would order again.

4 by Karen Baker Review source

Three of us had the roast - chicken, lamb and beef. Very good service. Chicken was dry, beef and lamb were very good. Vegetables were cooked well but roast potatoes were awful. Might go back again - nice, clean environment and lovely garden area with shade.

3 by Daisy Jones Review source

The pub has a great vibe with amazing food with good portions for their price. The bangers and mash i had was well seasoned and creamy mash. I will be ordering again, next time i visit i will try the classic cod and chips meal, which my family loved.

5 by 0 Review source


2 by PHILIP BOX Review source

Only visited the room upstairs for a wake, but all the staff were respectful and the place seemed well decorated, large and ver nice. Prices seemed very much central london prices but other than that a very nice pub.

4 by Steve gunter Review source

First time there since the refurbishment. It was a warm night so we sat outside. Plenty of beer options but they ran out of Doom Bar. They also cleared the garden around 10.00. A nice place for a few pints.

4 by Paul Cuthbert Review source

5 of us for dinner.
A little understaffed.
All 5 of us loved our food.
I lived the steak pie. And the duck had a happy customer.
Can't fault it.
Well done tattooed chef.

5 by Mark Beaumont Review source

I visited 8 days ago and although there was a problem with one of our meals François our waiter, dealt with it swiftly and to our satisfaction. Staff were friendly and will definitely return.

4 by Elle More Review source

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