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Location : if you have a car it's very easy to find and park. If your coming by public transport or walking then you will have to get off at the nearest train station and walk down a car only road. It's far safer via Chase lane then follow the footpath . The car only route does not have any lights for the road and you cannot walk there although it's the most direct route.

Service : nice staff who are friendly and helpful.

Food : good quality but pricey compared to Aldi and Lidl. Although they have unbeatable range and variety.

Clean and well kept.

The the road in question 'king George avenue' needs a pedestrian footpath for customers who walk or live nearby .

4 by Mandeep Digpal Review source

Sainsbury's Newbury Park is very conveniently located for those in Newbury, Aldborough, Seven Kings wards and the outlying areas of Ilford and Barkingside. It has a large car park, and houses a branch of Lloyd's Pharmacy, an Optician's and an Argos counter. There is a cash point managed by Sainsbury's and a Royal Mail post box with daily collections. The Sainsbury's itself is large, well stocked and efficiently managed. A sports shop and pound shop are also on the same site, in addition to large recycling bins. An absolute boon to residents of the area.

5 by Sheila Ramasamy Review source

Its always a nice relaxed shop in sainsbury's and has been for a few years however i noticed the shop has changed a bit in the past 6 or so months, it is looking more untidy and the confectionary aisle looks scruffy and more like a messy warehouse just like tesco. Sainsbury's used to stand out above the others but not now. Also things like skimmed organic milk that i never had trouble getting is seen less on the shelf. I heard a man complaining this morning how the shop isn't as good. I hope this sainsbury's wont go downhill anymore.

4 by jan evans Review source

We go to sainsburys ever day very good but your restaurant is not very good twice we've been into Sainsbury's this week but we had to wait 25 minutes to 40 minutes for a meal and then when we got the mill it had to go back because it was cold so I'm not very happy with your restaurant where we are both me and my partner are diabetics with taking insulin and then we've had to wait such a long time for a meal

5 by 0 Review source

One of the leading shopping centre in the UK and we always love to be there for our daily- monthly shopping. Outstanding online shopping services specially on their TU clothing. Quality is good and value for money. Fantastic and like it.

5 by Alok Roy Review source

Free internet in-store. Scan and buy facility. Plenty of free parking for all including disabled and child friendly parking. Argos situated in-store. Generally store staff at this branch are very helpful a pleasure to shop here.

5 by Syed Shah Review source

First time I have visited this Sainsburys was last night, to collect a prescription for my Mother In Law. The store was very clean and all the staff were very helpful it's a shame I live too far away to use as my local ☺

5 by Denise Day Review source

Provides seemingly fresher produce than some I could mention. It is a bit frustrating that sainsbury have a whole row dedicated to sauces and gravy, but have removed my favourite brand names in favour of their own products.

4 by Anthony Zurkster Review source

As always good great Staff and Docters offering a 1st class service. Parking has to be paid for. It's expensive. Try and to use public transport if possible buses come inside the Hospital compound.

5 by Jaffary . Review source

It's a good supermarket with quality products, sometimes can be very busy especially on Fridays and Saturdays. Products are quite expensive if you compare with other supermarket's.

4 by Alexandru Chis Review source

Hate it when your favourites change or disappear... Eg. Taste the difference burgers have too much water/fat content. Such changes makes you look elsewhere now I shop at another also.

3 by Tak Chiu Review source

It's a Sainsburys so you know what to expect, there is plenty of parking although the coffee shop seems poorly run and there never seems be be enough staff on the checkouts

3 by Jason Naicker Review source

Google told me to write what you should expect
You should expect a Sainsbury's. It's mediocre it's no Aldi or Lidl but gets the job done.

3 by sapha a Review source

Every time I go there they hardly have anything. They used to be well stocked, however, last few times it has not been as good as it's other competitors.

3 by Neha Patel Review source

Very helpful staff didn't feel any pressure from the staff by just brousing! were there when you needed them to answer your questions

5 by Glynis Smith Review source

Visited the pharmacy. They were lovely and professional. Customer service was fantastic, taking the time to wish my mum a happy birthday.

5 by Victoria Obafemi Review source

Good customer service. You will find all stocked. Hot readymade pizza available until 7 pm. Ample parking space upto 3 hrs

5 by Samsung Forgher Review source

Plain sailing surprisingly found everything I needed two days before Christmas and no long queues at the self scan tills

4 by Roger Patel Review source

All commodities readily available. Never disappointed at freshness, quality or price. Super helpful staff. Easy parking.

5 by Leon Russell Review source

Love this store. Staff are friendly, shelves are always stocked and it rarely feels busy inside even though it is.

5 by alison hammond Review source

Love that they stock hair products for afro hair. Baby change room is clean but rarely has soap in the dispenser.

5 by Winifred May Review source

A good store with adequate parking. A good selection of groceries. Has a pharmacy on the premises.

4 by Gillian Bouquet Review source

Always stock everything l need. Has a great clothes selection. Can always find something new to buy.

5 by Jackie Forman Review source

This is well set out, staff are friendly and helpful and there is a variety of different foods.

5 by Tracy Gilbert Review source

Great choice of goods.
Got a collection of TU clothes.
Also Argos
Free parking

4 by Vipul Dodhia Review source

Its alright but workers sometimes may not assit you properly but gives minimal information.

4 by mr zeeby Review source

Now has an argos inside which is super useful. Large store. Good selection of everything.

5 by Samie Miah Review source

Good place 4 a quick shop. Nice clothes too. Much better now they have a changing room

5 by MsSpiritAngel Review source

What can you say it's Sainsburys I wouldn't go anywhere else pure quality

5 by jawid munir Review source

Large store... plenty of goodies... massive car park and an Argos and a pharmacy

4 by Maureen Scott Valins Review source

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