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Long wait for the food. Ordered and then saw other people get served first. The chips were over cooked, disgusting. The wings were wet and soggy as if they were injected.

The drinks were warm coming out of the fridge, might as well call it a cupboard. The doner was over cooked and left a disgusting sensation after. The food itself when served was cold, so much salt was on the actual meal!

The actual place is run down, you rather eat next door where the experience is much better.

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I've just ordered a rice with chicken and I've recieved just a rice. Phoned back and man on the phone been very rude to me. Couldn't admit his mistake kept on tellin me I lie. So I spent £6 for just a rice. Very bad behaviour to a cutomer. Don't even know how to answer a phone, he said just 'Hi'. Horrible customer service. Never again!

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I will start with the presentation, foods are very well presented, also look good, I am literally in love with their donor, tried both lamb and chicken donor. Also tried their tandoori chicken. Haven't tried the burgers yet because I happen to be addicted to the donors, only with portions were bigger.

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Me and my husband went to east London for the day we was both hungry and thought we would try a kebab we both ordered kebabs which made us sick from food poisoning very bad food only had 2bites and go sick avoid this place at all cost and also staff was rude and very unhelpful never again

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This place does some good food. It is very similar to a place a few doors down, which is one of my favourite places to eat. But their biriyani is too perfect! If I’m feeling eating some biriyani, I look no further than this place! Try it if you pop in!

4 by S Rahman Review source

Food quality not the same like before.

I think the owner has changed . Customer service worst you have a dead man taking orders .

I was regular customer of real tast for past 6 years stopped going there

1 by Yaz Miah Review source

One of the Best Joints in East London. However it's been closed bcos the owners have fallen behind with their rent. Owners need to shape up quick and sort their finances out.

5 by DinCorp Review source

Food is hit and miss, sometimes orders aren't fulfilled correctly and the moustache guy at the counter is stingy with the free sauces.

3 by Nurul Hussain Review source

Ordered mixed doner and had told the guy at the till not to make it spicy. It was spicy and didn’t enjoy!

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Been going to this Chicken shop for years, still a great place for cheat day meals.

4 by Bash Hussain Review source

tell tanzil hes my bro, i love hem he protecc me and sabour me like ice cream

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Spent £50 worth of takeaway food and received one small pot of chilli sauce!

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Terrible food and disgusting very unhealthy never ever come again .

1 by abdul mukith Review source

usual PFC - cant really go wrong. Just watch out for their hygiene!

3 by Karim Uddin Review source

There dona and chips with chillie sauce is the best on this parade

5 by M A Muktadir Review source


5 by Review source

If you need real test of the donner then Real test is the one

5 by Review source

Great food cheap prices, no health inspectors in sight

5 by Moazeem Hossain Review source

Lol now closed down due to not paying there bills!!!

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Always a great place to eat! Try their lamb biryani

5 by Muhammad Hamidi Review source

You get what you pay for. Not the greatest service.

3 by Sameul Sayad Review source

Real test , I try it so testy food. Specially kebab

5 by sabir hussain Review source

Poor hygiene. I found hair on my mixed doner meal.

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I miss this place. Dont know why it closed down!!

5 by Cherry Blossom Review source

Best of the Stepney Green chicken and kebab shops

4 by Richard Brown Review source

Average but this fatty foods are not good...

3 by Abdul R Ali Review source

Need a quick bite and be vfm. This is it.

4 by Gulam Zilani Review source

Not good burgers are very dry no taste

2 by Tajul Islam Review source

Stir fried doner meat on Nann is good

4 by Antony Lewis Review source

Its good. But so many to choose from.

4 by Mo Ali Review source

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