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Well, I'm going to go with an unconventional review here. My review is not really about food, but karaoke.

They have a few karaoke sessions here, some decent hour ones, but the one I go to the most is the one from 11pm to 3am. There are several private rooms upstairs, good karaoke system, two TV screens in the biggest one, the Chinese music is semi-up-to-date, no idea on English one here sorry. I think there are some English music but whether this is up-to-date, I'm going to guess not really, think the usual classics will be there though, and Britney. Britney always makes her way in karaoke somehow.

My friend knows pretty much all the waiters here because she comes here all the time for late night karaoke. They are pretty friendly to us, and when there are so many drunk people at the end of the good night, they never complain but give assistance. There are a lot of seats in the biggest private room, 30 people can easily squeeze in.

There is the usual 'sik chun' dice loaned freely for those Chinese drinking games.

A brief mention about food, it's nothing particularly memorable, I don't think the food is the best here and their potions are not huge. But it fills the stomach of those about to drink the night away.

4 by Ela Tse Review source

I went to Chinatown as part of my holiday in London and me and my friend decided this was a proper looking restaurant. I wanted to look at the menu outside but the lady outside kind of ushered us in. We got a table for two, and were immediately bombarded by clerks. We ordered dumplings, but before we could order anything else, the clerk left. We had to order our Gong Bao Chicken and Sweet and Sour Chicken seperately. Also, we didn't get a drink-card so we didn't know how much the drinks were. We got the chicken dishes first and then the dumplings, which we had to ask for because we thought it was taking suspiciously long. The food was nice, very tasty, especially the Gong Bao which was nice and spicy. We asked for a dessert card which had a variety of desserts, but got told nearly all were unavailable except plain vanilla ice-cream. We got some chinese tea and got a complimentary fortune cookie and some hand-wipes. We got the bill, which was very pricy. They charged a little over 20% service-costs but since we are probably not coming back anyway, we paid it and left.

Overall, the food was good but the price and service had much room for improvement.

3 by Review source

Visited with a small group of friends. We always call into Chinatown for a meal whilst in London overnight and have visited the majority of restaurants in the area.
This however would be toward the bottom of our list. The food was okay, but not one of us said 'I really enjoyed that'. The main dissapointment for a couple of us was that the food did not resemble the description on the menu.
Whilst we usually expect a high cost for our meal we were all, without exception, surprised with the cost of this meal. Costing roughly £50 more than we were expecting [even though we had had a rough calculation of the cost after ordering. And we are usually over the actual cost]. This would not have bothered us if the food had been as described and hot.
The result is we shall not be visiting this restaurant again and after checking my list I see it sits one place from bottom of over twenty restaurants we have visited so far in the Chinatown district.
It may have helped if the staff had been friendly, or even a little more polite, instead of ignoring us to talk to the Chinese customers that came and went as we ate.

2 by Keith Leggott Review source

Shocking service. Staff didn't have a clue. We went on Chinese New Year and whilst I appreciate it was busy they really didn't handle things well. Four of us asked for a seat and waited 10 minutes, then a group of four came in after us and got sat down immediately. We saw them try to get two adults and a child to stand up and wait for their friends to arrive as they were using up valuable space in the restaurant and currrently had a table designed for five...even though they had already ordered beers (unbelievable). The only reason I'm giving this two stars is because the food was actually quite nice.
This place is expensive. Beef/Chicken Curry is £15. Beef/Chicken Chow Mein is £13. A plate of crispy seaweed is £7! Beers are £5 each. NO KIDS MENU. Won't be coming here again.

2 by Review source

have just eaten in this restaurant this evening after a long days walking. We decided to take the set meal option.
Service was great . we were told we would have to wait 5 minutes for a table which was correct . We were not left waiting around .
The food first of all came on a share plate and we thought that the food on plate would be all of it . We guessed being in London it would be quite expensive and not a lot of portion but to out surprise the food came out in three parts .
Really good value for money . Very efficient and delicious food , particularly the prawns and the seaweed.
Will deffo go back again .
One thing we did notice afterwards a lot of competitors charging about 3 pounds cheaper per head per set meals but it didn't really matter.

4 by Bonnie Deponeo Review source

Give it a miss. In fact from reading reviews on most restaurants in Chinatown I wouldn't eat in any of them. But we had a shocking experience here at the weekend. We ordered the special, but from the time we ordered our meal 4 other tables had been in ordered, got their starters, mains and a few had finished by the time we received our starters. Service is below average and slow, drinks menu is small and over priced. We got up and left before our mains came. I would advise walking in to Soho for a better meal and experience.

1 by Chris Wasson Review source

A Chinese colleague took us to this place and placed orders for everyone - the food was fresh, tasty and interesting. There was loads of place for a lot of large groups and the service was quick and efficient. We absolutely enjoyed the momos and the 'traditional mango jelly' dessert. Do ask for a little bit less ginger in case you decide to order any drinks with ginger though. The icing on the cake was that a wholesome meal cost us little less than £10, including the drinks!

4 by Arun Sagar Review source

we ventured into china town after a long absence and on a recomendation went straight to Super Star.
The staff were attentive and polite and the set menu we had - a feast - was excellent. Given the difficulty of choosing a restaurant blind in China Town we counted ourselves lucky to have found this clean and atmospheric little corner. And in addition we were early evening so enjoyed a 20% discount.

4 by Dan Cornwall-Jones Review source

Been to a fair number of chinatown's restaurants and usually pretty happy. Can't really say that with Superstar though. The service was disinterested and unfriendly, my meal had countless bones and chunks of gristle and the two-person serving of rice just about was enough for me. And all this for a not-small bill to finish. On the other hand, my wife's pork belly was pretty delicious.

2 by Michael Brown Review source

Same food as a take away but 3x the price. Still tasty. Wrongly brought out 1/2 duck instead of 1/4 and refused to deduct their mistake from the bill. Then asked for tip on the card machine despite already charging 12.5% automatically. The bill isn't itemised so they try and fleece you in any sneaky way they can.

2 by Daniel McNaughton Review source

Minimum spend, and £15 per person which is the highest I’ve seen in Chinatown. Not like it’s especially popular. Not like the quality is spectacular. Doesn’t have a Michelin recommendation like its neighbour. It gives the impression of a tourist trap with the woman outside calling you in. Eat elsewhere.

1 by Mark Keller Review source

This is the second time we've been in a month and I must say our food selection was so much better this time round. Dimsum was great as usual but the scallops with asparagus and seafood udon noodles were amazing. Prices were as you would expect in London and service was fast and attentive.

4 by JC Grist Review source

We sat down here before any dinner crowd started, still several empty tables (before 5pm) for a small snack, we wanted just two orders of dumplings but they said there was a minimum order of £15 per person. We therefore left without eating.

1 by Fifi Jemima Review source

The food was okay; nothing special, but nothing offensive either. Customer service was okay too, but they forgot my food order and we had to orders drinks a second time to get them. The duck spring rolls and the dumplings were good though.

2 by Irvin Oliver Review source

Service was above amazing staff are very friendly and food was super quick they do dimsum till late so no rush to go down but one of the best in China town
(Keep in mind I have been to most restaurants in China town ldn)

5 by Phoenix Chan Review source

I thought the prices were quite expensive for what you got. I dined on my own and I had to keep asking for drinks even though the staff could see my glass was empty. Service charge was expensive.

2 by Review source

The food is not great, just check my pictures... We ordered soup, starters and a main, it came first the main, then the starters and the soup came the last... Poor service and overpriced

2 by Axel R Review source

Best restaurant in SOHO. Highly reccomended, I bring all my TV FILM and STAGE buddies here to eat. They love it too. Lovely food, great service. Bsst place to eat in town.

5 by Bao Tieu Review source

The service was very slow and disorganised. The food was overpriced and poor quality, with many dishes being poorly prepared and/or bland.

We would not return.

2 by tbf nz Review source

Amazing Chinese restaurant with great services and yummy food! Not to mention it is a super great value too! Never go to other dim sum place! Only super star!

5 by Henrietta C Review source

Service was slow and not very friendly, meat was okey but cold, and the vegetable and sauce was so colorful like glowing not very sure if it was real food...

1 by Elliott Hebert Review source

They found a single table for me on a Friday night so that I could grab some food before going to the Prince Charles, and the food was great. Happy.

4 by Mark Maynard Review source

Had two starters, two mains, one chow mein with two small beers. Food was nice but I have had better in China Town to be honest. Bill was £62.

3 by Zak Caley Review source

Good Chinese Food and they are open until the early hours of the morning. This is especially useful for people who work late into the night.

4 by Michael Oon Review source

Cheaper dim sum than some of the other restaurants in Chinatown, the fried stuff is decent but the steamed ones are a little bland and dry.

3 by Cheryl Hung Review source

Delightful little Chinese restaurant just off Leicester Square. Good food and seems to cater for varying references. Reasonably priced too

4 by Peter Stone Review source

We went to this place multiple times and it’s one of the best Chinese restaurant! Superb service and super tasty food. Highly recommend

5 by George Bohunicky Review source

A great place for inexpensive Dim Sum in Chinatown. Glad they’ve kept the “Molten Lava” steamed bun in the menu - rarely seen nowadays!

4 by Review source

all staff always with an smile and happy to help all clients!!! delicious Chinese food. love this place. Special mention to Cris! :)

5 by Review source

Great service & yummy food
Great vegetarian options chicken chow mien beautiful
Nice saki nice tea

5 by allan worsley Review source

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