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Asked for a soya latte and they gave me a normal one. I asked for soya milk for a reason and they couldn't be bothered to do what they are asked to do. Been sick all day because of this. And another time went in to get a cake and they didn't have the cake I was looking for. They run out of vanilla syrup another time. Been there 3 times and each time they do not provide a good service. Not going there again and will go to Nero coffee on the opposite road as there they do have more options and they actually give you soya milk when you asked them.

1 by Boring fish Review source

Bad coffee, bad attitude. Can't get pic to upload but latte that was basically a glass of milk. Man and lady working there no problem to sort. However rude, surly younger guy with hair in hairband needs to find something he's good at. Rude as u like and can't make coffee! Back to Nero for me

2 by del hubbly Review source

Just was there and asked for extra shot latte . Got normal one , 2 shots , but paid for extra shot ,which taste more like milk but coffee. Not what you need first think in the morning , expecting the taste of a good coffee .

1 by Review source

This shop is new to Balham. However, the coffee is terrible and the staff are rude. With Starbucks closing recently we need a decent coffee shop. Improve your coffee and your service Costa!

1 by Review source

Good coffee, tasty cookies, friendly staff, free Wi-Fi, comfy seats and clean toilets. Only complaint is that sometimes the manager puts the air conditioning on far too cold.

4 by Review source

Twice they've given me a completely different drink than what I asked for and when told the order was wrong did nothing about it....

1 by Review source

Clean, lot of space, quite, great music... And the staff is friendly and the coffee is good!

5 by YouTa . Review source

Service OK, drinks aren't great very watery hot chocolate and coffee not very nice.

2 by Mike Corvin Review source

The shop is new and comfortable, however the staff are inexperienced and surly

2 by Jane Fisher Review source

Coffee was good, although the atmosphere was lacking

3 by Amit Seenanden Review source

The staff is very slow. Lack of organisation.

2 by Carlos Martinez Review source

Good coffee.. I love coffee late from them.

4 by Popescu Gabriel Review source

Great coffee, staff helpful and polite.

5 by Review source

Nice coffee but not my favourite

3 by Carleen Baker Review source

A great place to grab a coffee

3 by Kate Newell Review source

Great coffee. Friendly stsff

5 by Peter Hall Review source

Good space and environment

4 by Adam Ouarda Review source

I invite you to Balham

5 by Review source

The staff was rude

2 by Ivan A. Review source

Very slow service.

2 by Review source

Very nice drinks

5 by Ben Powell-Howard Review source

Another Coast

3 by Rui Soares Review source