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Chinese companies spent 1.15 billion pounds to buy the tallest building in London
Thursday, 03.02.2017, 15:11 (GMT + 7)
Phuc Minh City.

Leadenhall Building Building, also known as the Cheesegrater. Photo: Getty
(HCMC) - Building Leadenhall Building, also known as the Cheesegrater, one of the tallest building in London, England, the company has been selling real estate for CC Land (China) for 1.15 billion table - according to the BBC.

Cheesegrater owned by two real estate companies British Land (UK) and Oxford Properties (Canada), in which each company holds a 50% stake.

Since going into operation in 2014, Cheesegrater building, 225 meters high, broke the record for renting offices in the financial center of London.

Although the contract has been signed but the deal should be the shareholders of CC Land unanimously adopted. According to BBC, the real estate tycoon Cheung Chung Kiu China owns 50.4% stake in the company CC Land will make the deal passed easily.

For China, the deal on the acquisition of real estate of the country's largest in the UK, indicating the inflow of Chinese investors are still flowing into the real estate market across the globe.

Earlier in the month 1-2017, CC Land has invested 290 million pounds buying Vodafone headquarters in London.

For Britain, the sale Cheesegrater is the 2nd largest real estate since the HSBC building in the Canary Wharf was sold to a sovereign wealth fund of Qatar for £ 1.18 billion.

According to analysts, the deal shows that foreign investors are still very interested in the real estate markets of the UK, especially in the market segment luxury real estate, despite the uncertainties related to Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union (the UK left the European Union - EU).

5 by minh truong Truong Review source

The Leadenhall Building has conquered London as one of the tallest buildings in the city, at 225 meters. It is an individual architecture that you chose here, seen from the side you notice the upward constriction, which gives it a carving-like impression. It shows that the imagination in the design of high-rise buildings is far from exhausted. The 'Handelsblatt' ironically referred to it as 'cheese grater', with the nickname adapted from the London public. It is already common practice to nickname imposing modern buildings.
In London, which already has a number of high-rise buildings, this trend is booming. Over 200 construction credits are pending, with these projects no longer focusing solely on the financial district or Docklands.
The tapered construction was due to the fact that the view of St. Paul's Cathedral from a certain point on Fleet Street was not allowed to be obscured. The solution was the slope of the south side.
It is an elegant building with a stylish interior design and standard. Although it is probably less likely to be found in travel guides, it is a tip for architecture and design enthusiasts.

5 by A. Gadient Review source

I was taking a photo on a weekend, with no-one on the street, handheld (no tripod) because I was walking through City of London. I was approached by security despite being on the street to stop photographing the building.

This is a very dumb thing to do by your security crew.

1 star for being harassed on the street by your employees.

1 by M. B. M. Review source

You book in advance to visit the public gardens which are located on the top floor. The views are fabulous and you have access to all sides of the building. There is also a bar / cafe which is a little pricey, but the service was friendly and you are at the top of one of the tallest buildings in the City of London

5 by Timothy Carr Review source

Great building to work at and the security staff are always very welcoming in the mornings.

The glass architecture allows what little English light there is to penetrate and there are good views as you ascend the building, particularly of St Pauls and Canary Wharf.

5 by Review source

The pinnacle of state of the art commercial building design. Ultra modern, beautiful, and cleverly designed with some of the fastest smoothest lifts of any building in Europe. A great visit for anyone with an interest in architecture or architectural photography

5 by mettacitta2000 Review source

Wow, ultra modern architecture at it's finest. The entrance to the lobby is quite spectacular and a beautiful building throughout however, the highlights are the views of London from the observation deck and riding to it in the state of the art elevators.

5 by Jonathan Graham Review source

I loved the lit up escalators outside that adjust their speed depending on people using them, and indoors the 'intelligent' technology for working the lifts. Nice meeting facilities too for our event.

5 by Lindsey Ambrose Review source

HQ of one of the world's most important insurance brokers, and next to Lloyd's, which is the beating heart of the global insurance industry, this state of the art building is part spaceship.

5 by Peter Ho Review source

Landing Forty Two is spectacular.

You can look down into the Sky bar in the Walkie Talkie and across six whole counties. Well worth a visit, especially if you can a ticket to this floor.

5 by Mr Pickle Review source

Amazing building with nice views. The glass lift is on the outside of the building and takes you up incredibly fast. Definitely worth the ride. Nice offices as well.

4 by Kerstin Reichert Review source

worth visiting for the view from higher floors and for the exceptionally fast glass lift, you wont like the lift if you dont have a head for heights

5 by Roger Watson Review source

Good good good place to look for London Skyline.... I went der for free... As my frnd book 2 free tickets... Book in advance for entry

5 by vignesh m Review source

The Servcorp team on floor 30 are extremely professional, in particular Kayleigh Webb and Aimée Holland. Superb facilities.

5 by Review source

Great building, right next door to Lloyd's of London and the Gherkin too. Also very close to Leadenhall Market.

4 by Review source

The cheese grater is a nice place to have dinner or cup of coffee looking over the scenery of it's surrounding.

4 by Kombizz Kashani Review source

Landing 42 is a great venue with spectacular views of the city. The event staff are helpful and very professional.

5 by Paresh Mistry Review source

Good facilities, very modern building however lifts to and from client floor on level 5 are a rather long wait.

4 by tjl101 Review source

Excellent office building but lifts can take a while to arrive and the evacuation alarm sounds too frequently

4 by Mandeep Jagpal Review source

Good view, apparently the shape is so that views of St Paul's is not obstructed form somewhere or other!

3 by Piers Wilcox Review source

Beautiful architecture. Nice view from top floor. Unfortunately not dor public access. Lucky I work there ☺

5 by KiraN JaiN Review source

Amazing views of the city from the 30th floor. Attended an Intelligent Forum networking event at Ardente

4 by Sarah H Review source

Brilliant piece of architecture, exemplifying modern condition methods and striking design

5 by Ben Goble Review source

Amazing looking building, wished it was more visitors friendly, not only offices focused.

3 by Andrzej Ten Review source

Very cold in the lifts and lift lobbys during the winter time. No heating whatsoever

3 by Review source

A large building with a lot of security, elevators very fast and with great views !!

5 by Senderismo En Londres Review source

The largest known dairies with the possibility to drink tea and play table tennis.

4 by Review source

Worked few months here...probably the best place to witness the whole of london

5 by Shami Review source

Spectacular architecture with all lifts in a row on one side of the building.

4 by Kristofer Tidemar Review source

Impressive building. Whizzed up to the top floor in no time. Fantastic views.

5 by Lucy Coast Review source

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