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The Harlequin Building, 65 Southwark St, London SE1 0HR

+44 20 3268 2175




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It was outrageous. I generally by in wasabi and it is always amazing. Itsu was horrific. It was like a scene from a horror. Dirty, bins not taken out, horrible customer service. The woman who served me couldn't speak i persume. When it comea to food, I am not sure if the company knows what actually sushi is. And they have no idea i guess that wasabi is necessaryfor sushi to taste amazing. It was just the most disgusting thing i have ever eaten. I cannot even call it sushi. Plus lack of toilets in a place which is practically a restaurant. Even McDonald's has toilets. For God's sake people, stay as far awau from this place as possible. I'd rather give this 9 pounds to a street musician, who can't sing or play.

1 by Review source

It was terrible. Im a Wasabi customer so Im familiar with sushi to go and didnt have big expectations, but itsu turns out to be the next level of horrible. I had dry and hard gyoza dumplings and some tasteless sushi rolls. Wanted to spice it up with wasabi but didnt get any. Hot sauce taste like ketchup, no toilets for customers. Employees didnt seem friendly as well. I wish I gave this £6 to homeless person, money badly spent.

1 by Review source

Very busy at lunch as you would expect but some of the food is semi cold, e.g. Ordered the dumplings and they were not hot when started eating them. They must have been made awhile ago and been kept warm. Never seem to have the seed pot, that's one of the best free extras!

3 by Aisha L Review source

Beware, they put SUGAR in the miso soup, the staff themselves claim there is no sugar in it (why would there be, right? who puts sugar in miso soup?!) but as they are very helpful about printing out ingredients for you upon request, you can get it in writing.. Very disappointing.

2 by Review source

I gave three stars out of five because personally the food did not satisfy me much as being typical asian but for the people who like it is a not very crowded place and the choice can fall on both already prepared and prepared dishes and is not overly expensive .

3 by Luca Falcinelli Review source

Standard Itsu fare if you're familiar with the chain. Great food, very friendly staff. Quick and efficient but still healthy. Bit of a scrum at 20:30 each day when everything is discounted by 50% before they close - but you can't argue with the value !

4 by Paul Dazeley Review source

Good food but relatively overpriced. Wasabi just down the road (in London Bridge) is a better bet if you're not looking to eat in. All food is discounted 50% every day at 8:30pm which makes this even better, if you can get there before the crowds!

4 by J D Review source

Every itsu I’ve visited so far deserves a 5-Star rating. Scrumptious sushi, salmon is beyond words, tastes so delicious and the texture is just perfect. Also available a variety of soups and wraps and desserts... great place to eat and not expensive.

5 by David Gambín Review source

Walked in, waited to be served for almost 5 minutes while staff messed around with what looked like a Deliveroo order, completely ignoring us and other customers. Left items on counter and walked out.

Otherwise, a terrific visit.

1 by Review source

When you want sushi and you are desperate then what can you do in this area? Average at best. Miso soup was NOT a miso soup. No miso paste and had lemon in it?? Level of sashimi is decreasing too.

2 by Shari Solo Review source

Good sushi, but I don't like their new menu. The Tuna & Salmon Tartar with salad has gone, replaced with something much more fussy. The coconut chocolate pot is nice though.

4 by Review source

Beautiful food particularly the Thai rice dish
Beautiful service beautiful people beautiful food
Itsu changed my view of food on the go
It can be delicious and healthy

4 by Review source

Options are bit less. But you'll get same Itsu taste. Takeout is cheaper, for dine in you need to pay but more. Good place for quick food if you like Japanise food.

4 by Charles S Review source

Stood in a queue for 10mins and counting at 8:20 pm with at least 30 people in the queue behind me with the staff not serving at any of the tills

1 by Review source

Nice range of hot and cold dishes to suit all appetites. Quick service despite popularity at peak times, healthy food and transparent labelling

5 by Danielle Downs Review source

Read every word of on the menu for the thai rice bowl and the cashier could not figure out what I was ordering. Baffling experience.

2 by Review source

So-so food, but what really dragged it down was the bored and rude staff. We felt as if we were a bother. Won't be back.

1 by Viktor Rasch Review source

Good selection of normal itus food, nice staff. And a lot of indoor seating! At 8:30PM every night they do 50% off their food.

3 by Steffie Wright Review source

Good branch!
Staff is polite and always smiling.
Asked for help on smoothie, got a taster, loved it, bought it:)

5 by Review source

Very nice Japanese food. Sushi, drinks and hot 'potsu'. Lots of different sauces available to have with meals.

4 by Yuki Akashi Review source

The chillie chicken noodle soup is just delicious and just right for this winter weather. The staff are very friendly!

5 by Teamar Melles Review source

It's okay for a quick and relatively cheap lunch break, it was not too crowded and there was room to seat.

3 by Jean-Baptiste Lallement Review source

Busy at lunchtime during the working week but provide good quality food for a slightly above average price

3 by Chiron Worrell Review source

You know what you get with Itsu. Had this as a quick bite before heading to an event. Filling and tasty.

3 by ha lo Review source

Great location and nice food options. Bit pricey but tastes great. Staff are always incredibly friendly.

4 by Adam Bown Review source

Love Itsu, food always great and always feel healthier after eating / getting takeaway lunch from here.

5 by Steven Suckling Review source

Yeah it's okay. It's itsu. Same as any other itsu in any other city. You know what to expect

3 by Steve Wong Review source

Sushi is good but I'm not a fan of miso and udon. In my opinion they use too\\u200b much ginger.

4 by Elettra Damaggio Review source

Great, healthy food choices, fast service, and plenty of room to sit and eat. Itsu is fantastic!

5 by Review source

Really surprised how cheap the food is. It's also very tasty, loved the sushi and noodles.

5 by Dawid Czerwinski Review source

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