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‘Service is everything and essential’. Unfortunately, on my first visit, this was not the case...

Limited food options differ to what is advertised on the website. Eggs were suitably microwaved, to a slightly underdone consistency than most (luckily, I don’t mind, and have a strong stomach), spinach, uncooked, unwashed and just plonked on the side, and had lots of dirt and grit. I was expecting cooked spinach, but just went with it. Asked for tea to arrive with the breakfast.

Not long after tucking in, I remembered my tea hadn’t arrived. Went up to ask for it, for one of the more astute staff members to note me, and prompted her colleague, who was too busy scoffing her own food, to make the tea. The scoffing female then came with the tea, on a very large tray and just left it there but no spoon or sugar for the tea. I was met with a terse response, by the older female member of staff, that usually the tea is left on the counter, and customers take it when ordered. By this point, I was now choking on my food, as I just needed a drink to go with the food. She apologised, was insincere, cold, and unapologetic.

A while later, I wanted to order another tea, but each time I looked up, hordes of peoples arrived, as the rain poured and they sought cover. The older woman then came over to me, and said she was sorry but she must ask me to leave. I tried to order a cup of tea but she wouldn’t let me speak, and kept on interrupting me. She said that “that was the nature of this café” – as if, she had a right to throw people out. I said to her, you’re not asking me to go, you’re effectively throwing me out, she then walked away, muttering something to herself. Utterly rude!

Another customer, in a wheelchair, sat next to me, had to ask a fellow diner for a napkin, and he said to me, that trying to get the attention and service of the staff was impossible.

If you want microwaved scrambled eggs and baked beans cooked in an overused plastic jug and poor, bad and rude service with cobwebs and dirt all around, come here! And good luck while you’re there!

I am a keen supporter of my local community, and have recently moved to this area, and wanted to make this cafe my local. After my experience today, I am sad to say that I don’t feel I could ever return, not with the current staff that made me feel so awful and unwelcome today - mainly, the older woman that I have mentioned. When I sent the above complaint to the owner/manager of this cafe, he promised to look into it and get back to me... but never did.

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i came here with my daughter (2 and half) for breakfast recently. first thing i noticed was that the toys that used to be available for the kids to play whilst waiting for food were no longer there, but instead was a tv showing Cbeebies. whether this bothers you or not depends how you feel i guess, but i personally like to avoid TV when im out.

We ordered a vegetarian breakfast and childrens beans on toast (cost 2.70 for the beans on toast). there are no veggie sausages (disappointing), so the breakfast consisted of Halloumi, tomato, mushrooms, choice of poached or scrambeled eggs (i wasnt asked which i wanted, so ended up with scrambeled by default), toast and beans.

the only thing i liked was the halloumi and at a push the beans. bread wasnt great. mushrooms were under seasoned and tasteless, the tomato was undercooked, eggs were watery and again not seasoned.

2 stars because staff were nice, otherwise it would have been 1.

such a shame because its such a cute locatoon, has so much potential. seems a waste

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Kitchen forgot to make my meal. Waiter offered me my money back and the meal as well. 2 minutes later, the kitchen staff comes and asks whether I want my money back or the meal. I say I've been promised both. Kitchen lady then says that 'that's not the way it works', and 'the other staff is clearly making mistakes, as I've spoken to the manager', and if I could 'please hurry to make up my mind as the potato is halfway done'. Extremely unhappy with their services.

1 by Hekla Helgadottir Review source

I've given this place a lot of custom. Mainly because I go to the park and there's nowhere else. 9 times out of 10, the service is atrocious. Staff forget orders all the time, lick their fingers when making food and generally walk around like zombies.

Today I was asked if I wanted drinks or food. I said both. Server said 'oh great!' in a sarcastic way. I walked out. Awful awful place!

1 by Don McVey Review source

I normally enjoy coming here with my son but my most recent visit was soured by a staff member who insinuated that my child had no manners. Yet when we said 'thank you she didn't even say your welcome. Also she had poor hygiene standards as she handled our food items without gloves or at the very least a tissue.

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Had a Tiffin slice and coco loco smoothie. I want to try the blueberry and flax seed smoothie next. Their tiffin slice will most likely be what I buy every time I go to the park from now on! Reviews on coffee are good and I can not wait to try their coffee. Let's see if they can make a latte I love! Lol! ;-) \\u003c3

5 by Ayisha KS Review source

Pistachio's has really improved over the years - finding its sweet spot. The breakfasts are particularly great - with high quality ingredients - and the crepes always are a winner - kids queue out the door for the ice creams too - which again are a level above the ice cream van offerings.

4 by Mac Morrison Review source

Very friendly staff.
Had a tuna sandwich which was full and well presented for just a sandwich. The ice cream was nice and rich and a good amunt for the child's. Will defenetly visit again.

5 by s w Review source

M M if your a keen supporter of the local community, why have you only got 2 reviews slagging local business off? Maybe go have a chat with the manager of go back to Pret or Costa.

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Good food and great people. Food quality is amazing for a cafe and so is the presentation. I been to restaurants where you pay double the price and wait even longer for the same.

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Good little cafe serving good Inc breakfast tea and coffee. Family friendly with indoor and outdoor seating. Can get bird food for the geese and ducks.

4 by Craig Newell Review source

Good cafe with a nice selection of drinks and food, oh and ice cream! :)
Some times a little slow on the service.

4 by Alex Smith Review source

food selection is good for a park cafe but service is so slow it let's it down. takes ages just to get a coffee

2 by Steve Jupp Review source

A great place to have cake and coffee, although if you don't have children maybe a place to avoid!

5 by Nigel Lang Review source

Great little café with nice ice cream and good coffee. Also the food looks great.

4 by Daniel Larsson Review source

Nice food and wonderful staff. We use to came here with our child and our dog.

5 by Sonia Equis Equis Review source

Great food, with a wide range and top quality. Plus the ice cream is amazing!

5 by Nick Goldie Review source

Nice fresh food. Especially good when they have the lamb shank on the menu

4 by Rob Pieké Review source

Friendly Park Cafe with not too bad prices. Fantastic club sandwiches!

4 by Review source

Lovely friendly staff. Really yummy club sandwiches...oh and cake!

4 by Review source

Fantastic staff and excellent coffee. Child and dog friendly too

5 by Review source

This place urgently needs renovation and more polure staff.

2 by Shmeleva Ekaterina Review source

Good café with mainly outdoor seating next to playground

4 by Review source

Breakfast was tasty but a little on the cold side.

3 by Amelia Long Review source

Top quality coffee! A lovely little break spot.

5 by Review source

Little over priced but lovely little place

4 by mark davenport Review source

Friendly, family run cafe with good coffee.

4 by Simon Bray Review source

Perfect cafe in the perfect park!

5 by Adam Robak Review source

Always clean and great service

5 by Review source

Great staff, great for kids.

5 by Review source

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