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Polperro (Porthpyra in cornish, whatmeaning Pyra's cove) is a large village, civil parish, and fishing harbourwithin the Polperro Heritage Coastline in south Cornwall, England. Its population sits at around 5,820.
The houses are so cosy that seen as that have been taken from a fairy tail.
Polperro, through which runs the River Pol, is 7 miles (11 km) east of Fowey and 4 miles (6 km) west of the neighbouring town of Looe and 25 miles (40 km) west of the major city and naval port of Plymouth. It is a noted tourist destination, particularly in the summer months, for its idyllic appearance with tightly-packed ancient fishermen's houses which survive almost untouched, its quaint harbour and attractive coastline.
Tourism became Polperro's main industry during the 20th century. The village is accessible by air via Plymouth or Newquay, by train via Looe railway station, by road and by boat. It was estimated that the village received about 25,000 visitors a day during summer in the 1970s. Visitors are no longer permitted to drive cars into the village, having to leave them in the main car park at Crumplehorn to the north of the village and walk through the half-mile length of the village to its harbour. The village's quaint but narrow streets make driving difficult. There are horse and cart rides and milk floats disguised as trams for those who prefer not to walk.

Attractions of Polperro include the South West Coast Path, the 630-mile (1,010 km)-long and established walk from Dorset to Somerset which passes through the village, and offers day walks along the local scenic coastline, in particular to nearby Talland Bayon the coast path heading East. Westwards, the path passes three large beaches en route to Fowey: Lansallos Beach, Lantivit Bay and Lantic Bay. Within the village is the Polperro Heritage Museum of Fishing and Smuggling, situated on the harbourside in an old fish processing warehouse, which houses interesting photographs of the village's history among other popular displays. Guided walks are available in the village, and boat trips can be taken from the harbour to view the coastline which can offer sightings of dolphins and seals.

The village has several restaurants as well as seven pubs. A holiday and caravan park is situated outside the village to the northeast at Carey Park.

5 by Johnny Lamas Review source

If you want to park in Polperro, this is pretty much your only choice. I had to pull in here as had a problem with the car. Parking attendant was straight on me to make sure I paid for parking whilst waiting for breakdown recovery, which I had no problem doing, but was a bit taken aback by his attitude

He then was straight on the recovery driver when he arrived. After some diplomacy from the recovery driver he was allowed to park and recover my vehicle. During the 5 minutes it took to do this a family returned to find they could not exit the car park. I apologised and they were fine - however, the parking attendant said their ticket was about to expire and they needed to get a new one - even though they were blocked in. They declined

Overall, not a great display of customer service.

2 by Graham Sweeney Review source

Small minded town, obviously doesn’t want visitors to spend money locally!

So I was in Looe, had a pleasant look around bought lunch and a few other bits, then I thought I’d pop to Polperro for a cream tea...

When I arrived I could not believe the parking charges for a motorhome
£9 that’s NINE pounds for the shortest amount of time, up to 3 hours!

I only wanted a look round and a cream tea, probably an hour or so

In Looe the car park I parked in was £2.30 for up to 24hrs, although motorhomes can’t park between 23:00 and 8:00

24 hours in Polperro, £25...

Suffice to say the car park was virtually empty and I didn’t stay, I’ll spend my money where I’m welcome

1 by A Reviewer Review source

IGNORE THE BEMOANERS! Do your research before you set out is always good advice guys. The car park is perfect for accessing Polperro. We stayed for 7 days and paid £40 for parking. What do you expect from a small place like this? If you visit the place then you are having an adverse impact on the local environment in terms of your gas guzzling cars so they have every right to charge you. If you do not wish to pay parking then why not take a bus from Looe or Plymouth?...of which there are several and frequent. Revenue is hugely important to the upkeep of this village whose only sustenance nowadays is tourism. Ps 20p for the use of a toilet is not extortionate either. Go to a local pub and have a drink and use the loo there.

5 by Eóin Mooney Review source

Disgraceful service. Had no change so used the change machine. Inserted £20 note only for the machine to then announce it was empty and flash up a code. The £20 did not come back out and I've spent all day of precious holiday time trying to find out who the owner of this car park is to try to get my money back. I've called the council who told me Polperro Council own it and they gave me a mobile number. The gentleman I spoke to told me very sharply that it wasn't their car park, was extremely rude and hung up on me. If anyone knows who the owner is please could you leave contact details on this review thread. £20 is a lot of money to me and I'd like it back please.

1 by Review source

Rip Off, blunt I know but I cannot think of another adjective that adequately describes the Main Car Park in Polperro. Visited today (Feb 5th) and whilst I expected the village to be quiet, the lack of villagers and visitors surprised us. I would estimate 80% of commercial businesses were shut and the number of holiday lets, second homes was breathtaking. So why the Car Park felt the need to charge £4:50 for three hours is staggering and to add insult to injury the change machines weren't in operation and neither was the shuttle service to the village. The Car Park is nothing more then a cynical cash cow and significantly devalues the beauty of this wonderful village.

1 by Review source

Shame on the Authorities! Parking fees disgracefully too high..particularly for later visits to restaurants etc., or to simply enjoy an evening stroll, when main shops are closed and no shuttle service to harbour area is available. Disabled patrons pay full fees (everywhere it seems) unless blue badge registered in Cornwall. For what has spread like a virus across the entire county, the moneymaking parking fees and other on street restrictions are enough (for me) to never visit the South West ever again. It is no longer 'a very warm welcome' to a place once enjoyed!

1 by Review source

This rating and review is for the car park only ( Polperro is gorgeous - get bus in instead)
OK, this car park is private and the prices are ridiculous. For 4 hours for a car it was nearly £5 and for a motorhome it was nearly £10 for £4 hours. This is crazy and if you’re staying all day you are better off booking in a B& B or getting a bus or a taxi in. How the owner can get away with this is reprehensible. Use the local bus, at least the money is going back into the community than a Sharlaton’s pocket.

1 by Claire Lerp Review source

Large privately owned car park visible immediately entering Polperro. Plenty of paying points. A long walk from top of car park to exit. No shelter if raining. According to websites more expensive than nearby car parks (£4 minimum stay) and a cause for concern by local traders. Overnight parking mentioned at £17 with no facilties but a sign saying no overnight camping sighted . A sale in 2007 mentions spaces for 554 cars and 20 coaches. Vehicles have got wider since then.

3 by Peter Warren Review source

Polperro is an amazing picturesque place where I love to walk and see the views. It is quiet apart from occasional boost and of course the gulls. There area a variety of shops and even a all year round Christmas shop. cafe for you cream tea. There area walks up the hill.of houses or the side of the harbour. Be prepared for a climb on places but worth the views. There is a small museum with a cafe to sit near the harbour. Little crafty shops with painting or gifts.

5 by Adela Orchard Review source

Wonderful fishing village with an array of interesting gift art and curio shops. Good eating places and a welcome that makes you want to visit over and over. Tram bus seats approx. 6/8 to take you up and down to the village costing £1.50 each way from and to the car park if the walk is too much..
Toilets available at the top of the village just after the Crumpled Horn Pub. There are toilets again at the harbour.

5 by Dawn Scammell Review source

Yes, I have already commented on this place. A long walk to the harbour and expensive parking. A hilly place to walk round if your not to mobile. Nice place to visit though and of course very nice pasties even though I think Devon pasties are just as nice. . Full of holiday let's so a bit of a non event if you want to meet local people. We walked along the coast to Che k the views out. Nice walks.

3 by Jack Board Review source

We were hoping to make a quick stop here, but the minimum stay is 3 hours at £4.50. Pricey, yes, but we'd already made the detour to visit, captive market I suppose. We had no cash, so had to walk the mile round trip to the nearest cash point...which also charged. Seriously, if you're going to fleece people, at least let them pay by card. Beautiful town, but this experience left a bitter taste.

1 by Chris Anderson Review source

I can't believe that the minimum charge has now gone up to £4.50!! We live between Polperro & Looe and used to go down to the village quite a lot but no more. We decided that this would be the last time, the shop keepers say it's killing the village and I can quite believe it having seen the number of people who seeing the charge turned round and left. Shame on the greedy owner!

1 by Review source

Ample parking space, very convenient. Park here if you're a day visitor. Note THERE IS NO PUBLIC PARKING PAST THIS CAR PARK.
There is a small fleet of electric 'trams' (converted milk floats) that shuttle back and forth between the car park and the centre of the village. The fare is £2.00 per person, each way.

5 by Nick Ball Review source

What an awesome car park!
Seriously though, Polperro is so lacking in parking space, or roads for that matter, that you have to park in the huge car / coach park at the top of town and get the small electric shuttle into town or walk down. We walked and it was well worth it - you get to see all of the small shops, cafes and pubs and they are well worth a visit!

5 by Mark Bond Review source

It's a lovely Cornish village, great for adults who want to while away a couple of hours. A mile walk from the car park downhill through the village to the harbour, lot of nice pubs, and good places to eat, and you can if you want get one of the little trams that run from the car park to the harbour 'almost' nothing for kids but ice cream.

3 by Barry Duhig Review source

Tight spaces and signs everywhere telling you that it's illegal to pass any unused time on your ticket to another person and that cctv cameras are monitoring you. Also incredibly busy and minimum time period of 4 hours. Unfortunately they have a monopoly as there are no other car parks so it's either put up and pay or walk from looe.

2 by Alexander Holmes Review source

Expensive at £4 for minimum stay of 3 hours plus warnings about cctv surveillance and illegality of passing on tickets to other drivers. Make it minimum 1 hour and incremental per hour thereafter then people would be happier. Don't rip off the Emmits, they contribute greatly to your local economy.

2 by Matt and Lottie Review source

An excellent facility. The prices reflect a captive clientele but are not too bad. You can pay for a weekly ticket which allows you to come and go but take plenty of £1 coins. There is no parking in Polperro apart from residents and house rentals but with awkward access many choose to use the car park.

5 by Ray Durward Review source

Lovely village the car park large and they run two teams £1:40 single£2:00 return old concert milk floats plenty coffee and PASTY shops and the gift shop have a great selection of cheap and mid range gifts STAY WELL AWAY FROM THE CRUMPEL HORN VERY RUDE EVEN THE MANAGERESS NOT Disabled friendly

5 by Graham Coe Review source

It's the only place to park if your going to Polperro, large car park for cars and coaches, no toilets in this car park that's why it's 3 stars, pay and display, change machine available also. If you don't want to walk you can take a shuttle bus from the car park.

3 by Ian Futcher Review source

Very pretty little fishing village. Very quaint shops and tiny fishermen’s cottages. But parts of it feel a little fake. Geared very much to the tourists. Bit of a walk from the car park. Tiniest beach (if you can call it that) ever! But the village very picturesque and worth a visit.

4 by Angus Deuchar Review source

Millpool car park is a huge car park with lots of space. It's a the entry of polperro and one can park and walk for only 5 minutes to reach into town center. There are other car parks after the bridge but when i went both were full. They are also not as big as millpool.

5 by Kshitij Nanavaty Review source

Expensive at £4.50 on lowest parking price 1 min to 3 hours then it goes up to £6 for 4 hours. And for goodness sake don't try and pass your ticket on, they have cameras and will fine you! Plenty of other lovely Cornish villages to visit, or bus from Looe is my advice.

1 by Review source

The parking is expensive and not once did I see a traffic warden. Seems a bit of a rip off really. The evening tarrifs are cheaper.... good walking distance to the little town. If you can park on the roads here I would recommend doing that opposed to paying.

2 by lara crane Review source

Extortionate parking charge of £4 for 3 hours. Tight car park spaces, even the disabled spaces.
Disabled users with blue badges still have to pay full price.
Also bear in mind that the two lots of public toilets in the village charge 20p a go!

1 by Felicity Ward Review source

Some of the parking bays are a bit tight and the prices are somewhat questionable. This is the only public car park in Polperro, and it is a good walk down to the main village. There is a 'tram' service for those who don't want a walk!

5 by Caleb Bee Review source

Polperro is lovely but the car park, well, its a car park where you have to pay quite a lot just to see this beautiful village, a shame everything is about money nowadays, polperro was nicer with the horses and the cheaper car parking rates!!

4 by David Bolton Review source

Far too expensive in my opinion! But the only option when visiting Polperro. Which I hope doesn't put of visitors as Polperro is a lovely place to visit. Polperro is so popular that luckily for Polperro people pay the parking charges.

1 by Eric Bidmead Review source

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