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Short verdict: Ok-good food, but appalling service in this restaurant.

Long verdict: myself and 4 friends went into Penge Masala about 8pm on a rainy Saturday night in mid November 2016. Of the several tables only one was empty, and we squeezed onto that one. It took about 10 minutes for the waiter to get us get us a bottle opener for the beers we'd brought, and about another 20 before he took our order. I should have known we were in for a long wait when he gave us some poppadoms and dips before going out to deliver some take-away orders. He was the only waiter, with another guy behind the counter on the phone just taking taking-away orders.

We waited 90 minutes for the food to arrive! I suggested to my friends that we leave, but it was rainy and there weren't any options close by. The food arrived at 10, with a couple of the requested dishes having been forgotten. We were so tired and hungry we just tucked in. The food was ok-good, not as good as the food at Himalayan Kitchen (where I normally buy take-aways from). We left no tip, and we won't be back again. I've not had such bad service before, or at not least for a very very long time. We should have walked out.

Having sat down in the premises for over 2 hours, it seems to me that Penge Masala only really has the capacity to be a take-away, and there's not been any great thought or investment in the restaurant side. It can't handle more than a couple of tables being occupied by customers. It should just focus on being a take-away and try to get that right.

1 by Andrew Sands Review source

The order was late, when I called to find out where it was they left me hanging for minutes and then said the driver hadn’t left yet

What turned up was gross. The saag paneer and mater paneer were both inedible. The chicken tikka was ok but cold. The prawn korma was like a bad joke - there were 24 tiny prawns floating about in a container of very runny sauce. I usually order from elsewhere and I would have had no idea how many prawns are in a korma but I can tell you right now that 24 for £8 is a joke.

I will never order from here again. So disappointed.

1 by Review source

There is not many decent curry houses this side of London, but this rival anything in Brick Lane and Hounslow, rock bottom prices but fastastic food, take-away , delivery and eat in they have got it covered, I have been a customer since they opened this year, I have just had my wedding reception there, everyone agreed the food is second to none, great job guys, keep it up!

5 by Jason Holyoake Review source

Spice Master is a good family restaurant with divine food amazing entertainment the service is exceptional and in belvedere there are some fishy friends in the back. the only downside I have found is that some meals are a little pricey but the overall experiences is amazing with nice waiters clean facilities and a nice layout of everything.

5 by shannon bell Review source

well what can I say I'm trying to play runescape and I tuck into my curry and I cant believe my eyes I chocked on a shrimp! which led me to die in the wilderness by a noob called sleepy never been so unhappy in my life!

runescape is life and I died over a shrimp and a nooby level 3!!! pftttt

1 by Review source

The restaurant is fantastic very helpful waiter helped us on choose the dishes for us which was King Prawn Ghorkhali very nice. Lots of vegetable selection available and they do Halal food which was also great.

5 by Review source

Good place with good service... run by muslim owner and they claim it to be halal... tandoori chicken, chicken naga were really good .. nice ,cosy place... wish they had warm water in their toilets...

5 by Fahad Siddiqui Review source

I really like their food, the sauce on the chicken tiki is exceptional and the little pot of veg and onions is a nice touch. Me and my boyfriend eat here often and love it.

5 by Review source

The food is absolutely delicious, its arrived before the estimated time which is really fantastic using them for long time never been disappointed. Highly recommended

5 by Review source

I have ordered from them for multiple times now and haven't been disappointed yet. The food is delicious and better than the nearby indian takeaways

4 by Review source

Have been here on many occasions, Beautifully cooked food at very reasonable prices.
I would recommend it to anyone, great for party's too!

5 by Review source

Amazing food using them since they open in 2014 never let us down, if they are late they normally informed us which is great, highly recommended

5 by Review source

Worst takeaway I have ever had. Literally swimming in oil. Had three mains, all the same colour/flavour jystcwith different meats added.

1 by Catherine Mehrabi Review source

Have eaten here twice and both times have been great! Don't let the empty seats fool you. Do Pengers not like curry or something?

4 by Julie Walker Review source

Delicious indian food served with great warmth and smiles. The food is consistantly good here thats why I will always come back!!

5 by Review source

Our go to takeaway! Always earlier than estimated arrival, delicious food. Never had a problem here, would 100% recommend

5 by Review source

Went for £10 banquet night. BYO booze as well, so an almost embarrassingly cheap meal. Very decent curry.

5 by Alastair Putt Review source

Great little local curry house, the staff is super friendly, and the food is really good

5 by Max Krawiec Review source

Great food and friendly service, couldn't really ask for more than that.

5 by Review source

Always fantastic takeaways, delivered on time, reasonably priced too.

4 by David J Review source

Decent food reasonably priced and BYO service. Friendly staff too!

5 by Rob Bune Review source

Nice enough grub. Byob for beer which is cool. Lovey staff

4 by Sam Beavis Review source

An absolutely fantastic meal . Very friendly staff

5 by Review source

Lovely food very friendly staff very accommodating

5 by Review source

Food is amazing and the staff are great

5 by Review source

Good quality food for a decent price!

4 by Jonathan Mills Review source

Really good curry in the Penge area!

5 by Review source

Tastes fine but too much oil.

2 by Michael Robinson Review source

The vindaloo is epic

4 by Chezsu . Review source

Everything fantastic

5 by Rui Soares Review source

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