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Before I took a seat, I asked a barber if they can cut Black hair.
Our texture is different and you either know-how or you don't; it's that simple.

He assured me they can so I took a seat, the place looked nice, staff was friendly and everyone's cut was sharp.

A few minutes later, I get called to the chair and the barber butchers my haircut. If you've ever seen a dog with mange - that's how my haircut looked. The entire time, this guy is using the clippers in the wrong direction, Blacks go with the grain not against it, and he never used a brush - he used a comb the whole time lol.

I should have known but I didn't want to let me preconceived notions from giving the barber a chance - that would be prejudice.

In the future, just be straight with the customers instead of trying to learn on the job. It's nothing wrong with not knowing how to cut our hair, but don't say you can and don't deliver.

Men of waves; avoid this place - you'll thank me later.

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Beyond great! American tourist doing unexpected business in London and needed a haircut. Checked reviews and saw great ones for this place. Walked here from Central London (1.3 miles) and saw great parts of London I would not have seen otherwise (Brighton Market, etc.). Barber shop is under the Southwark Bridge, funky cool location, neat place, nice area. Had Ahmed as my barber -- young guy with all the tools of his trade tattooed on his arm. Don't let his age fool you. Easily the best haircut of my life. 18 pounds (approx $27 at the time of this review), tipped him up to 23 pounds ($35) as it was easily as good as any haircut I've gotten at that price or any other anywhere in the world. Enjoy the experience. It will be worth the trip -- promise.

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I wanted to get a haircut while visiting in London and found this place to be the perfect balance between a fairly low price and great service! There was a bit of a wait since the place was busy and there are only three spots at a time, but everyone was very friendly. Even though I wasn't entirely sure about the specifics of what I wanted for my haircut, the gentleman who cut my hair worked with me to achieve the result I wanted. For 25 pounds, which is much cheaper than most other barbers I looked into, I got my hair washed and cut very well and am fully happy with my results. Cheers!

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I just moved around Southwark area in a new office . Was trying different barbers around but since I found this exact one I never ever changed my mind again . Had a new haircut yesterday, always served by this really firendly guy called Luigi. He's just amazing on analisizing all the things that could /couldn't be done to get the best haircut out.
I was surprised and amazed when I saw this 'ghost sink ' for the shampoo coming out from the little cupboard. Also the end of service drink compulsory was sick !
100% quality !!!!

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Had my hair cut by Ahmed Montana, and what can I say, he's a dangerous, dangerous man. One of the best cuts I've had in years. This man is changing lives one fade at a time. Great vibe inside the shop, and your barber will give you recommendations on how to style your hair, then let you make a decision. Great price too, you pay for quality. Ahmed has taken me from a 6/10 to a 12/10, what more could you want?

5 by Jovan Legetich Review source

One of the best haircut experiences I've had, especially at this reasonable price. My barber wore dark blue round frame glasses and was meticulous and precise. It lasted about 20 minutes but felt like he really took his time. He was also to the point, didn't chit chat, no smoke and mirror, just did a perfect job. I'm definitely going back and would like the same barber!

5 by Zen Liu Review source

Great experience, normally my haircut just after does not look that great and has to grow in. Went to Southwark barbers for the first time and I was very pleased with the haircut, top job.

Only downside was I had to wait a while but that is what you get when you go down at peak hours.

I would highly recommend.

£13 for dry haircut.

5 by Review source

Lovely costumer service the staff is really nice. Welcoming beers and coffees are always ready for all the costumers . Music is amazing !!!
When I m here is the only time I like to wait ( for my personal barber Ahmed which is fantastic) I feel like in a club with my beer and the powerful sound system .
Unforgettable experience!!!!!!!

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It's ok. The value for money is good but don't expect premium treatment.
I went for a wet shave, dude cut most of my goatee with a machine.
It's probably good to go here for small adjustments or refreshment.
They are quick though, lunch time gets busy so try and go around 11:30 or close to it.

3 by Harun Osmanovic Review source

I'm currently traveling through London on a 4 month trip and was looking for a barber shop for a nice haircut. I found this shop and it more than exceeded my expectations. I absolutely love the haircut I received by Nico, and highly recommend anyone looking for a nice cut to stop in and see him. Thanks again Nico! ✌️

5 by Kyle Anthony Lopez Review source

Really friendly greeting on entry, cool Drink on arrival from a Marshall amp fridge. Prompt friendly service, the gentlemen have Italian & egyptian roots, really friendly banter. Very professional no nonsense cut. Would become my regular if I was in London. Price incl. drink £18 as of May 2016.

5 by Review source

I've been going to Southwark Barbers for over a year now and I have never been happier. I am very particular about my cuts and these guys are incredible. I get my cuts from Ahmed, the guy is a magician! Never rushes, and is also a perfectionist. Best barbers in London, Hands down!

5 by Review source

Easily the best haircuts I've ever had. Aside from the top quality barbers, their fridge is always stocked with beers, cokes and water, the wait is never too long, and the guys themselves are all laid back. A great place to practise your Italian, too, if that's of interest!

5 by James Hilton Review source

Really sharp and excellent cuts everytime and they know the trends. Also they have beer for when you are waiting which is a highlight. I always get my cuts from Ahmed. I Would and have already recommend this place to everyone because they know what to do to your hair. Amazing

5 by Review source

Went during my lunch break and wonders were worked within the short space of half an hour. Have been here twice so far and will continue to go. Barber was very conversational and positive, excellent music selections and very reasonable price. Keep up the good work guys!

5 by William Postins Review source

best hair cut ever ! this guy matteo is the only one touching my hair . in my job presence is everything and he never let me down is cut is clear and made at perfection.highly recommended ask for him is Italian with origins from Poland!!

5 by Review source

Truly fantastic service from a warm and professional team. Ahmed, in particular, is a magician, whose passion and pride in his craft is backed up by the consistently outstanding results he produces. Cannot recommend highly enough!

5 by Review source

I've been going to Southwark Barbers for a few months now for my monthly trim & haircut - for £26, I never walked away dissatisfied. Very friendly staff and you can grab free drinks. Highly recommended.

5 by Review source

Came a few months back. After coming home, I realised that they did a botched job so went back the next day to point this out - and was told it was normal and I was sent on my way. Wouldn't recommend

1 by Review source

Really trendy looking place, excellent cut and nice little traditional barber touches like powder on badger brushes. Just popped in for a quick cut anywhere, but will definitely make it my new default.

5 by Alex Hollis Review source

Great service. Michael cut my hair, trimmed my beard. Fast and attentive. Also watched them cut a young autistic gents hair..handled him perfectly. Next time in London will be back for sure.

5 by Review source

Been using these guys for over a year now. Finished cut is always what I ask for, prices are fair and they always offer you a drink whilst you wait. Can get busy at peak hours.

5 by Adam White Review source

Superb. Been a few times now and its been great every time. No nonsense uncomfortable conversation, just decent haircuts. The guys there really do take pride in their work.

5 by Tom Merriott Review source

Great cuts, great atmosphere and a really friendly service. My son and I have had our hair cut by Nick the owner for many years and we we wouldn't go anywhere else!

5 by Review source

Good efficient service.
Haircut priced at 13pounds, which is very affordable in Central London.

Note that they only accept cash payment.

5 by Review source

I believe ‘The best Barbers in London! I have been coming here for years. All what you want in a barbers shop, awesome cuts in a friendly atmosphere.

5 by Steve Robinson Review source

After trying lots of different spot this for me is the Best barbers ive used in London, all the guys are chill and the cuts are always spot on.

5 by Stuart Wood Review source

I had one the best haircuts I ever had here..would definitely become a regular. Cool place with on point straightforward service.

5 by Elias Tsirides Review source

Great barbers for amazing skin fades! All of these guys are skilled and service comes with a smile & beer. Highly recommend

5 by Gaurav Ahluwalia Review source

The cut wasn't really what I asked for which was a shame (not bad, just different) because it's good value otherwise

3 by J D Review source

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