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My small family and I have been visiting Latchmere Leisure Centre for over two years now and all in all it's a good experience. The council can be credited with providing a family-friendly sloping pool, with a wave machine and a grey slidy-trunk elephant - good job.

But I do feel that after the re-moulding, spending £5.20 per adult to swim is the limit.

After said swimming we usually take a 30 minute break in Pepe's canteen upstairs and spend £5 - 8 on drinks and snacks for the children. The driver for this is that the children can enjoy the Play Zone. This was defiantly not chargeable. Now all of a sudden it is. On my last visit, on 24 Jan 2016, I was vehemently told by the rather unpleasant Sian Eastmond, on top or queuing in the rain for swimming facilities where the wave machine was now broken, that I had to pay again for the Play Zone. This has been there since day one, it was never chargeable and and the fact that it wasn't, my adult party and I could sit a relax at our leisure, in a leisure centre, whilst spending money at Pepe's canteens. Now, we WILL NOT be doing that.

It seems the attempt to extort more revenue out of your discerning public by charging for a facility that was essentially a free resource, has back-fired.

What next are you going to charge for? Hairdryers in the changing room, lighting on the stairs ... I'm just waiting for the new car parking tariff. Please reconsider this charge, as I witnessed on Sunday 5-10 parent/children groups playing OUTSIDE the Play Zone, while this facility lay empty except for Sian Eastmond, the gatekeeper, demanding that the public pay more and more money for something that was once free.

What a waste.

3 by Review source

Me and my partner joined the New Malden branch at the leisure centre in New Malden.

From the time we joined the guy did not seam to care, and did not have a clue, all he seamed to be after was our money. We joined the full membership including the pool which was over £70 per month for the 2 of us. We found out after paying this, that the pool is only available at certain times, when there is no kids club, over 50's or women only sessions you don't get much time at all in it.

The induction to the Gym was a joke also 30 mins of being showed how to use 3 pieces of equipment!

When I went back a week later to ask to downgrade, I had the threaten legal action almost as they love to grab your money, but trying to cancel in the 10 days period was impossible.

We ended up downgrading to the Gym only membership and they have twice taken out more in the direct debit.

I just check my back account today and they have helped themselves to another £90 from my account!

This is a JOKE!

On calling them just before writing this review, the women who I have dealt with through this whole experience had the audacity to ask if we would like to put the extra money towards a credit for future payments!

Google need a rating lower than a poor to fair, and should have complete waste of time rating,

We have since joined a gym nearby and it's good.

But as for DC Leisure avoid at all costs.

They will rob you, and not give a damn once they have got your money

2 by Review source

Great pool, cool sauna & an all round awesome experience to be savoured..
Going for a 30min dip in a mornings, sets me up for the entire day..
Very warm & friendly members of staff, apart from the extremely rude & hostile maintenance cleaning staff, in particular one Thai looking lady who constantly looks miserable. If she is reading this, then cracking a smile every now & then is good for the facial muscles & all round health & well being..
I believe the only English she seems to know (in an extremely abrupt manner) is, 'put on the protective footwear' & then points to a sign, kisses her teeth & walks off in an ever so childish strop. (She's probably in her 40's to 50's btw) Don't get me wrong, i hardly want to get the lady into trouble, yet respect & good manners doesn't cost a dime..
Other than that, an all round great experience & one i would thoroughly recommend..
Many thanks Latchmere Leisure Centre members of staff & the whole team x

4 by Paul Lennon Review source

Pepe's Cafe is a not a good food to eat. they don't allow you to take food from home for kids but in the other hand they do a horrible food and is not suitable for kids. nuggets are the cheapest quality ever, the pizza is like some one put a frozen pizza in the microwave is getting harder as never. Old pics of cucumber or carrot in your plate as a salad complimentary.
the price is ridiculous. I won't complain if the food was ok, but is not. I don't mind to pay but it has to be a good and healthy food for our kids. Baby chairs are always sticking and dirty. Pepe's always approach to the tables or send the people who work for him to tell the parents that i not allow to take food but in the same time he is not realize that his food is horrible and if the people eat in there is because they don't have a choise.
My name is Patricia Dos Santos I frequent the centre at least 3 times a week because I pay activities for my kids to go there, and I feel frustrate to see how this kind of place is still open.

1 by Review source

AVOID AT ALL COSTS! I arrived hoping to join a swim only membership and find out more about the centre, I was in and out within 10 minutes in this time I joined the membership for swim only filled out the forms my details, and told him I planned to swim for exercise. what he FAILED to tell me was that there is not a hope in chance are you able to swim at any point in the day apart from 7-9am 7-10pm. I planned to swim between 6-7pm there is a lane but you can not swim in it, other people are allowed to just stand in the lane, they REFUSE to allow one lane for swimming, when I complained and spoke to the manager he said 'his hands were tied' and 'I should tell them to move' and I simply could not cancel my contract even though I attended 3 times within 1 week!!! I now have to pay an extra month for NOTHING!! Managers are RUDE, UNHELPFUL and ARROGANT. The changing rooms always smell of piss and are disgusting.
My advice go anywhere else, this place cost £27pcm for swim only, absolute rip off!!!!

1 by Review source

Awful place (I am just talking about the swimming pool arrangements as I have never been to the Gym).

Hygiene: terrible - i am not overly fussy and use public swimming pools all the time, but this is a bad one: there is no no-shoes policies and people don't have to shower or wear swimming hats - the result is disastrous - a sea of dirty an soapy water complete with bodily hair and old plasters floating from the pool water almost all the way to reception!

Design: the worst changing room I have ever seen - no privacy at all, mixed with lockers miles away from changing cubicles, floor totally wet so you can't put a thing on the floor, showers facing the pool so you can either wash in front of 75 people or not wash at all. they have been extensively refurbished and re-opened to be.. exactly the same

Service: ran by rude, rude, rude people!

avoid if you can.

1 by Review source

OMG! I'm born and bred in South London and love the place but this swimming pool probably has more plasters than people in it. The wave machine frightens me as it disturbs the clumps of long and short hair drifting in the pool. It really wouldn't surprise me if I spotted a swimmer shaving her legs in this dirt hole. The walkways look tired and dirty and there is always a musty old smell in all areas until you're fortunate enough to get back into your car. The cleaners probably packed up and left shortly after they built the place. For Gods sake where goggles if you have to swim here and block your ears. They may as well close the toilets and have a huge arrow directing folk to the pool. This place is the pits! smelly, dirty, mouldy, sticky and you haven't even made it to the pool yet. AVOID!

1 by Review source

The pool has come on along in recent years, the much-needed refurb has made it a pleasure to visit - the changing rooms are as clean as you could possibly hope for in a public pool. They have also recently refurbed the kids' soft play upstairs in the cafe area, and you'll see nothing but smiles from all using it (although it is charged for even if you're paying for other use of the centre). They seem relaxed if you bring your own food for small children in the cafe, and the food they serve tends to be your usual kid-friendly chips and nuggets type affair, which is combined with all the sugary treats at child's eye level to ensure that any good you've done their health with the vast range of activities on offer is rapidly undone by filling them will unhealthy fare.

4 by Review source

We visited the pool two times with kids. The place has a big leisure pool that is open to everyone, and a smaller rectangular pool that is reserved for swimming courses. The leisure pool has both shallow and deep areas, and a big elephant-shaped slide that the kids love.

One thing I didn't like about the pool is that, if your kids wear armbands, it's not possible to take them to waters deep enough that they can't walk on the bottom of the pool, as there is a sign that forbids it. This is not an issue if your adults to kids ratio is 1:1 as you can then remove the armbands and take the kids to the deeper area without issues, but in my case being alone with two kids I had to settle for the shallow area.

3 by Gabriele Catania Review source

I swim here three or four times a week. I have no wider view of the facilities but the swimming facilities are good. There is a high turn over of staff so how friendly and helpful they are depends on timing. As a regular user I tend not to need help. The Pool is relatively small and the temperature can vary from very warm to cold. There is a wave machine but I am long gone before that comes on. The changing rooms and showers are always clean but that maybe because I always go in the morning. Two shower cubicles have a nice warm output for a post swim wash but four are always too cold. There can be a scramble and a queue for the warm ones while the others are nearly always free. been like this since for at least a year.

4 by Gary Condon Review source

My children and I love this pool and often come down during school holidays. The pool waves are fun and the deep end is often the least busiest part of the pool so despite the pool being packed out, there is a good amount of space towards the deeper end.

I don’t understand why people are complaining about the staff. I’ve been here so many times and each time the staff have been really helpful and friendly.

Downside is the cafe prices upstairs.

Also, the queuing system when there are school holidays can be frustrating and have been subject to this queue often. However this is understandable given how popular this place is.

5 by Hinna Review source

Good place to take young children swimming & soft play. The soft play area is really good as it is in the cafe area where parents can sit & watch little ones playing & food & drink options are excellent. Swimming pool is really good too. It is layed out like a beach & includes one slide. The only negative is the changing rooms are for all men, women & children but no warnings. Also you have to bring your own padlock if you want to use the lockers otherwise you have to buy or rent a padlock from reception. But they don't tell you this either.

4 by Cidalia Almeida Review source

It is not bad considering the price, however many times fast and medium swimmers occupy the SLOW LANE ! the lifeguard should say to these swimmers to move to the fast and medium lane, there are 4 lane for medium/fast swimmers and only 1 for slow swimmers so why are they swimming in the wrong lane plus those guys swimming so fast make a mess and it is impossible to swim slowly. Medium/fast swimmers occupy the slow lane even when there are not classes so they could perfectly use the fast and medium lanes. It is annoying, and the staff does not do anything...

2 by G G Review source

Staff are not very friendly and they can be rude at most times. They are not very accommodating to members and visitors; they all look grumpy. If not for convenience, I will not recommend this place to anyone. Facilities are not great yet membership and fees are too expensive, I have been to other leisure centres which are more practical when it comes to pricing. And that restaurant upstairs is just ridiculous with their prices. I initially put two stars but I think I'll give it a one. There are lots of room for improvement!

1 by Review source

When I lived in the area, I loved going swimming here. The instructors are very friendly and helpful if you are going for lessons (which are very often on deep discounts) and the pool and locker area are very nicely maintained. There's a large teaching pool as well for little ones and beginners. There's a full gym upstairs as well, and lots of exercise classes happen regularly. The value for money is great compared to some other gyms that might be a bit more convenient to get to but are ridiculously expensive.

4 by Ranjani Natarajan Review source

I think it's out of order I pay for my child to go to the play zone that happens to be in the cafe area but I cannot bring my child a packed lunch I have to sit in the cafe area as that's the only seating for soft play but I do not and should not expect to have to buy my kids food from there cafe when we have paid for the soft play I don't want them eating on the cafe they have there packed lunch and being told I have to leave cause my child was eating her sandwiches is outrageous will not be going again

1 by Review source

I am reviewing this for kids swim lessons, which is how I use the centre. I’ve been coming here for years, value for money for lessons is fantastic (compared to private companies). Somewhat recent refurb really improved the facilities; they’re clean and everything works pretty well. Soft play upstairs is great for before and after lessons. The only problem I’ve had is with booking and payment for lessons - they’re not the most organised and definitely not digitally savvy!

5 by Olivia Ralston Review source

Best swimming pool I've been to, it really caters for children of all ages and swimming abilities. I love how it goes from shallow with increasing depth. The only downside is the changing facilities. There family changing room is limited and is open for all so dads taking their children swimming can just walk in on mums changing ending with an awkward backing out. Their other fault are their lockers, which require padlock and key, really? What age are we living in?

4 by Mary Emedo Review source

On the day I visited wave machine was broken or so I was told once I had paid and got in the pool. To find after being there 3 hrs and finishing my swim that they magically fixed it and waves were on. Maybe a bit of bad luck. Also must point out when paying or on the website there is no mention u need a padlock for lockers. Staff also didn't let me know I was able to hire one from them. Would go again as my kids liked it. But not a great first impression.

3 by Review source

The Music and Movement is good for the young ones and a great rainy day activity. It's nice that we can go up to the soft play afterwards as well, though it can get quite busy.
The food in the cafe isn't spectacular, but it's the 'value for money rather than 5 star quality' type of food that you'd expect from that sort of place.
Staff are perfunctory but friendly, greeting the children by name if they are regulars.

4 by Jepha Purple Review source

Very nice centre, clean and spacious. Have to get there early to avoid ques but other than that im impressed! We had a birthday party with
Kidsfusion parties at the rear of the centre, which was out of this world! Best party place in the borough for me and ive had kids parties at Gambados, Kidzania and this was by far our best! If you have very active little ones like myself i would recommend using Latchmere. thumbs up from us!

4 by Review source

The gym here is great. Never too busy and really helpful team always available. I have been having personal training for just over six months with Michael and he's made me more fit than I've ever been before concentrating on technique to avoid injury and putting together an excellent programme for me to follow with my specific goals in mind. I can't rate this gym or Michael highly enough. Thank you.

5 by Review source

Have been using the pool for years. They provide good quality lessons for my young children as well as providing fun weekend free swimming. Weekends can get busy and I recommend arriving early in the session to avoid queues. Upstairs there is a cafe and soft play that can turn into a bit of a zoo when busy, but it does the job required of it. If you are looking for relaxation or refinement avoid the cafe.

4 by Stephen Elgie Review source

I'm a fan. Yes it can be busy at peak times (5:30pm - 7:30pm) and you will need to change your workout accordingly at the start of the week. But after these hours you will get a good workout in. This is more than just a gym as it offers football, badminton and many gym classes downstairs. The pool is what sets it apart from anything in the area and the sauna is the best way to unwind after a busy day.

5 by Joe Aldus Review source

I come here to swim and overall it's a great facility - clean pool and never very busy (I often have a whole lane to myself). My only complaint is that the water is too warm for exercising - by far the warmest pool I've ever swum in. I checked with the desk staff but they said the temperature is deliberate. If you like it cooler, come on Wednesdays when they circulate fresh water!

4 by Clayton Thomas Review source

Yes, it's a council gym so it doesn't have fancy showers or shampoo or towels etc. But it's incredibly friendly, has everything you need in terms of equipment and I have NEVER had to wait for a machine because it was too busy, or been turned away from an over-full class, which is much better than any previous gym I've been a member of. would definitely recommend.

5 by Review source

It's my local swimming pool, so i go there every week. It's old- fashioned, not so well-equipped and I must say the water in the pool is mostly dirty. Or I find the bottom of the pool quite messy - plasters from people, hairs and stuff like that. A deep cleaning is so needed.
I don't think its hygienic or meets the standard of the health safety.

2 by Anna Jánosi Review source

Swimming department is a chaotic shambles - only thing they are efficient at is setting up your payment. Never reply to emails, never answer phone and mailbox always full. Impossible to get any info as well. Reception don't know anything about swimming. Real shame as the teachers are good. On the plus side the chaos means class sizes are small.

1 by Review source

Great place to come and train in the gym and also go to the pool. Be aware this place can feel like a playground when it's busy with all the kids running all over the place. One last thing is that the gym could do with a new fresh look and some updated machines that work ect... All personal trainers are very good and nice people to be around.

4 by Adrian Aston Review source

Recently acquired the membership, the price is great in comparison, includes swimming and gym. My only worry is the training that people who work there have. Despite being in the latchmere office twice, called three times, they don't seem to know how to sign me up to the SWIMTAG, Staff phone manners are mediocre. A pity for such nice place.

1 by Abdessamad El Bouanani Review source

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