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222-226 Jubilee St, London, E1 3BS

+44 20 7790 1050




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What a find. Being in the general east London area, I decided to make an effort to visit this place, made famous for having their own answer to the now famous 'Cronut', Rinkoffs has the Crodough! So, we made our way and were slightly put off by being in what looked like a residential estate. Are we lost? Fear not, there was a sign from the pavement near the busy main road leading us through a passage to find this single, old-fashioned looking bakery alone! This is certainly not a place I would have found or stumbled upon, it really is hidden away.
So it's nothing fancy inside, one might say just a simply, honest bakery selling little bites of heaven (they can use that). A huge and amazing range of breads and pastries on offer amongst the famous Crodough. The Crodough proved incredible and so did the rest of the treats gobbled up.
Not much of a place to stay and eat them, any coffee offered would be from a automatic machine and was avoided.
Pick up some delicious treats in a box, take home and have a wonderful evening of loving bite after bite.

5 by Jonathan Seyghal Review source

I traveled here deliberately to sample some of the Rinkoffs famous cronuts and really glad that i did, as they were pretty awesome (even though quite pricey at £3 each).
I have ordered 3 cronuts to take away, one chocolate and 2 salted caramel with pistachios. When i got home and opened the box, the chocolate coronut turned out to be a strawberry jam with peanut butter... hmmm, good thing i am not allergic to nuts :)
I wanted to pay by card, as i did not have enough cash, but they only accept cards if the order is over £10, so I've also asked for a coffee to take away to make up the required amount to pay by card. The coffee was ok, but not amazing.
I'm definitely coming back here again to get my chocolate cronut and try some other baked goods as they all looked yummy.
I think if i get my baked goodies from Rinkoffs bakery and a coffee from a coffee shop, I can get a pretty special breakfast for myself next time :)

4 by Irena Savchenko Review source

100 years plus old bakery tucked behind a backstreet in Whitechapel, one of the few top spots in London to relish 'crodoughs (or cronuts) !

The 'crodoughs' (croissant + doughnut fusion) are fantastic and carefully prepared with fillings infused inside !

They appear baked and not fried !!

The regular size crodoughs are quite big (150 - 160 grams)

We enjoyed the Nutella, Cherry Pie and Peanut Butter Jelly flavours. These are hot selling favs and taste absolutely mind blowing !

One piece can be shared between two easily !

They also serve bagels, bread rolls and cakes and coffee !

There is limited seating for few people, on a nice sunny day can sit outside the cafe !

Parking is not easy to find nearby, be prepared to take bus/ tube or park away and walk a bit !

4 by Shiva Swaminathan Review source

Nice place, decent selection of breads and pastries, the crodoughs or whatever always look perfectly tempting, and the filled bagels are generously stuffed but not cheaply so.

However, the bread we’ve bought (on both occasions) has not been as described. We were offered an attractive looking ‘sourdough loaf’ the first time, and got home to find it a wholemeal loaf that definitely wasn’t naturally leavened (nice, but not what we were offered, nor paid for). Not sure if their bread just differs from other bakeries or if the staff were a little confused as to what was what (suspect the latter ). Will definitely go again, hopefully it’ll be spot on.

PS don’t ask them for yeast, both times I’ve been in there a customer has asked, and they have politely (and fairly, in my opinion) declined.

3 by M Onkey Review source

a quiet nook where you can step back intime If good quality super sweet Jewish cakes are your thing and you want to feel like you have stepped through the door of a time machine into the past this is the perfect for you, but personally the unfriendly service and their relianceon huge quantities of sugar means I won’t be bothering to go back, sure it is cheap but the Dutch have a saying - cheap is expensive and type 1 diabetes is an expensive side affect of thecrype of cakes they sell here but for nostalgic sugarholics and kids this place will be paradise but health conscious foodies have plenty of better choices in east London or Whitechapel
So like hotel California depending on whoyou are this place could be heaven or it could be hell

if it is right for you

4 by WIKI VILLAGE LONDON Review source

This place is just so exciting for cake lovers. I head here every Saturday morning with my parkrun crew to grab filled bagels, cheese toasties or something a bit naughtier if we've run well. It's pretty cheap and can make three people fed for about 10quid.

The cold drinks fridge is new and very welcome and the fresh coffee is delicious.

Service can be a bit slow, but it's obviously worth it and there's plenty of space to sit and wait outside on a sunny day (which is coincidentally when the shop is at its busiest)

It's a proper local gem and I'm grateful to have it in my community

P.s. if you can eat a croughdough by yourself in one sitting, you're a machine

5 by Sarah King Review source

I'm not sure what the big deal about this place is. It has a large selection of the usual over-sugared viennoiseries, plus some more exotic own-made stuff (which didn't look all that impressive however, so I didn't try it and have no idea if it was good not). If you have a sweet tooth and like to taste every possible permutation of bread and iced sugar this could be worth a visit. Also, if.you are having your Chelsea or Fulham friends over for a full-on East End experience this is certainly The place: located plump in a small courtyard in the middle.of a.council housing project, with pigeons ambling about the nearby rubbish dumpsters. (This is not exactly an ironic comment, it really is very very 'east end')

3 by Constantine Kluzner Review source

This bakery definitely deserves it's 5 star score. The Whitechapel location is tucked away in a little square just off of Whitechapel road and they always have the most wonderful selection of pastries and breads.

Of course the standout at Rinkoff's are their Cro-doughs or 'Cronuts', which are a hybrid between a croissant and a donut. They have standard flavors, like chocolate, lemon and raspberry, but they ALSO have a rotating selection of special flavors like Peanut Butter and Jelly, or Oreo Cheesecake. They are AMAZING.

5 by Claire Farrell Review source

Really disappointed with my Rinkoff food experience. I was in England for a short period and made a point to visit this Bakery. The reviews were good and the images looked great. I travel from central London by foot in anticipation of the added calories but expected it to be worth the effort. I was sadly mistaken. I bought a slice of the lovely looking and large Carrot cake from one of the main displays. Unfortunate for me it was really dry and sickly. It must of been made a week earlier at least. Real disappointment and let down.

2 by Review source

Having heard and read glowing reviews, i visited this place with reasonable expectations. I purchased 6 doughnuts that cost me a whopping £17.50. I purchased their bestsellers as well as the ones staff recommended. Unfortunately most of the doghnuts were okay at the best. Some ended up in the bin. This place is so overpriced and overrated it's mind boggling. Bare in mind cookies and creams assorted dozens are just over £10 and taste so much better. To taste okay and cost £17.40 for just six doughnuts it's insanity.

1 by Rez Rahman Review source

Bloody good bakery. Since I moved to London 4 years ago from a much smaller town I've always missed having a nice neighbourhood bakery and the search ended with Rinkoff this week. I can see myself grabbing breakfast a few times a week and every Sunday. They have a great selection of everything, can't wait to try them all. I'll be honest I wasn't blown away by their croissant but coffee and crodoughs were nice and poppyseed bread was lovely.

5 by Starving Banker Review source

I love this little place! So glad I made the trek. (They're also on uber eats btw.) They have the cutest (and yummiest) challah's. I got some cronuts and challah for the Shabbat... personally I'm a fruitarian but I like to be the hostest with the mostest and cater to my guests (in a Kosher way). No free Danish though, I saw reviews saying that that was possible but it was a no go for me.

This bakery was perfect for that!

5 by Gege Grace Review source

i ordered a chocolate birthday cake for my child. The chocolate cream and rice chocolate used in the cake taste awful and not fresh and smell like expired chocolate. Our guest also thrown out after eating. We brought the cake to the baker the next day, they said it was normal. In the end, we throw the whole cake away. strongly not recommend to buy the cake from Rinkoffs near Whitechapel.

1 by Review source

This lovely family-run bakery has a rich history and is now making waves in London with it's crodough (London's answer to NYC's cronut). It's closed on Saturdays. This location has the actual bakery and a wider selection than their café a few blocks away. If you go on Sunday afternoons before closing they sometimes give you delicious challah for just a few pence.

5 by Brian Pellot Review source

I got a nice bagel with smoke salmon and cream cheese. It was good enough although one can argue it was too expensive. I also got tempted and bought a slice of rainbow cake and red velvet cake for me and a friend. Big mistake. It was a total waste of money as we had to throw them in the bin. They both tasted as if they were a couple of weeks old. Stale, dry and very sugary.

2 by Maks New Review source

Honestly the bread they sell there is nothing to write home about (Foxcroft and Ginger across the road is better by a country mile) but if insanely sweet obesity inducing pastry treats are what you are after, this is your place. The crodoughs (for which it is famous) are pretty damned good, although how anyone can eat a whole one and not feel sick after it is beyond me!

4 by Matt Sommerich Review source

I would really like to give Rinkoff more than five stars but sadly, Google won't let me. The cakes and rolls, and breads, and cronuts (!) are amazing. Everything is always fresh and delicious. The place is way out of my way and I guess that is good as otherwise I'd be putting some weight on. It's worth the trip and I honestly recommend this little bakery.

5 by Review source

Going downhill. I buy from here 3/4 times a week and the quality of the pastries in particular fluctuates massively. I took 2 of my friends from out of town here and they both got upset stomachs from the brownies. The staff have no sense of what hygiene is, they use rubber gloves to prepare the food and then the SAME gloves to handle money and work the till? ,':-/

2 by Review source

Don't get ever get delivery from here, missing two cans of coke from my order AND they got my order wrong! The guy didn't give care at all when i rang to complain he just laughed at me! And didn't offer a refund or to deliver replacement ones terrible customer service, and the Bagels are horrible as well I will never get food from here again.

1 by Review source

The home of the Cro-Dough in London - this place is a must-visit. Besides that, they do delicious coffee, cake, a wide selection of breads and pastries, plus they do a made-to-order cake service. They even have some outdoor seating for when the weather is nice. It's been around for over 100 years, so you know it's good.

5 by Paul Lynch Review source

Totally worth your money and time finding the place! I tried my first cronut there and it was amazing. The croissant flaky texture inside and the buttery fried dough outside - out of this world! I had peanut butter and jam cronut and both ingredients were fresh and delicious. I’m definitely going back to try other goods!

5 by Review source

I visited this bakery on a friend's recommendation to try the cro-dough and so glad I did! It was delicious and came in a variety of flavours. The bakery also has a wide selection of breads and pastries. The staff were friendly and helpful. Whilst this is the bakery, there a number of tables outside to sit.

5 by Gary Chow Review source

A hidden, authentic bakery located outside the center where they sell a wide range of traditional bakery products, but also Crodoughs. A Crodough is a combination of croissant and donut and various filling options. The shop is small, the seller is firm and the products affordable. Easy to reach via the metro.

4 by Cherishday . Review source

Their mini treats with Belgium chocolate are tempting and priced reasonably.
I often buy the bread with sunflower seeds and also the cherry pie.
When you sip from your coffee early in the morning and you have a slice of a tasty pie in front of you.. well, the start of the day is pleasant and nice.

4 by Review source

Love the staff & massive selections of mouthwatering sweets. And so affordable! The crodoughs are very good & filling. I wasn't a big fan of the cappuccino though, you're better off grabbing coffee elsewhere. Some full cakes are only £10! And so freshly made.

5 by Madhu Singh Review source

A lovely 'ethnic' type bakery, a bit rough around the edges, which is what you'd expect. The sourdough breads are heavenly and the pastries are pretty good. Not particularly impressed by the cronuts or cakes but I guess you can't have it all.

4 by Dessi Petkova Review source

The pastries was awesome... But what I don't like is the touch the money then the food without wearing gloves or washing their hands... This is the only thing would put me off coming again... Need to mention the staff was welcoming and super friendly

3 by hadeel ojaimi Review source

Was really looking forward to getting my first taste as I walk past this bakery most days. Unfortunately, my purchase [Dark chocolate cookie] was very dry and tasted stale so I am glad I didn't over indulge! May give it another try for the savouries.

3 by Review source

The London home of the cronut aka crodough at rinkoff.
Try to find out when they are made so you can have them at their freshest.
Bagels are very generous and delicious. Great spot for a sunny breakfast/brunch outside.

4 by Alex Review source

Went to try the cronuts; actually quite nice. Maybe because we went later in the day but they were a little hard and cold but I think freshly made and soft, they'd be ace.
Generous amounts of filling and topping too

4 by Sashika Vockrodt Review source

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