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We arrived around 7pm for a private party and had to provide some form of identification to the staff at reception. From there we were led through to an x-ray machine and only then were we permitted to enter an escalator to the 34th floor. From there, another escalator took us up to floor 38 where the private dining rooms are held.

We were greeted by friendly staff who took our coats and offered us a choice of mocktail or sparkling wine. Both were delicious. We then had some time to mingle in the viewing area, chatting to family and friends, admiring the art installations and of course the stunning views of London. Thankfully it was a clear night! We did notice that condensation began to form whenever parties lingered in one area for a few minutes, but that didn't impede the view.

Wait staff plied us with more drinks and hors d'oeuvres while we chatted and then we entered our room. Somtimes you feel in these places that they've crammed more people than ought to fit around a table, but we had plenty of room and it really felt private.

The food was delicious. I had been a bit disappointed when choosing my main as the options felt quite limited, but I was pleasantly surprised as, though delicately flavoured, each dish was superb.

The service throughout was impeccable. I asked for a glass of orange juice which came immediately. I requested another soon after without any ice. From then on, I'd be asked occasionally if I'd like another, and it would arrive each time without ice. That's the attention to detail that you really learn to appreciate.

5 by Barry Donovan Review source

30 St Mary Axe is a commercial skyscraper in London's primary financial district, the City of London. On the building's top level (the 40th floor), there is a bar for tenants and their guests, featuring a panoramic view of London. A restaurant operates on the 39th floor, and private dining rooms on the 38th. Whereas most buildings have extensive lift equipment on the roof of the building, this was not possible for the Gherkin, since a bar had been planned for the 40th floor. The architects dealt with this by having the main lift only reach the 34th floor, and then having a push-from-below lift to the 39th floor. There is a marble stairwell and a disabled persons' lift, which leads the visitor up to the bar in the dome.The building is visible over long distances: From the north, for instance, it can be seen from the M11 motorway, some 32 kilometres (20 mi) away,while to the west it can be seen from the statue of George III in Windsor Great Park.

5 by Sami malik Review source

The view is amazing . The service and food was very good . We where required to choose our menu choices 3 days prior to dinner arrangements which was non issue. We where told the Chef needed to know the count on Diver Scallops and Beef selection . When we arrived for dinner the entire menu had changed without notice - no diver scallop , different beef selection . Food was well presented and very good just was slightly disappointed as i was looking forward to dinner selections previously offered. The evening dinner concluded with cocktails on top level which is certainly a must do with 360% view of London. We visited the Tower of London earlier in day and where advised to have a photo ID which I presumed was for Tower of London and crown jewels but actually it was to get through security at Gherkin. A place worth visiting because of view , food , service , very good but not star attraction.

4 by Review source

Tower 30 St Mary Ax, known for its Gherkin-like shape, uses less electricity than usual thanks to modern solar energy technology. The co-ordination of the supermodern Gherkin, created by the project of the famous British architect Norman Foster in 2003, with the 12th-century Gothic Church of St. Helen Bishopsgate, Shakespeare's parish church, is an example of London's ability to combine the present with the past.
Gherkin rises to the place of the Baltic Exchange, the world center of shipping and ship sales, which was blasted on April 10, 1992 by a bomb set by the Irish Republican Army. The blast destroyed much of the historic buildings in the area.

5 by Stefan Stefanov Review source

This building is part of London's skyline for more than a decade, providing backdrop for so many good (and bad) movies, so visiting the Gherkin is somehow special. But there is no public access unless you work here, meet someone who work here or you are lucky enough (or shall I say patient enough to stand in the queue for hours) to get in during Open Houses. Nice view of the city but you can have this view from the top of surrounding buildings too (and without the hassle).

4 by Adam Knauz Review source

This is a review of the Searcy's bar at the top. I think it's possibly the best bar in London. Lovely all-round views. Most of the time it's a private club, but at quiet times of year (January/February and August) you can go here. You need to book in advance and you go through 'airport security' at the bottom of the building, ascending to the top via two lifts. We had their Riviera-themed happy hour cocktails (at 8:30 pm). Lovely and just £8 each.

5 by Peter Claydon Review source

Visited the private dining rooms at the top of The Gherkin for a private function a month or so ago. Had a fantastic time and the views are stunning. Private dining rooms did however feel a little dated and quite 'temporary'. The walls were the kind that could easily be moved to adjust room size but it gave the slight impression you were eating inside a cardboard box. All in all a good event and the views really were something to get excited about!

4 by Emma Walton Review source

They close the entrance 1 hour before, at 1pm with the excuse: sorry we have calculate the number of people that finish at 2pm... But seriously? Calculations means nothing if you close at 2, at max you can close at 1:30.. And you have really unpolite manners and take joke on us saying 'go to the Shard then'. I unsuggest to all to try patecipate at Open House next year for this place.

1 by 0 Review source

Great blue egg that's iconic in the London skyline.
The Gherkin, or 30 St Mary Axe is one of London’s new iconic skyscraper that takes on a new unique architectural style. It’s one of the key landmarks in the city. As far as I know, there isn’t really a viewing gallery that you can visit as it’s mainly commercial space. So, we will have to contend with enjoying it from afar.

4 by Jui Hong Teoh Review source

Beautiful landmark building in the city. Am icon of structural and architectural design. This building is all offices with bars at the bottom and s very exclusive restaurant at the top. If you get the opportunity to visit the rearrange at the top you should not turn it down! The building is not that tell compared to the others in this area of the city, but it has alot of appeal.

5 by Varnava Christofis Review source

London Open House
Worth the wait? Almost four hours waiting in open air from 9:40am blasted by constant wintry draft only to be told you would not be getting in at 1:30pm
Obviously the organizer likes the publicity of stupid people queueing up for hours on end to get into the 'hot place'.......
The longer the queue the better

1 by Robert Lam Review source

The building is a recognisable feature of London and is one of the city's most widely recognised examples of contemporary architecture. 30 St Mary Axe (informally known as the Gherkin and previously as the Swiss Re Building) is a commercial skyscraper in London. It was completed in December 2003 and opened in April 2004. With 41 stories it is 180 metres tall.

5 by Abdullah Ferdous Review source

One of the must-see buildings in London. I have been meaning to go here for some time and finally went this week. Stunning and breathtaking views.. It was totally amazing and I would certainly go back! The staff were super friendly. Having breakfast in the restaurant at the top and staring the sunrise through the windows – it was one of my dreams that came true.

5 by Review source

Great restaurant at the top, and the views over the city from the bar at the very top are amazing. The bar has its own cocktails which were nice although quite pricey (as expected really) the wine list at the restaurant was great if you like French wine but didn't really offer much else choice really. However the food was great and the service was good.

4 by Andy Carter Review source

This building is so unique and iconic that the mere silhouette of it in a city skyline graphic is enough to tell people 'This one is London!'.
It can't be eaten, and it can't be beaten.
This is the best damn Gherkin in the whole City... The whole of Europe even! In fact I don't know of a better Gherkin in the world.

5 by Ekan Vitki Review source

Attended a wedding st this beautiful venue! What a day, from the ceremony, to the wedding breakfast to the night, all perfect.

Views from this place are amazing and we had a lady to worked at the Gherkin who we could ask questions.

The food was perfect, dry tasty and the service was excellent! What an excellent wedding venue!

5 by Rhys Adams Review source

The Gherkin is the most iconic building in the city in my opinion. Obviously relatively shorter but definitely better looking than the Shard. The grey black angled glass that covers the building is simply stunning. When you are standing right underneath it looking upwards you realise the exceptional design. Love it!

5 by snmgotogether 07 Review source

An iconic skyscraper in the city of London. At 180m above London, it's got great views but sadly out of bounds to public.However, you can have a look around inside at the annual Open House event. If you can't wait that long, I suggest booking a table at the restaurant Searcy which is open all year round.

4 by Kritt Normsaskul Review source

A beautiful building in the heart of London. A wonderful iconic landmark. The architects and engineers did a great job designing and building this. The building got its nickname 'The Gherkin' from from of course being shaped like a gherkin. The building stands at 180m tall so can be seen all over London.

5 by Ulimmeh-Hannibal Ezekiel Review source

Right in the heart of the business district. Was out of business hours at weekend when I visited. Very impressive building and great glass design.

Lots of eating places and few pubs around which would be great during business hours. Good central location within walking distance of the City.

4 by Angie Beaumont Review source

Came here for the first time a few weeks ago and... wow!! What a fantastic building... amazing on the outside and pretty damn swish on the inside too! It was a pleasure... and I'd highly recommend just detouring a little out of your way to go stand next to it and see it up close.. stunning!

5 by Mark Darch Review source

Love the area for it's architecture. As I am an architect myself I can just sit there and observe all the constructions, details, materials totally loosing a sense of time. The public space is very well developed and maintained with quite a few good places for people to hang out.

5 by Liene Švarce Review source

Fab experience. Loved my afternoon tea experience being treated like a true princess.

Must admit that it's gracious personnel & a priceless view makes this place even more special.
Thank you all! Will be back soon for a very special bday celebration

5 by Judit T Review source

Brilliant treat. Access to the building was great as my partner had to use a wheelchair. The food and service was great. The views are amazing.. the restaurant is on the 39th floor. They also have a bar one floor up. Which we didn't know about the views are even better.

5 by Yasmin Jacobsen Review source

A very nice place with beautiful view. Security OK. Food OK. For the price it could be better. I gave 4 star due to some of the staff are not very pleasant and friendly. For that type of setting. I expected more from the staff. Disappointed at the end of my evening.

4 by Review source

A beauty. This gem of a building blends in so very magnificently with the rest of London. The pictures associated with this review have been purposely chosen, and taken to illustrate just how perfectly London embraces and manages the old and the new.

5 by Gail Spencer Review source

Really, really nice bar at the top with spectacular view. A bit pricey but that goes with the territory. Food at the restaurant below is very expensive and portion sizes are stingy in the extreme, but quality is high so its faults can be forgiven.

4 by Russell Carswell Review source

We cycled there arriving via the backstreets it suddenly appears outta nowhere. Looking from ground level its v dramatic. Located in a small square but easy to find as sticks out like a cucumber amongst the smaller shabby buildings surronding it.

4 by Kimzung Phung Review source

The City of London needs to think about investing such vast sums of money in decadent structures when a few miles down the road public apartment blocks lack even the most basic fire safety provision. The contrast is staggering and shameful.

1 by Review source

I was in the restaurant there. The restaurant is fancy and expensive (£55 per person for dinner), but staff is friendly. It has very good view. I highly recommend to go to the bar, next floor. The bar has even better view of London.

5 by Katarina Sheremet Review source

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