St Christopher’s at the Inn London - London

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121 Borough High St, London, SE1 1NP

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The bar staff were great, and the drinks specials for guests are a good value. And trust me you'll need them if you plan on getting any sleep. Earplugs are useless when you're right above an alleyway where people drink, smoke, and drunkenly sing at the top of their lungs until at least 1:00 am (at least 2:30 on weekends). The live music's great if you enjoy hearing mediocre renditions of Galway Girl and Wonderwall through the floor every night. I booked this hostel knowing it would be a bear-bones sleeping arrangement, but this stay left me completely exhausted and miserable. If you plan on waking up early at all don't stay here.
The other major problem was when my key card twice stopped working. The second time was on my last day after I got out of the shower (hours before my checkout time) forcing me to walk down to the bar in my underwear in order to have the receptionist fix it. I'm not much of an exhibitionist, so let's just say that was the cherry on top of the garbage sundae that was my stay here.

1 by Review source

Just alright. If your main goal is a low price and you aren't too picky, you'll probably be perfectly happy here. I was pleased with the mattress--neither too hard nor too soft--and the outlets that fit all sorts of chargers. I was unhappy with the strong smell in the bar downstairs that turned me off from using the generous 25% hostel discount. I was also grossed out to see the severity of the stains on the pillows after the cases were stripped for cleaning. Those were not deal breakers for me. If you are a light sleeper, I don't recommend you stay here. The pub courtyard right outside the window echoes up as though the drinking is happening inside your room. The smell of cigarette smoke also seeped through the windows. Overall, it was a reliable, centrally located place to lay my head. However, it might not be for everyone.

3 by Courtney Macer Review source

Location is amazing near the centre of London and the Northern Line. Service from staff was very good and all of my questions where answered honestly and with a smile. Rooms are adequate overall but for the low price of a bed I can't complain. Bathroom space is very limited and given the high capacity of the hostel this presents a bit of an issue but with some clever time management getting a fresh start (or end) to the day was easy. Overall my experience was pleasant and the few complaints I do have can be waved off with 'but it's only 20 quid a night, so what did you expect?'. I will definitely be using St. Christopher's inn again.

4 by Review source

St. Christopher's Inn is a cozy place, it's a bit noisy downstairs with the bar downstairs but the level depends on where your room is. The breakfast is bread, cheese, ham, jam, butter, juice and cereal. It's free if you book from their website. It's near enough to the underground that makes it possible to explore the there. The rooms are clean and well kept the beds are comfortable and have USB ports and plugs so you can charge your devices. They have cages under the beds to secure your things and access to the rooms is by key card. I'd stay again in the future, it's a good budget place.

5 by Review source

The bar is well stocked with a variety of beers (including a bottled trappist beer which is pretty cool) and the staff were friendly, if a little bit slow. There seemed to be 4 members of staff and still took me a good 5 minutes to get served even though I could only see one other group being served. Downstairs is a bit dark and claustrophic but still a nice quiet area away from the rest of the pub for people to play board games on the evening we were there. Overall a good pub which is relatively cheap for the area.

3 by Chris Handley Review source

Had the steak sandwich. Was not asked how I wanted it cooked. It came very well done. No steak knives available, so difficult to cut. Husband had the all day breakfast, which was very good. Reasonably priced. Did not like that to have a tab, you have to leave your card behind the bar. They are NOT allowed to do this. It's how cards are clone. Banks will not reimburse, if a card has ever been left behind a bar. Cards have to be in your possession or in your sight.

3 by Gill Tongue Review source

The price was good. It was a little far from the Undersground, but the people were nice enough and I was pleased with this place over all.

This is a great place for anyone, traveling alone or in a big group, because it's full of young people. There's a bar downstairs and if I remember correctly, they serve food, which wasn't too bad, considering that it was bar food.

I'd definitely go here again.

3 by Ho Anh Review source

great. not incredible. mostly because it's pretty loud, but earplugs do the trick. beds don't squeak, hallelujah! clean. good discounts on food & alcohol. elaborate, charming layout. tho difficult with many or heavy luggage. bar downstairs has live music every night, food is average. staff is endearing & helpful. breakfast is mediocre at best. location is absolutely killer! would highly recommend overall. enjoy London!

4 by Review source

Paid £86 pounds for 2 nights in a private room, however this room was not worth the price because I couldn't get any sleep. The room I got had a window right above the outdoor bar area where I could hear everyone talking out there perfectly late into the night, as well as the music blasting from downstairs. The window in my room was completely closed yet it didn't block out any sound at all.

2 by Review source

Great stay. Was clean, well kept, tidy bathrooms and a great location in central London. Only issue is there is no common room or meeting place, just a pub which can get a bit tedious. Music goes late into the night most nights, but that is easily countered by earplugs. Staff are excellent, and I'd recommend booking direct, as breakfast is provided unlike through hostel world. Overall good time.

5 by John Porter Review source

Nice rooms, very decent beds, ability to safely lock your suitcase away (if you have your own lock) showers and toilets are shared (can be locked) and very clean. You can make your room as hot or as cold as you like. The music from the bar downstairs always stops at 1 AM so I had no trouble getting a good sleep. You can use their towels for a $10 deposit that you can get back when you leave!

5 by Anne Someone Review source

Run away from this place as quick as you can! This was my favourite local pub. But a local black armed gang has taken over the security of the door, like the manager confirmed in a personal conversation. We had troubles getting into the pub because we are white and gay. The bouncer was terrible. Going in here means funding the black homophobic white phobic gangs of London.

1 by Review source

If you want to get 2 hours sleep because of the ridiculously loud music that plays until at least 1 am, or the screaming drunks in the alleyway then stay here! Worst place I've ever stayed In. If you think I'm being meledrematic then experience it for yourself. The only good thing about this place is the location.

1 by Review source

Good pub with great selection of beers, good coverage of the rugby and at a reasonable price

Review out of 5

Selection of Beers: 5
Quality of Beers: 5
Ambiance: 4
Staff: 4
Food quality: 4
Shows Rugby: Yes
Bar Games: No
Open Fire: No
Total: 23/28 (Great Pub)

4 by Sam Monson Review source

The staff are incredibly friendly and can't do enough for you. The food is second to none and the prices ate good considering the location. There are so many types of beers and ales you are spoiled for choice. This was the 4th time I've been and it definately won't be the last. I loooveeee this place

5 by Review source

Great location, great service. The pub is very lively downstairs so if you want a quiet spot, this isn't a great hostel. Some rooms directly overlook the street too, which has high traffic. Other than that, I had no issues. The showers were clean too. Also, most importantly...the wifi was fast AND strong!

4 by Kevin Loo Review source

The place was close enough to enjoy the city but the live music coming from the bar kept me up all night till 2 am, and then people talking to each other at the bar can be heard from all over the 1st floor. Free breakfast was not how it sounded, there was cheese, bread, salami, some jams; and that's all.

3 by Review source

Great memories of this place dating back to my days at Uni. Always a lovely atmosphere, woth decently priced beer and food, a good choice of both available And live music.

Never noticed any problems with the hostel that is attached and it seems like a reasonable place to stay.

5 by Cameron Bray Review source

I found this place to be confusing. I am a guy from Dundee in Scotland. I never thought an accent would be a problem in London, but I was made to feEl out of place by the barman. This could have been easily avoided with a little bit of love - an otherwise lovely pub, a real shame.

1 by Review source

I was not a guest at the hostel, but I did visit some people who were. They commented on their enjoyable experience & so I would definitely recommend to others coming to London for a stay. I can comment more personally on the pub, it is fantastic & has great energy!

4 by Chynna Review source

Amazing place for a good quality meal! Everything is bought from the Borough market, super fresh and so many delicious dishes to choose from! Plus, a really nice atmosphere, a traditional english pub with a wide variety of beer. Thank you, I will be coming back again

5 by Review source

Great pub for live music on a Thursday or Friday if your in the area. Good beer selection but can get very busy so don't expect to get seats on some weekday evenings. Good outdoor seating that runs along the pub if your a smoker.

3 by Matthew Menzies Review source

Great stay! The staff are lovely and nice especially Ruta who was very helpful and took time to help us in our travel card though they were so very busy. Highly recommended. Very convenient in all nice places you want to go.

5 by Review source

The St Christopher's I've stayed at have all been consistently clean, centrally located, and have friendly staff. They generally have pretty good deals for residents at the bar/restaurant as well.

5 by Evan Tschuy Review source

Went to the one in Paris when I was there and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the inclusiveness of the staff. This one is no different. You get a chance to meet folks from around the world over a pint.

5 by Abdi Hadi Review source

For staying here you get £2.50 foster, 2 for 1 on selected bottle beer (sol ), and 2 for 1 on Gin, vodka and rum drinks. Just show room card. As for the room, each bed had its own outlet with USB input.

4 by Review source

Great hostel. Really cool capsules for sleeping, Japanese style. But who the hell builds a hostel DIRECTLY on top of a night club? You'll get sleep 3-8 am max, just so that you know.

1 by Beata S Review source

Food wasn't great. At midnight a live band started until 1 am, then lots of noise from patrons outside until 1:30 meant very little sleep

Staff were friendly however :-)

3 by Richard Auger Review source

The beer is suitably cheap, the pub is pretty good - happy about that. Not stayed in the hostel here but have stayed in another hostel in the chain and it was a complete diagrace.

4 by Steven Falconer Review source

Great selection of beer for a good price! Outdoor seating with heating lamps made drinking at night comfortable. Live music and a friendly crowd made this a memorable experience

5 by John Dendor Review source

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