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20-22 New Globe Walk, London, SE1 9DR

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It's difficult to describe the joy of finding a restaurant that you've always relied on still standing and stills serving the same quality of food in London.

Ten years ago, pretty much everywhere you'd go, would have been in existence 10 years or more. Nowadays you'll be lucky to find a place that's lasted a year.

Check my reviews of some of the new openings in Soho and you'll discover many of them are no more, and the ever reliable establishments long since past.

So when a guest and I were returning from a walk in the City (having hoped to have tried the newly opened Ned Hotel on Poultry, which we'd be informed were in soft-launch by staff at Hubbard & Bell, but wasn't) and about to pass the Globe Theatre, I was filled with mild trepidation that the restaurant that I'd just been raving about, maybe no more.

But as we turned the corner, I witnessed the seats outside and breathed a large sigh of relief. I'd be using this as a regular food spot for years. Fabulous for pre or post a performance at the Globe or Sam Wannamaker's Theatres and significantly off the beaten track if just wandering up the river for a walk to avoid the chainey tourist offering just around the corner.

Ironically, Tas is itself a chain, But each restaurant is so unique in terms of it's food offering, decor and ambience, it would be an insult to call it such (It's also entirely London based).

My next fear, was the quality of the Pide, that was always exceptionally good, was not going to be as good, but that was dismissed instantly upon its arrival. Wonderfully light bread base with wonderfully fresh ingredients topping it

This is such a great place to sit outside have a drink and grab a bite in the summer months and sit and watch the wood buring oven inside in the Winter, it really should last forever.

They even have authentic Turkish musicians playing live for your entertainment.

It's exceptional value for money too, even now, with a Pide (Authentic Turkish Pizza) coming in at between £9.55 - £11.55 (my favourites, the Kimalyi or Sucuklu both best served with an egg on top).

Hopefully, this venue will be around for another 50 years, it deserves to.

A definite must if you're in the area.

4 by Paul Atherton Review source

First of all the staff were splendid and the service was very good and attentive. The house red and white are Turkish and are £18.95 a bottle! The red was awfully sweet and very young tasting; the white was just awfully acidic. So pay an extra couple of quid for the Malbec. The set menus are terrible value composed generally of an overpriced vegetable meze dish (e.g. £5.95 for homus - with a little warm bread) and a pide (turkish-style pizza). Going a la carte is preferred and better value. The potato fritter starter was excellent with lots of flavours I remember from Turkey. However the weird deconstructed Mousakka was basically a stodgy mass of tasteless potato with a minimal amount of flavourless minced lamb stew. I actually grew bored eating it. All in all this place is a tourist trap so what do you expect. But it's not somewhere anyone who knows Turkish food would go. I should have known when I asked if they did İmam bayıldı (effectively a national dish of Turkey) and was directed to a dish that was most definitely not that - it had chickpeas in it.

3 by Peter G Review source

Our falafel starters were good but the 4 main courses were very disappointing. 2 of us had the pizza-type pide. The sardalyali one had to be sent back as the sardines were really strongly fishy and very bitter, it's vegetarian replacement took ages. The other was feta cheese etc and was just bland. Our friend had a flavourless chicken dish. I ordered kulbasti & have to admit it's not a dish I'm familiar with so if it's supposed to be just a plate with 2 thin lumps of lamb and a blob of lumpy mashed potato, all without any discernable seasoning, then they got it spot-on! To give them their due though , the waiter was friendly & professional & they gave us a plate of 4 baklava to sweeten our miserable expressions. We won't be rushing back!

2 by Review source

Very mediocre Turkish food. Firstly, the furniture. For some reason the tables and chairs are about the height you would find in a primary school, for no obvious reason. I was hoping to have some sort of cold mixed mezze as a starter, but the only options were either Cacik or humus both of which are nearly £6. £6 for some humus and bread! We had nothing as a starter and I had a kofte which comes in a tomato sauce. It was a bit bland, the tomato sauce could have been a bit richer but there was nothing exciting about it. I've had much better Turkish food elsewhere.

Also, the window was open even though it was January and cold. I think that, given the location this restaurant is a bit of a tourist trap.

2 by Review source

We booked for 14 people for 9pm and chose the Christmas meze menu as it was late and our guest had to leave early for a flight. This was a special business event and I expected something better than the regular starter meze as we were paying £26.50 a head. Food and presentation were poor. The table was crowded with too many small plates all arriving at once . The 'desert' was especially bad: three biscuits and a blob of quince jam (NO cheese) and a small baklava, very dry and tasteless . Very poor value for money. Service was prompt and pleasant .

1 by Review source

Nice place to eat pide, a type of turkish pizza loved by everybody. They have an oven and they make the bread onsite. It is a really safe option as it is plenty of vegetarian options as well as meaty ones.
They used to serve you some bread and dip and a bit of soup before you make your order. I don't think that is the case anymore. Some evenings there is live music.
It is decorated beautifully and it makes a great place for a formal but very affordable dinner.

5 by J Suarez Review source

Having eat here quite a number of times, I can say without question that for those that enjoy Turkish food, this is a must visit restaurant. Located on the south bank near the Globe it is perfectly situated to attract the tourists and locals alike. The staff are very friendly and can explain the various options on the menu. Try the Pide which is their speciality - a sort of Turkish rolled pizza. They also have a good selection of wine so indulge yourself.

4 by Deepak Dudhia Review source

Something a little different. The menu is based around the Anatolian Pide: a Pitta bread toasted and opened out, filled with one of many fillings including minced lamb, a vegetarian selection using aubergine, chilli beef, etc. I found it lighter than most pizzas and ideal for lunch. The restaurant itself is pleasantly decorated in dark wood, with live creepers twining up the walls and ceiling. Service was quick and friendly.

5 by Lesley McFadyen Review source

This is a nice place which offer Turkish halal food in the middle of central london. I’ve been visiting this place since 2009. It get very busy on the weekends. And waiting time sometimes exceed 30 mins which just ruins your appetite. They offer Turkish styles pizzas which they call pide hence the name. They offer good quality stakes. I would recommend this place as a one time experience and avoid going here on weekends.

3 by Abdul Razzaq Review source

One of the best Turkish restaurants around and consistently good. The chairs are a bit unusual but comfortable enough and the food (and drink) is always excellent and good quality. We particularly like the wide selection of hot and cold mezze to start and the Turkish 'pizzas' are filling and tasty as are the mains. Oh and don't miss the baklava or the Turkish coffee.

4 by Alan Review source

It's a nice restaurant, food was delicious and not too expensive. Great for sharing! Some dishes were not really authentic, so couple of salads came as a bit of dissapointment. Also the space between tables is not to big, so expect to be relatively close to your neighbours. Service was really great, though! So would recommend it for Friday dinner, perhaps.

4 by Irina Vinogradova Review source

This is a great find. Food is yummy and not bad price for London. Did a set menu which was 2x meze ( small dishes) and a main plus a glass of wine for under £20 a person. Very good deal and was nicely full afterwards. Had live music which was nicely in the background and not in your face. Service very good and attentive. Will definitely be coming back!

5 by Patrick Combe Review source

The restaurant looks very good and it has a nice atmosphere, good food and honest prices. However, the staff is a bit rude and not that throughtful towards the costumers, which makes the overall experience on average. I think it could get so much better with a few more attentions. I might go again to check whether it was just an unlucky evening.

3 by Anna Sofia Tascini Review source

Great food, lovely staff and atmosphere and a good array of vegan options for myself, and carb-free for my mother.

Very quiet for such a good location, easy to find and a good wine and soft drink selection.

Food selection also good for fussy eaters, as they serve plainer food such as grilled fish or sirloin steak.

5 by David B Review source

Nice authentic food and very reasonably priced. All main courses in the region of £11-£16.

The 'Globe Theatre' menu is great value at £19 which includes 2 starters, a main and drink.

Next time we come to see a show we'll be eating here again.

4 by Review source

Slightly off the main drag so you may not see it if you’re walking along by the Thames. But it’s definitely worth a visit.
It specialises in pide - a kind of thin Turkish pizza - although it does a range of other very good Turkish food.
A lively, fun place to eat.

5 by Matthew Bull Review source

One of the more authentic places around the Tate, had a set lunch. Food was good, price was right, atmosphere was relaxed, and the service prompt. The waiter wasn't Turkish and couldn't help us pronouncing the dishes when we asked but other than that is was fine.

3 by Alessandro Schneider Review source

Came here one day before a show at the globe theatre. I had the pre-theater menu (two courses and a drink) and was extremely happy. I had glass of house wine and a bottle of water as well and was out of there for only about 25 pounds. It was a great meal for a great day.

5 by Patricia Timmons Review source

A delightfully authentic Turkish restaurant. The service was excellent and we were spoilt for choice with the extensive menu. Plenty to choose from as a vegetarian too! Our meze dishes were delicious; all freshly prepared and beautifully served. We'll be back :)

5 by Zoe B Review source

Of this small, family run, local chain, this Backside location is the most inviting setting. The soup, limitless fresh bread and pides are perfect as starters or lunch. The other Turkish dishes are always fresh. Its best and most local restaurant in that stretch.

5 by Robert Orlando Review source

Nice photos of food. Waiters frenetic and disorganized. Used all our 1.5 hours to get 2 entrees! Moussaka had hard block of thickened flour, not bechemel. Humus seemed made from tahini only not chic peas. They did reverse charge for moussaka and live music lovely.

2 by Review source

If you like Turkish food this is a good place to go. The selection is good and there are options for vegetarians and meat eaters. I recommend the kofta and cous cous, with flat bread. We went for an office lunch do and the service is good and reasonably quick.

3 by Desmond Cole Review source

Always enjoy coming here. Never turned down for a table even on a Sat night. Have some live guitar music sometimes. Menu includes big range of mezze and crispy wood fired pide. Great vegetarian options. The Turkish huse red is good value and not bad.

5 by Anjli Khakhar Review source

I prefer the Turkish cuisine. I usually order Sarma and Lentil soup. The hot soup can be eaten at every time of the day.
The price of some meals is a bit high. But you should check the menu and decide what to order or not.

4 by Sarah Riley Review source

service slow , but great value for money , the food is really good

a lot of option to choose in general but the humus and the falafel are really good ,
try they pides as well

they house wine is good as well

4 by Review source

If you are in London or you are in a quiet Italian / Greek restaurant, do not you think that you are a Turkish restaurant, corbasini very happy, pid is very delicious..you will find this place in London and you will find it ..

4 by Review source

Mediocre Turkish food. You can taste that the veggies and meat that use are of low quality. We ordered kunefe (which we absolutely love) and it was served to us cold.. big no. Plenty of other Turkish restaurant in London.

2 by Karima Bouchtaoui Review source

We have had a lunch with my girlfrien, place is so dirty , unfriendly staff, even plates were so dirty and you can see how old they are! The place is quite pricy and ripping the money of for poor food and atmosphere

1 by Review source

Love the Turkish delight and bread which is served with yogurt and Humus. Music in the evening makes you feel calm and relaxed and the portion are really generous. A great place to be in and a good value for money.

4 by Review source

Wonderful Turkish restaurant. We had authentic Pide and starters suggested by our Turkish friend. It was really filling and tested good.
Also they supply Turkish Tea in some weird shape glasses on request...

5 by Charles S Review source

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