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Disgusting shopping experience & never been to a Iceland's store like it & I use Iceland's stores all over London.
extremely rude ignorant & unhelpful staff that just stand about talking to each other & own ethnic group of shoppers. I was ignored when asking where something was 3 times & just walked past like I wasn't even there or maybe it was because I am a man????? then to my face when I complained was told I hadn't asked her anything to her work mate? Maybe she didn't understand me totally wrong attitude not a English person in sight & I'm of ethnic background myself it's very one sided.

I also won't be shopping there again. Sorry guess I'll be following Neil down to Roman Rd to bump up there targets instead :0) Tesco just down road is better for variety & offers plus staff are more helpful & friendly Iceland's is just a bit cheaper for some items.

1 by Steps . Review source

The staffs are rogue here. One was talking to the other one behind her, though there were two long queues waiting for both. Then staffs coming from no where, started talking to those girls about something more important than serving customers on the queue. They didn't bother courtesy to ask the next customer even. I was in a break to eat something but my whole time was wasted behind some manner less goons in this store. Later on I asked for the manager to talk. He was so busy didn't give any time. So I called HR, yet there's no change in this store. Only one race's staff full of this store, has no diversity. It's been a local kids school rather that a Super Store, off course without any teacher.

1 by K M Hasan Review source

It's okay however it's rather small and cramped. Always busy no matter what time of day. Most staff are pretty chatty and cheerful. Certain staff can be somewhat moody and rude at times. Good variety of groceries. Store could be bigger. Glad they changed their store around a bit recently as had all fresh fruit and veg in an awkward place at the back and now it's at the front. Have to say their meat has changed a fair bit, especially the mince meat (frozen), finding alot of gristle in the bag. Overall its okay and best for us poorer people as its all pretty budget friendly. Just could do with a few changes to staff, store size and better quality frozen meat.

3 by Tracy Andrews Review source

Very poor customer service at the checkouts. I've shopped on a few occasions and it's rare to even get a civil greeting at the checkout. As others have mentioned, checkout staff are often too busy chatting to their colleagues to even acknowledge you! This happened again today; the till operator was so busy chatting to her colleague all she said to me was the total price. Didn't even have the decency to look at me or hand me my receipt, just kept chatting and placed it absent-mindedly on the counter. No eye contact or acknowledgement whatsoever. Appalling (lack of) service.

2 by D Vitality Review source

Lovely store with wide selection of frozen food at great value, store size is good always lovely items on offer, I wished to give it 5 stars but the checkout service is extremely poor.
No greeting of the customers, you don't feel welcome also the security guard and the checkout staff to busy mingling and giggling,with each other while serving customers.
I'll recommend the store manager please work on this part of the business and give them brief training, and your store will be one of the best.
Wish you luck.

3 by Akhtar Hussain Review source

Good shop, plenty of offers. But after shopping there on a Sunday I found the staff very rude , they always talk to each in there Asian language which I found very offensive after i asked one of them politely can she serve me and stop talking to the other assistant, to which she carried on talking and started laughing. Obviously they were talking about me. I now shop in Roman road , the staff there are wonderful.

1 by Review source

The shop is AIGHT, but the staff? Don't get me started....So RUDE & DISRESPECTFUL. She practically shouted at me for 'not using the dividers'. EVERY SINGLE TIME i walk into the store, she's talking. Honestly, I have never beem treated with such disrespect in my life. I kid you not I was about to slap her! Like if you aren't patient, why are you in customer service?!

1 by Review source

I don't like it when cashier's are serving you an they will talk in different language to each other an laughing. I'm always thinking there talking about the customer. Apart from that it's all good. I Still miss woolworths lol

3 by bob bob Review source

Another great place to get likes for like food at very competitive prices. I never missed a bargain if you are like me and love a bargain then it worth checking out their prices and value for money food products and more in store

5 by samuel nelson Review source

I only went in for five items and they Didn't have two of them and the service was unfriendly. Not one member of staff had a smile on there face, which in completely different to the staff at my usual local Iceland.

3 by Mia Froggett Review source

I have been using Iceland for a long time for home and for my business I have always found good both with the prices and with the really excellent quality is a very professional service regarding the home Delivery.

5 by Matteo Ceccarelli Review source

I'm a fan of Iceland but this one is not what I'm used to and it's not because of the size, it lacks stuff I was having in other ones and the staff is far from friendly.

2 by Alex H Review source

This was my first time using Iceland for shopping delivery. The service was very good. I received all my goods in an amazing time. I will shop with them again. Great staff

4 by Review source

Terrible delivery service they have given me a time slot for the delivery and not arrived this is the second time the first ended up taking two days further to arrive.

1 by Review source

I cannot choose 1 star, I like to buy my food online and they are the worst with delivery. DANGER!!!!!! do not buy your food in ICELAND online. TERRIBLE DELIVERY

1 by An O Review source

Staff hard working most of the time willing to help exelent dilivery service well stacked overall 9 out of 10

5 by Review source

Very good store good size and range only problem for me with this store is the parking in the area is a killer

4 by Ali Chayla Review source

Good range of foods. Staff helpful check outs well staffed rarely have long queues

5 by Marion Rice Review source

It's ok, not bad, no friendly or happy looking staff. Maybe my unlucky day.

3 by Heron Ali Review source

The food isn't the very best but the price you pay is I have no complaint

4 by Pauline Sellers Review source

Good place to get a variety of frozen and fresh foods at a good price.

4 by Joanne Simmons Review source

Decent layout in store but not enough tills and staff very unhelpful.

3 by Alan Maynard Review source

Stock wise as usual even online shopping but two tills not so good...

4 by Aleksandrs Traskovskis Review source

The place is always full packed and there's always a long queue.

3 by Dada Yosua Review source

They always have a wide variety of food and the seabass is gorgeous

5 by John Bowles Review source

Needs more tills. In general it's really good

3 by Review source

Very good selection of food and reasonable prices

4 by Marcia Davies Review source

Least they have stuff you don't see in tesco

5 by Review source

You can buy any nice food which low prices

5 by Azizur Rahman Khan Review source

I got a home delivery half my stuff melted

1 by Rasheda khatun Review source

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