Wigmore Hall - Marylebone, London

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36 Wigmore St, Marylebone, London, W1U 2BP

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Possibly the most magical acoustic in the world for chamber music.

On the plus side, the performer can make the tiniest sound and the dome behind the stage will amplify it, caress it with golden reverb, and send it out to every corner of the hall.

On the down side, the acoustic is a bit 'alive' - some funny things go on in that dome above the stage. Where the performer sits on the stage can make a big difference. Also, it seems to affect different instruments very differently, to the extent that it can sound like a clarinet is actually in a different space to the cello which again is in a different space to the piano.

For me, these quirks make the space all the more alluring.

(Why don't concert hall designers today realise that domes behind the stage can be a very good idea?)

5 by Review source

This is primarily a chamber music venue and the stage is tiny so when larger ensembles perform here, such as the Dunedin Consort (superb, un-missable, catch them if you can), they are crammed together to an almost comical effect.
The audience seats are not raked upwards so the view from the back is not great.
It is difficult to get good tickets because of the patronage system where tickets are often released in a number of tranches before the general public get a look-in. The audience demographic is therefore heavily skewed towards the elderly wealthy elite giving it a very different feel than say Southbank or Barbican.
This is a pity because there are some superb concerts here by world class performers.

3 by woodlark99 Review source

The Wigmore Hall brings back a lot of memories for me as my Mum used to take me down there as a child as she was a classical pianist.
It is a lovely building with a great acoustic sound.
Looking through their upcoming programme think I will go along to the Razumovsky Ensemble in March as I have heard they are really good.
Lot of excellent piano recitals going on as well by some excellent pianists but these are mainly at the weekends.
If you love classical music, want a quality evening out in convivial surrounding with like minded people Wigmore Hall is the place to go.
Highly recommended.

5 by Russtafa B Review source

Wigmore Hall is a first class concert venue for classical music in the heart of London. The bars and restaurant are stylish, comfortable and well maintained, and the staff work hard.

The acoustic of the hall is perfect for chamber music or solo recitals, and the seats are comfortable and don't make any noise so as not to disturb the concert.

Tickets are reasonably priced for such a great venue, and they offer deals for young people where they can get £5 tickets for a wide range of concerts.

There could be more toilets, but aside from that, Wigmore is well worth a visit.

5 by Perdita Andrew Review source

Hardcore classical music fan's venue, and not too large for solo musicians. Audience clearly full of music nerds too, resulting in a respectful listen and resounding applause for the excellent musicians. Pretty much the only way in 2015/2016 to hear Marc-André Hamelin play live in the UK, and highly recommended for piano buffs.

Rear seats and balcony look a long way back, so try to get seats in the first half of the room to get an intimate feel to the performance.

5 by Kieron Taylor Review source

A really beautiful and intimate concert hall with just enough room on the stage to fit a string quartet and a Singer. Downstairs you will find toilets, cloakroom and even a restaurant and a bar. The hall looks like 1920's in style. The spacing between seats is a bit cramped so it may be a bit challenging for the taller members of the public but the quality of the performance here more than makes up for that.

4 by Winston Appleyard Review source

A beautiful central London chamber music venue. The hall is small but elegant, with red marble walls and an impressive mural above the stage, depicting the personification of music. Most importantly, it has perfect acoustics. Wigmore Hall runs a full programme with events on every day/evening, mainly classical chamber music, but also late night concerts, jazz, talks and workshops.

5 by Tom Bell Review source

An old establishment with a history of gold, continuing to showcase some of the world's greatest western art music performers.

The architecture is beautiful and the decor in the hall is special.

The seats aren't terribly comfortable for a tall/large individual like myself, but the little discomfort is not as bad once the music starts.

4 by Thomas Erlank Review source

As yet I have not had the experience of visiting the Hall but hope to do so this summer.

I need to obtain more information on the events taking place and the dates. Can you help since each time telephone I don't get an answer.

Janet Dixon
116 Bawtry Road

South Yorkshire

Telenovela.o1302 532981

5 by Review source

Fantastic acoustic and intimate venue. Lovely marble decor. The ceiling is a little plain and looks like plaster board formed into an arched but it can only aid the acoustic. The building is near Oxford street and is a short walk from Oxford Circus. The venue is suitable for small chamber works and is regularly a place for broadcast concerts featuring on BBC.

4 by Hugh Singleton Review source

We had the opportunity last November to sit in several locations in this amazing concert hall. The sound in each location - from the very back rows, to the edges, to the front - was consistently clear and beautiful: an ideal place for chamber music/small group performances - plus, it's gorgeous to look at!

5 by Review source

I love Wigmore Hall, the acoustics are amazing wherever you sit. Good value tickets and a beautiful building to boot. Under 35's get discounted tickets, and despite the largely older crowd, the music is phenomenal. I'm not a classical expert, but feel welcome to drop in and enjoy great music.

5 by George Sabapathy Review source

Such a great atmosphere! For true music lovers! And a fantastic acoustics! Here you can truly enjoy soloist and chamber music concerts! Every visit was an absolute highlight! But sometimes it's hard to impossible to get tickets despite paying membership.

5 by Stefanie Kraft Review source

Great place for music in a very calm and relaxing environment. This is definitely one of London's best kept secrets with many activities and programs held for all ages. I especially love the 'Crying out loud' concerts for babies and caregivers!

5 by Alexa Krause Review source

A beautiful venue, with comfortable seats and good acoustics. A relaxed an intimate atmosphere. World class musicians. Tickets are reasonably priced for the quality of performance. Generally very well organised. A nice bar and restaurant. Highly recommended.

5 by Mar Doncel-Luengo Review source

A London classical music tradition. Beautiful music, played by some of the best musicians in the world, in an exquisite concert hall. Affordably priced, and comes with a cuppa at the end (or glass of sherry). Well worth a couple of hours on a Sunday.

5 by Mike Sheridan Review source

It's a gem. This small historic concert hall has a vibrant series of concerts, including affordable coffee concerts on Sunday mornings. There's a nice bar downstairs which has coffee and croissants before the concert.

5 by Quentin King Review source

Great Central London art deco venue for live music. Will try the downstairs restaurant next time which has an appealing menu. Very interesting architecture. Worth calling in for an hour of sublime music at lunchtime.

4 by J Pearce Review source

Best acoustic for classical music. Never been to a bad performance there. Even if you sit in the last row you can hear it very well. Intimate hall with great atmosphere. Check out the Sunday morning concerts.

5 by Bella Verdemela Review source

Best acoustics in London -- exquisite concert hall -- Sunday morning Coffee Concerts -- coffee or sherry complimentary during intermission -- so civilized ! good restaurant too for pre-concert ..

5 by Carey Adina Karmel Review source

World renowned early Twentieth Century music venue hosting chamber music, piano recitals and soloists. Great acoustics, period interior, comfortable with a refined 'old world' ambience.

4 by jeff benjamin Review source

Excellent live music here, and if you're under 35 you can get tickets for £5!!! Even including the best seats!! The atmosphere of this place is divine, and adds to the sublime music

5 by Freddie Varnals Review source

Truly remarkable concert venue, with supervise acoustics. We went to one of the Sunday 'Rising Stars' concerts -- cello and piano, Bartok, Brahms, and Beethoven. Sublime.

5 by James Diedrick Review source

We had the chance to see a few great concerts at Wigmore Hall (among what Brad Mehldau and Avi Avital): it's one of the best places I know in London for high quality music.

5 by Davide Baroncelli Review source

Nice looking venue. There for 60th anniversary of the Today program. Acoustics, maybe it my hearing, of john Humphreys mumbling, but I couldn't get some of their comments?

4 by philip williams Review source

Such a fantastic place! Lovely staff and the under 35 year old £5 tickets is fantastic!
Make sure you arrive early for wine in the bar downstairs. Great wine choice!

5 by Review source

Only been the once, for a classical concert. It's a very nice art nouveau building with great acoustics. There's a bar but we didn't visit it this time.

5 by John Reilly Review source

Always love it here, there are no bad seats and you always feel connection with the musician. Staff is great and the cloakroom is the fastest I have experienced.

5 by Aluna Rizzoli Review source

Great venue and concert hall with an impressive history. A must for classical music lovers ....and for those looking to explore the breadth of classical music.

5 by Howard Tanner Review source

Outstanding acoustics. Tickets cost 5£ (+1£ booking fee) if are younger than 35. Not much place for knees - may be uncomfortable if you are 185cm or taller :(

5 by Alexander Khozya Review source

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