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Pentland Hills is a mixed bag. The trails in the northern-most bit, likely the most frequented, are far too steep to be of any reasonable value. It's as if they've forgotten the primary purpose of trails is to ease passage. Given that it's far easier to walk up the other side of these northern hills, simply disregarding the trails, it's unclear why they exist in the first place. Further south, the trails become much more reasonable.

The scenery is nice, but entirely unremarkable given the country in which it is situated. Scotland is uncontroversially one of the most beautiful countries on earth, but you wouldn't know it from visiting Pentland hills.

Also worth mentioning is that the people you're likely to share the trails with suuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Just, are the worst sort of people. Articulating the precise manner in which they suck is challenging, but it's unclear that that's necessary. Reading the glowing reviews of this objectively bottom-quartile regional park confirms that those attracted to Pentland Hills don't seem to understand they're in Scotland, and moreover suck.

In short, the only thing this has on Holyrood Park is that it's bigger.

2 by Adam Bricker Review source

There is limited parking so be aware of that if you are heading up there at popular times. There is 1 mobile coffee van (cash only) so take your own snacks and drinks with you. You'll find walkers, cyclists, horse riders, anglers and even the odd model plane enthusiast in this area if it's not windy.

The reservoir and views are beautiful and the walkways are well signposted and well maintained. In winter you'll have great fun breaking the inch thick ice with boulders. The views north are superb with the Forth Bridges clearly visible. If you head up into the hills to the east you'll get panoramic views of the city of Edinburgh.

Weather warning. We live locally and know that clear blue skies can turn to torrential rain/snow in very short periods of time. It is all too easy to be caught exposed on the hills and it is dangerous in low temperatures. Dress appropriately and check weather reports ahead of your visit.

Walking around the reservoir is the most common walk. Give yourself an hour minimum.

3 by Dan Salter Review source

A wilderness in walking distance of Edinburgh! The landscape and scenery is stunning. Plenty of easy access to the countryside for all walkers cyclists and horse trekkers. Contains part of one of the Scottish great trails, Theives Road (The cross borders drove road). The highest peak in the regional park is Scald Law at 579 metres and it towers over the town of Penicuik. Take care and plan you journey if venturing onto higher ground as the weather here can be unpredictable. One example of a walk which could be done in about 4 hours for an average pace and is over easy going paths is from Flotterstone visitor centre to Currie via the Green Cleugh. It takes in Glencourse resevoir, the Green Cleugh and Threipmuir resevoir. The highest point on this route is 250M but still great views.

5 by Mark Monaghan Review source

Great place to go for walks or even cycling while staying close to the city and from which you can enjoy a magnificent view over the city. It is one of the highest points right near Edinburgh. The paths are all well traced and there is no risk of getting lost.

5 by Andrea Scappini Review source

Little bit of wilderness on Edinburgh's doorstep. Some good steep peaks and ridges, and gentler valley walks to be had. Great to get out of the city, and some good views of Edinburgh from the peaks. great Mountain Biking trails as well.

5 by Duncan Kinnear Review source

It is a huge park in which we did not get to get around it. It has many routes. There is an artificial lake. You can walk or have a bicycle. There is a meeting point with a canteen that runs until 15: 00-15: 30 to buy food or coffee.

3 by Andrew Plessas Review source

Well ok so it's not the himalayas but it's a great Park with some decent hills, fabulous views, good paths, easy access from all sides. Close to Edinburgh but you wouldn't know it when you are in the middle.

4 by Tim Azzopardi Review source

Amazing place to visit if you want to get away from the noise. There were parts where I couldn't here anything, not even the wind. It was the first time I had that feeling outdoors. Landscapes are amazing!!

5 by Joel Viana Review source

Love it here ! 10 miles away...beautiful....walks to suit all levels of fitness.. ..get out and do it....Viewranger app is great for downloading trails that are free and gets you familiar with the Pentlands

5 by Hazel Thom Review source

Great walks of varying lengths, stroll around one of the reservoirs or climb one of the many hills for more strenuous exercise. Brilliant for walking dogs but the car parks get very busy at the weekend.

4 by Fiona Wall Review source

Recently revisit the spot beautiful tranquil just over the other side of the Bypass within minutes had spotted to dear. Definitely one of the nicest walks I've done in a long time

5 by Michael Hargreaves Review source

Lovely views of the city from the northern hills. Once you climb one hill you just want to keep going, I had to stop though, ran out of food for the trip. Good weather also helped.

5 by Andrew Morrison Review source

Beautiful views of Edinburgh and a good hike. We did the capital view trail which was ranked 'moderate' which feels like a fair rating. The view at the top is worth it.

5 by Review source

Not sure why this is marked as 'permanently closed'. Love the Pentland Hills and this is a great gateway to them. Brilliant for family walks and taking the dog out.

5 by Ryan McGuinness Review source

For nature output in just a unique setting on the edge of Edinburgh. Easy access and with several courses of varying hike, perfect for beginners as more experienced walkers!

5 by Zoey Mini Review source

Nice area for walks, just a stone's throw from Edinburgh. Some paths can be muddy and slippery especially on a rainy day. Also good for a ride between the hills by bike.

4 by Radim Tylecek Review source

If you need to get some outdoor time without going far out of the city. We have many more impressive parks and reserves in Scotland, but this one is certainly convenient.

4 by James Bamkin Review source

Only ten minutes from the centre of Edinburgh and you are in a lovely country setting with rolling hills, beautiful lochs and terrific views over Edinburgh and beyond.

5 by Calum Abernethy Review source

An enjoyable walk in the hills. Horses in the fields, close to the ski slope, Golf course (with restaurant), T wood forest and former home of Robert Louis Stevenson.

4 by Mark Rutter Review source

Beautiful scenery. We did the moderate Hillend walk and some parts were quite a struggle but well worth it once getting to the top. The view is breathtaking

5 by Review source

I'm not much of a hiker but hiking in the fog up a steep hill was quite a challenge. Worth it when we reached the top and saw some Highland coos!

5 by Linda Tsoi Review source

Great for a walk and so close to the city. There's a number of walks and peaks of varying length to chose from and info leaflets by the car parks.

5 by Bex Hamill Review source

Excellent walk dogs had a great time
Though there are times they must be on lead but it's only for a short time around the sheep!

5 by Review source

Walks for dogs, walks for kids and plenty of routes for bikes ranging from tarmac to some technical routes for the more experienced rider.

5 by william rennie Review source

Great for biking and walking. Well maintained and signposted paths. If you're lucky the coffee van will be open at Harlaw Reservoir!

5 by Paul Vallis Review source

It's like the highlands en miniature! Gorgeous area and breathtaking views from the hilltops just on the doorstep of Edinburgh

5 by Review source

Great for walking. From families with buggies to serious ramblers, there is something for everyone. Arrive early to get parking.

4 by Linda Murray Review source

Many hills to discover with view over Edinburgh and the sea. There are also many lakes and forests in the hills with old houses.

5 by Robin Larsson Review source

Fresh air and scenery a short distance from town. Decent footpaths for leisure walking and rough options for adventurous types.

5 by Duncan Wallace Review source

Awesome walks and beautiful views! Even if you are not the fittest person in the world you can find walks that will suit you.

5 by Review source

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