The Bridewell Theatre - Fleet St

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14 Bride Ln, Fleet St, London EC4Y 8EQ

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A wonderful and slightly hidden theatre in the city.

Good transport links and it’s actually not that hard to find it’s just down a side road.

Staff were very friendly but not awkwardly overly so, just right!

Has a good bar space and it’s also very warm and cosy.

Good toilet facilities and disabled facilities.

Actually theatre space is very well laid out, just be aware that the sound/tech person can be a little loud at times.

Highly recommend!

5 by Jessie Rxybald Review source

Interesting little venue tucked away off Fleet Street. Until I visited I wasn't aware it existed but the foundation opened in 1891, although the theatre is a newer addition, opening in 1993!

Quite small, it seat probably 140 so expect more intimate performances. The do 45min lunchtime shows 4 days a week at 1pm as well as evening shows.

A nice little bar with reasonable prices for pre and post drinks. Nice little place once you find it.

3 by Marc Knox Review source

Quite a charming little theatre down a side street in the farringdon area that I never knew existed...
The basement bar was quite small and a little crowded pre-show, but the staff were friendly and the whole team seems great!
Production was simple but very entertaining and the seats were perfectly comfortable with just about enough space for someone with long legs.

I'll be back again if another show catches my eye!

4 by Graeme Booth Review source

Good venue for small scale productions. A simple theatre in the heart of London with a modest sized stage and room for around 100 seats. Regularly runs productions from local theatre groups. Friendly staff and a simple basement bar make this a nice evening out with friends. Disabled access is limited due to lots of stairs.

3 by Jacob Dog Review source

A cute little theatre hidden away in the backstreets of Blackfriers. SEDOS host their productions there which are always of high quality and very entertaining. The actual theatre was built over a swimming pool and has a bar attached to it.

4 by Cameron Judd Review source

Awesome little venue. Properly raked seating means sightlines are good even at the back. Versatile stage area. It's an old swimming pool so look out for the old stone edge to the pool under your feet as you walk into the theatre area!

5 by Oliver Savory Review source

Tiny off west'end theatre in the basement of the bridewell institute next door to st brides church. Used by sem-professional companies to put on high quality imaginative stagings. Give it a go if you like theatre

4 by Robert Ward Review source

Great little theatre just off Fleet Street. We came to see A Chorus Line which was really professional and entertaining. Only complaint was the seating, it got a little uncomfortable after a while.

4 by Emma Smith Review source

I've performed on this stage and viewed performances here too and it is a delight to be in. The staging is creative and interesting and the bar is excellent for after show drinks :)

5 by Review source

Very cute small theatre. I went there to see a play from a colleague from work and i really enjoyed it. There is a pub in the building to get you started or for a good after party!

5 by Viktoriya Mancheva Review source

Host venue for our London Festival of Magic each year. Great teamwork every year from Mikey and the team at the Bridwell.

5 by Review source

Lovely little theatre. Chairs are a little uncomfortable. One of the most reasonable theatre bars I've ever drunk in

5 by Dan Clark Review source

cute little place, ideal for amateur shows. Recently watched 'rent' the musical here, which was fantastic!

4 by Azim Husain Review source

Lovely little performance space, with a small bar and friendly staff. Tucked away but easy enough to find.

4 by David Review source

A splendid intimate theatre. Home of the Gloc opera company amongst others. I highly recommend a visit.

5 by Milton Bevan Review source

Very creative with space they have. However I do hear they are moving to a new building. GOOD GUYS.

4 by Andrew Shaw Review source

Lovely small theatre with a nice basement bar. Theatre seats aren’t the most comfortable however.

4 by James Axton Review source

i've seen many high quality productions at this small fringe theatre tucked away in the city

5 by Mark Paulda Review source

Nice venue, central, and do a lot of varied stuff.
Was also a Victorian swimming baths.

5 by Dan Styles Review source

They have good shows there, the MTA are just awesome. Good for an affordable evening out.

5 by Carl Benjamin Review source

Beautiful venue, staff are wonderful and always a joy to work in such a lovely space!

5 by Review source

Never been disappointed by the quality. Lunch box theatre is such fun

5 by Richard Wood Review source

This theatre is so lovely...Priscilla this evening was faboulous

5 by Robin Nic Review source

Great staff and atmosphere. Some great performances all year round.

5 by James West Review source

Keep an eye open for SEDOS productions, they are always top notch.

5 by Iain Fraser Review source

Quick service in the bar, never a queue for ladies' toilets!

4 by tsr tsr Review source

Nice space for theatre or other art performances, well impressed

4 by Enric Junoy Review source

There are some really good shows on and the staff are friendly

4 by 122pirateradio Review source

Only go to the lunchtime theatre which is such a great idea

5 by Sandra Pelling Review source

Entrance is in front of the stage, Which is annoying.

3 by Sukina Mullings Review source

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