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9-10 Soho St, Soho, London, W1D 3DL

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Awful Service & Treatment.I visted Govinda twice and the quality of food has absolutely no complaints.It was the second time I felt so mistreated when I visited with my friend, I would never go to this place again.For someone like me who have cheap & easier access to Indian food,going to Govinda is just not for good food but my belief that the money I spend over here would go for a good cause.I ordered a large Thali, which is so called unlimited food.When I went for my second serving which anyways the guy at the till hesitates and makes sure he gives as much little as possible , but what actually made me angry was when he said I hope you are not sharing this food with your friend.I asked him what makes him feel so for which he gave some stupid justification that he asks everybody this question who takes a large Thali. I did not buy that because there were so many English people taking thali and this question was never meted out at them. I felt so disappointed to see a fellow Indian mistreat another.And the next most irritating thing was this guy observing throughout my stay in the restaurant if I am sharing my food with my friend.I never felt so mistreated and I immediately registered a complaint with the manager, may be a sadhu over there.He listened to me and did not assure of anything in handling the situation and all that he did was offer me a cake to make me feel happy.I refused to take that and said Sir for someone like me who is in the higher strata of wealth in society, coming to Govinda is for a completely different motivation.I said there is no point in having a large unlimited Thali in the menu and hesitating to serve (pls note I did not ask for large quantity of serving) and to keep on policing around is the worst thing that could happen in a place of worship.I will never go to this place again and will not recommend this place as well

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I've eaten here three times across 12 years. I've always thought the experience would be better than it is.
You get the general idea: You get a thali platter for £6.50. This seems a good idea, until you realise the rice and handful of coz lettuce leaves cost pennies, and you don't get much of what else you choose. But of that, it was reasonably flavoursome, but just not in anyway memorable.
As I've found their mango lassi drinks too sweet in the past, i choose their mint lemonade today. But this was a big mistake - again, way, way too sweet - so much so to not be refreshing, something you'd expect in either a mint or lemon-based drink. The sweetness was so overpowering, it was hard to know the key ingredients were mint and lemon. I went to look for glasses/cups for drinking water, and there were none, and no staff prepared to stop and help me.
All told I spent £13.50 for a single basic meal. For a very strongly overlit restaurant that doesn't claim to have ambiance, I'd agree it doesn't. But be sure what you're going in for. At £13.50 I can do much, much better elsewhere in Soho. The £6.50 platter seems a good idea if you don't spend a penny more. It's going to be a fair few more years before I eat at Govinda's again. 2 out of 5.

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I am an Indian and a pure vegetarian. I and my husband went to this restaurant with much expectations. And... Very much disappointed. Indian Vegetarian Food is very much better than this.. Trust me.. In India, the food that we get from temples would be divine... We used to wait in queues just for the taste of that food..

I am not offending this temple.. But the food served here is not at all good. Me and my husband ordered a small thali each (£6.95 each !! ) which had one small cup of Pilau rice, 2 small cups of curry, bread roll/papapdam .. Its way more expensive.. and it tasted so bad that we thought the food went spoiled.. Best of all, the guy in the shop told they are giving the papadam free as a complimentary!! £7 --- u just get 2 cups of curry and 1 cup of rice...

Well.. I can only think, they are just charging more in the name of Krishna..
Even Krishnan would nt like this food..

I agree there are not much good authentic north Indian restaurants in UK. (Trust me there is a lot more than curry in India )..
If you are looking for pure vegetarian restaurants,
try Saravana Bhavan, Taste of India..
Try Fried Idly, Pongal. Dosas, different things...

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the lady who was on cash counter to much rude..i have been there one time with my family for a lunch when we went for visit of london .and at that time my 2 yearold baby was hungry so i need milk for him. beacause i did not know any thing about that area i did not find superdrug or boots store overthere .the weather was little bit hot so i already had milk bottle with me but i want give fresh milk to my kid so i just request them i did not foursed and i was ready for paying money for that milk and that lady started shouting and behieved very rude.and that also matter for just milk for a baby.and the main thing that people all are beloved' iskon' 'hare rama hare krishna' i dont know after becoming iskon member how she can be rude...whats the meaning of 'hare rama hare krishna' much attitude oh my god.

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I could not disagree more with the person who gave a bad review 2 weeks ago. I stumbled across this place tonight after shopping in Oxford St.

I ordered the large thali, which was very filling, but all you can eat if you wish. Amazing value for £9. The combination of different curries was perfectly balanced, medium level of spicyness, with some fiery and tangy chutneys and green finger chillies to add a little fire if, like me, you like it hot.

I was struck by how friendly all the staff were, and loved immersing myself in the peaceful atmosphere.

I cannot believe that any of the staff, given their religion, would be antagonistic towards a customer, therefore I have to wonder whether the review was written by a local restaurant who feels threatened.

5 by Dave Read Review source

Bland, overpriced food and terrible service. I may have had too high expectations from coming here around a decade ago, and should have been warned by the fact that it looks more like a chain restaurant than the cosy, authentic place I used to know. Still, I was genuinely shocked after paying £10 for an all you can eat offering and being served some leafs of lettuce, two types of very basic curry, rice and beans. The restaurant was out of one type of curry after a small scoop and rudely refused to offer a replacement.
I am not a vegetarian chef, but I could have made a tastier meal myself at a much lower cost. The staff that was on duty had an incredibly negative and unwelcoming attitude given the spiritual affiliation.

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It is one of the worst experience me and a friend of mine experienced at Govinda's this evening. I had ordered for a small Thali as I wasn't too hungry and my friend had ordered for a Large Thali.
When my friend went to the guy for a second serving as Large Tahli is supposed to be unlimited.
The guy behind the counter made a comment to my friend saying 'No Sharing'. It was really a pathetic experience for somebody saying that. When we had not shared any of our food.
The staff are rude and was ashamed to be an indian and treaded so bad by another fellow indian just for being an indian. We have decided that we will never go to this restaurant again.
The Food is Ok not all that great.

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Vegetarian restaurant with cafeteria style service. Mostly Indian food plus also a couple of Western dishes - burgers etc - but I think the Indian food is probably their strong point. Chilli paneer was fiery and rich, dal was on the soupy side but not unpleasant. Seemed really cheap - lunch for two came in at under £15. Staff were friendly and very accommodating of us with our baby, they helped us find a seat in a pretty full restaurant.

I have to admit to having hesitated about coming into this place until now given its religious underpinnings, but with the exception of the music that's pretty easily ignored if you're not interested - they weren't preachy or anything.

3 by John Hawkins Review source

To sum it up, great vegetarian food that is extremely affordable. The restaurant within the name is a bit over egging it, as its more of a banqueting cafe. You go up to the counter order what sized thali you like, pay at the table and if you are lucky find a spare table and seat.

Seeming that the restaurant is linked to the temple and run in conjunction with on another, you would hope that you would have a warm welcome. But the interaction with the staff was slightly cold. Maybe it was because they had a few difficult customers before me in the queue.

However, if you want some cheap, tasty, vegetarian or vegan food come here straight away. (Visit - 18/07/2015 Dinner)

4 by Shaun DeSena Review source

Wouldn't go here by choice again. Although the food is OK and pretty cheap, the staff serving it are very rude. I went here twice and both times, I felt like they didn't want me there! They seem to run out pretty quickly of what I want too. For example, the server disappeared when I asked if he had any more of their paneer burgers, and never returned. When I asked someone else, he just rolled his eyes.

I'm also not a big fan of the atmosphere in here. It seems a bit exclusive, but that might just be me, so I won't let it cloud my perception.

Oh, and the mango lassi is really good - try it!

3 by Harry Zacharias Review source

I never was a fan of vegetarian food but this place changed my opinion completely. Their amazing Lasagne it even better than any meat lasagne I ever ate. Pizzas, salads, bakery and just amazing fresh drinks and shakes - they have everything.
I'd recommend getting there before 4pm, so you could get wider choice and fresher food - people eat it all up by 5-6pm.

And on top of everything, they will give you discount for take-away (the discount is written next to each price on the menu). And what a luck - it is right in Soho park, so you can take your nice lunch and sit in there to enjoy your amazing food.

5 by Jasper Hollingbery Review source

Where the spirit meets the body. Authentic delicious thali dishes in a great location! Excellent variety of dishes, breads and popadoms. Portions are good. Ask for a medium thali and you will be fine! Lassies are also delicious. Excellent value for money but remember food is cooked by devotees, it is a labour of love. Good efficient customer services. It is v clean and organised. Toilets are available. After eating you can pray - There is a temple upstairs. Avoid peak times 13:00 weekends, gets v busy. George Harrison ( former Beatles) helped to build this place and other Hare Krishna Temple. Viva George!

5 by L H Clark Review source

Great and tasty food. I still preferred their previous look of the restaurant it was more friendly, now it looks more commercial.
Some times the staff seems overtired and unwelcoming, but is not always the case.
Manager is rude towards the staff and this could cause the down feeling sometimes.
Overall a great place to eat, to chill out for a while if you want to seat, eat and read a book. Please do not take it personal if the staff is on the down, they work really hard from very early in the morning until very late, but it definitely needs customer service improvements.

4 by Review source

I have been to Govinda's many times and the food is okay, sometimes really good and sometimes pretty average.
Last time I was in there with a friend I got really annoyed as they had some form of 'security man' who was quite rude and should not be in a place that promotes 'Global harmony'
Also the service is just on par with average and think the staff are a bit too insular and 'wrapped up' in their own little world and need to work harder at customer service.
So I can only give this a just above average rating.

3 by Russtafa B Review source

These guys are so cheerful when parading down Oxford St but I found them particularly unwelcoming in here. There's definitely a feeling of exclusivity. I was interested to talk to them about their mantra and diet but the lack of acknowledgement put me off.

The food wasn't great and was pretty expensive, my friend and I ordered different amounts of food and got charged the same price.

Basically there's much better authentic pure vegetarian South Asian food to be had in London within a nicer atmosphere.

2 by Review source

We visited the place for the first time, most of ISKON temple have hotel within its premises serving pure vegetarian food with no onions n garlics which is termed as Karmic Food.
From my experience I can say Govinda's is the finest vegetarian restaurant in London, very good options available u can have small dish or proper Veg Thali, u can feel the divine atmosphere in the place. The food quality is awsum , all dishes are tasty and staff is very polite and friendly.
The eggless cakes and Shrikhand are must try.

5 by VRUNAL SULAKHE Review source

This is my third time at a Govinda's and like always, it has always been delicious food that's great for your body and soul. I thought the food here was a bit pricey for the portion size -- maybe I was just too hungry or maybe it's because I live across the pond in Dublin where I'm used to paying a bit lesser? You'll never know.

Bottomline: if you're looking for a vegetarian option or simply some food that's good for you in the neighbourhood, look no further and step in here.

4 by K Y Review source

Came here for the first time recently. My friend oraised it for it's inexpensive deals, but I ended up paying £16 for a meal plus two drinks, which isn't cheap. Food was okay, but the rice tasted a bit weird and there was very little ambience. Also my friend ordered the same dish before me and got a lot more, but the server seemed stressed, because there were people waiting in line. Not sure I'd come here again. Maybe to try the vegan cake. Looked good.

3 by Miriam A. Review source

Way too expensive for what you get. They measure it out in little bowls to ensure you don't get very much. Spent £8 on a paneer dish but was still Hungry after so had to buy a slice of pie for another 4.50. Total: 12.50. That's a lot. The food was fairly nice but nothing special. As a vegetarian local to the area I had high hopes for this place. Unfourtuatley I will be going to Vantra down the road in future. Much bigger portions, more choice, better food.

2 by Aric Arthur Review source

Awful service. Went into this place trying to get dinner, but they gave me the shittiest service ever. I asked what kind of veggie they had and the answer was 'a mix of all veggies'. I decided to buy a take away, how would I have guest he gave me 4 scoops of rice and one small scoop of 'veggie ball' which was some sort of veg leftovers of all sorts mixed with flour into fried doughballs. Worst meal and service ever.

1 by Review source

This is an unusual venue. Run by the Hari Krishnas who occupy the upper floors of the building, this is a strictly no-meat vegetarian restaurant.

The food itself was rather disappointing. It had the look and feel of a school canteen in a hippy commune.

However, you can relax. There are no attempts to convert diners to the ways of the group street dancing and chanting which entertains tourists around Soho.

3 by Wilkes McDermid Review source

Amazing little vegetarian place to eat in central. Perfect place to grab a small bite or a good lunch or dinner. The prices as extremely cheap compared to the surrounding area and the portions are good size. I went at a fairly good time and didn’t have to wait long. However I expect it to get quite busy later in the day. The choice of food and juice are ver good. I would highly recommend to anyone nearby to visit.

4 by Krunal Patel Review source

Best place to have pure vegetarian lunch in London. Ambience is serene and very friendly staff. You can’t even imagine having such a tasty food without much spices and it is so subtle even kids could have. If you are shopping at the Oxford Street and if you are vegetarian lover then you should give a try. Their Mango Lassi tastes heavenly. Even they have got equally delicious Italian dishes. Highly recommended.

5 by JAYAN R Review source

Would definitely NOT recommend this restaurant.
Food was very very bland, not at all authentically Indian, the chilli paneer even tasted like warm salsa. Don’t think anybody who’s actually Indian or who regularly eats good curry would like this place at all.
Service was poor, the staff were unhelpful and actually quite rude, all they seemed interested in was cultural appropriation.

1 by Review source

I went for the veggie meal deal type . 5 servings for £6.95 and I was so disappointed in the size of the servings and 2 out of 5 where a tinny bit of salad and tiny bread role...not impressed at all. £7 should fill you up and I could have easely had 3 fold the omount I was given. I thought being a spiritual place it would have been a good value.. I was wrong.
Music was to loud aswell.

1 by Review source

It is not one of the best, but THE best restaurant that I have, so far, seen in London: simple but delectable food, cosy and clean environment, the restaurant is easily accessible, and the prices of food are reasonable. The people at the counter should, however, work very hard on spiritualising their service. Seriously, that will inform the taste and even the nutritious value of the food.

5 by Review source

All you can eat. The four favourite words of any backpacker or student. The menu is entirely vegetarian, as you would imagine, but the service is fantastic and food .. THE FOOD, even if you are not vegetarian, you will definitely enjoy your meal and possible expand your pallet. I know the Hare Krishnas get a bad rap, but these guys definitely take care of you when you come in.

4 by Review source

I ate here this weekend and regretted every second of the experience. The food tasted old and was full of oil - not pleasant at all - and the service is the worst I have ever experienced in London. The Indian woman behind the counter was so rude I almost left without eating a bite! Save yourself a terrible experience and go to one of the many better options nearby.

1 by Review source

Wanted to go for dinner with a couple of girlfriends last night, but got put off by the super bright lights and cold atmosphere of the place. I might go back to try the vegetarian food on a lunchtime. But we decided to go dine somewhere else last night. If you look for a cozy and welcoming evening venue, this might not be one I'd recommend.

3 by Review source

Overpriced and tiny portions! Undoubtedly nutritious, but not as tasty as real Indian food..veggie or not! Staff are nice and 'gentle spirited'..and even the floor sweeper and table cleaner smile all the time; and by their demeanor seem to want to wish you well and 'may you reincarnate well in the next life!'..aaahh

3 by Giorgio T. Review source

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