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We Went as a party of five, as we were meeting some friends staying at centre parcs. They were running late so me and my partner arrived first when we were seated we ordered drinks and our friends actually arrived before the drinks. we all ordered food together and our friends ordered drinks with the meals, my partner who is gluten intolerant asked for a gluten free burger to be told they don't do them fair enough the menu says gluten free options available but we will just gloss over that for now so she asked for the same meal with no bun and the extras offered with the burger we all recive our food and as the waitress placed the plate in front of my partner said in the most sarcastic manner one burger with no bun and scoffed at her lovely ! Can't have the food she wants and gets that food is all on the table no one brought us any cutlery fair enough. I just went and got some and we started eating then someone said we still don't have any drinks so we ask politely and another waitress the girl who took the order originally brings them out crying random ? Anyway we finish our main course and sit around talking, quite obvious in the fact we had finished the restaurant wasn't particularly busy it was obvious we were just being ignored so our friend who was sitting on the end collected all the plates up and took them to the kitchen and asked to order dessert when ordering my partner asked for gluten free pancakes to be told they don't do them getting pissed off by now she asked why it was written in the menus gluten free options available to be told she could actually have pancakes ! so we finished up and went to pay I think between us we only decided to pay without fuss as the food was actually spot on really nice pancakes and burgers it's a shame because we thought the menu was good and the restaurant was good just the serving staff want sacking as no one had a clue what's going on I never review places but this one took the biscuit and didn't deliver the drinks or cutlery

2 by Review source

Now let me think, the saying goes that first impressions last, they do and if you are unimpressed by the first thing you see as you enter this establishment then you are thinking like I am.
Firstly, the car park is large enough to cater for a full house but sadly the surface is in need of some serious repairs due to some large potholes and flaking tarmac. This not only makes for a bumpy car ride it's also treacherous if your q a wheelchair user.
Upon entering the reception the first thing I noticed was the front door was wedged open due to being almost falling off the hinges. The next thing was the abundance of cobwebs all around the tops of the doors of the toilets. The doors and walls were all timber and designed to look distressed but they also appeared dirty. The restaurant itself was sadly no better. All the tables and chairs were timber and painted in a way to make them look old and distressed as were the timber covered walls but I couldn't help noticing that the bottoms of the table legs and walls were rather dirty from what looked like it had been made wet and dirty buy an unkept mop during a floor wipe over.

The drinks were served in jam jars and similar jars depending on what you ordered . The food itself was of a good standard . It was well presented and cooked properly. The menu cards were all worn-out be and in need of replacement unless they were supposed to look that way to match the restaurants decor.
Problem I had was I could not get the thought out of my head that if they could allow the reception area to get so dirty and unkept what kind of mess may be hiding in the kitchen that's out of view of the public.

3 by Andy Thompson Review source

This is the third time I've visited since they opened two years ago and sadly there has been no improvement, to the contrary.
First they kept my friends with two young children waiting outside in the cold for what felt like 15 minutes, although there were clearly free tables inside. (the manager claimed it was seven minutes and went to great lengths to explain the tables were dirty and people couldn't wait in the hallway because of the fire exit.) How long does it take to clear a table??
Don't expect to have a conversation in this place... The placement of the deafening smoothy and coffee machines make it impossible to hear yourself think!
No savoury pancakes, which is about half the menu.
And the final straw is to have to traipse across the garage forecourt to get cash out of the machine, because their card machine is broken, and has been since my last visit about a year ago.
The food on the other hand-, if you can put up with the noise, the foul smell from the toilets in the hallway, oh and the wait out in the cold,- is fairly good.
My advice... Avoid and go to Mc Donalds 200m further on the roundabout.

1 by Martine Lettau Review source

To say I'm disappointed with my experience at the waffle shack today would be an understatement. I honestly can't believe I spent money there today. The service was AWFUL!!! I've never experienced such awful service in my life. The staff seemed more interested in chatting with one another than doing their job. At one point all the staff where no where to be found and the best part is they left the till open!!! Anyone could have easily grabbed every bit of money out of that register and walked out. Luckily you had decent people in there eating today or you would have lost a decent amount of cash. Our boys did not get their dessert because after waiting upwards of 30 minutes after eating we could not get a waitress to our table. Once a lady finally returned to The register we were beyond fed up and wanted to pay and leave. I go out to eat often and I'm fairly understanding but this was unbelievably bad. Honestly can't believe I wasted my money today. My previous experience was better so that's why we chose to spend my sons birthday there today... it was a mistake!!!!!

1 by Review source

The food is fantastic. You almost can't go wrong with sweet waffles and pancakes anyway, but the savoury food really stands out as well.

For milkshakes you can choose up to 2 chocolate bars to be blended in (all familiar big brand names), but it would be good to have a few recommend house combinations - I had Maltesers and Mint Aero, but the Maltesers were completely overpowered by the mint so it would have been good to have some tried and tested suggestions.

On our second visit we decided to be pigs and have a savoury followed by a sweet, but I don't think that's what they expect their customers to do, and we had to actively catch the attention of a waitress to order something else, rather than being asked like in most standard restaurants.
We noticed most customers coming and going quite quickly, just having one thing. So maybe a more obvious choice of mains and desserts would be a good addition to cater for people who want to stay for a full meal.

4 by James Seber Review source

They ripped me off! £3 for single tiny pancake for my son because it was off of the kids menu. No ice cream or any extras, only 50p extra for a half stack! The staff don't explain anything...I won't go back

The rest of the order was average at best! The pancake & waffle shack, sounds like they should be experts at it but no real imagination is evident in the menu and I could have got the same quality food in a hungry horse! My waffle wasn't hot and seemed microwaved, the more I think about it the more disgusted I get.

When I went to complain to the manager she just told me 'that's the price', I know that's the price, that's why I'm complaining! Idiots!

Also my son was to scared to go in the toilet first because it was so dark just one light at the end of the corridor create a gloomy, dank toilet experience

1 by Jason Bruno Review source

Very very cute restaurant but not so great food or service. We were excited to find a place we thought would be the American breakfast we miss so much while stationed over here. The wait staff in pink shirts were pretty good but the older ladies were paying no attention and I watched four parties walk in and be ignored for 2-3 minutes each before even being seated because the hostess was chatting with the guys in the kitchen. The English breakfast part was good enough but my pancakes were all in my beans as they put them on the same plate and the parts not in beans were incredibly dense and not good. They have no juice or milk options to drink which seems odd for a breakfast themed place. They also didn't bring syrup or butter for the pancakes till we asked. All in all I've had better food and service from every waffle shack I've been to in the states.

3 by Victoria Lindsey Review source

I usually allow for bad experiences because the food industry is hard work but after my second bad experience with all similar problems I can safely say I won't be coming back. The waitress who served us was lovely but the other waitress needs to slap a smile on her miserable face and maybe learn some customer service. The toilets where awful-same as the previous visit, Dirty and the bin for hand towels over flowing onto the floor, The door still has a broken handle. The restaurant floor looked like it needs a serious deep clean and the tables were sticky which is disgusting. The whole place looks grimey and uncared for. The fact that you get bad customer service really really doesn't help. Smile and be nice waitresses-you're not too good and if you think you are then change job asap!!! (I work in retail before any judgement comes my way)

1 by Review source

Was left very disappointed. Travelled quite some distance to try this place as it had been recommended. Imagine our disappointment when told the Waffle Shack had no waffles - beggars belief(so obviously it means they are shop bought waffles - which amazes me as they're not exactly a difficult item to make) Also they couldn't accept card payments either (apparently an ongoing thing not a one off) we left without buying anything so can't review the quality of the pancakes which were the only thing on offer. Went to Arbuckles instead and had pancakes AND Waffles - Very good and can highly recommend ;-)

1 by Review source

With a promising menu, a lovely interior and a really good milkshake I was eager for this to be my new favourite place. Sadly even on a Monday afternoon when the place was half empty we waited about 45 minutes for our burgers...which were... *meh* OK. The pancakes were tasty and had lots of options, but I will never go back and I will urge my friends to go elsewhere.... because while my 7 year old daughter was talking to the waitress about her meal, the waitress just turned and walked away without a word. TWICE. This is thoroughly unacceptable service at what must surely be considered a family restaurant.

1 by Review source

Terrible! Had a bad first experience when they first opened. Thought we would give it another try today and it’s got worse! Slow uninterested staff, soggy waffles and then she made us go up to the counter to pay?? The guy sat next to us, who left when we arrived dirty plate was sat on the table next to us the whole time we were in there and still when we left. They had 20 minute wait on tables yet 6 tables had no one sat on them but covered in the previous persons dirty plates and glasses. Will never go back again! Mc Donald’s is next door, go there at least you know what your getting!

1 by Review source

Worst place we have ever eaten. Food wasn't great and when it finally arrived each plate was brought out seperately with a 5 minute wait between each, childrens food brought out last and then order was wrong. Waitress went back to the kitchen but what we origianally asked for they didn't have so our daughter went without. Manager couldn't even crack a smile and was rude and staff just didn't seem to care or have a clue what they were doing. Definitely will not be visiting this place again. Food is over priced for what it is and the service that was given!!

1 by Review source

Lovely meal, quick service and nice staff!

The food was really good. Everything was as ordered and tasted great. The kids fish fingers were massive!! My boy has not stopped talking about them since!!!

The menu is good with plenty of variety. The kids one is good too.

The restaurant is clean and tidy.

Staff are very friendly and helpful. The service is quick.

Great value for money.

It was cash only when we went, but there is a cash point in the petrol station opposite.
We will definitely go back!

5 by Paul Armes Review source

This is the best place i have ever been too even though the portions might be pricey they sometimes cater for me my sister and my dad, due to the fact they are very filling. They also do devine main meals if you were to have dinner there and not desert. They also have a milkshake with a mixture of 2 of your choice chocolates bars or chocolate treats.I would recommend going with children because they would love the food, also adult u go too because why not you will end up loving it there and fall in love with the food, the staff and the decorations.

5 by Annabelle Grant Review source

Surprise find, never would have expected there to be a waffle shack at this services. Must be an old Happy Eater. Really friendly service, busy and popular venue.
The menu was interesting and varied. Their milkshake was fantastic and the kids loved their meals. Not sure I'll ever fully appreciate the idea of waffles and pancake with everything. A sugar encrusted waffle under nachos left me confused, but perhaps that's just me. Great place to stop on a journey, especially with children.

4 by David Morgan Review source

Looks nice and chabby. Service and food is different everytime I visit. I've had good and bad experiences. I've been ignored by waitstaff and often they've been too busy talking than paying attention. It really depends who serves you, I've made feel very welcome there as well and received great service. However, everytime I've visited, toilets have been in horrible state. Rubbish, toilet rolls everywhere on the floor, toilets honestly looks 10 times worse than some bar toilets.

3 by Review source

This place is nice, the food served tastes excellent. However due to its location and size of building there is limited seating and can fill up quite easily. To go along with that the cost is a bit expensive, to get two waffles with sweet garnishings (i.e. Chocolate, ice-cream and preferred sauce) and a pint of your chosen flavoured milkshake, your looking to spend about £14. This being said, service was good and I would recommend everyone to try it but only as a treat.

4 by Review source

Got to pancake and waffle shack, found out they couldn’t accept card which meant we had to walk to the garage to get cash out. We then qued up for around 30 minutes and asked if 5 of us could just use the tables for 2 and split up but we was then told it would be another 40 minute wait as they can’t seat anybody else due to the kitchen was so full on orders they couldn’t let anybody else in. We left and went to McDonald’s and so did the people behind us and in front.

1 by Review source

Nice decor in dinning space.
Friendly, attentive staff & quick at getting food to the tables.
Food looks mouthwateringly presented but soooooo sweet. Went in as a party of 4 and none of us could finish our food (savoury dishes & sweet).
Menu was confusing (asked if a dish was spicy told no, but was!), hot pancakes/waffles with cold ice cream was nightmare for your teeth.
Toilets were cold & tad grubby.
Won't be going back!

2 by Review source

Have only been here the once, but would definitely go again.

EDIT: April 2017 - have been back! Would still recommend!

The food was delicious, the portions were huge too! The Apple & Cinnamon waffles I had were very, very sweet and very sickly.. But in a good way (if that makes any sense!).

Staff were friendly enough, and the wait wasn't too busy considering all food is made fresh to order.


4 by Leigh Fidock Review source

Not very clean. Stuff was very slow and not particularly friendly. Food wasn't anything that great. It was ok, but for a place called pancake and waffle shak, they should really have a much better selection and taste better. Bathrooms are gross! They have a sign saying they can't take cards due to some problem, but from other reviews I can tell this has been flung on for at least 4 months. They obviously don't care to fix the problem.

2 by Brian Reeve-Hayes Review source

Nice theme, friendly staff,
Had a good milkshake
However the savory style waffle are really odd, usually you wouldn't have sugar on them just serve them plain then the topping

Fish and sugar pancakes...
And chilli con carne and sugar.....
The flavour is just too Confusing and very sickly, me and my wife didn't feel great after the meal, having said that we both agree desert style would have been nice

3 by Liam Gray Review source

This place is totally amazing! We were seated straight away and had several waiters and waitresses serve our table. They were all smart, well mannered, cheerful and helpful. Our food arrived quickly even though the restaurant was busy and our meals were top notch. I was super happy with my vegisourous pancake! And the kids loved building their ice cream pancakes with sauces and sprinkles and marshmallows. Thanks, we had a fab time!

5 by Review source

The food is good service is polite but they always seem to be understaffed and everything takes a while to be done ... this is a more noticeable with the drinks orders than food. The biggest issue is the on going issue of their card machine not working ... it must be over a year that they've been cash only ... not good if you wanted to use a credit card as your only option is to go to the cash machine at the petrol station!

3 by Review source

Long wait to be offered a drink. We ordered food to then be told they had run out of our main which was fine changed our order then there was a long wait for our food our main turned up before our starters and they asked us if we still wanted them the answer was no who wants there starter after there main course?! And the main course was below average and cold would not recommend this place to anyone slow service and poor food.

1 by Review source

The food is good, they do gluten free pancakes but not main courses. The customer service is diabolical but the waitresses were trying hard. The chefs appeared very dirty and scruffy but the kitchen was clean. We had to clear the tables ourselfs and get our own cutlery and sauces as they delivered the food without either. I think if the staff were better trained and cleaner the place would be much better and much more popular

2 by Review source

Please can you make Gluten Free waffles and Pancakes because you are missing out on serving customers who have a Gluten Free diet and this type of customer is increasing all the time in the UK. I really wanted to eat at your shack regularly but was very disappointed that you do not serve a Gluten Free option. Believe me it's very easy to make the batter Gluten Free. Please please serve Gluten Free Waffles and Pancakes

2 by Review source

Fantastic welcome. The staff are really friendly. Nothing too much of a problem if you wanted to change something on the menu. I had their full English breakfast. And I must admit it's been sometime since I had such a lunch meal. My husband had beef burger and fries. Then after a break( went to walk of meal by the canal) I had the banana pancakes with cream and ice cream. husband bad banana waffles.

5 by Review source

Don't bother! Didn't get coffee right, food was terrible. Atmosphere was alright, but only warm uñer heaters, which there were too few of. Warmed up frozen food. Poor service. The servers did not check back to see how everything was, and did their best to not make eye contact during the meal. Not enough napkins nor cutlery at the table and unable to get their attention to get more.

1 by Beth Hutton Review source

Extremely poor. The name sounds appealing and unique - it's anything but. First, we sit down and the benches are poorly damaged with huge holes in the leather. Then, drinks come out and flat coke. Then I receive my ice cream and notice a large hair. Service very slow too. They did duly give the appropriate refund but doesn't mean I can give anything but a negative review.

1 by Keir Bourne Review source

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