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Romantic ruins on a beautiful and spectacular exposed steep rocky headland. Not much more more than that though The English Heritage visitor centre (free to enter ) is poor with very little information presented in a dry and lacklustre way. About five unimaginative information boards and a plastic model of the rock that lights up. No info on the natural history of the area, and very little about the Arthurian Legend which after all is what many visitors come for.
You could see most of the ruins, albeit from a distance , by walking either side on the coastal path for free without the precipitous steps and you can also access Merlin's Cave and the beach for free from this path. We felt disappointed by the English Heritage experience and felt it was not worth the £8 entry. Very limited information boards as you walk around the ruins that do not spark the imagination enough especially for younger children. The map you get given is very limited. Extremely steep road and step access . Be warned, it's not for the disabled or unfit. They also have the cheek to charge and extra £2 per adult fee to take you up and down to the village in a land rover if you find the hills and steps too much !!! What a rip off as it's about 1- 2 minutes in the vehicle. They must be coining it in !! No free parking for your entry fee , You must to pay for that in the village and walk down to the site. The village is very touristy and tacky, not a place to linger .
In summary ,beautiful location for the castle ruins , but very overpriced for what you get. Poor effort at a visitor centre.

3 by Review source

Built up high on the Cornish coastline. Tintagel castle has association with king Arthur and was once an important stronghold. Tintagel is an incredible site with plenty to do with the family from exploring the beaches along the coastline, Merlins cave and taking in the breathtaking views from up high on the clifftop.
Tintagel castle is another one of English heritages great sites. There is paid parking available at a number of different car parks. There is a ten minute walk from the entrance down to the cafe, shop and beach area, however there is a paid for land rover service that will take you up and down.
Be prepared for a lot of walking and climbing up and down steep steps as it is a bit of an adventure to make it up to the castle area and to see the iconic statue at the top of the cliffs. We all thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the castle and felt we could have spent a lot longer there. I would definitely allow at least a day to see everything.

5 by craig Jolley Review source

This is a must see and absolutely loved this place. It is rugged and cold and exposed and makes you wonder why on earth they would live in such a place but they did.

The overall set up is great and you can spend hours wandering around and exploring the beautiful scenery and history.

Like Stonehenge this is an English Heritage site and if a member it is included in your membership.

There are step hills and many steps but the effort is worth it with the views that you’ll see.

Also make sure you do go and see the knight, it is a marvelous statue and quite the stunning piece of art.

Also if you can’t bring yourself to walk up the hill after you are done then there is a land rover that will take you back up for a small fee.

There is parking right next to the Cornish bakery but it does fill up quick and you’ll need coins to pay for the parking.

5 by Simon Mamouney Review source

A fantastic little village with plenty to do and see. Car parking starts at £1. If you keep on the main road before the hotel you can squeeze in somewhere for free. The walk down to the old castle and sea front is amazing with toilets and a restaurant facing the sea view. Once you start the climb to the top you will be greeted by a gate and price list. They wanted £10 per adult and £5 per child to look at an old castle wall. We thought this was ridiculous to be honest. We walked back without paying. We spent enough money on the local shops and bars that will go back into the local community. BOO!!! To the National heritage. The climb back to the top of the village is very steep however there is an old boy driving a Landrover who charges £2 per adult, £1 per child and 50p for the dog. The journey must last 60 seconds. We did laugh at the people actually paying for this. ( Based on a true life story).

3 by David Irvine Review source

Absolutely stunning views, as can be found in much of the surrounding area. Lots of interesting information to read - there isn't a great deal of the castle left, so you have to use your imagination a bit!

The only issue we had is that it is not a great place to take small children, the main reason being that most of the site is at the top of sheer cliff faces, or at least very steep drops, with nothing stopping you walking right over the edge. Barriers everywhere would certainly spoil the appearance of the place, so you just need to be prepared to hold onto any little ones you have for most of the time you are there.

Also there are a lot of steep steps, some of which didn't feel very safe, so certainly not somewhere to take pushchairs/wheelchairs.

We did really enjoy though.

4 by Alex Coates Review source

Amazing location for a castle: romantic and windswept. Walk down to beach and cave under castle well worth attempting at low tide. There is an option to ride down the hill and back up again to the castle entrance in summer, but the whole place is very steep and lots of steps make this a serious climb not for the faint hearted. Worth spending time sitting on the cliff top overlooking the castle with sandwiches! Can be very windy as its exposed. Lovely walks along coast path with old quarry workings, stone stacks, interesting geology. Park for about 4 hours if walking further, allow a good 1.5 hours for castle. Quirky shops with crystals, magic wands, etc in High Street. Expensive entrance and signs basic; English Heritage need to put more info on the signs and not expect everyone to buy expensive guide book.

4 by Rosie Mack Review source

Visited this place twice over a few years. Tintagel is a lovely little village with plenty of cheap parking. A few places to eat and drink, a few shops.

The castle is a walk down hill (very very downhill) it's an English heritage site so costs money to actual walk around the castle grounds. I'm not a member so didn't actually go in and it was actually closed on the Tuesday we visited in March so I'm not sure how much you can walk around without paying. But we walked around, could see 'merlins' cave - the steps going down to the beach were damaged so you can't actually get to go down.

A nice little place, with a steep steep steep walk back. I believe the English heritage do have a land rover to carry people back and forth - At a charge

5 by Anthony Morgan Review source

I enjoyed a lovely trip to Tintagel Castle. Whilst the wind whips up a fury, you can stand atop the island and wonder who these people were to build a castle on such a spot. Or you can marvel at the stunning views, particularly out over the Atlantic ocean. Tintagel castle is well worth the money. English heritage are improving facilities and you can see where they've spent our money, as it is well maintained through out. Although there is usually a land rover service to and from the cove, there is a lot of steps to climb up and down. I suggest you wrap up warm and wear suitable shoes for this journey. There is a cafe and a gift shop in the cove. The statue on the island is also worth visiting, if you have enough leg power left once you are on the island

5 by Review source

One of the highlights of our holiday, and in such a stunning location. We camped nearby so walked over but there is parking. Definitely worth every penny. We spent the whole afternoon here. You can totally immerse yourself in the history and legend of King Arthur. It's so beautiful from the castle ruins looking out over the Cornish coastline. An amazing place to live in it's day I'm sure; let your imagination run wild...my mum is afraid of heights but with hands on the rails and stopping frequently (very handy for my photo taking) she made it to the top and was very happy she did. It is extremely high but so worth the butterflies in your tummy for the views. Sit over at the hotel with an ale later for spectacular sunsets too.

5 by Sadie Aramendia Review source

Amazing site with stunning scenery. To do it justice you need to allow plenty of time, wear suitable clothing for the weather conditions and footing and make sure you have plenty of water with you. There is a landrover that takes you up and down the road to the entrance of the castle and exhibition if you prefer, but getting to the start is by no means the challenge. Reviews say about taking dogs - Glad we didn't as some of the steps (of which there are many!) are quite tricky to navigate with 2 feet and I guess with a dog, they potentially would be either a hindrance or a help. It could be a bit problematic if it turns out to be the former. Definitely worth a visit and definitely worth the effort to get to both parts!!

5 by Moomoo La Cow Review source

The village of Tintagel and the cliffs around are nice and worth a visit. But the Castle itself is just overpriced for a few ruins in front of the sea. The first ticket office you meet is in the village, but then it is a long walk till the place were the tickets are really checked. Meaning that most of the place is free (the church, the caves, ...). What you pay for is to climb narrow and steep stairs (queuing expected) to arrive to a set of ruins with few explanation. If you are really willing to see and touch stones which are said to belong to a legend, OK, otherwise, save your money (we paid nearly £30 for 2 adults and to teens (15 & 17))

1 by Review source

I'm not a big fan of castles - I usually find them full of artificial upholstery, you can't touch anything and they're musty. Tintagel Castle is a ruin with wonderful views. There isn't much of the castle standing - think foundations with a few door arches, however, there's a lot of scenery around the castle. We hiked most of the paths around, up and down steep stairs and had a great time exploring the area. I'd definitely recommend if you're more into scenery than you are castles. The cafe is good, too, with a few vegan options. It's a great place to come for a view and a bit of contemplation.

5 by sandy lewis Review source

I love visiting historic monuments, particularly castles, as they can be so exciting, especially ruins. However, i was disappointed - far less castle than I had expected, even though I was expecting ruins. The day we visited was very busy, but English Heritage did not manage this well and there were, in my opinion, significant hazards as a result of the large numbers of people moving up or down the narrow flights of stairs. This was particularly hazardous given the high number of young children and dogs, and the wet weather. If there were no accidents on that day, it was due to chance, rather than good risk management.

3 by James Brown Review source

Breathtaking views of the cliffs, the sea and the coastline. The surroundings are beautiful, except that castle like hotel up on the cliff. The steps are dangerously steep at places and require some stamina to climb.
If you are here for the history or the castle itself, you might be disappointed though. There's hardly more than a few rocks left of the walls and it's difficult to imagine how it could have looked as a whole. I especially don't recommend it for children. It's a lot less than what you'd expect after climbing those steps. There are other, more castle-like ruins in the UK.

3 by András Rusznyák Review source

One of my favourite English Heritage places. A mix of Dark Age, 13th Century and Victorian buildings. There are an awful lot of steps and it's quite a walk down hill to the beach: there is a Land Rover Service in the summer months. It is pretty exposed and is also closed in high winds.

The paths also link onto some National Trust land so there is a lot of walking to do if you like that sort of thing.

The beach has a couple of caves including one massive one you can walk in. There is also a waterfall.

I'd leave a good 3/4 hours to visit: more if you need to rest a lot.

5 by Douglas Searle Review source

I always forget just how dramatic - and precipitous! - Tintagel Castle is. In my mind it's just a ruin, but once I get there I'm reminded just how widespread the ruins are, and just how varied. The whole tapestry of life on this wild promontory is laid out before you as you wander around, from dark ages onward, and it's all quite breathtaking. As are the steps on and off! To all intents and purposes the castle was built on an island, and hence it's a long way down and up again to fully explore it, so bear that in mind if you're travelling with the less fit.

5 by Rich Osborne Review source

Lovely place to visit. Please note there's a lot of steps to get through to the top, and then back down and up again to see the other bit of the castle :) views are absolutely amazing though and well worth the climb. To get to the castle itself, there's also quite a bit of a walk, easy on the way in as it's downhill, more challenging to go back up :) you can get a jeep to get you to the ticket office and back though if you don't fancy walking! There's also a lovely cafe with the biggest scones I've ever seen, and really yummy clotted cream :)

5 by Maggie Strzelecka Review source

One of the most beautiful sites I have ever visited. The castle ruins are discoverable through numerous information boards along an interpretive trail. There is a steep downhill road to the admissions building which also has a presentation centre worth viewing. There are vehicles for hire at £2/person each way to the visitor centre. From there you can view the beach, waterfall, and caves below (all free) or continue up the path where there is a ticket checking booth for both sides of the cliffs. This stairs and slopes are very steep and do require some physical effort.

5 by Review source

We visited on a stormy New Year's Day and the place was just magical. The wild seas crashing against the rocky shore were spectacular. When the wind hits a force 8 they close the place to the public and we can't have been far off. The steep steps along the rocky outcrops bring home how hard life must have been in this place for so many centuries.
Can thoroughly recommend for an outdoor activity any day, except maybe in the pouring rain as some paths I could see becoming slippery and difficult. Still a must see on this beautiful Cornish north coast.

5 by Nina Zeun Review source

Quite possibly one of the most exquisite places to visit on the North coast of Cornwall. The views were absolutely stunning. Well worth the small price of £8 to visit Merlin's Cave as well as Castle island. So much history to see and witness on the heritage site. Only a small walk from the carpark too which is a huge bonus. I've already recommended this location to family and friends after posting reams of photos on my social media. If you can, try and visit it during stormy like weather as the views were so impressive with the natural light leak.

5 by Jake Abbott Review source

Amazing views all around the castle, on a stormy or sunny day!
The stairs are very steep at multiple points with a very small area to put your feet. When it's busy you need to wait for people to walk past which can take a bit of time. But overall a wonderful experience, it is very VERY high at certain points with no railings so if you have a nervous disposition to heights stay nearer the middle where there is support! There is a jeep which takes your from the beginning all the way to the entrance. But there is a charge for this service, both ways.

5 by Sat Bat Review source

Beautiful landscape, wet or dry. There's a Land Rover to ferry people to and from the site but don't know if all can access or if only for less able bodied people, although once you get down to the castle ruins one needs to be quite fit and active in order walk/climb to get around the site. The tide will determine when you can get down to Merlin's cave, sturdy footwear/walking boots required. Look out to sea and you might see a dolphin or seal. Nice gift shop and information centre and more importantly there's toilets and a café.

4 by Steve Marriott Review source

Worth a visit and worth the money to help maintain what's left. Very rich in history if you go to the top where the village is and looking back at the top of the modern castle where the great Hall is. The village isn't ideal for young children as the steps are step and no fences on the higher ground if children run around. It's worth a walk up to the local church, as the history continues and you can circular back to the main village where the car parks are. The church has an ancient stone in it relating to Romans.

5 by Tom Ottaway Review source

Weather on the day was amazing. We found half full parking where caravan and buses can stay, very cheap with overnight option. We hiked down to castle shop, and from there did 'cardio' stairs to rocky island with king Arthur statue, remains of settlement. After that we took an hour hike on the north side of cost following footpath below Camelot hotel. On the return to castle shop we made second 'cardio' climb to castle ruins and then followed to monastery and back to village.

5 by Peter Miklosko Review source

A beautiful historical and mythical location (supposedly King Arthur was conceived here). People have lived here since the 300's or 400's AD! There are ruins of the first settlements as well as ruins if the castle that once stood on the site. Also, you can see 'Merlin's Cave' below the castle if the tide is low (cave is inaccessible at high tide), but be careful, it is slippery and wet inside. A beautiful site, definitely worth stopping for a look at history!

5 by Murray Moran Review source

An Amazing walk and view. Though nothing much is left of a solid castle the view from the top is really nice. There is quite a walk and a climb to the island. If you are afraid of height this might not be for you as the stair way up and down are quite steep.
There was sea mist covering the area the day I visited which gave it a gloomy look while.the rest of Cornwall was bright and sunny. But if you are up for a bit of an adventure and a walk down history this is definitely it.

5 by Husna Thassim Review source

The views are absolutely fabulous but the parking and entry cost are not cheap. There is lots of walking and steps involved in getting to and going around the site, so think carefully about a visit, especially if you have any mobility issues or children with no sense of danger who don't do what they are told as there are plenty of cliffs to fall over the edge of! Well worth a visit but don't expect a fairy tale Hollywood camelot style castle at the end of your exertions.

3 by Richard Beale Review source

Nice to leave the car in the village and then walk on the cliff. It's amazing... it seems a paint... you see the first stairs going down, the little bridge on the sea and then the other stairs climbing the dark rock of the castle. We are lucky, there are some seals, playing in the waves, near Merlin's cave.
Then have a seat on the rock and wait the sunset, if you have time, you'll breath a magic air... It's windy, cover yourself and relax...

5 by Laura C NO Review source

What an amazing awe inspiring place to visit! I thought I was going to die climbing some of the steps, as so steep, but it was certainly worth it. There is not alot to see as everything is in such ruin, but there is plenty to get the imagination going as well as seeing the breathtaking views - no wonder there has been so much inspiration at this place for soooooo long. Definitely visit if in the area and make sure you wear shoes with good grip.

5 by Ninja567 Gaming and more Review source

Five stars for the overall sights and majesty of the place but felt there was not enough on site info about the history or layout. The visitor centre was small and really only provided bare bones. Felt a little overpriced maybe although as a EH member it's free so that wasn't a problem for us. Certainly spectacular. Visit the village visitor centre for far better info on the wider area. Lots of steep walking and steps...

4 by Alex Postlethwaite Review source

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