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Having been to Restaurant Story previously to celebrate my partner's birthday, I thought it would be the best place to take foodie friends of mine in town from Australia. Big build up, lots of discussion about where to go and I maintain that we should go to @Rest_Story #disappointed #donoptformatcheddrinks #poorservice 5 people for the Full Story with matched 'drinks' was #disgraceful £70 per person for 2 beers, 1 cider, 1 lightly alcoholic grape juice and a couple of wines - #areyoukidding! Food was amazing but we could have easily bought 5 decent bottles of wine rather than have a MOUTHFUL (yes tight on the portions) of beer/cider/juice. What was worse, is that when we paid the bill that took ages to come, staff were very rude when reminded that we had requested the bill over 10 minutes before and it was late. On paying the £900+ bill, we left the restaurant only to be accosted out front while waiting for our taxi with them demanding that we come in as we hadn't paid the bill. As it turned out, they had typed the wrong number in for one of the guest paying double typing in £272 rather than £372 or double the £181 that everyone else paid. Really if you calculated it, the amount would have been less than the full amount of (poor but still expected) service charge. Surely you approach such a situation a little more politely rather than accusing us of not paying the entire bill. At this point what I should have done is told them that they were lucky to get any service charge rather than us going in and paying the extra hundred. No apologies or anything. I am more than happy to pay for good food and generally find that it is accompanied by good service. I used to give people a second chance but having not had a response from an email that was sent to the contact email address and not having any response, it just shows how interested they are in feedback. I will share my experience with anyone who asks about good restaurants, this isn't one of them any more...

1 by Karen Rayment Review source

This is the first food tasting restaurant we have been to in London. We are massive foodies and have been opportune to eat in some pretty fab places. However what made story a truly unique experience was the pairing of the dishes. Most food tasting menus gets accompanied by a selection of wines usually local, at story this was not the case. The food was paired with drinks that were crafted using elements of the dish. I mean talk about ingenious! The sommelier knows exactly what he is doing! The second other thing that stood out was how you are addressed as a 'guest' as opposed to 'customer'. To many that might seem irrelevant but it's the little things no? The restaurant itself is located smack in the middle of tooley street, the decor is very welcoming.. the staff? Fantastic. Sense of humour (check), hospitality (check), knowledge (check) and this was across the whole team like even though the dishes were brought by different people at any given point in time, it was served with the same level of service. Like I said fantastic! Now to the food (sigh) glorious food.. You start of with snacks.. the 'storeo' delightful. You must taste the Orange wine if offered.. yes people Orange is the new red wine.. You get cider that looks like a bubbly procecco! The 'lard' that accompanies your bread is a burning one.. everything that came out of the chef's kitchen was just a wonderful surprise! Even the sweets were epic.. You could eat this whole with the wrapper! Yes! With the wrapper.. In sum, if you ever want a dinning experience that's unique ... You need to go get your story at restaurant story.. thank you to the team for making our story truly special.... #localguide #ongooglemap

5 by Dee Castro Review source

Story is the brainchild of Chef Tom Sellers, one of the rising stars in London and one who I expect will receive a Michelin star before long. Previously of Trinity in Clapham (where he is remembered fondly and has a loyal fan base), every bit of this place from the layout to the décor and of course the food bears his touch (not literally of course!).\\r
There are two main tasting menus (£45 for 6 courses or £65 for 10 courses) and an abbreviated lunch menu where you pick 3 courses for £35. No word on a la carte and I hope that they don’t as I find restaurants that try to do both tasting menus and a la carte have to compromise on quality for both. And I’d hate to see that happen here.\\r
The food is clean, seasonal, and expertly crafted with significant thought going into the balance of tastes and colours. The bread with dripping is an entertaining way to start – I won’t spoil the surprise – and the rabbit sandwiches appetisers are very moreish so it’s a good thing you only get one. Story also does a lot of things with ash and charcoal in this summer menu – perhaps hinting at fond memories of BBQs – but this is accomplished in a refined and elegant manner.\\r
The staff are top notch and highly entertaining so it’s worth taking the time for a chat. This place is going to fill up with the hot nights already being booked up to 3 months in advance to get cracking!\\r

5 by Andrew Mascarenhas Review source

I had a great evening solely for the fact that it was my girlfriends birthday, but i would never go back. Even though the restaurant wasn't fully booked i was told on numerous times that i couldn't have a later table. We arrived to a completely empty restaurant, so we asked if we could wait until at least one other table had sat down to eat; we waited for over an hour. The staff couldn't understand why we didn't want to be the only diners eating in the restaurant. I asked the staff, considering the restaurant was not full, why hadn't they granted my request for a later seating time and was told ''because we would have tried to sell those other tables''. I was also told that we were fortunate that there had been a cancellation, as otherwise we wouldn't have been allowed to have the 10 course menu; something they should probably have told us during the booking process.
The colourful language coming from the kitchen just topped it all off for me and really summed the place up; I have never heard somebody shout 'Answer the door you lazy c****'' in a fine dining restaurant before. It was a massive shame for me as the food was good, but when you can get this quality food elsewhere in London, why not have the service to go with it.

1 by David Howells Review source

Foodie oasis.

Just a couple of minutes away from Tower Bridge, dining at Restaurant Story felt like being in a forester’s house.

British sparkling wine went well with a set of 6 or 7 amuse bouches (I’ve honestly lost the count), long way before the first dish from a 10-course tasting menu was served. The story of chef Tom Sellers has lots of pleasant surprises: bread dipped in a melting candle made from lard, quail tea, foie gras crème brûlée, dill ice cream. Not only a feast for your mouth but eyes as well – mouth-watering dishes, impressive presentation.

The staff is really friendly and explain every dish in detail. There are no table linen in here, nor there is a dress code. You are here to enjoy the food and yourself in a small cosy urban oasis.

The cooking style reminded me of Fera at Claridge’s, and I have to say Restaurant Story has won me over Simon Rogan’s creation in London this time (yet to check out L’Enclume).

Prices are not cheap, but you get 200% for what you pay for such an experience! Getting a table is not that easy, so book in advance.

Would visit again? As soon as I digest all the 20 courses from my last visit :0)

5 by Sergei Golubev Review source

This one was a bit of a mixed bag for us. We came here for our anniversary and had the tasting menu with ‘wine pairing’. The pairing was not just wine but rather a mix of wines and cocktail concoctions to go with each course which was an interesting twist. The food was wonderfully presented and I loved the way the head chef takes you on a culinary journey of flavour pairings inspired by his childhood. Although I enjoyed most of the courses, not every dish had the wow factor you would expect in this price range. It almost felt as though there was a bit of style over substance with some of the dishes which was a real shame. The service was attentive as you would expect in a Michelin star restaurant BUT there was a major issue that irritated the hell out of me.

The maitre'd was very pushy in trying to up-sell us to the “Premium Wine Pairing” to the point that he made us feel uncomfortable. This is uncouth and a faux pas in any high end restaurant.

In summary, it was good but not as outstanding and perfect as you should expect in this price range. The policy of heavy handed up-selling needs to stop immediately as this literally killed the evening for me.

3 by Karin Nielsen Review source

Not worth it, would not recommend it - although the staff is really great and provide excellent service - I regret coming here and would discourage you from 'giving it a try.' As for food - it's just okay. There's absolutely nothing about the quality or taste of the food here that would justify the price they charge and their portion sizes - it's really quite mediocre. There's nothing to rave about and I'm sure everyone who is giving this place good reviews simply don't want to acknowledge that they've just wasted both money and time. You will be amazed by the extreme scarcity of mediocre food on your plate. If you are expecting your taste buds to get all excited from tasty food, then you should just look for another dining establishment. One of the 'courses' is just a ball of plain simple mashed potato with a couple of drops of balsamic vinegar, yes really. Just look at the pictures and see for yourself if you want to pay for something that would leave you hungry and want to go to eat elsewhere shortly after leaving this boring Story. This will be long 4 hours of mediocre food pieces that won't satisfy you.

2 by Grgrvs Yprvsk Review source

We were there with a group of us for a 50th which made it a perfect choice. Usually you go out for a meal and it’s over in an hour or so therefore the fact that it took 5 hours for us to get through the ‘tasting menu with wine paring’ was great! There were 13 dishes and 13 drinks (wine/cocktail/cider) to compliment each one.
If this would bore you then not the right choice.
Some of the dishes could have been slightly more exciting and a little larger (one was just about 4 tomatoes in balsamic) others were great (my favorite was the onion dish, the one meat dish @ the concept of bread & dripping with dripping candles) See pics! The drinks alone was worth £65 and so for the whole experience I think it’s worth the £150. Staff were fantastic. I went outside for a cigarette and they even spotted me and came out to give me another alcoholic drink to cleanse my palette. How attentive is THAT! Not 5 stars only as some of the first dishes to be brought could have been better for the money.

4 by CLARE GWYNNE Review source

I had the pleasure of dining here recently and what a lovely experience it was! I must stress that the meal was in fact a story rather than a mere meal and to judge it on any one aspect would do the restaurant a disservice. Throughout the 'narrative', since we're following that line of thought, the staff were incredibly friendly, informative and attentive-- I don't think my glass was empty once the entire time. Having opted for the 'half-story' rather than the full tasting menu (due to a dislike for seafood) the staff made sure that I was given complimentary dishes, to the extent of replacing dishes that contained seafood. Lastly, its unique location at the intersection of a roundabout overlooking a park afforded diners a brilliant sunset, making our visit all the more special. While one could arguably get slightly better fare at restaurants of similar caliber, Restaurant Story stands out in terms of overall dining experience.

5 by Wenn Er Tan Review source

Great overall experience, food and service are immaculate and surely will get their second michelin star.
FOH staff were precise, not to overwhelming, but there in the key moments of the meal, explaining and suggesting. Good cocktail list as well as their wine list.
Food is creative and the flavors are very well put together, even when the combinations seem to be not very interesting, definitely a place to go back.
The looks at all points of the restaurant look impeccable, entrance, outside the restaurant, kitchens and toilets.
Only negative note, my booking was changed on the app I utilized and even if the restaurant wasn’t full, the person at the restaurant wasn’t very accommodating from the start point, this could have ruined my dining experience, since it’s the first impression of the place, apart from that note, loved everything about the meal and worth the recommendation.

5 by Cláudio Cardoso Review source

A bit of theatre is fun but not for what we paid at this Michelin star restaurant.

I have to write a little more on this as there was nothing really bad about this place, service was first class, the maitre-d entertaining and the sommelier knowledgable however this is the only Michelin star restaurant where I walked out still hungry and wondering where our money went (~£700 / party 4).

The food was good, sometimes only okay, definitely on the 'inhale and it's gone' side without the sparkle one would expect from such small portions, and out of all the Michelin star restaurants visited in 2016 possibly ranks as one of the most undeserving. That's unfortunate as we liked the idea and had a good time.

If you want a story and the drama, go visit. Would I go back after that? No, there are other more exciting culinary experiences for the money.

3 by Ray Hau Review source

Feels like a tourist trap. By far the worst food at a Michelin restaurant that I’ve ever eaten. The 4 hour dining couldn’t end any slower. I was dying to leave after 2 hours, but could not as I was at dinner with my beloved family. Our entire table was not impressed and we discussed what a bad choice this restaurant was. The food - a lot of dishes were tasteless, and once in a while when the taste was good, the size was so small (less than 1 inch) per meal that you really couldn’t enjoy it. Michelin restaurants are known for small portions, but here these portions are cut in quarters. I like taking pictures of my fancy food, and here pictures came out fine. But this place was the biggest waste of time... and money too but most importantly time!!! 4 hours of not tasty food the size of a meal for my parrot —- I still say profanities every time I walk past this restaurant...

2 by Helen Erikson Review source

' Apple of Sodom' main key word to describe. Fancy, taste not too bad (some good dishes) and serving time is too long.

We had 6 course tasting menu, overall the 'Serving time' was too long, almost as long as for 12 courses at usual Micheline restaurant....

The pre-side dishes were novel and good. The other main courses were fancy and not too bad. Three consecutive Desserts was where been let down ( used the same flavour of ice-cream through all desserts, which bored the palate after all the fancy dishes)

In conclusion...Felt really want to leave starting from the dessert part, never had the same feeling in Micheline restaurant....Advice: if you are an experienced Micheline gourmet do not go...if you are not a gourmet, for the same amount of money not recommend to spend here.

4 by Review source

Rang up on the day reservations opened to book dinner for a birthday celebration which was confirmed. However, I was later contacted by email to say my booking was being cancelled due to a private event now taking place on that day. Not to worry though as I would be able to rearrange for another day in order to celebrate the birthday. However, unless they're holding a table in 2018, that's not much use as usually you celebrate a birthday on the actual day! Caused me great inconvenience as it was then almost impossible to book somewhere else equivalent (i.e. London Michelin star restaurant) on such short notice. Shame they decided the private event and ruining everyone else plans was better for their pockets. Very poor form as I can't imagine they are struggling to make ends meet.

1 by Review source

Wow. This was one of the best places I have ever been to in my life. I really do not know where to start, the service was amazing they were attentive and friendly. The food was very delicious, innovative and fun. The little touches that they put on the table was great as it was my 10th anniversary. It was very clean and comfortable and we don't all Rush the short story took about two and a half hours to complete so if you decide to go for lunch make sure you've got plenty of time. It was a very great experience I will never look at almond and dill in the same way again. Highly recommended and deserving of its Michelin star status.

5 by Aaron Bhugobaun Review source

Some of the most intriguing, thoughtful, well presented and tasty food that I've had.

I had the smaller lunch set menu, with drinks pairing. The food was fantastic and sufficient for a lunch. The drinks I thought were average and not quite to my taste, but granted, it's about exploration, so I'm happy to concede that not everything will be to everyone's taste.

The service is fantastic. Small place, personal approach.

Just look beyond the surrounds. It feels like having lunch in the middle of a roundabout, but in a way that makes the interior feel even more special.

5 by Nigel Aukland Review source

We booked Restaurant Story as a joint birthday present for mine and my wife's birthday. It was an incredible experience, pleasantly laid back for a Michelin starred restaurant with delicious food.

I prefer to have small portions with some variety and Restaurant Story delivers that in spades. We had the Full Story for lunch without the drinks pairing. I won't give too much away because the surprise is part of the experience but the meal was excellent. We left with full tummies and lots of good memories.

Definitely one for your to do list if you're planning a trip to London.

5 by D Andy Review source

Story is one of the best restaurants I have been to in 2015. There was a lot of hype when it opened regarding the youth of their head chef and some newspaper critics did find fault in some of the dishes. However, I think they've taken that feedback on board and really improved the experience.

For dinner, they only serve a tasting menu or a reduced form of it. I don't want to say too much and spoil the surprise(s) but if you go for the full story, you won't be disappointed. There is a high level of skill and technique in the cooking here. 9.5/10

5 by Review source

Outstanding in every way. Service excellent - much warmer than might be associated with a restaurant of its reputation - with honerable mentions for the sommelier and the maitres d'. Tom Sellars's cooking remains the start turn and some of the dishes are breathtaking, some others merely very very good. The rabbit amuse; the venison; possibly above all the simplicity of the perfect potato dish; and more generally the attention to detail and the sense of ownership and pride in what they're achieving, is compelling. More power to them.

5 by Gordon Smith Review source

Quite simply: this remains one of London's best restaurants.
Don't be put off by the slightly overdone 'story' concept, because it's all part of the fun. Try also to ignore the prices. It's one of those rare places where you might as well surrender yourself (and your bank balance) to a kitchen run with real genius and flair.
Sit back in relaxed surroundings, watch the London traffic sail past outside and marvel at the beautiful, innovative, extraordinary food that just keeps bowling you over.

5 by Stephen Hall Review source

I feel like I must had missed something when I was here. I thought there were some great dishes (mostly those in the beginning) but found many of them to be quite blah. The staff raved about how XYZ dish would transform how we'd think of mash potatoes, but no one at the table thought it was anything particularly special. This was the case for a few other dishes as well. It was worth the experience, but I'd probably not return given the quality and price point combination.

3 by Minh Chau Review source

If you are looking for an indulgent dining experience in London then this is the place for you. You can work your way through 14 courses of beautifully designed dishes, each of wish comes with a detailed explanation and in some cases a back story. Even the menu is written like a work of literature with one or two words, leaving the diner to use their imagination until the dish turns up. Everything about this restaurant allows you to immerse yourself in a dining experience.

5 by Kourosh Keshavarz Review source

Just spent over £1000 for a pairing menu with 3 friends. Staff are wonderful and food is tasty but tiny and fussy. Some dishes are very acidic. Portions are very small and not much contrast with textures. We have enjoyed eating at many Michelin restaurants around the world and can honestly say this was a big disappointment out of all... In our home town too. Writing this review while eating nuts from a bar as we are all still starving!

2 by Review source

Very underwhelming experience compared to some of the restaurant fare in London. Tasting menu dishes were largely tasteless and not memorable with 6/10 proving to be bland. Portions were also small by fine dining standards. Atmosphere also lacking and could hear the kitchen fans humming in the background. Overall, not acceptable at the £120 per head tasting menu price point which suggests excellence even by London pricing standards.

2 by Arvind Siva Review source

An absolutely unforgettable experience. Everything was fantastic from the building with it's leather bound hand rails, the colour matched books on the shelves and especially the food. After sitting down plate after plate of snacks were brought with an explanation of what each one was and the main meal was something else. It's not for me to spoil the surprise but this is definitely a Story with a very happy ending!

5 by Mark Taylor Review source

The food was very well executed and the staff were knowledgeable and friendly. We had a very interesting tasting menu with paired drinks which included beer, wine, desert wine and a mellow lower alcohol rum shot. Of you are having this as your lunch expect to take your time. It's not a quick affair, but that suited us as we had the afternoon to enjoy it.

I would definitely recommend it.

5 by Tim Readings Review source

I don't want to say much because I will be giving it away. This place truly is a 'story'. You make your way through a delectable pre fixe and their concoctions are one of a kind. This was my favorite restaurant in all of London and next time I am there I will be back. I hope they have a revolving menu but even if they don't this is an experience I want to have again.

5 by Review source

Pleasantly surprised, the concept and food was faultless. If I had to pick on something - the wait staff was a bit lacking - they could have done a better job bringing out the story elements of each course. The French waiter explained the story behind the course he served us, but if the others had done this too - it would have brought the whole concept to life!

4 by NISH DEWAN Review source

I tried to book a table for 10 people 2-3 months in advance. Restaurant Story were totally unhelpful, and refused the booking, despite the fact that their website claims to welcome groups. I suggested two tables of 5 people - they told me that couldn't be done. We will go to Chez Bruce instead, where the food is excellent and the staff are helpful.

1 by Review source

If you go for the set lunch menu, this is by far one of the best Michelin star restaurants I have ever been to, even beating 2 and 3 Michelin star restaurants, and it is amazing value for what you get, however a word of warning- the dinner menu is waaay overpriced and drags on. But don't be discouraged, just go for lunch, and it's worth it.

5 by Santiago Schmitt Review source

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