Clarendon Cocktail Cellar - Pimlico, London

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52 Cambridge St, Pimlico, London, SW1V 4QQ

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The bar itself is pleasant enough, quite cozy and has a nice character. Music was good. The cocktails were fine but nothing special, a little over-engineered perhaps. Slightly odd that you have to order food if you want a drink, adds an extra £4-7 to your bill, never come across that before. On the whole I thought the staff were very attentive and pleasant although let down by the bartender with the silly mustache who clearly thought he was too good to play with the till when I asked to split the bill and was rather huffy and rude about it, acting like I was being an overly fussy customer? Sadly the Peacock Prince has lost the Cellar a star on what would have been a 4* review for his poor attitude. Everything else was rather pleasant though.

3 by Matt R Review source

Although my cocktail was tasty and complex, it cost £11. This high price left a sour taste in my mouth which certainly undermined the experience of drinking the delicious beverage that I was consuming. With each sip, my brain could only think 'Well that just cost about 94p'. Eleven pounds is a lot of money and it's way more than I earn in an hour.

Unless you're disgustingly wealthy I just don't see how one can enjoy this sort of place. Even a can of lager cost £6(!!!). So my advice is this: stay at home and watch some tutorials on how to make cocktails, then make them yourself! You'll save a tonne.

2 by A K Review source

Excellent drink selection, and a very knowledgeable bartender. Never pushy, she was always present with recommendations and a deep understanding of the spirits she sold. Table service too! It's not cheap, but not unreasonable, especially considering the location. Very strongly recommended! If you ever find yourself with a free hour or two and you're in the area, make sure to pay a visit.

5 by Review source

The clarendon cocktail cellar is hidden beneath the clarendon street kitchen ( go into the restaurant and ask) nice cocktail bar with uniquely named cocktails displayed on a menu made of beer mats. It is a very quirky bar and I thoroughly enjoyed my cocktail ( tropic thunder) if I'm back in this area I will come here again.

5 by Keith Collins Review source

A cozy cocktail lounge. Plenty of space for 6 on a Saturday night, which was a surprise and very nice. They have table tennis, and a back room which is intimate.

Cocktails were unique and were all movie themed, yet for £10 you don't want to drink these all night. No draft beer in this basement lounge.

5 by Katie Stein Review source

Cool underground bar, loved the set up of the drinks menu and the coasters. Need to purchase some sort of food if having drinks but the food was really good. Unfortunately it’s a little out of our way when we travel up but give it a go if you are in the area

5 by sa scudamore Review source

This bar, located in the cellar of Cambridge Street Kitchen, serves creative, movie-themed cocktails. No mobile phone reception inside, so you can actually talk to the people you are there with instead of trapping on your phone.

5 by Richard Ginzburg Review source

Great cocktails service is amazing. Rich is a lovely waiter. Nice lounge calm ambiance. Great for a date. You have to have to have a bite to eat if you want to drink. The bar bites are delicious!

5 by Mathias Granberg Review source

Cozy underground cocktail bar with a great menu and very relaxed atmosphere. Son of a Man was my favourite drink, can't wait to go back and drink my way through the rest of the menu!

5 by Ed Brussee Review source

A lovely bar not far from Victoria station. The cocktails were amazing and the staff were very knowledgeable about everything on their menu. Also there was free popcorn! Great atmosphere.

5 by Mark Daly Review source

Great drinks and bar staff exemplary with service and knowledge. Shame about the forced food orders, especially since we'd already eaten

4 by N Mathad Review source

A fantastic secret in the heart of pimlico, this hidden cellar serves fantastic cocktails, and you'll still be able to find a seat

5 by Andreas Varotsis Review source

Really great cocktail bar, staff very knowledgeable and friendly.

Cocktails named after movies adds quirkiness.

5 by Mark French Review source

Good atmosphere and drinks but overpriced for the quality. May be nice to go downstairs after dinner in restaurant though

4 by Justyna Wołczyk Review source

Excellent cocktails at good prices. The decoration is beautiful and there are even some live music events!

5 by Review source

Nice cocktail bar. Cocktails based on movies. Try the scream, it's delicious!!

4 by Cassie Reffold Review source

The service is very slow, but the cocktail of flavors you remember them really!

4 by Diego Terzi Review source

Honestlyyyyy!!!! What a hidden gem!!! Love it! Love it! Love it!

5 by Review source

Bit pricey but a fun night with a table tennis table downstairs

3 by Review source

Pretty good spot and handy for being so central/near victoria

3 by Ellen Rickford Review source

Fun hidden cocktail bar, very innovative movie based drinks

5 by Jamie Gubbins Review source

This place was a lot of fun and had wonderful drinks.

4 by Seth Schrawyer Review source

Really nice cocktails and bar. Touch too hot inside.

4 by James Rose Review source

The downstairs cocktail bar is really nice

5 by Piero Della Giustina Review source

You have to order food to get a drink.

1 by Review source

Wonderful cocktails and cool ambiance!

5 by Review source

Great themed drinks, great service

5 by Review source

Fun cocktails named after films :)

5 by Kat Qui Review source

Great themed drinks and service.

5 by William Perkola Review source

Great find, excellent staff

5 by Review source

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