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Cycled pass this very beautiful state of the art garden. It was about 9am and it haf pple there relaxed abd just chilled out. I had to come off my bike, grad a coffee anf relax there for 30mims.
A very peaceful environment where nature plays it's part.
Will surely be back for next time an hour.

3 by Parker Asein Review source

Lovely Park. Home to some of the oldest trees in London. Nice to sit and have lunch in on a sunny day. Lots of benches and grass. Pret a manager, Starbucks, a noodle bar, subway, a sushi bar all just metres away. A little oasis in a sea of traffic and the rat race that is London on a weekday.

4 by Phil Ducker Review source

Totally fab place to visit in one of London's most expensive areas.
Always peaceful and some great sculpture on show adding to the culture of London in general.
Always pass through Berkeley Square Gardens once every few months and never get bored with such a lovely spot.

5 by Russtafa B Review source

What am I missing, it's just some trees and some grass. Are we so alienated from nature that this is something worth reviewing now?

Garbage for garbage people. If this was anywhere other than W{x} London it'd be full of hobos and heroin addicts.

1 by Peter Arnold Review source

Small, sedate and well maintained square with a fountain and ostensibly London's oldest plane trees planted in 1789. Surrounded by some impressive and historically important real estate.Pleasant spot to share a sandwich with pidgins or hear a nightingale sing.

4 by jeff benjamin Review source

This 'rectangle' could be a much better experience with some TLC. Just start with the footpaths which are in poor condition and then look at adding some visual stimulants. Not much has been added since 1747 when the garden was first enclosed.

2 by Luxus Häuser Review source

I come here frequently during lunch breaks, there's all kind of shops to buy food, many benches to sit. It's crowded on sunny days. I love the neighbour that goes with two parrots there. Green park is the closest tube station

5 by Julia López del Río Review source

Close to Regent street it makes this quiet greennspace a welcome place to be able to have a bit of serenity in a very busy part of London. The shade also helps give you a cool spot to rest in a sea of concrete and asphalt.

3 by Glyn Clarke Review source

Berkeley Square garden is generally a peaceful, tranquil park garden filled with benches to sit and watch the Mayfair day go by, or to pause for an outdoor picnic lunch or sandwich

5 by Dean Rodrigues Review source

I work close to the square. In summer, the idea place for lunch breaks, short rendevous. One is surrounded by all sorts of restaurants, cafes and bars in the popular Mayfair area.

5 by Review source

Cute little square and actually not that busy for it's location - even when it's sunny. Think it's actually quite preferable than the other squares/parks around...

4 by Ann Don Bosco Review source

Nice central London garden. Good for lunch or just a break. A shame they have some stupid posters up and they ruin half the lawn ever 6 months or so by having silly events there.

3 by Jessie Rxybald Review source

Like all Londoners downtown parks are well maintained, you can not ride a bike and even play ball, let's say it's a park designed for adults

3 by Elena Scroccaro Review source

This is a very relaxing park in central London. Is beautiful in sunny days, very fresh and quiet with a colorfull 'tree' in the middle.

4 by Pablo Costa Tirado Review source

A great green space in the center of london. Can be busy at some points as they seem to rectify large structures in the park for shows etc.

4 by George Vallahis Review source

Lovely green spot in the middle of the city. Plenty of benches so you can sit down in peace and quiet, eat lunch, make a phone call etc.

5 by Jagjit Bhatty Review source

Warning...Pigeon attack is imminent! Flying rats that will shite on you if you linger a bit too long. :-( Other than that its lovely!

4 by Review source

The amount of entrances to such a large park is infuriating. And the London Plane trees makes this place little to no direct sunlight.

3 by Tamanaco C Review source

Nice space, pretty quiet, but when I visited half of it was cordoned off for some designer event, which does seem to defeat the point!

4 by Bea B Review source

Its a place with Bentley, Rolls Royce and Porsche almost next to each other. One of the most expensive office locations in London.

5 by Martin Atalovic Review source

Fantastic to sit in the park, have lunch and watch the world go by, seeing the occasional supercar driving round the square.

4 by Review source

Historic and sung about London square with sculpture a pretty pavilion and plenty of benches with touching inscriptions on.

5 by Mike Sweeting Review source

Crowded but another green space in London. Traffic can be quite heavy around it, as it is near Oxford Street and Mayfair.

3 by Carl Sloan Review source

Little bit of green in an ocean of concrete. Quiet treelined park great for eating lunch or chilling for a few minutes

4 by dimitri ioannou Review source

Lovely place to sit an chill on a sunny day. Lots of cafes etc around to pick up supplies for a bite to eat too.

5 by Justin Grayston Review source

Pretty little square creating a giant roundabout. Would be even better without the cars circulating all around

4 by TheEmerion Review source

Beautiful gardens and very well maintained. Plenty of places to sit and relax away from the hustle and bustle.

5 by Dennis Dixon Review source

Great place to have a moment of silence and relaxation in the heart of London without much people around you.

5 by Sotiris Siamandouras Review source

Lovely green space in such a hectic city. Quite noisy with busy roads around. Lots of benches to sit on.

4 by Review source

A shady park in the center of London busy and in the center of a one way system so noisy and polluted

4 by Roy Dixon Review source

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