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in response to Mr Chadderton and after my walk through the park today, I agree but ..
The huge dedication by those people who volunteer to care for this Edwardian park is seen in abundance as you walk through. They manage this volunteering via a 'friends of ' scheme as wirral council have relinquished ability. Park stats say that 60 plus % of visitors are from outside of west kirby, welcome ! and that they come for the excellent playground and to feed ducks on the lake. These volunteers have maintained the park to high standards despite the lack of money available to them. The current (2017) leader of the council lives next to the park as do I, he walks his dog through the park, he must see the hoards of people feeding the ducks, geese, moor hens mostly with white bread (despite the too polite notices, that white (in particular) bread is harmful to birds). The council should and could provide 'top up' money to all 'friends of' parks that have lakes, to dredge a lake is prohibitively expensive and to shoot the uneducated (assumed, due to polite but visible notices) people who feed white bread to the birds at the same time as polluting the lake, is against the law. The lake for the sake of the wildlife should be dredged as regularly as it needs as opposed to when it can be afforded. Congratulations on an excellent job 'friends of'

5 by Review source

What's not to like about this beautiful park?? An oasis of tranquility and beauty, plus a space to play and have fun, all just a 5 minute walk from the centre of West Kirby.

4 not 5 stars; only as I know the people who run and maintain it are having to do much more with much less and yet strive to make it better and more beautiful than ever; that, and I don't want too many people coming. ;)

Like anywhere it has its share of mindlessness from time to time, but if people of all ages can treasure and respect this precious place, we'll all be the richer. :)xP

4 by Paul C Review source

I have lived in this area for a number of years and I often visit Ashton Park. It's a nice place just to walk around and relax. The park is split into 2 sections with the Wirral Way running between the upper and lower sections. There are plenty of benches to sit on and just watch the world go by. Some musical events and fairs are hosted during the summertime and a small tea and coffee kiosk is operated by volunteers. The park has 2 bowling greens and toilet facilities are available.

4 by David Pilkington Review source

Really lovely place.My children love outside. to play swings.slides.feilds.rose gardens. Birds.lovely people.little cafe for tea coffee biscuits ice creams at cheap prices. beauty tranquility. have picnics, tennis,football,bowling, watch ducks swim on big lake, feed them . toilets. Walk around have a go your self you will love it.take time of work !.lots of seating just so u can relax fantastic place to go in summer.

5 by Review source

A park that has everything.

A large pond with a variety of birds
A large children's play area
Tennis courts
Basketball/football cage
Rose gardens
Bowling greens
Multiple entrances & ample parking
Tuck shop (Peak times only)
Easy access to the start of the Wirral Way

This park will not disappoint!

5 by Amanda Stanton Review source

Really nice park, good sized playground with a variety of furniture, large field, plenty of space for children to run around. Varied landscape, play, lake, gardens, Tennis courts. Something for all ages and interests. Would recommend. Parking is on local streets.

5 by Ian Barnett Review source

Really lovely Park, reminder me a little of a park in Scarborough. Lovely place to bring children. Has a lovely duck pond, a great player Park, and plenty of space to run around, or skoot on scooters. Would highly recommended a visit

5 by Wendy Couser Review source

Regulary go to this place , its a Superb relaxing place to go for a few hours with kids. Great little walk especially in the summertime . Take a picnic an relax in the park or pond area . Very well kept park too

5 by IATS . Review source

It's a nice park with free tennis courts, football field and children's play area. There is a small lake in the middle and nice walks in and around. Worth a visit or many if you so fancy.

5 by Fawad Ahmad Review source

This is a dangerous park. I once walked through here and nearly got shot by Mexicans who were drinking tequila and shooting the glasses. There were also some skinheads dealing drugs. Beware. SAD!

1 by Review source

It was a very sunny day. We went to visit a Viking encampment which was very good. Generally a well kept park (by local volunteers) including bowling green, cafe and a children's playground.

4 by Benjamin Taxman Review source

Very pleasant experience for a first visit did not go round the whole park, stayed around the pond/lake. Will visit again during the day not evening and hopefully give a full compliment of stars

4 by Kevin Mann Review source

I often walk my dog here. There is easy parking on the road nearby, and it's a good point to join the Wirral Way, or to walk down to the Marine Lake. The park lake is lovely.

4 by Review source

Jewel of a park. One of the finest public spaces on the Wirral. Children's play area, large lake, rose garden, tennis courts, bowling green and access to Wirral way

4 by Review source

Wide open space playground for kids two bowling greens lovely for walks foot ball cage and tennis courts wirral way runs through Ashton Park which is a lovely walk

5 by Review source

Would get five stars for a nice park to take kids only toilets were locked, had to walk 7yr old to leisure centre. Come on Wirral Council just not good enough!

2 by Review source

Very pretty. Lovely rose gardens. An enclosed play area for children. A large pond with ducks and swans. Gentle walking. Lots of seating for relaxing

4 by Lynette Rose Chapman Review source

Great park, area for under 14's. Gages for Basket Ball and a couple of football pitches. Public toilets but no open all the time.

5 by Stickman Animator Review source

Really nice park. Huge lake, bowling greens and tennis courts. The wirral way can be started here which runs the whole length of The Wirral.

5 by Tony Ock Review source

This is a lovely little park to wander around. It is small but has sections so good to explore with the dog. Nicely located in West Kirby.

5 by Donna Kesteven Review source

Has everything here. Play park, pond, paths for walking, rose gardens, tennis courts and more. Beautiful park, one of the best on Wirral

4 by fiona sullivan Review source

Brilliant park for the kids. There is a pond to feed the ducks with plenty of seating areas. Love taking my son and daughter here

5 by Review source

Good park, has a decent play area for the kids and nice duck pond and surrounding gardens. Is also bisected by the Wirral way.

4 by Rob Taylor Review source

Beautiful park, nice little kids play area and interesting things to look at as you walk around with the Planets display

4 by Anna Taylor Review source

Pleasant park with rose beds, bowling green, pond with ducks and geese, and great childrens play area. Well kept.

4 by Karen Gittins Review source

Lovely park in the day , too many seagulls though near the lake, the playground is great for the kids as well.

4 by Review source

Nice place to relax but a lack of funding has resulted in the place becoming rundown over the last few years.

3 by Matt B Review source

Great little park ,play area for the kids nice pond ,also bowling greens tea shop basket ball and tennis

5 by Peter Kinsella Review source

Very clean and tidy beautifully kept good to see the ducks and reasonable price for feeding them.

5 by PMJ Property Review source

Reminds of a fun childhood has ducks and swings in one. Mostly on paths so no muddy shoes.

5 by Karen Davies Review source

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