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89-91 Gresham St, London, EC2V 7NQ

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The building is amazing, they must have spent a lot of money converting it from an old bank.
Location in Gresham street is close to the city and other bars.


Not much space to stand as most of the limited room is taken up with tables and chairs. Also people sitting at the bar drinking causes more problems making it difficult to order any drinks.

Not enough bar staff, good luck getting served on a busy night (Thursday and Friday). I have walked out twice with two different groups because it's impossible to get served.
Some of the bar area seems to be reserved for a 'service area', but there is no sign saying this. We were repeatedly told to move and they would not serve at that area. Then watched some other bar staff serve drink from the service area. It seems that policy is not strictly enforced.
Watch for the hidden step as you enter the main door, I've seen two people fall over it, accident waiting to happen.

To sum up, nice building and location. Needs more bar staff to serve quicker and less tables and chairs.

2 by Steve J Review source

For our final meal in London, we wanted some good traditional grub and enjoy a pint. After a quick Google search, we came upon the Trading House and this looked like the spot for us. It was a Friday night and the place was packed. There was live music up on the second floor and the energy throughout the pub was electric. The look of the place is outstanding, beautifully tall ceilings and a jungle adventure theme.

After ordering our drinks, we quickly ordered our food in desperate anticipation. We both ordered a scotch egg to start, that was cooked perfectly, soft boiled, and then covered in sausage and breaded and fried to perfection, partnered with a lovely bunch of mixed greens. We followed that up with some bangers and mash and a steak and ale pie. Both were also delicious.

The wait staff were personable and everything you could ask for. Giving The Trading House ONLY five stars is an insult! Definitely a SIX star establishment!

5 by Russell Saisho Review source

The bouncer a 'short and chubby looking' black guy was beyond rude and aggressive. He refused to let us in the bar with no justification whatsoever. There was around an hour to closing and that was plenty of time for us to have a drink, but he said he was not letting us in. That's it go away! We were 3 professional women, we were not drunk, we were not aggressive and it was quite shocking. We had never met this guy before and he came across quite arrogant and horrible. There was a tall and slim bouncer beside him and he never spoke, he knew there was no justification for what was happening. A guy saw what had happened and came over and said to him why are you being so horrible to these women? The guy refused to leave the door unless the awful bouncer let us in, thats how bad it was. When we got in we had a drink and then we left before it closed. There were no issues whatsoever. I felt ashamed and embarrassed at how we were treated.

1 by M L Review source

I stopped by this bar after work on a Friday evening. They have a wide selection of beers and a decent selection of cocktails which they're happy to amend if a particular ingredient doesn't take your fancy.

Being a cider girl though...that's the one range they don't have a wide selection of which is a little disappointing.

The food is really good but I wouldn't recommend the cheesy fries as they were tasteless.

Maybe I'm an old now but the live music, while very good, is deafening. Do not come here to talk on a Friday night. However if you want a dance and a wiggle it is great.

3 by Sashoy Beckford Review source

Really cool venue for drinks. Amazing decor and an impressive drinks list. Really terrible place to eat. Honestly, super crap. The discrepancy is quite striking actually. Every dish my group was served was somewhere between Wetherspoons and rubbish local chippie quality. Nothing fresh. Nothing quality. Nothing good. This would be underwhelming if somebody else was buying, never mind wasting your own money on this tarted-up gruel. In conclusion, get drunk here because the stuffed peacocks are banter and the pianist is amazing. But only eat here if you hate your gullet.

3 by Ewen Wyness Review source

I love the decor in here! For a city bar it stands out and has a better atmosphere than some of the other drinking options in the area.

The cocktails are delicious but a little weak in my opinion. The prices are reasonable and they have a really wide selection of beers and a reasonable wine menu.

Food wise we have tried quite a lot of the menu and yet to have anything that wasn't really tasty! The deli boards are especially good value and have a lot of good options to mix and match with which is great for sharing.

4 by Tara Mansfield Review source

The Trading House hasn't quite worked out whether it's a restaurant or a bar and doesn't end up doing either particularly well. Go for the beautiful old merchant bank interior maybe don't try to make too much sense of the old colonial miscellany and taxidermy lining the walls.

Fair to say it ends up crowded after working hours, not worth squashing into as the food and drink menu is only okay at best. There are other better options nearby, so wouldn't go out of your way to come visit.

2 by Liam Branaghan Review source

Visited The Trading House for the first time work colleagues. I ordered the Jerk Chop, which came with a pineapple salsa, and a side of tender stem broccoli, the food was beautifully cooked. It was extremely well seasoned and juicy.
The staff were attentive without being intrusive and the venue is beautifully decorated. It has a dark interior which makes it feel very cozy and intimate.

The food looked so amazing when it came, I didn't take a picture! I will definitely be returning.

5 by Debbie Sayles Review source

I organised a surprise party for a friend at the Trading House and it was really excellent. The staff were excellent- the whole way through, from beginning to end!

There were no problems catering for a large party w different dietary requirements. The environment was awesome, there was live music and the musicians even kindly sang happy birthday to my friend.

All in all I highly recommend it for good food and great atmosphere. Thank you!

April & co

5 by April Miles Review source

The Trading House is a cavernous boozer with grand aspirations. They’ve clearly looked to other pubs in the area which have been converted from old banks - think high ceilings and ornate decor, it’s a beautiful place. The staff can be a bit ‘odd’ at times (I can’t quite put my finger on it) and the acoustics are poor for live music, but they persevere anyway. The saving grace is the beer selection, they even have a beer menu complete with pictures, kudos.

4 by Richard Wakefield Review source

The decor is amusing, if you don't mind the colonial 'I just shot this magnificent animal so I can hang its head over my mantle piece' style, but it was very crowded, which made a trip to the loos a bit of a safari trek each time. And you'll be lucky to get a seat.
Still, the bar staff did a good job of getting us served reasonably quickly in spite of the crowd. Plenty of choice for beer too.

3 by Ross Brooker Review source

Truly awful and pretentious. The bouffant haired, faux-tattoo sleeved douche behind the bar had soooooo much attitude in serving this customer that I was intentionally and blatantly rude back to him, treating him like the service provider he is. No tip.

Here's a thought. Hate people? Too much effort to serve a customer? Don't work in the service industry.

1 by Ev S Review source

Very nondescript from the outside, in fact I'd walked past it a couple of times without realising it was a bar however a friend suggested to go there. Inside its a different story, a fabulous interior with high ceilings and a central bar, with a nice cocktail style bar upstairs. Service was great too. Not busy for a Friday night so I guess its still fairly new.

5 by Paul Howard Review source

Great place for a night out. Tasty food, friendly/polite staff and amazing atmosphere with gigs playing. Stephen, one of the staff members was really friendly and helped us deciding with food and drinks recommending what turns out to be the best for us. Also, we loved the theme/look of the bar. As mentioned above, a great place for a night out. Thank you.

5 by LuvPhotography Review source

Went for drinks on a Thursday evening, past 8pm. Wasn't too busy so managed to get a table. Love the interior. Drink selection is ok, not great. I've been here when it's busy - and it's far too busy! The space around the bar isn't very big so it's quite a struggle to get from one end of the venue to the other for the toilet.

4 by Martin Persaud Review source

The Trading House is a quirky bar and restaurant in the City of London. Once a former bank building, the food, drinks and cocktails are reasonably priced, it's close to bank station and the decor takes the theme of the old world. It's a great place to catch up with friends and one of my favourite places in London.

5 by Kritt Normsaskul Review source

Good food but portions are very small for the price. I spent over £30 and left feeling I could eat anorher side. I am an average built and this opuwas shared by other members of my group. As a plus I would ad great live music and good beer selection. Service quality was average.

3 by Florin S Review source

Everything very good - drinks, food, service and ambiance. The only reason for not awarding 5 stars was the insidious excessively loud booming music.

Most customers would be, like the 4 of us, there to chat as well as lunch. The noise was very much an intrusion.

4 by Keith Potter Review source

Beautiful interior and a really busy pub. Reasonably quick service at the bar. Has the cardsafe system if you want to leave your card for a tab. Has a good sized upstairs that can be booked out for private parties. Not the biggest array of beers for non lager drinkers.

4 by Mark Duffy Review source

Love this place. Amazing spot for drinks after work or for food at lunch or evening. The live music in the evenings really adds to the atmosphere and the service is always very friendly. Impressive wow factor venue too.....certainly not your normal pub.

5 by Nick Davies Review source

Great local pub that has an Old World decor, with a great food menu and huge selection of beers. Try the pies, kebabs and pass on the chicken (tends to be dry!). Otherwise, lovely and atmospheric bar to catch up with friends in or relax after work!

4 by Ed T Review source

Visited the Trading House for lunch with colleagues at work. The restaurant is elegant and very busy during workdays, so advanced reservation is recommended. The menu was vast and the pricing was very reasonable. Would recommend it to all..

5 by Sanka Illangakoon Review source

Good bar in the middle of the City. Good selection of food and very accommodating with any intolerance/allergy requests. Have been many times and will continue to be back! More beers/ales on selection than I have ever seen in my life!

4 by Michael Wilson Review source

The restaurant look nice but the kitchen horrible, Disgusting food. Dirty chef , I have seen the polish chefs cooking meat and burgers on the microwave and probing the food ( mash potato gravy lamb kabob )by fingers not recommend

1 by xavier charles Review source

Not bad. A bit noisy, idiot punters propping up the bar, but the bar staff are switched on enough to manage that which is great. Live 2 piece band playing Foo Fighters, Green Day and maroon 5 give you something to nod your head to

4 by Irfan Butt Review source

Nice, extremely busy city of London wine bar. No idea how the people eating food could hear each other as it also doubles as a restaurant. To be fair to them it clears out after the immediate after work crown clears.

4 by Nick Eastham Review source

Fantastic bar, amazing decor (like really incredible) and good range of drinks. Great for after work drinks or a private event. Set in a lovely area just next to the Guildhall I will certainly be coming back here!

5 by George Kendrick Review source

Went there for drinks, got constantly harassed by strip club promoters and prostitutes that were allowed to operate by the staff. For a better time, just go to any of the scores of better establishments nearby.

1 by Martin Huebler Review source

One of my favourite bars in the City, its got a great range of drinks and the decor is really nice. Try and get in early as it gets very busy after 6pm on weeknights but well worth a visit even when busy.

5 by Matthew Menzies Review source

Not the best place to go for a pint, but this isn't dissimilar to a lot of venues in the city. Busy with blokes, and lacks any soul. Probably better to take a walk down to Leadenhall Market.

3 by Ed Hotchkiss Review source

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