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106-107 Houndsditch, London, EC3A 7BD

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On the 7th December, after probably a month since booking, my company and I arrived to have our annual Christmas dinner which we were pretty excited about. We had opened Secret Santa presents in the day and were wearing our Christmas themed jumpers and accessories so we were very excited to eat some good food in the evening!

We arrived at around 5.45 or so (15 minutes before our booking time) and were shocked to discover that the tables we had reserved were actually in the middle of the very busy and very loud bar level. We managed to find our table and sit down, dismayed at the fact that we could barely talk to one another or hear each other without raising our voices.

I, personally, visited the bathroom facilities not too soon after arriving and found that the whole downstairs area had been booked off for a consultancy firm. Coming back up, I spoke to one of the ladies who was working Front of House about the possibility of our group sharing the space downstairs with them (it was quite large and fairly empty in comparison to the area where we were.). I was told no because they had booked it, which I thought was fair. It was worth an ask!

However, the night slowly descended into a miserable affair. By 6.45, we hadn't been greeted by anybody or told what the protocol was. I had to go to the busy bar and flag someone down to tell them that we had been sitting in the area for nearly an hour with nobody coming to speak to us at all. I said that I know that the place was busy and we're trying to be patient but as some people have to leave around 9 pm we had hoped that we would receive some service not too soon after we arrived. The lady (red hair, black glasses, tattoo on left forearm) asked me whether we would like our starters now, then. I, of course, said 'yes, please, if that's ok' being polite.

We waited for a while, my colleague and friend flagged the same woman and asked her the same question too and was told that the starters were on their way from the kitchen and that they'd be there in 5 minutes.

When the starters arrived, we were dismayed to find that the dishes were cold, those with veggie options (truffled mushrooms on toasted bruschetta) were soggy while those with the ham hock option noticed that it was stone cold (on the menu the information on whether it was cold or warm was missing from the descriptions, which may have led us to assume it was going to at least room temperature.)

Then the main courses arrived. The veggie options were a firm 'ok' while the roast turkey option was also dull. The most shocking was actually the 3 people who had chosen the steak option. The steaks were well done and we noticed that there had been no communication on how they wanted their main meal so they were miserable.

Again, I'm aware of the busy nature of the bar and I understand that maybe short-staffing could have been an issue though I'm sure everyone can agree that having raw parsnips alongside your meal should have been and could have been avoided.

I think the only thing my colleagues and I enjoyed was the final course. Those who had the cheesecake thought it was tasty, the pie was full of flavour and the chocolate fondant that I had was just what I needed to get the endorphins going after sitting on a really uncomfortable bench for hours.

The main issue we as a group of 10+ people had was that we were paying around £25 a head for an area that was loud, really busy to get drinks, for cold, soggy bruschetta, chewy steaks, raw parsnips, minuscule portions of roast potatoes and uncomfortable seating.

The reason why I am writing this review is that I usually see the bright side of things, I'm pretty chilled when it comes to eating food. This is the first ever review I'm writing for a place but this is because if I don't like it and everyone in my company who were there (again 10+) people, didn't like it, I'm sure that something was wrong.


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Do not go to all bar one for lunch even if it looks empty inside.

We went last Friday for a leaving lunch and the speed of getting anything was ridiculous - it took at least 15 minutes to have all the drinks at our table (it wasn't even a complex order). After 45 minutes food still hasn't come and people had to go so they left without eating - we enquired about our food and were told we'd be next served - which meant another 15-20 minutes delay. Even getting and paying the bill took about 10 minutes.

And the worst bit was that they didn't even acknowledge or apologise for the delay in service - we didn't even get an explanation to why things were so slow. And other patrons were visibly upset with the service

All in all, a simple order of their standard menu took over an hour and a half, some people had to leave without eating and the rest of us had to rush as we didn't have the luxury of spending the entire afternoon away from work.

Would not recommend for lunch!

1 by Mitess Nandha Review source

The ambiance and the atmosphere is great... Given that local professionals visit this joint.

It is clean bar and it feels welcoming when you walk in. Even the rest rooms are clean.

Staff are great although they seem overworked and underappreciated.

Their food is... Shall we say... Leaves plenty of room for improvement.

Their fish and chips is inedible, like yak, like fried wheat straws dry and tasteless, like something I will never buy again. The chips they serve belong to an dry and tasteless class. So extremely disappointing. I'd rather pay more and feel worthwhile then be charged £14 for fried straw-like tasteless food.

So my score is 5* for their ambiance, staff and atmosphere but in the end my main reason for my visit is to eat and that let me down totally.

1 by Al Brit Review source

Dodgy bar staff BE AWARE! They over charge you for higher price drinks than you receive. Check and question what you have ordered vs what you pay for. Do also watch out for ordering spirits. They serve doubles as standard unless you specifically ask for single. My advice is that there are better bars nearby. Avoid this one.

1 by Review source

Awesome atmosphere and they make the best cocktails. The staff is very friendly and hardworking. One of the bartenders, Andon, is always suggesting new drinks, he is very helpful, professional, and attentive to his customers. The service here is superior to most bars/restaurants in London.

5 by Review source

Lively bar / restaurant. Very good prices and popular. Usual ABO format.
You can go for coffee in the mornings and afternoon which is surprisingly good......and they give you a shot glass full of smarties with the coffee. Nice!

5 by David Watson Review source

Really laid back, affordable and with good food.
My friends and I really like the nachos here. They also have a good offer for food during the week - you can get 2 courses for £10.
Decent selection of wines too.

5 by Lavinia CRT Review source

Came for the cocktail masterclass for our work party.
Everyone had a great time. We were really well looked after, had some great cocktails and food.
All of the staff were friendly and helpful

5 by Review source

Good place to meet away away from the busier bars around Bishopsgate and Liverpool Street. Price not bad but can be difficult to get a table at busier times as quite a few get reserved

4 by Rob Thornewell Review source

Quite a busy place with loud music (that we avoided by moving downstairs) and you're paying the London premium for drinks... but overall, a pleasant night out!

3 by Chris Review source

I had my leaving drinks here and the staff were great. We were able to chose the area we wanted to book and they sorted food and drinks for us easily and simply.

5 by Christopher Blake Review source

The bar itself it nice enough but the food comes in measly portions for an extortionate price. You shouldn't have to feel hungry after ordering a main meal.

2 by Jon Louder Review source

Very nice atmosphere on this pub is very good place to have a drink and also good food Andon hi he’s very good skills a costumer services hard working ...

4 by Review source

Average City bar you can find across London. Spacious downstairs however makes up for it. Service generally good but can also be hit and miss.

4 by James Drain Review source

Had a friend's leaving do here. Drinks weren't too expensive, atmosphere was good, spacious so not too loud which was great

3 by Clint Sinclair Review source

Staff are really nice and friendly and the drinks are reasonably priced for this area. Never too busy at dinner time on saturdays

5 by Review source

Breakfast was poor and staff didn't seem to know what they were doing with it. I hope it was a one off as it used to be good

3 by Andrew Fearnley Review source

Not on the main roads so not too busy. Still enough people to feel lively though. Good place to set up shop and work for the day

5 by Jon Griffiths Review source

On the heart of London, this trendy bar serves a good range of drinks, wines cocktails etc. Lively crowd most evenings.

4 by Mark Fenlon Review source

Standard All Bar One. It was quite cold when I was there. Food is ok there. About what you'd expect from the chain.

3 by Adam Callinan Review source

All Bar One is fine but nothing special. Good place to start off in the evening before moving on to other venues

2 by Jackie Thomson Review source

Great food. Service staff pleasant but not enough of them. Been with a few and a group. .group not so good.

4 by Ann Goddard Review source

Nice and big ABO. Good for large groups to meet and location handy. Food good and snacks all ABO standard.

5 by Harry Green Review source

Generic, characterless establishment. Alright for a quick after work pint but that's about it.

2 by Robert Westaway Review source

Nice bar in the city, large area downstairs and the prices are what you'd expect in this area

4 by Robert Harty Review source

It's alright. It gets super busy so don't expect to be able to order food all the time

3 by Ross Churchill Review source

Standard All Bar One, busy after work but quietens down quite quickly. No real ale on draft :(

3 by Review source

Good spot if your looking for a place on the weekends not too loud this is the place.

5 by Jake Kaya Review source

It's good but it's London prices, so value for money isn't great

4 by Review source

Nice Ambience. Not too crowded. A little expensive but that is to be expected

4 by Anshu Maheshwari Review source

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