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This is a great auction house to explore antiques. Spent about an hour and saw beautiful custom made furniture, sculptures, silverware and list goes on and on. They have open house ranging for couple days to weeks for free public access to enable potential auction participants to check out all the things. Most of the things are rightfully expensive since it is custom made things from the past three centuries. If you have one hour to spare this place should be on your list of must do things in London.

5 by Josef Gasimov Review source

Imaging a museum where you can actually purchase what's on display . . . that's Christie's.
A constantly changing display of art, jewellery, sculptures, painting and even ladies bags, all for the people who have lots of money to spare, buy, sell or invest.
If you are wealthy enough, you can even get a private viewing with the added specialist ready to answer all your queries.
And yeap you can also get a free coffee on top of that.

5 by Freddy TE Review source

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5 by رحاب روبي Review source

It is what it says. An Auction House. Whilst most visitors are looking to buy that special something others treat it like a Museum. Free Entry with different styles of art to be viewed.

5 by Paul Callow Review source

Fine Art, antiques and jewellery auction house with quality exhibitions. Particularly like the Christie's late concept during the Christmas period.

4 by Jolien Dirix Review source

Gorgeous interiors, ideal for a social event or just for an art evening out. At the moment (Sept 2017) it is full of Mirò pieces who I love!

5 by Sav V Review source

Stylish and formal but the staff's excellent work ethic and attention to detail afforded me the benefit of still being able to relax.

5 by Barry Jewell Review source

This gallery is often richer in impressionism than the National Gallery. And the bonus point is that I can buy the paintings too.

5 by Mark Kychma Review source

Stunning galleries, warm welcome and complimentary coffee. Anyone interested in the visual arts should visit!

5 by Peter Swales Review source

Before an auction you can come and see world-class art, well displayed, for free!

5 by Peter Kidd Review source

World renowned Great auction house for antiques, art, sculptures and furniture

5 by Nilesh Joshi Review source

They don't mind you popping in to look at the art. Maybe you should.

4 by Gary Worden Review source

Wonderful and free exhibition. Nice place with very well organised staff

5 by Michael Morgan Review source

Lovely versatile function space with rotating displays of artwork.

5 by Roymundo Blanco Review source

A venue and world famous auction business that just oozes class.

5 by Gary Summers Review source

Wonderful experience and easy to find with Google maps

5 by 9lynton Review source

Stunning building with spectacular collections

5 by Oxford Duplication Centre Review source

Class auction house. What else can you say?

5 by Jacob Gur Review source

Wow... certainly.not Bargain Hunt :)

5 by Chad Schofield Review source

Best auction house in the world

5 by Piotr Liebersbach . Review source

Wonderful place for cerimonies

5 by Robin Nic Review source

Lovely arts auction place

5 by Chaeah Jeong Review source

For art lovers...

5 by Betsy Soltesz Review source

Incredible venue.

5 by Lawrence De Sousa Review source

Great history

4 by Louise Gotch Review source

Great place.

5 by Ilya Zolotov Review source

Nice artwork

5 by MATTEO MARGAROLI Review source

Nice visit

5 by Bilal Ali Ahmed Review source

Very nice

5 by فارس الحروب Review source

A Classic

5 by Indigo Bucher Review source

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