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80 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London, W1J 8HX

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Popped in with a few friends and was initially impressed by the decor. When paying for the drinks I lifted my hand up as I have a Barclays bPay card attached to my watch. The bar tender immediately said that they do not take watches, to which I said that it is a card and that they do take them because it was no different to any other credit/debit card. Another lady behind the bar then suddenly stepped in told me to stop getting angry. I took offence to that and clearly stated that I wasn't getting angry, but pointing out that they do actually accept the payment method I was offering. The lady was having none of it, kept repeating that I was getting angry and then slowly walked off. The original bar tender explained that watches don't always work with their terminal, so what he meant to say initially was 'it may not work, but give it a shot anyway'.

I wasn't angry in the slightest until the lady behind the bar started arguing with me. The Henry's website states the following, and I have added some comments inline between [ ]:

Henry's Café Bars have built an enviable reputation in the UK for style, atmosphere and charisma but most importantly, for keeping customers happy [I was happy when I got there, but not kept happy... this part is obviously a lie] and coming back for more.

Relaxing after work [wasn't relaxing in the end because of the lady's attitude], meeting friends or planning a celebration, Henry's unique combination of service [being rude to customers?] and quality food & drink will make every visit very memorable [yes, I will remember rude staff]. Relax [no, I was annoyed] and take some time at Henry's, over an enjoyable coffee or put the day behind you with a drink of choice.

2 by Hiren Shah Review source

On arrival I noticed bits of food down the back of the tired-looking seats. This is Mayfair but it's not aimed at Mayfair people, more like tourists who think it's real Mayfair.

Ordered the following, but what arrived was bacon and creme fraiche sandwich with none of the advertised trimmings! No salad no tomato, no chilli. Total rip-off.

All our sandwiches are served on bloomer bread and \\r
accompanied with a fresh tomato, chilli, soya bean \\r
and pea shoot salad. \\r


I wouldn't mind if they mixed my order up with someone else's, but this thing isn't on the menu. If you order a BLT this is what you'll get. I was asked at the time of ordering if I wanted white or brown bread. I asked if they had wholemeal but no, so I settled for brown. What arrived was a multi-seeded white which the waiter said is what they call brown. Why would you deliberately downgrade/under advertise your produce? I found that very confusing. I was so taken aback by this that I didn't notice the lack of everything else on the plate until he'd long gone. The time it took to get a waiter to take my order in the first place put me off getting him back to have it corrected as by now I was quite hungry and the bacon sandwich looked, and tasted, very good despite not being what I ordered. The bacon was thick and well cooked, a bit crispy at the edges and very tasty, just how I like it. Beer selection is mediocre to average. Agree with previous poster that the staff cannot speak English and are not the most helpful/charming, but that is sadly common across London.

1 by Andy Williams Review source

Had lunch today - experienced awful service as soon as we arrived. Was waved away on entry when I was standing waiting and then eyebrows raised when I Had to explain we had a reservation. Waited 5 minutes before a table was ready as walk ins had sat at the reserved table. Food was fine. Asked for the bill multiple times and had a waitress who didn't seem to care how long it was taking and had a constant smirk on her face and no apologies made. We're told we couldn't have the tastecard on all 3 meals even though that's what we have been doing once a month for the past 9 months. Reason was the general manager of the day had a different policy so today we couldn't have the full discount. Annoying but we accepted and waited another 10 minutes for the bill even asking twice more where it was. Told there were issues with the till but I could see they weren't even at the till trying to work it out? Last minute manager runs up to the till, prints out two separate bills for a table. Appalling, rude and very unfortunate they have let us down and we won't be returning again for our regular lunches as I could not be bothered waiting so long for a simple 3 meal lunch again and to be treated by staff so dismissively.

1 by Sara Pryce Review source

We had a wonderful lunch today and our waiter (a lovely Irish chap) was really attentive and simply great, full of smiles. My friend was with a young baby and he was so understanding of our needs and requirements. The food was delicious, the pork belly was finger licking good and we really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you so much for providing a child friendly environment to dine in which is extremely rare in Mayfair. Henry's is not a posh eaterie but it's friendly, welcoming and relaxed place where the food quality is good and still reasonable.

I've been here for drinks in the evening and the place gets rammed as it's central and near to a lot of offices but I guess its a big bar and very central, perfect spot to then go into the West End and Soho. Drinks are reasonable although a bit difficult to get served at peak time on a Friday evening when the offices have emptied.

4 by Bee Lopez Review source

We had dinner today, a disappointing experience overall. The staff was very nice and friendly, but that was it. The place looks way fancier that it really is. The toilets were very dirty, it was obvious that they hadn't been cleaned for hours. We ordered our burgers medium, they came very well-done, completely brown inside, also they were tasteless and small. My virgin margarita was super sweet. The appetizer was ridiculously small, and not tasty either. We wouldn't\\u200b recommend it for lunch or dinner.

2 by Dafni Kyriakopoulou Review source

Absolutely ridiculous place. Went there with my BF and his family for Bank holiday thats just gone. Wanted to get a nice chilled drink with them but turned out to be a complete disaster. Asked for Pimms and was told the only jug they have is for staff members. Then they proceeded to rudely tell us: no strawberries, oranges or lemons. Just absolute disaster, from start to finish. The best bit is she tried following me outside for a fight, but my BF stopped her and I carried on walking enjoying my disgusting Pimms.

1 by Jen Review source

Redeeming features: cool and relaxed setting, friendly staff.
The burger and chips: a chewy and tasteless beef patty in a dry bun, with cold cheese and stringy bacon. The chips were also lukewarm and all bundled on a plate with little care. At £13 a burger you expect more.

My friend’s steak and ale pie looked like a Wetherspoon’s microwave job and was bland.

Pints are roughly £6 so you’re paying for the postcode. I’d come for an expensive drink but I won’t eat here again.

2 by J oe Review source

Breakfast - Not the hardest thing to make.. awful. Freezing cold dried up scrambled eggs strips of fat instead of bacon & cold toast. Only plus the coffee was nice!
Service - uninterested unhappy staff.. a smile would have been lovely, my colleague commented the bacon was just fat the waitress shrugged & said 'that's how it comes!!' Great job with the staff training there Henry's..
I'm sad to say very disappointing.

1 by Review source

Me and my partner came few minutes ago for breakfast, but found out it's closed. Luckily, there was someone at the door trying to get in and a member of staff open the door for her. Then I asked , are you open, he said sorry we closed today for public due to private functions/ Hire. Which is far enough, but the problem is there was no sign on the door or the windows stating the closer. The reason for this review only for no signage.

3 by Review source

Food was great, unfortunately I stood at the bar for 11 minutes waiting to be served, I was the only customer waiting to be served but staff behind bar were either not there and when did did appear they ignored me whilst they spoke amongst themselves. It then took 35 min for food to arrive, the starters arrived at the same time as the main....
On a positive note the atmosphere and food were great.

1 by Zanele kk Review source

The atmosphere is very appealing in Henry's. Not too loud not too quiet. The food was very good, I had some pasta with prawns. It is very well located for drinking before going on to one of many exclusive clubs and bars in the area. There is also a small section of outdoor seating for the smokers and it can be nice to sit outside on a warm evening. The staff are very good. I will always go here.

5 by Review source

Fabulous place - the full breakfast is one of the best we've had, the staff are all friendly, helpful and very efficient. We also came back to eat in the early evening - the food was delicious and well presented. The decor is relaxing, and we found the background music pleasant and relaxing. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone visiting the area.

5 by Review source

Went to restaurant with a time out card, they told us we need a booking. Despite lack of info on website.
Staff are nice but in a 'I have to be' way.
Food, nothing special, not partially good and over priced. Location is nice. But would not recommend. Local to London I'd say: Go else where and have a better meal.

2 by Sam Styles Review source

Pub food, nice vibe good music - burger was excellent and chips lovely and crispy, recommended if you want good quality ‘pub’ style food.

For me the place lets itself down with filthy dirty, smelly and an honestly disgraceful gents toilet. Come on Henry’s it’s basic stuff! (Girls toilets were OK apparently)

3 by Richard Kelly Review source

On the website it says that they offer breakfast until 1 o'clock. That is wrong! We went there especially to get an English breakfast but then we were told they only serve it until 12 or sometimes 11 o'clock. Berry disappointing especially because 1 o'clock is even printing on the menus at the restaurant!

1 by Nathanial Fiz Review source

Bit like a slightly upmarket Wetherspoons but higher drink prices. Table service if you want to eat.
Pleasant enough to sit and enjoy a drink and only a few minutes walk from Green Park Station.
Considering position a good place to meet and have a drink with a reasonable selection of real ales.

4 by Andy Weston Review source

Not great. It's cheap compared to its neighbours (which is faint praise), but soulless and just not much fun. Not keen to rush back, perhaps I'd return if the rest of Mayfair was being overrun by the zombie apocalypse. At least the over bright lighting might keep the undead hordes at bay.

2 by Tim Readings Review source

Quite nice. Friendly staff, great location, prices are okay.
Eggs benedict have too little sauce unfortunately.
The full english breakfast had burned toast and bacon, the black pudding was missing.
Unfortunately they don't have filter coffee - which I prefer.

3 by Jan Review source

We stopped here for Fish and Chips after wandering through Green Park. Our server(Charlie) was great and spot on with recommendations for ale and hard cider. The food was ok. It was the atmosphere, relaxed and friendly, that really capped the place. We would return.

4 by Scott Wheat Review source

I don't understand what was wrong with the staff, but they all delivered terrible service, being nearly rude and giving me looks while they couldn't apparently understand proper English. The setting is sure nice, and the food was good at last.

2 by Tommy Corbeil Review source

This place has such a cool atmosphere and comfortable seating. The Baileys hot chocolate was perfect, creamy and not overly strong. I got the Hunters Pie and it was so delicious, full of flavor and the mashed potatoes went perfect with it.

5 by Review source

Went there for lunch with colleagues. The vegetarian fish and chips were quite nice. I've been there for evening drinks too in the past and it's a decent place. Has a good amount of space but still gets crowded in the evenings.

4 by Review source

Do yourself a favour a don’t eat here. Cold coffee, poor quality meat, burnt black pudding, long wait, incorrect orders, overpriced orange juice from concentrate and slow staff. Tasteless tourist trap with no atmosphere. Avoid.

1 by Alistair Gallaher Review source

Good place, friendly stuff with fast service. For those loving coffee they make really nice cappuccino here. Got 4 because the music which usually is too loud. Fridays are hell there, super busy. Generally good place.

4 by Review source

A good and tasty selection. We went for breakfast most mornings and also had dinner there during our time in London. It is reasonably priced and the wait staff are all friendly and attentive. We'll be back.

4 by Review source

Nothing special but it's easy to find. Bar staff are pleasant but appallingly bad at realising when people want to be served - it seems self defeating as they annoy willing customers and do less business

3 by Neil Stoker Review source

Horrendous trap between green park and Buckingham Palace frequented by tourists and commuting workers too lazy to explore a stone's throw from the main strip of piccadilly. Beer selection isn't bad.

1 by nick mcloughlin Review source

Awful. Understaffed. Overcooked food and very poor quality produce. Beef in hamburger lacked meat but lots of fat. Scampi was like mashed eel. Waiting staff were nice though and doing the best they could.

1 by James Dell Review source

A large open bar with a good buzz and plenty of energy.

The staff were very helpful to me on a busy pre Christmas evening.

We had some good side dishes having eaten before arriving.

4 by Review source

Only been here for breakfast but it was just lovely! Nice and quiet, warm and cosy. The food was great, very reasonably priced and the service was heartfelt and fast. Definitely will be coming back.

5 by Review source

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