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This is a fab gem of a place in 'Old Marston' Village. If you have a hospital appointment at the JR, Churchill, Nuffeild ect, you may want a change to the hospital plastic butties in a box and expensive bitter coffee? Then head hear I stead afterwards! Follow directions right through village and then you turn left down a private road. This brings you out to a large car park, veiws of the meadows and woods that surrounds the Victoria Arms, that makes this popular with everyone especially in the warmer weather as the river 'Isis' runs through the bottom of the meadows. This time of year there is always a roaring log fire to greet you in the main lounge/bar. Fully disabled access this has 3 additional dining rooms one of which is the cozy quaint Cromwell Room (Cromwell stayed here when it was an Inn and Oxford was the seat of Government- In Burford, we have the Martyrs that were despatched by him in the Big Church at the bottom of the hill) and a private function room. Bearing in mind this is oxford, the prices are reasonable. You see here what I ordered a freshly made 'crab and longestine' sandwich in lemon mayo with salad for £6. Great coffee. They also offer a variety of menu options for meals such as fish and meat plus vegitarian options.
I came here and spent Christmas day with the patrons and their families as parents, aunties, cousins plus their own children all join us 2 years ago when my own family were abroad ( as did a number of others ) and we had a gay old time as the food just kept coming -i still have my Christmas gift growing happily in the kitchen! Sadly I have to cook this year so I'm hoping to join everyone this Christmas Eve and New year's Eve. They offer a complete festive package right through that's always popular so if you fancy somebody else doing the cooking do book in early as they will get fully booked. If you have any allergies just give them a call and the friendly helpful staff will attend to your needs or you can contact them via their website.

5 by Heather Ashley Review source

If you have hospital appointments in oxford, then for a change of pace and decent coffee and fresh food, then this could be an answer for you? Always a warm welcome and this time of year a roaring log fire to great you, it is 'Disabled Friendly' having access to both the lounges and the restroom, this place has lovely views of the meadows that lead to the river Isis and the woods. Out door seating. Menu offers something for everyone. From my pictures I chose on this occasion a Crab and longestine salad sandwich competitively priced. Popular with dog walkers and families at weekends and everyone in the warmer weather, it is a quiet oasis right at the heart of the busy city-state Summertown and St.Giles is just over the expressway. They do a very popular festive package if you don't fancy cooking or are at a loose end as I was 2 Christmas's ago and joined the party on the day. The food and company was terrific. Had a great time.
This has the historic Cromwell Room from when the General used this for meetings from the time when Oxford was the heart of Government long before Westminster. In those days Cromwell also despatched the '3 martyrs' at Burford town Church where they are buried.

5 by HEATHER ASHLEY Review source

Over priced and under whelming
Pros: nice view by the river. Big field for kids

Cons: food is poor and service is shocking - we got 2 out of 3 dishes we ordered and had to wait for the 3rd. Of the dishes themselves, the olives came without the promised sun-dried tomatoes, the focaccia was without pesto and neither were given to us 'while we ate', we had to ask for them after. The mains were very small - I have attached a picture of my £16 crayfish salad: almost entirely leaves with some tiny bits of crayfish. The pie was luke warm and stodgy and the halloumi, when it arrived, was poorly cooked and missing couscous stated on the menu.

In defence the waitress and kitchen were very keen to make up for it with some complimentary extras and they were very busy.

That being said it remains overpriced for what you receive. The menu offers two portion sizes for different prices and I can't honestly not imagine how they would make my portion any smaller.

Would not return unless for a single beer on a boat crawl and i was prepared for a long queue on a sunny day.

1 by Julian Laverty Review source

Only good pub locally in Marston. The staff are VERY friendly, they cannot do enough for you. The food is of a very good standard and prices aren't bad. I can't complain. The recent renovations, although a bit odd at first, are growing on me and the group of us that usually frequent here. There is no loud music you have to shout over, lots of daily specials, a pie night, themed evenings, and so on. So much to mention. The new owners have even let our Beaver Scout group (children 6-8) use the kitchen to make smoothies and they are happy to welcome us in again any time. It is true that it gets busy in the summer, but then what do you expect from a pub/restaurant in a superb location next to the river. If you've ever had a bad experience here within the past year-and-a-bit since the new owners arrived, then something must have been seriously wrong or your expectations are far too high for a village pub/restaurant. Any MINOR problem we have ever had has usually resulted in free drinks or similar. They cannot do enough for you. Better than it was before they arrived. Five star!!

5 by R Peach Review source

I think the service was absolutely appalling, I appreciate that it was a busy, sunny day and that we'd have to wait for our food.
After we had finished our first drinks, I returned to the bar to get a top up whilst we waited for our food, only to discover that you were queueing in the same queue whether you wanted a single drink or wanted to order food. Consequently I was in the queue for 35minutes, and when I enventually got to the bar I mentioned to the barman that my good would probably be cold by now after waiting in the queue for so long, and he basically told me it was tough luck.
I don't really think it's too big a problem to have a queue seperate for the food and another for the drinks as everywhere else in the country manages it.

1 by david keen Review source

We love this setting and have been a number of times. But food is average. We usually let it slide because it's pleasant sitting there but yesterday we ordered the vegetable mains with cashew salad. The vegetable mixture was so spicy one of us couldn't physically eat it (nose streaming, etc), we asked for some yoghurt to mix with it, there was none. And the salad had one cashew nut in it. Very, very poor. How hard is it to serve fish and chips? Apparently too hard for the Vic Arms. Fish was tired and dry hidden in the batter, chips were dry and tasteless. Really overpriced and underwhelming. Of the 9 mains we ordered around the table, not one looked like you'd want to eat it. Very disappointing.

1 by Ken Chapman Review source

This place has a nice location - but that's all! I ordered a Greek 'salad' for 13£, when I got the 'salad', I had difficulties finding the green in it. I was lucky I waited for moee than an hour (despite all the hot food arrived half an hour earlier) and actually got what I wanted - my friends were not that lucky, parts of the food were missing and after complaining it never arrived. Will not go there again, there are other places with a nice view in Oxfordshire, which are less overpriced. After complaining we didn't get any compensation offered for the missing food.

1 by Alessandra Vilser Review source

A Gem nestled in the Rough of life. Ruth & her team are wonderful & generous. The food is good. The garden is expands to the Cherwell River & many patrons arrive by punt from Oxford. Parking is excelent. All of which explains that from Spring to Autumn the Vicky is busy.

In winter it becomes a country pub, with warm fires, mulled wine, with the regulars & staff forming a welcoming open community.

If your in Oxford & walking, riding, boating or swimming then follow the cherwell! For across the marston ferry road there is a short path to the pub.

5 by Wu Me Review source

We got a taxi to the pub under the impression (from the website) that they served until 9pm but we were refused food at 7:45, despite the fact they continued to serve food to others around us for another hour. We stayed and bought drinks and had some food delivered to the Riverside at which point we were asked to leave because we weren't allowed to eat food other than theirs there, despite having attemptes to eat theirs to no avail. Second time this has happened, not even worth attempting to eat here unleas you want to eat at 6pm. Drinks are alright though and the view.

2 by Sam Alcock Review source

Nice beer and atmosphere. Overcrowded and less pleasant during the summer - if you're looking for a place to relax and are easily distracted by external stimuli then I suggest you go elsewhere. Grassy areas around the pub are overgrown and therefore you are forced to traverse the same road that the cars take to get there, which is annoying for everybody involved. If you aren't walking a dog this is bearable but if you are then you certainly understand where I'm coming from. A shame given that the pub is advertised as being dog-friendly.

3 by me_L0r Review source

How much can you possibly do wrong with a 14£ burger?!
Ordered the chicken burger, without bacon. Received it without bacon - but also without onion relish and cheese, and with a tiny piece of meat. Sent it back. Same Burger came back - with a tiny slice of cheese, not melted. No onion but bacon?! Salad leaves on the side were looking quite old. No taste, totally overpriced for that tiny piece of chicken (friend surprisingly got double the amount with the same dish).Long queue, long wait, terrible service. Only good thing: view and garden.

1 by Viola Zrenner Review source

Slow service(waited for 45 minutes for a burger), disorganised and chaotic kitchen. My friend received her burger without the cheese. I received my burger which I paid 14 pounds for without any onion rings as promised in the menu. Waited for another 35 minutes but the onion rings never arrived... Total waste of money and extremely overpriced food. Only good thing is the garden and the views, however can't get past the fact that I paid 14 quid for a burger that didn't even have what was promised in it....

1 by Vasko Yanchev Review source

We visited the Victoria Arms after renting a punt from the Cherwell boathouse and travelling up the river. This takes about 30-45 minutes depending on your skill, but is much quieter than the punting areas in central Oxford. The Victoria Arms has areas to tie up your punt and plently of space to sit outside. Food is good, traditional pub meals with a few more modern options available. Book ahead if you want to sit inside the pub at weekends. Service very friendly and bar staff cheery in face of very busy times.

4 by Sally Salt Review source

Great little pub, friendly staff just such a shame this evening was completely spoilt by drunken yobs swearing and shouting outside the entrance, making me feel wary about going inside to wait for my friend, and the fact that they had a local band playing inside, so loudly that it was impossible to hold a conversation. We were surprised that live music was being played in such a small space at such a high volume.
Otherwise a lovely atmosphere and in the summer it's very lively and busy

3 by Claudia Brooks Review source

Positives: this is a beautiful pub with an amazing garden.
Negatives: Very brusque, borderline rude service, especially during the week.
Food variable quality and pretty overpriced for what it is - used to go here a lot as it was my local and also noticed portion sizes varied wildly depending on how busy it is.
They are supposed to serve food until 9pm but they close the kitchen early a *lot*. I've been refused service before that at least five times, once as early as 8.15.

2 by Katie Gabriel Allen Review source

The sad demise of a once great pub
Just took my father out for a meal here. What a disappointing experience. We were served by 8 different staff in all (asked if we were ready to order as we sat waiting for the bill). Long wait for food (a permanent warning sign sits on the bar telling of 40 minute delays) and when it did come out was very low quality. Table opposite were arguing with staff over the size of the portion given. Just hopeless - really, go somewhere else

1 by Neil Lawrence Review source

Considering we were a large party of 14 they did quite well. I had to mark them down though as despite being accredited by coeliac uk, they served us a 'gluten free' cheesecake which was just a normal cheesecake with the biscuit base removed leaving visible traces of the biscuit behind. Not cool guys, not cool. Also their vegan option of a couscous salad was flimsy at best....
The staff however were lovely.

3 by Samantha wells Review source

Pro - amazing location -5stars (not for service and defently Not for food)
Cons - 1h wait for 2 plates of cold tasteless food priced at £13,95 each from the Sunday lunch menu (sunday pork roast and fish with chips). Staff extremly slow even if it was fairly busy, they had time to chat between them instead of serving customers.Almost all the tables had plates and glasses from previous customers.

1 by Lexy Kiss Review source

Beware! I went there for a beer. I paid with a 20 pound note but received change as if I paid with a 10 pound note. The manager did not apologise and said he would let me know if I was right after he checked the tilt at the end of day. He then said that his accounts were in order implying that I was wrong and he was right which is not the case. So here is one star from me. Well done!

1 by Nicholas Philipov Review source

The view and the company you bring.
Overpriced food of lower quality, orders messed up and meals not representing what is on the menu. Long wait in general and one meal arrived half an hour later then the other although ordered together and the que to order was 30min as well.
Don't go there for more than a drink!

1 by Basti knebel Review source

Dropped in for lunch yesterday [18th May '17] with a colleague. Had the recommended pie. Really good [not quite my late mother's standard but that would be beyond perfection!] also the greens actually tasted of something. The service was helpful and attentive. We found a discrete corner for talking about confidential business. THANK YOU. I'll be back.

4 by Derek Foster Review source

Unfortunately the quality of sandwiches was poor. The olives in hummous and olive sandwich were whole! Slicing them and spreading them throughout would have been better. Steak and onion sandwich was barely cooked and very chewy (not suitable for those with dentures!)
Bar staff rude and waitresses careless. Won't be going again.

1 by Claire Hunt Review source

Lovely location, beautiful country pub but unfortunately the food is awful. The pomegranate halloumi salad was tasteless and had but 3 bits of pomegranate and no sign of lime and chilli sauce. Just a bland green salad with halloumi. The baguettes were equally tasteless. Expensive lunch out which left us unsatisfied.

2 by Lydie Tremayne Review source

Beautiful place took us a little time to find it but being Inspector Morse fans we had to go and check it out...amazing location ..big menu..I liked the burger so much...nice and tasty beer and drinks..
Highly recommended...we visited during winter time ...thanks for the fire place
Lovely place

5 by Mauricio Molina Review source

Beautiful sunny day so this scores high. Get in early as there was apparently a 2 hour wait for food at one point. Lovely setting. Kids jumping in the river, oh to be young again. Only query is that some people had brought sun loungers and set them by the bank of the river??

5 by wobblybullseye Review source

In the winter the inside is cosy and in the summer the garden is idyllic! It gets very busy on warm summer days and is popular with punters from the river. Food selection and quality is good, it has the usual pub food and usually some interesting specials on the menu.

4 by Jordan Cook Review source

Lovely pub on the river. If you call before hand to ask they will let you have your own picnic making it the ideal place to punt to from Cherwell boathouse. It takes about an hour for newbies to make it that far but will take you about half the time to get back.

4 by Max Mallows Review source

Great location, unfortunately the food is very average. I ate a vegetable curry that was horribly sweet, had no spice and very much tasted like it was straight from an Uncle Ben's jar. My sisters meal was similar, overly sweet and very artificial tasting.

3 by Olivia Milles Review source

Sunday lunch time.... Just wanted a drink - 20 minutes wait... two people behind the bar. Why? So busy, and loads of angry fed up customers waiting. Spoils what could be a nice experience. Apparently it's always like that. Shan't bother next time.

2 by James Griffin Review source

Wasn't impressed. Lovely location but not much to be said for the service. Food stopped being served a lot earlier than the website advised. The perch, the trout and Cherwell boathouse are better riverside options for great food and friendlier service.

1 by Genna Bobby Review source

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